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A Miracle Is A Revolution Of Perception

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the meaning of the miracle that the holiday of Chanukah celebrates in the inner work?

Answer: There are several miracles that occur in the inner work. The first miracle is the exodus from Egypt. The second miracle occurs on Hanukkah, and the third—on Purim.

A miracle is a revolution in one’s perception of reality. The actual reality I am in is unchanging, it is the world of Infinity. But such revolutionary changes take place inside of me that I receive a new perception, a new nature, such a drastic change that I see the whole world in a different way.

This is similar to a baby that comes out of the mother into a great, light, world, which is signified by his birth. And this is a miracle because it is not a simple continuation of the regular growth of the fetus, but it signifies a total revolution and an exit to a new level of perception. This transformation can only happen by virtue of the Light’s influence upon us.

When the Light finishes raising my desires to the first ten Sefirot, I am born on the new level in the new ten Sefirot, on the next level.

There are several revolutions like this: the first is when we go from the period of preparation into the new world, through the Machsom, and begin to work in the small spiritual state. Then, after this miracle of coming out of Egypt, there is a gradual ascent, the state by Mount Sinai and the revelation of the upper force, the miracle of Chanukah. All of this seems to be one process, beginning from the passage of the Red Sea and on. A revolution in a person’s perception of reality takes place, and all of this occurs by virtue of a change in his desires under the Light’s influence.

A miracle is when all of my previous desires undergo instant change, a total revolution.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/22/11, Writings of Rabash

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A Quiet Attack

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Judging by the sensations of the last few days, we are entering the next state after the convention and can already make a new attack. In the near future we are planning to concentrate internally, to unite together quietly, to enter the picture of the spiritual reality. What would you advise us to focus our efforts on?

Answer: There is the current state and the desirable one, and there is the transition between the two, which we have to overcome. The means to go from one state to the next can be similar to a convention: a focus of our efforts, hopes, forces, joy, actions, and events, where we are all together and we focus all our efforts over a few days and try to realize them non-stop.

But there are also other means that can help us go from one state to another. Kabbalists used them mainly for more internal concentration, which they attained by making external actions only in order to concentrate everything in the inner actions.

That is to say, they assembled together, preparing all of the external conditions so they would not interfere and would help them focus, such as by meeting in a cave, an isolated, quiet place, away from all possible external disturbances, and in a special state of day or night, which also influence a person. In short, they arranged everything so the friends could unite with one another internally, with the help of inner, more spiritual efforts.

Obviously, we must also make actions like that. But for that we need preparation and the realization of the great importance of this event, so we don’t end up with something boring or useless, something that doesn’t provide fulfillment.

Every person must understand that progress is possible only by virtue of efforts, that “penny by penny adds up to a great capital,” and that in the sum of these efforts, in the efforts to unite them together, in one place, in one Kli or vessel, we attain the common might that is called a cry, a demand—and then the gates open up to us.

We carried out a great preparation in Israel and in the whole world during the convention, and now we must perform several opposite actions—in more internal concentration, in humility. Let’s try to do this. How effective this will be is up to us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/22/11, The Book of Zohar

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Europe Is Getting Ready For The “Storm Of The Millennium”

In the News (from Novosti): “Experts calculated that global warming will raise the sea level in the North Sea by a few meters. The consequences can be catastrophic. Only the Flemish region of Belgium has invested 300 million euros in the strengthening of the shores.

“With the onset of bad weather, the water level will rise 2.5 meters. If all goes as predicted, storms will be accompanied by waves up to 8 meters high. The whole of Europe is getting ready for the ‘storm of the Millennium’: Millions are being invested in the strengthening of coastal dams in the north of France, Holland, and Great Britain.”

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Jobless In The USA

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from RUNY.web): “Early last year, 75% of American unemployed received unemployment benefits. But the period of assistance, extended by the federal government up to 99 weeks, ended in the fall of this year for many of them.

