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Material Balance And Spiritual Essence

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A global, integral system is being revealed in the world today. Is it putting a person in front of a real choice?

Answer: Yes, and only before a material choice. A person has to unite with others through a good interconnection in order to continue his existence.

The integral system is leading us to a balanced material life in this world so we would properly satisfy our animate needs, rising above our own egoism. On the new stage, people will have to consume as much as they need and no more. They will have to abide by a balanced, rational approach. They will have to provide for their vitally necessary needs, agreeing with the fact that from now on, their entire life is life in society, in cooperation, in a balanced society, in social justice, in mutual guarantee. That is the only way we will create the right conditions for our existence on earth. This has to be the common law for the whole world.

Thus, our first worldwide task is to provide everyone with food so not a single person in the world is left hungry. Then we will go on to the following objectives, such as providing everyone with a roof over their heads, with clothing, heating, medicine, and so on. This way, we will create acceptable boundaries for people’s material life.

Why is this so important? It’s because a person has to annul his egoism. He has to take care of the neighbor, of the whole world. He has to take away from himself and give to others. He has to feel the common system in which we are all together. It turns out that this is spiritual for him.

The only thing missing in this picture is the Creator, the upper force, Nature. And that is where we come in: We must give the world the method of material existence, by virtue of which the spiritual force will flow to them as well. Then, in their activity to work together and take care of one another, to distribute resources and products, they will immediately feel something else – a new force, a spiritual essence. That is how it will happen.

On the other hand, without us people are simply unable to start moving in this direction. They simply have no way of finding out about it, unless we spread this message all over the world, like “the Messiah’s horn.” The process has to unfold precisely in this way – from above.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/11, “The Freedom”

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Join The Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today we are holding a Unity Day in the World Kli, which includes a special lesson, a seminar, and a friends’ assembly. On this day, how can we maintain the place of unity that we created at the Convention?

Answer: We have to renew this sensation on the background of the new conditions. We have to imagine the net of our interconnection, the state of unity we are in. We have to feel that this unity is working. I want to live it, and this sensation has to become constant for me. By being in it, I want to discern the feeling and the mind in it: how much we unite in feelings and intentions. I want to feel mutual guarantee from within, mutual support among everyone.

When being inside this net, I don’t have to yell to be heard. I demand from it that the friends, whom I imagine as its parts, won’t forget about me. After all, in essence, I am the one who needs help. Therefore, I want to join them, who are already united into one.

And let the Singular one be revealed in our unity, besides whom nothing exists. He created this system, formed and activated it so that in the end, by making our efforts we would reveal Him and reach unity with Him.

These thoughts must occupy a person constantly, until he sees this system with his own eyes.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/11, “The Freedom”

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The First Condition For Becoming A Human

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe first condition based upon which I can become a human is to rise above my desire and begin to observe it from an external point. This way I see this desire from the side, I verify, examine, and clarify it by means of a special analysis from the side of the upper one, the Creator. After all, I always have to attain the advantage of the Light from the darkness, meaning on the contrast of my desire relative to another desire.

It’s for the purpose of giving me this other desire for comparison that this artificial structure exists, called the group, the friends. Relative to them I can verify my desire, and at some point in the future I will be able to do this relative to the Creator Himself.

However, at first I need to rise above my own desire and begin to clarify it, observing from the side, from my point in the heart, which is called faith above reason. This is how I receive the objective, unbiased point inside of my desire—at first one point, but gradually I will be able to make a full restriction.

This does not mean that I am restricting my desires, but rather that I feel separated from them, as if they are losing power over me. This is not a suppression of one desire by another, more beneficial one, but the acquisition of an independent point that really is on the side of the Creator, or at least on the side of the group. If I relate myself to the group, I can see myself from the side and control my desire from above.

The more I get separated from my desire and relate to it as a researcher, the more of a human I become. This is because the desire is on an animate level, and the development of the relationship is higher than this desire, which requires the human level. The whole difference between a human and an animal is in the realization, understanding, the feeling and the mind, which allow one to correctly control one’s desire.

Desire is the matter of creation, and control over it makes me similar to the Creator. This is because I take control out of His hands into mine, and I begin to rule over my desire in accordance to the Creator’s program, uniting with Him and fulfilling His desire.

