Human Cogwheels In A Technological World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have become so involved in the game supported by the opinion of the entire society that it has completely enslaved us. We have come to a point where our entire mind and approach to life is connected to work. A person is afraid to retire. He wonders what he will do from morning until night with so much free time. He is not used to freely managing himself, and he does not want to be free.

Even when he gets home from work, he continues to work on the same computer. When he goes on vacation, he will not part with his phone or the Internet, constantly remaining connected to the same system like an enslaved, tiny cogwheel, one of many others.

This style, formed over the last decades, has determined such a direction in a person’s life that he is unable to feel free. Imagine if he were busy three hours a day, doing work essential for the society, thus providing for his existence. He could spend the rest of his time resting and doing the things that he enjoys. However, we cannot even imagine that this would be possible. We are so enslaved that we cannot even imagine what else we could do in life besides working.

We must experience a very big revolution because nature is now setting new conditions for us, changing both us from within and the environment around us. It is destroying our master: this entire, enormous human society that has enslaved us. In his way, it is forcing us to change and acquire a new view on life.

Life will become completely different. We will be forced to develop like humans. Instead of ten hours of work (and the rest of the time when you continued to think about it), you will work three hours and spend the rest of the time doing completely different things.

However, you need to understand what to do. After all, we will not just lay in the sun like lazy, fed animals, resting after having eaten and not doing anything until we become hungry once again. We will need to find “human” activities that man must do in this world.

Besides the three hours dedicated to work and a couple of hours dedicated to housework, the rest of the time will be spent doing what is the most important for a human being and brings fulfillment to the soul. A person will treat work and housework merely as unavoidable things that must be done in this world; he would be happy not doing these things. During the seven to eight hours that have been freed up from work, he will have to find a real activity, worthy of man, to which he can devote his entire soul.
From the Talk “Lessons on the New World” 12/1/2011

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