“Consequently, the number of recipients dropped to 48%. Having exhausted their 99 weeks, two million cannot find a steady income still. By February, 2.2 million more may be left without the benefits. The average unemployed person receives $300 a week.

“A third of those who lost their jobs, and there are 14 million of them, did not have a permanent job for a year or more. As known, the more time a person spends without work, the less likely he finds something similar. This is due to the loss of skills, age, and the increase of applicants for the same place.

“In 2010, unemployment insurance prevented 3.2 million Americans from falling into poverty (annual income below $22,314 for a family of four). Those without benefits can expect to get food stamps. Nearly 46 million people receive food stamps now.”

My Comment: In a short time, there will be tens of millions of unemployed people. Governments must involve them in integral education and upbringing. This will lead to a healthier society and the restructuring of the entire social and economic system.

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The Highs And Lows Of Democracy

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Philip Stephens, Financial Times columnist): “The story of 2011 has been of the advance of democracy and the failure of democracies. In the Arab world, tyrants have fallen on the region’s political awakening. In rich nations, elected leaders have been frozen in crisis. Welcome to another of the paradoxes of the new global disorder.

“I do not recall the advance predictions that the good news this year would come from the Arab street; nor that the bad news would see a Greek debt crisis turn into an existential threat to half a century of European integration. We are in an age that habitually defies the easy assumptions of the old order. The passing of two centuries of western hegemony will be an unpredictable and uncomfortable experience.

“The road to democracy will be uneven. Americans and Europeans will not like some of the choices made by newly-emancipated citizens. But then the west still clings to its own double standards, cheering the uprisings in the Maghreb while hoping the autocrats cling on in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

“I have lost count of the number of summits called to save the euro.

“Some blame the system. The single currency was always flawed; Washington has been paralysed by congressional gerrymandering. But you cannot leave out the personalities. Europe is governed by followers. Barack Obama once looked different. In the event, a big orator has turned out a small president.

“The thread that runs across the Atlantic is one of popular disenchantment with political establishments. Whether it is fear of the bond markets or competition from rising economies, governments are trapped between global economics and local politics.

“It is no good blaming democracy. As the well-worn saying goes, it is the worst of political systems save for all the others. If there is a bright spot in the sea of bleakness it is that autocrats everywhere have even more to fear from 2012.”

My Comment: The fears of the poor and rich, ordinary people and autocrats, together with hesitation and a lack of decisions will lead to despair, or a world war, or the opportunity to hear a “ridiculous” solution: to strive for integration based on general integral education and upbringing. The method and materials, teachers and educators are ready!

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Parents Are To Blame

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Russian Bazaar): “The number of parents who neglect their young children increased significantly with the onset of the economic crisis. Negligence does not mean child abuse, which the US human rights organizations have been fighting against for years.

“For the most part, parents began to love their children less. People are too focused on finding employment, paying utility bills and debts on loans. One out of five parents is depressed; one in ten abuses alcohol or marijuana.

“The rise of parental neglect happens against the background of the Child-Free movement, whose activists consider children a burden and believe that everyone should live only for oneself. Fathers and mothers cannot understand that education is a very complicated and lengthy process.

“Currently, almost all the states in the country are waiting for the laws and amendments that toughen penalties for parental neglect. Would these innovations actually protect children?”

My Comment: To deal with growing egoism is possible only by means of integral education for everyone, from young to old. Our organization has developed the methods of integral upbringing, and we hope to bring its principles to the general public.

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There Is No Easy Fix For The Euro Zone’s Debt Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (German Gref, President of Sberbank of Russia): “President of Sberbank, German Gref has pointed out he thinks the European Union has two ways to remedy the current financial and economic situation; they are – either to seek closer integration or to default. Closer integration means ‘the formation of, say, a kind of United States of Europe’ Gref said. ‘But it will need a long time to reach the target,’ he added.

