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To Be Born Faster

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You have said that we are in the process of spiritual birth. How do we complete this birth, and once it is completed, how do we hold on to this state and contribute to further development?

Answer: The process of birth includes two forces: the force of the fetus itself and the force of its mother. The external force pushes to birth, and the inner force connects in one desire. Then, we are ready to be born.

What is born from us is our one, common, whole desire to perceive the reality that already exists between us, but is concealed by our egoism. Kabbalah is called the secret wisdom because it reveals what is concealed from us.

We need external forces to push us in order to reveal it. Either nature serves this function, or we create this pressure by creating our environment. It is preferable for the female part of our gathering to provide us with the external pressure so that we, the male part, would be obligated to unite. All our private aspirations to reveal the higher reality will turn into one aspiration.

Then, we will reveal this reality and be born into a new world similar to the way we are born in our world. I can feel by the questions, desires, thoughts, the common flow, spirit, and mood that the participants of our convention are beginning to feel this reality that has appeared over us.
From Lesson 7, The World Arvut Convention 12/8/2011

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There Can Never Be A Last Lesson

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have done a great deal of preparation. We had great hopes and expectations, and we were in a wonderful embrace over the three days of the convention. All of this continues and will continue.

Yet, there are still people among us who consider this lesson to be the last. But will we not continue to meet at our daily lessons tomorrow? This is why there is no first or last lesson, but a continuous chain of our development.

It is only when we attain an even greater connection during our meetings that we must erase the attained connection, without dispersing the warmth we have attained that reigns between us. We must aspire toward an even greater sensation of immersion in the cloud of warmth, reciprocity, union, and common embrace and continue it in life.

As descents appear, we will connect them to the same embrace, making it even stronger than during the convention. After all, two forces must participate in spiritual birth: There is a force that forms us, restrains, and a force that pushes us out into the new world. We will not be born without their fight within us.

This is why we need to become accustomed to the feeling of love and contradiction. Becoming distant and coming together manifest in us simultaneously. We will experience our spiritual birth between them.
From Lesson 8, The World Arvut Convention 12/8/2011

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It Is Freedom From Slavery, Not Unemployment

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe need a very big change, a true inner revolution, as well as an external transformation, an absolutely new organization of human society. We will need to go through it in either a forced manner, under pressure and out of hopelessness, or we will understand where we are going and that we do not have any other choice before we are forced to do it.

After all, we are not dealing with unemployed people. We are dealing with people who have no need to do useless work, all of them together and each one individually. Besides life’s necessities that we have to provide for ourselves, everything else should be dedicated to the goal of our existence.

This is the essential question: What are we living for? Now it is taking center stage. Our entire life will be organized in accordance with this main question, and we will dedicate the biggest part of our time to it, besides doing the essential things to provide for our existence.

In other words, the question is not how to keep laid off people busy. We need to see the world in an opposite state. So, our approach to it should change completely. Everything in the past will fall apart. We should begin to build an environment, all the organizations, structures, and human relations in another way.

When I meet a friend, I would no longer ask him where he works, referring to the master to whom he belongs, such as a high-tech company, a bank, a garage, or any other place where he spends his entire day working. One’s job will no longer be as important. Work will become a simple necessity for providing for the needs of society. Man will dedicate several hours a day to this and receive everything he needs, just like everyone else. This is on condition that he advances and fills the main hours of his day with the attainment of a goal that is worthy of man.

Instead, I would ask him where he studies, in which group, and on what level. I would treat him as a person, not like the slave of the master whom he serves. First of all, we need to develop this notion, adopt this future image, and transition from the current state to the state I have painted briefly.

This will require a very strong turn in perception, sensation, and attitude. We must change from within, and this will not be easy. We must destroy our previous way of thinking and our heart. There cannot not be a bigger and more significant reformation than this one for a regular person living in this world because this pertains to the essence of life.

It determines what a person awakens with, what he goes to sleep with, how he spends his entire day, what he does, how society treats him, what it must do in relation to every person, and how to develop education and upbringing systems. All this must change.

We must envision this future image and understand the very first changes we must make in accordance with this. Even if the world does not yet understand this, it is the future. Any steps we now take, even the very initial ones, will lead in this direction.

This is similar to the way that a small child does not understand why he has landed in a day care where he will be educated and reared with the purpose of being sent off to a school. In the same way, people do not need to know about all the global changes that are awaiting them today. Gradually, as they take their first steps and change, they will be able to see a little farther and better understand and accept them as desirable.

Our objective is to develop an educational system where a person will change in the direction of a new state that he must attain in any case. The more active he is in this proposed process, the smoother and lighter the changes will be.

