NJ’s Richest County Leads Rise In Food Stamp Recipients

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Bloomberg): “‘New Jersey’s Hunterdon County, the hilly region of horse farms and weekend retreats where last year’s median household income was almost $100,000, is a surprising new face of federal food aid.

“The percentage of U.S. households using food stamps has more than doubled in six of the 10 wealthiest counties in the nation as more residents find themselves out of work and unable to sell their homes. The increase among counties with more than 65,000 people was greatest in Hunterdon County, according to Census Bureau data compiled by Bloomberg.

‘“Sometimes people will come in a Mercedes,’ said Gina Davio, 41, program director of social services at Fisherman’s Mark, a non-profit social-services center in Lambertville, a city of 3,900 on the Delaware River. ‘Sometimes they come in nothing but Ralph Lauren, but you never know: That may be all they have left.’

‘“We see a lot of families who used to make a lot of money and are in a transition mode — whether it’s due to a divorce, loss of a job, or medical bills — that don’t have the ability to put the reins on the way they were living,’ Davio said.”

My Comment: The crisis is created to force all of us to feel helpless and to compel us to evaluate the cause: our egoism and resistance to unity. Of course, this is not the realization of evil yet, but we are on the way to it.

After having realized that egoism is the cause of all our suffering, people will quickly find the way to rise above it. Many intuitively find our materials and see the causes of the crisis, its necessity and purpose.

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