“The other option, the disintegration of the euro, which means some of its member countries will go back to their former currencies ‘is fraught with disintegration of the entire European Union.’ Although this scenario gives more options to get over the crisis, ‘This is a much more honest policy that gives hope for regaining competitive abilities of peripheral countries and their re-entry to the currency orbit of the European Union.’ Gref added.”

My Comment: Mr. Gref does not see an optimistic option because there is no way he can see it. After all, it is only described in Kabbalah, and economists do not study it. The change in the common worldview is the foundation of the understanding of the world’s development. Instead of inventing theories and making mistakes in practice, we must copy everything from nature and follow it. Its demand for an integrated connection, for a universal mutual guarantee, is a mandatory requirement, and failing to carry it out will cost us dearly!

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The “Matrix” Of The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Sometimes when I read The Zohar, I feel something pulsate in me. Is The Zohar a live system, and are we able to absorb spiritual models through its words?

Answer: Kabbalists describe the system of connections between us. This altruistic connection between everyone’s private desires forms us into the image of the Creator (since the entire system of desires is exactly like the force of Light which created it, the Creator).

Kabbalists reveal this system to us—each one according to his degree, his nature, and the root of his soul. They explain the way it works, how our actions evoke corresponding reactions—MAN (appeal) and MAD (response).

They reveal Nature and nothing else. When you reveal it—as if you were looking at a 3D picture without concentrating on its superficial image, but with your eyes unfocused, confusing them—you will begin to see the picture inside.

You become free from the power of your corporeal mind and feelings, you will abandon your egoism—and then this picture can carry you deep inside it. You enter it and discover an entire world: still, vegetative, animate, and human levels, which lead their own lives.

This is what The Zohar reveals. You read it and imagine a regular picture of this world. But The Zohar reveals the inner picture to you. You will see this inner picture when you defocus your corporeal “vision” by rising above your egoistic desires and qualities of perception—towards bestowal.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/21/11, Zohar for All

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The Miracle Of Light And Connection

Arava ConventionOur unity above Pharaoh stands for the correction of the bestowing desires, which symbolize the holiday of Chanukah, the lighting of the Chanukah candles.

Every spiritual root must touch its corporeal branch once, and this is why all these events took place over the course of the descent from above downward. At first there was the exit from Egypt, the building of the First Temple on the degree of Mochin de Haya—a very high state. And then the fall from it, the breaking of the Temple and the Babylonian exile where the miracle of Purim took place. Then there was the correction and the building of the Second Temple on the degree of Mochin de Neshama. But we were not able to hold on here and once again were exiled. The war with the Greeks and the miracle of Chanukah happened during the time of the Second Temple—in the small state (Katnut).

And then the Greeks completed the separation from the spiritual, which corresponds to the First restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph)—the fall beneath the Machsom, the barrier that separates the spiritual and corporeal worlds.

And when we begin to rise from below upward—in the reverse order, we first pass the Machsom, then we acquire the spiritual vessels which correspond to Hanukkah, and then—Purim.

All miracles happen because of the Light that returns to the source, but they are realized through the connection in the group. Everything depends only on our connection. By connecting more—we rise and become free, and by connecting less—we fall and become exiled. Our ascent depends on the strength of our connection with one another, and our descent depends on our distance and separation from one another.

There is nothing else! We will continue to rise until we unite as one man with one heart, when “The Creator and His Name will be one.”

For this we need to reveal the entire system and see how complex and rich it is, and the enormous amount of connections we can reveal in it and use. Everyone connects with everyone else, repeatedly multiplying each other by mutual inclusion in one another, and this goes on infinitely, like in a holographic image.

And this is qualitative infinity, rather than quantitative—an infinite connection. Our connection keeps growing until the discrete, digital sum becomes analog, until there is no difference left between us, like droplets of water that merge into one great drop. This will mean that the final correction, Gmar Tikkun, has been reached.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/21/11, Writings of Rabash, “The Miracle of Chanukah”

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