It is clear that he will not be able to change in one moment and become a new person, jumping from one state to another. This requires a real and very difficult inner revolution. However, we need to propose a process of development where the person would gradually change in the direction of the new world, without having a full understanding of what is happening to him along the way.

Gradually, the time we spend working and the values we are accustomed to will not be the only things to change. During the hours dedicated to study and unity, a person will begin to build himself, preparing for the new world so that his mind and heart will become “human” instead of the current mind and heart of a slave.
From the Talk “Lessons on the New World” 12/1/2011

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Human Cogwheels In A Technological World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have become so involved in the game supported by the opinion of the entire society that it has completely enslaved us. We have come to a point where our entire mind and approach to life is connected to work. A person is afraid to retire. He wonders what he will do from morning until night with so much free time. He is not used to freely managing himself, and he does not want to be free.

Even when he gets home from work, he continues to work on the same computer. When he goes on vacation, he will not part with his phone or the Internet, constantly remaining connected to the same system like an enslaved, tiny cogwheel, one of many others.

This style, formed over the last decades, has determined such a direction in a person’s life that he is unable to feel free. Imagine if he were busy three hours a day, doing work essential for the society, thus providing for his existence. He could spend the rest of his time resting and doing the things that he enjoys. However, we cannot even imagine that this would be possible. We are so enslaved that we cannot even imagine what else we could do in life besides working.

We must experience a very big revolution because nature is now setting new conditions for us, changing both us from within and the environment around us. It is destroying our master: this entire, enormous human society that has enslaved us. In his way, it is forcing us to change and acquire a new view on life.

Life will become completely different. We will be forced to develop like humans. Instead of ten hours of work (and the rest of the time when you continued to think about it), you will work three hours and spend the rest of the time doing completely different things.

However, you need to understand what to do. After all, we will not just lay in the sun like lazy, fed animals, resting after having eaten and not doing anything until we become hungry once again. We will need to find “human” activities that man must do in this world.

Besides the three hours dedicated to work and a couple of hours dedicated to housework, the rest of the time will be spent doing what is the most important for a human being and brings fulfillment to the soul. A person will treat work and housework merely as unavoidable things that must be done in this world; he would be happy not doing these things. During the seven to eight hours that have been freed up from work, he will have to find a real activity, worthy of man, to which he can devote his entire soul.
From the Talk “Lessons on the New World” 12/1/2011

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Slaves To Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe see in the twenty-first century that the world has changed a lot. People used to be much freer. They have been pulled into a whirlpool of work and have become slaves. This even applies to the middle class and high-tech employees, politicians, economists, social and political scientists, and people of all professions. Every worker is completely sold to his job. We have become slaves.

Our entire life revolves around work. A modern person does not spend much time eating, drinking, or resting while seated in front of a TV. He wastes most of his time at work and spends an hour or two going back and forth. Thus, he spends his entire day at work.

Companies arrange their own day care centers and group retreats. They do everything possible to attach their employees even more strongly to their workplace. In this way, a person becomes a slave to his firm. He does not even understand that there is something else besides work. Work becomes the most important thing in life and fills his life completely.

When we meet an acquaintance, the first thing we ask is where do you work, what do you do, and how much do you make. Essentially, we do not treat them as a person, but as a professional. It is as if we do not see a person in front of us. We do not ask what interests him, what he has seen and experienced, or where he has been. It is as if his workplace is more important to us than the person. The most important thing is where he works and what he does.

A person’s main concerns are making sure that he does not get fired and whether he will be able to find a different job. Companies send their employees to professional training. Everything only revolves around work. A person spends at least ten hours a day on this. This is not a healthy life style at all.

We are destroying our foundation, the globe on which we live, all our natural resources and the ecology. We are like children who have lost track of time playing. Now, our mother needs to stop us. She has come to stop the game, telling us that the time has come to do other things, and we are unable to stop.
From the Talk “Lessons on the New World” 12/1/2011

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Rising Above Corporeal Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: All of us that couldn’t attend the convention are trying to unite virtually. How can we make sure that we’re doing everything possible to support our friends at the convention and around the world? What is the most effective way to conduct a mirror convention so that we can share the strength of our mutual aspiration to reveal the Creator?

Answer: Each person exists in separation from the others, within his individual black point. This is the state of all people in the world. If we want to unite, we broaden this point and create a spiritual vessel above ourselves. There are no physical bodies there; we exist only in our thoughts, desires, and aspirations towards unity.

In such a state our world ceases to exist. It is as though we are suspended in the air and our physical location becomes irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if you’re located in Israel or in Rio de Janeiro because the spiritual state is not affected by physical distance.

