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Increase The Intensity Of Advancement

laitman_938.05Question: How can I improve the quality of my annulment before others? What is important to pay attention to? It feels like everything starts from this point.

Answer: I am trying to give the most appropriate material, especially on Twitter, to awaken people somehow. In each lesson we advance at least in the theoretical understanding of our task. No matter how much I want to, I cannot speak more openly, in more advanced way. This is a closed system where my students dictate the boundaries of my conversations.

The events during holidays and conventions are the only ones that give me an opportunity to express more because a vast mass of people, who somehow connect together, join us. We then somewhat succeed.

We are advancing by leaps, jumping from convention to convention, from holiday to holiday, like a grasshopper that jumps from one place to another. It’s good, I would nonetheless like more intensive, consistent, uniform, and continuous advancement.
From TV Program “The Last Generation” 4/12/18

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The Purpose Of Congresses

laitman_938.05Soon, we will have a congress. Let’s get ready to join together in a single impulse. This is a huge force! Imagine how much effort is being expended now in all countries of the world where there are at least a few of our friends! And we have friends all over the world, in almost every country.

Let us make this congress as impressive as possible, from the bottom of our hearts, so that it gives us a big push.

We have already passed so many different preliminary stages that I think we will be able to find ourselves in a network of altruistic forces, above our egoism, and will begin to feel, at least a little, the smallest spiritual qualities between us, not in each of us.

Suddenly, you will see how certain spiritual qualities, movements in relation to friends appear in you—what you desire for them, and what you feel from them. Also, between you, there appears a network of communication in which the Creator is revealed.

You can do this. This is what the congress is intended for.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/22/18

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In Memory Of The Holocaust

laitman_293After the breaking, Adam’s soul split into two parts. One part consisted of the souls that were awakened at the first opportunity when they were illuminated by the upper Light; they are called Israel (straight to the Creator).

It was these people that Abraham gathered into his group called “Israel,” and through this group, as if through a pipeline, the Light spread to all the nations that lived in Ancient Babylon. However, some people did not awaken and follow Abraham.

Abraham began teaching his group about unity because, according to the plan of creation, the awakened part of the souls must become a conduit through which the upper Light would affect those who did not awaken on their own. Therefore, the nation founded by Abraham serves as a kind of adapter through which the upper Light can approach those broken souls that are unable to awaken.

From this, it is clear that the nation of Israel is obliged to serve as a transmitter and conduct the upper Light to the nations of the world, which is called “to be a Light unto the nations.”

This is the meaning of humanity’s development. We are not required to make outstanding achievements in culture and technology—the main purpose of the nation of Israel is to set an example and give the power to unite to all the peoples of the world, returning all of them to the one common soul of Adam as it was before the breaking.

And although the nation of Israel had achieved its own correction, it could not hold on to it and began to descend after the destruction of the First Temple, and especially of the Second Temple. In this way, it fulfilled part of its role, reached contact with the Creator, and then went into exile, shattered in order to mix with those parts of the souls that are called the nations of the world.

After such mutual inclusion, Israel must rise and build a connection within itself in order to again become a channel—united on the one hand, with the Creator, and on the other hand, with the nations of the world.

This process has many stages. The nations of the world themselves are pressuring Israel, bringing it on their shoulders to Jerusalem and demanding to make corrections. Everyone must do his or her part of the work until we all achieve a complete correction.

From the moment Abraham’s group received the means of connection with the Creator, that is, from the giving of the Torah and onward, this group has had the responsibility to be the link between the upper power and all the creations.

For every moment of procrastination, when this group does not serve as such an adapter, it feels hatred from all peoples.

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Kabbalah Conventions: What Role Do They Play In Solving The World’s Problems? How Do They Accelerate Spiritual Progress? Do They Require Prior Knowledge?


Question: What role do the conventions you put on around the world play in realizing the solution to the world’s problems you often discuss: unity of the people, and education toward unity?

Answer: We need to promote our conventions, especially the convention in North America, since from it and onward, waves of information about the world’s correction will spread around the world, and everyone around the world will be impressed by what happens there.

That is how we need to use the convention. It’s not just for the 500 or so people who will attend, and neither for those other few thousand that will connect and listen to it, but to those millions and billions who need to hear something related to connection, unity, mutual guarantee, the purpose of life, which we discuss at the convention.

Question: You often say that a few days at a Kabbalah convention can make up for a year’s worth of spiritual progress. Why is that the case, and how does that work?

Answer: Whoever comes to a convention connects to the people attending, receives a point of connection with everyone, and then whatever happens in the same convention hall, in a dynamic way, since it relates to connection among people, not virtual connections through the Internet, a person who mingles in the connection there over a few days receives live contact with others, connects with a Kabbalistic group, together with me, and with all our strong friends attending the convention.

Therefore, it is like a very thirsty person reaches a well, and he has something to drink. Someone who doesn’t come physically doesn’t get that spiritual supply like someone at a convention. Therefore, if we talk about someone coming to the annual convention in North America, then we have at least this once-in-a-year opportunity to sink the tube into the well, in order to afterward fill ourselves from it.

It’s a pity for whoever misses out on this opportunity, because we really cannot compare someone who attends the convention—who progresses together with everyone and who has live, physical contact—with someone far away, who has the opportunity to come, but who doesn’t make that effort. The latter person robs himself of spiritual progress.

Question: Does a person need to have any prior knowledge or education before attending a Kabbalah convention, or can a person come even if they’re completely new to Kabbalah?

Answer: We create our conventions in a way where there is no need to have any prior knowledge, preparation or accolades in order to attend. However, anyone who wants to come and participate, even a person off the street, can do so. Certainly, he will receive according to his preparation, but he’ll have a connection with a true, spiritual, live source, and that is what’s most important.