So it turns out that my desire, consisting of the still, vegetative, and animate levels, thanks to my control takes on the human form. All of these levels are only needed for the sole purpose of supporting the human level, giving them form and existence inside of it, rising and descending together with it.

We need to clarify this with the help of the environment for at first we don’t have any contact with the Creator. And since we are talking about serious scientific research, and not about fantasies, we are given the work in a group through which we are working with the Creator and on our desire.

If I separate from my desire and relate myself to the group, then the group becomes the level of Bina for me, from which I connect with Keter and with Malchut, and thus I control the entire structure of the universe. That is why unity with the group and love towards thy friend are the only means for us to work effectively and consciously, a unique possibility to realize oneself and to reach the goal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/19/2011, Writings of Rabash

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The Principles of Spiritual Orientation In Emptiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the spiritual path as if runs through empty air, how do you orient yourself using a certain coordinate that exists in emptiness?

Answer: First of all, you need to completely disconnect from your egoistic desire and agree to not receive in it any coordinates on the path or parameters to measure your progress. The coordinate includes your position in terms of height, width, and depth, but also conditions like warmth, pressure, illumination, and so on. That is my egoistic coordinate, so the first step is to stop sensing these things because all these measurements pertain to my desire to enjoy.

I, on the other hand, wish to sense this coordinate with respect to the desire to bestow, rather than with respect to external conditions that I presently sense egoistically. I want to learn to bestow while existing under these conditions.

Furthermore, I’m wary that a spiritual revelation may fulfill my desires to receive pleasure and force me to enjoy it for my own sake. Therefore, I don’t even want to know that I bestow. It’s sufficient for me to simply remain in this and nothing more. This is the starting point.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/22/2011, “Introduction to TES

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The People Is The New Government

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose that we have written a course on integral education; we have it. Where do we go with it? To the government?

Answer: We will take it to the government, public, and scientists through whom we are starting to advertise it. We will also promote it via the Internet and other media channels.

Today, the government is involved with a limited sector of society and state. It seems to stand on the side, and its functions gradually become narrower. Various economic, social, educational, and community programs and associations are at work.

What functions does the government still carry on? Even health care is not under its control anymore, even the army is hired. This is like the lone king or the parliament that slowly dissolves produces spin-offs: new independent social, political, and economic systems that have nothing to do with the government.

It is not necessary to conduct our course through the government, but it should certainly go through the education system. However, this education is not for children; it is not professional, technical, or university education. It is intended to educate the public. It forms a new humanity, which would not survive otherwise.

To date, we already have a very serious relationship with UNESCO, the UN. We have representatives who act as advisors there.

Also, I do not think it is necessary to address anyone but the people, especially since the time of the Internet. I think that we still underestimate this new “government.” It is the voice of God, the voice of the people. We just need to use it properly.
Talk on Integral Education 12/11/11

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Fundamentals Of Kabbalah – 12.25.11

A Virtual Lesson on Fundamentals of Kabbalah
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NJ’s Richest County Leads Rise In Food Stamp Recipients

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Bloomberg): “‘New Jersey’s Hunterdon County, the hilly region of horse farms and weekend retreats where last year’s median household income was almost $100,000, is a surprising new face of federal food aid.

“The percentage of U.S. households using food stamps has more than doubled in six of the 10 wealthiest counties in the nation as more residents find themselves out of work and unable to sell their homes. The increase among counties with more than 65,000 people was greatest in Hunterdon County, according to Census Bureau data compiled by Bloomberg.

‘“Sometimes people will come in a Mercedes,’ said Gina Davio, 41, program director of social services at Fisherman’s Mark, a non-profit social-services center in Lambertville, a city of 3,900 on the Delaware River. ‘Sometimes they come in nothing but Ralph Lauren, but you never know: That may be all they have left.’

‘“We see a lot of families who used to make a lot of money and are in a transition mode — whether it’s due to a divorce, loss of a job, or medical bills — that don’t have the ability to put the reins on the way they were living,’ Davio said.”

My Comment: The crisis is created to force all of us to feel helpless and to compel us to evaluate the cause: our egoism and resistance to unity. Of course, this is not the realization of evil yet, but we are on the way to it.

After having realized that egoism is the cause of all our suffering, people will quickly find the way to rise above it. Many intuitively find our materials and see the causes of the crisis, its necessity and purpose.