The concepts of time, space, and motion lose their significance. For example, while reading Shamati articles, you can feel Baal HaSulam or Rabash because Rabash wrote them from the words of Baal HaSulam. If you read the works of the Ari, you can feel him, or you can feel the group of Rabbi Shimon while reading The Zohar. There is no time in spirituality. There you exit from the confinement of your black point.

That’s why we must understand that all of our friends in this world, which takes up a single point of reality, are capable of rising above their current state and uniting with one another. I hope that the time will come when we won’t need these large gatherings. We might still organize these events for the newcomers, but for us, the physical location won’t matter because each one of us will be connected to the spiritual platform, to the spiritual vessel. We’ll be connected with everyone, regardless of whether that person is alive or dead.

Time, motion, and space won’t limit us because they don’t exist in the spiritual vessel. We only have to rise to our first spiritual level. This is the goal of our connection, which is physical for the time being. It’s meant to elevate us, and therefore we shouldn’t pay attention to the bodies, but rise above them.
From Preparatory Lesson, The World Arvut Convention 2011

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Getting From A Point To A Circle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If spirituality does not become revealed to my “I,” how can I demand something at the convention? How can I demand for the Creator to change me if in principle, “I” do not exist?

Answer: You work on your own until you unite with your friends: You participate in group life, unity, and dissemination. On the other hand, the spiritual vessel we’ll create will be a common vessel. I can only experience certainty and spiritual sensations when in adhesion with others. I can only discover the fulfillment of the vessel of bestowal together with my neighbor, only united.

It is in this way that I make individual actions to raise myself towards unity. And at the convention I don’t see anyone separately: Instead of seeing faces of my friends I want to see a single desire. Together we create something unified over us, a “spiritual vessel,” where we wish to reveal the upper force.

Question: If I experience something similar at the end of the convention, how can I be sure that I have really attained the goal?

Answer: It will manifest as a fact: Either you know that it’s so or you don’t. This is because we attain the spiritual world in actual sensations.

Spiritual attainment is a billion times higher and stronger than your current perception. Right now it’s limited by a central black point of all the worlds, in which we don’t have any spiritual traits. We don’t know the cause or its consequences; we don’t know where our sensations come from and how our desires change. Why does every moment of my life differ from the previous moments? This is unknown to me. Sensations change, thoughts jump, desires alternate, factors of influence are discovered, and I have no knowledge about this process and the outcomes of my states. I exist in a black point.

Only after I enter the spiritual level, rise above my point, and expand the circle of my perception, only then I begin to perceive the cause of all the things that happen to me. I understand how I am to act, I see and attain, I know that I exist in a state shared by everybody. So how do I strengthen it? How do I strengthen the connection between us? After all, its strength determines the strength of my perception of life, the strength of my certainty, understanding, and attainment.

It is in this way that I begin to ascend higher and higher. When I enter the notion of “we,” when I submerge myself in our common desire and sensation, our common thought, I stop perceiving the material life to the point that the death of my flesh does not seem to me as my own death. Only the body dies because it remains only in one central point of all the worlds, the blackest and darkest one, while I have already risen at least to the following circle.
From Preparatory Lesson, The World Arvut Convention 2011

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The Return To “Us”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I can understand and feel what it means to give confidence to my friends. I can understand what it is for the entire group to be confident about the successful outcome of the convention. But it is written in the Shamati article No. 72 “Confidence Is the Clothing for the Light” that I myself must acquire this feeling of safety. Does this refer to the safety of the “I” that exists in all the friends?

Answer: In spirituality there is no reference to “I.” This question does not exist there at all because “I” do not exist separately.

We already know that the Creator created the general desire, the Kli (vessel). This desire has separated into a multitude of pieces during the breaking, and now every one of us, every part of this single desire, only perceives its current life. We don’t have the ability to perceive anything greater.

However, you still desire to perceive a higher degree than the life in this world, in your little piece of the general desire. For this we need to unite and return to the state of a single vessel, as it was before the breaking.

So, there is no notion of “I” in spirituality, in the sense that we imagine it. There is unity in spirituality. When everyone joins it despite his egoism, a 620 times more powerful vessel is formed. Unlike the initial state, every one of us has acquired an egoistic desire, found himself separated from the others, experienced personal hatred towards the common vessel, towards everyone else, and now is working above this egoistic inclination to reject. This is what gives us a much greater power of unity than before.

The spiritual world is perceived in the common, unified vessel, when we glue its broken pieces together again. And we together reveal fulfillment in this corrected vessel. It’s not I who feels the unity, the spiritual world, and the confidence. If this sensation exists, this is no longer “I,” but “we” together. This is the only way to manifest spiritual details of perception, both in regards to the vessels and the Lights.
From Preparatory Lesson, The World Arvut Convention 2011

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