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My Facebook Page: “First Images From The Convention”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 2/27/18

First images from the World Kabbalah Convention 2018

My Facebook Page: “About The Convention”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 2/24/18

3 thank you messages for what made the World Kabbalah Convention the most powerful spiritual event ever held.

First and foremost, thanks to all the friends and students who came from 70 different countries and dedicated a week of their lives to take part in this special event.

Second, thanks go to the friends and study groups who could not make it but participated virtually and were with us through their screens the whole time.

Third, thanks to all the students and friends from Israel and to all their guests who participated in the convention for the first time.

In addition, the convention took place on the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, so we have put a special emphasis on Israel’s spiritual role in the world. We learned that in Kabbalah, an “Israeli” means one who yearns to discover the higher attributes of love and bestowal and wants them to prevail in all human relations. And people from all over the world identify with this sublime idea, whether they are Jewish or not.

Now, in the days after the convention, we must maintain the spiritual connection we created together. The special connection we had at the conference is a clear example of the spiritual bond that we must achieve and maintain between us at all times—until we merit such a connection that the Creator, the quality of love and bestowal, will be revealed among us in all its glory.

As the great Kabbalists wrote, I truly believe that we can reach such a connection between us and the whole world. The dedication of friends from all around the world and the great effort made in all the preparations for our annual event only indicate that we are laying the foundation for a new and corrected world.

Thank you!


(Image from the opening ceremony of the World Kabbalah Convention 2018)

Israel Is 70 Years Old. This Is Going To Be A Special Congress!

In the past 20 years we have had hundreds of congresses and each was unique. But this one is going to be very special. It is dedicated to honor the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel.

Israel is not just a country. It is a nation of people. It is one heart in which there is place for everyone.

Our congress is for everyone. Everything in it is about unity. When hatred toward Israel is growing, people from all over the entire world are coming here. And they are coming here to support us.

Here the unity of the nation of Israel is forged.

Come and experience it!


Outcome Of The Congress “Absorbed In The Upper One”

laitman_938.04Outcome of the congress: the conclusion that “There is none else besides the Creator.” We have to decide this every moment of our lives, being certain that He is good that does good, meaning, we justify Him in all His actions.

This is the very first condition with which the science of Kabbalah begins, with the article “There Is None Else Besides Him,” and all that is required of us on the path is to establish only this. The only things that change are the conditions, our inner and outer states. (In reality there is only one state, but we perceive its division into inner and outer states.)

In order to start living within the principle “There is none else besides Him, the good that does good,” one must work in a group of ten people. And this state starts from the stage of an “embryo” (Ubur) in which I annul myself in everything to the principle “There is none else besides Him, the good that does good”.

It means that I adhere to the upper one in any circumstance that He puts in front of me, completely annulling myself. In this way I become a spiritual embryo.

This is the state that we are trying to achieve, and this is why we spoke only about this during the congress: how to realize this state, what our relationships should be in the group, what each one owes the others, etc. It was all about how to reach the state “There is none else besides Him, the good that does good” on the level of an embryo.

Why did we take such a long time speaking about something that could be articulated in half a minute? The thing is that this state is realized not in a single person, but in the connections between many of us. While inside this connection, problems begin, because this is where we reveal our breakage.

All the work in establishing the principle “There is none else beside Him, the good that does good” is in tying the broken desires into it, so that it would be realized between us. It is between us, not in each one of us.

It is not enough to say that I adhered to the Creator, that I woke up in the morning with the thought of Him and accepted everything that happens as coming from Him. It is sufficient for now, but it is an abstract idea, not a practical action. However, if I want to actually realize this principle in its correct state, I have to fulfill it in the group. This is what the entire work is about.

Therefore it is necessary for us to have a congress for the mutual work. It is not enough to read the articles alone or even learn it by heart because the main thing is in realizing it between us. Together we begin to extract more and more information from the articles, and each time we perceive them anew: more and more deeply.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/7/18, Lesson on Topic: “The Work in Wholeness, at the Entrance of Ibur (Conception)”

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Unification Without Boundaries

laitman_936Question: When we say that unification is above everything, are there any boundaries here?

Answer: There are not and cannot be boundaries in unification because as soon as we allegedly reach them, new disturbances appear and we must again move toward new boundaries. This is the ascent on 125 degrees.

In the unification that we have achieved, we reveal the Creator, that is, the general force that connects two opposite forces in itself—positive and negative, the force of the Light and the force of the desire, plus and minus, darkness and light—together in harmony.

And what will happen between the light and the shadow? What will connect them with each other as plus and minus short-circuited on a motor or for some other user? This user is our efforts we invest in order to connect all pluses and minuses harmoniously, all positive and negative natural phenomena so that they will not seem as opposites to us.

By trying to connect them with each other in such a way, we correct ourselves. We ourselves are placed between positive and negative forces and there we connect with the Creator and reach adhesion with Him.

The Creator is the harmony of all the forces of nature, including us, that is, a person who creates this harmony within himself.
From the Convention in Vilnius “From Chaos to Harmony,” Day One 11/3/17, Lesson 1

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The Spiritual Root Of Gossip

laitman_600.02Question: Does gossip have a spiritual root?

Answer: Of course, it is called Lashon HaRa – evil tongue.

It kills everything between the friends. If I speak behind my friend’s back, I betray the Creator. I cheat on Him. There can be nothing else here. After all, the Creator puts the ten with all of its problems before me. Behind a friend’s back, we can only talk about how to help him and about nothing else.
From the Convention in Vilnius “From Chaos to Harmony,” Day One 11/3/17, Lesson 1

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