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To The Fateful Date Of The Mayan Calendar

In the News (from News Junkie Post): “Various prophecies of doom and gloom or even of an Apocalypse have been linked to calendar year 2012. An Apocalypse (Greek etymology: ‘lifting the veil’ or ‘revelation’) is often wrongly viewed as the end of all things, but of course the very etymology of the word contradicts this notion. As a powerful revelation, an Apocalypse is a universal moment of truth, a quantum leap into uncharted territories. It appears that the world at large has already entered this unique phase in human history.

“The Mayans did not see the fateful date of December 21, 2012 as ‘the end of the world,’ but instead, they perceived it as a time of transition from one world age into another. The core message of the Mayans concerned our ability to make a choice, and either embrace bravely this new future or try to hold on to the past and face potential dreadful consequences. According to the Mayans, our resistance or acceptance of this paradigm shift could determine if the transition happens with chaos and violent cataclysmic changes or instead with peace and tranquility.

“‘Many people have an intuitive sense that the end of the Mayan calendar will bring a shift in consciousness. Yet, it is rarely clearly stated or explained exactly what is the source of such a shift, how it will happen or what would be its nature,’ Wrote Carl Johan Calleman in March 2010.

“‘Initially, there will be a great need for people to take initiatives to disseminate the call for the Conscious Convergence around the world,’ wrote Calleman.

“The paradigm shift described by Calleman as either shift of consciousness or Conscious Convergence is already on its way. The train of history has ‘left the station,’ and as a matter of fact, it is a bullet train. This paradigm shift of global human history started in the Spring of 2011 in the Arab word. …However, the chain of events of the Arab revolution was highly predictable without referring to either the Mayan prophecy or other crystal balls.

“Since the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement has shown a remarkable adaptability and resilience, and it is now becoming viral. It has caught on in Western Europe, in Greece, the UK, Spain, Italy, France and Germany. But more importantly, it is now a force to be reckoned with in the bastion of imperialism: the United States of America. The main reason why the Occupy movement is getting so much traction in the United States is that nearly one in two Americans-according to new US Census Bureau figures – have fallen into poverty or are struggling to live on low income.

“The Occupy paradigm shift is not a supernatural ‘meant to happen’ force or strange astrological phenomenon, but instead it is a prosaic movement grounded in some simple principles such as fairness, equality and social justice. It has its foundation in the conviction that 99 percent of the world population should be controlling resources and managing their own affairs instead of letting 1 percent of it run the world in such an unsustainable way that they are joyfully taking us to an abyss.

“The tyrants, the dictators, the oligarchs, and the ‘masters of the universe’ of the financial world have been put on notice by the 99 percent. If they resist, the Tsunami wave of the Occupy movement will eventually topple them or fully degrade their power and wealth. It is just a question of time, and after all there is a full year left before the end of the Mayan calendar. The Global Occupy movement is probably our best hope, not as the 99 percent but as human beings, to resolutely change our course and promote a world where a ‘Dog eat Dog’ culture does not prevail. A way of life that is based on fairness, justice and on the respect of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

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European Politicians Use Tiny Jedi Swords To Fight Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Dmitry Vydrin, political analyst): “Not all European politicians understand the routes of today’s economic crisis, advisor to the Ukrainian president Dmitry Vydrin told the international conference ‘20 years without the USSR –CIS – Eurasian Union’…

“‘I have recently been to the European Parliament, to Bundestag… I got an impression that a huge number of adult men confront the crisis using toy-like Jedi swords without understanding the reasons, the basics, or the foundation. Maybe, we will help Europe handle it. They have money, we have experience,’ Dmitry Vydrin said.

“He also noted the Ukrainian government sent him and other specialists to France to study some materials in order to draft a constitution using the French model. Back then the Ukrainians got a lot of recommendations from their French counterparts. ‘MPs, senators, and the Mayor of Paris gave us wonderful recommendations, great tips: what to do and how to do. Now, all our questions face grim silence or formal replies,’ Dmitry Vydrin said.

“‘Unfortunately, Europe (I like it very much and wish it well) is making the same mistakes that [brought to the collapse of the USSR] 20 years ago,’ he said.”

My Comment: The collapse of the EU will have much more dramatic consequences and possibly lead to a world war.

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