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Open Yourself For The Upper World

939.02Question: Let’s say, we are around 7,000 people who get together and want to unite. Can such a large number of people positively effect the final result?

Answer: Undoubtedly! People want to unite. They understand what they gain with this. They can achieve such a degree of unity, where with the appropriate force of desire, the upper light will light up in the connection between them.

Comment: I remember my feeling when we were studying in a small group of 15 people. Then I felt that we were much closer to something than now, when 7,000 people gather, dance, sing, and have fun.

My Response: I understand you and agree that it is harder to achieve such a state of intimacy, warmth, connection, devotion, and love among 7,000 people than in a group of 15 people we started studying with 20 years ago.

But the fact is that we exist in a time when we need to unite not 7,000, but 7,000,000,000 (7 billion) people. And that’s why we can’t get away from this. We are obliged to fulfill our destiny and think about ourselves only last.

So we will try to unite between the 7,000, in order to gather all 7 billion next time. And then, for sure, we will deserve the revelation of the Creator, after everyone else.

Question: When 7 billion people unite, will it be the most real, intimate, spiritual feeling?

Answer: Of course. Today it is impossible to work in a small group. There aren’t the right conditions for it in the world or in the souls. Therefore, it is necessary to open the doors for everyone. And the number that will gather will be the optimal number of people with whom you will open yourself up to the upper world.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #21

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A Bridge To The Spiritual World

938.01Why, when you want to cling to the ten and become a guarantor for your friends, does an abyss of problems and such strong rejections suddenly appear as if the Creator is not allowing you to do this and is pushing you off this path?

All this is so that you understand how much you still lack the strength for correction with which these obstacles will become indiscernible. You can jump over this wall, rise above all obstacles, and achieve correction.

We are going into a battle called “the war with the Creator.” We are at war with the Creator Himself directly against Him, because it was He who created all these obstacles in our way so that we would want to turn to Him and persuade Him to help us. We need to pray to Him to do this work, constantly demand like a nagging child who bothers his father, repeating: “Do it for me, do it,” and does not leave him alone. This is what the Creator expects from us.

We are right in front of the entrance to the spiritual world and we do not want to grasp how to cry out so that the Creator will open the gate for us. There are two conditions here: it is necessary to demand and to demand together. Nothing more is needed. Spirituality is when we are together, and the Creator reveals Himself to the extent of our unity.

Before us is an iron wall that is impossible to climb if we do not help each other. None of us can jump over the fence that separates us from the spiritual world. It can only be surmounted through our connection. Only in this form is it possible to overcome this barrier.

We live in the era of the Messiah, in the last generation, when the most important thing is our connection. The task is not to break through to the spiritual world by ourselves, but to achieve such a connection that others can also go there.

Just like ants when they need to overcome some obstacle, they first make a living bridge out of themselves, interlock with each other so that other ants following behind them can climb upon their bodies. That is what we need to do. We are pioneers, and we must make such a bridge from ourselves so that others will walk upon us into the upper world. This is our work, the holy work.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/6/21, “Devotion,” Lesson 5

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For The Conclusion Of The Convention

537I think that the past convention was very successful, much better than all the previous ones. Let us move forward, step by step, from convention to convention, strengthening our connection more and more so that the Creator will be revealed in it.

The lessons of the convention were devoted to the most basic topics, which serve as guiding milestones for our progress. In addition, we got used to being together, learning together, getting to know each other, and began to get used to spiritual concepts. We can be proud of our success because we are already studying topics that are not clear to the average person.

Our group has made a lot of progress over the past year, and I am very happy about it and proud of my students. I only ask you not to scatter yourself to the sides, but stick to the exact direction and find out more and more deeply the topics covered in the lessons.

I am very grateful to all the participants of the convention. You are not just students to me, you are my friends on the spiritual path, parts of my heart. Thanks to you, I have the opportunity to explain the science of Kabbalah to the whole world, to convey it to every person, and to please the Creator together with you. I bow low to you and thank you!

I wish you all health, happiness, success in your work and in your family, and especially success in our connection and between us and the Creator. Thank you!
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/6/21, “Connecting Into a Single Ten,” Lesson 6

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The Work Of The Creator Is Done By The Creator

936We only need to ask and the upper light will come from above, which will sort out our qualities, divide us into ten Sefirot, arrange everything and connect us. The light will do everything, just let it work. We must reveal that we need its help.

We are engaged in the work that is called “the work of the Creator,” that is, it is performed by the Creator. So let Him work, don’t try to work instead of Him! After all, we cannot know how the ten is divided into ten Sefirot in order to connect them correctly. On the contrary, the Creator only wants us to ask Him, and He will realize everything with His upper force.

He is only waiting for our request to do everything, and the simplest and most trusting way is when we do not know or understand anything except that He is our Creator and we ask Him to help us.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/6/21, “Connecting Into a Single Ten,” Lesson 6

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Together Is Strength

935If we want to please the Creator, we feel that we are facing a blank wall. This barrier becomes unbearable to us, and we try to break through it.

But it cannot be broken simply by force, but only through our connection. Here we will have to change our approach to the spiritual. After all, the spiritual is based only on the connection between us because the common soul, Adam HaRishon, has been shattered, and it must be corrected.

Therefore, each of us is not required to be strong; we need to be strong in our connection.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/6/21, “Devotion,” Lesson 5

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Precious Flower

935The place for the revelation of the Creator in our time, in our generation called the last generation, appears only in mutual guarantee (Arvut). Mutual guarantee is our spiritual vessel. The revelation of the Creator, the entry into the upper world, our entire spiritual existence is implemented only within mutual guarantee.

There is a special force in mutual guarantee. By coming out of myself and being included in the friends, I reveal my soul. It does not exist inside me, and therefore, the upper light cannot enter and correct me. It can only help me integrate with the friends and find the Creator there. That is, my soul is in the friends.

In fact, this is obvious if you look at the spiritual structure. If I am Malchut in the spiritual vessel of the ten Sefirot, then my friends are the nine upper Sefirot. It turns out that when I incorporate with them, I receive the qualities of bestowal from them. It is in this form that I complete my spiritual vessel that was in the friends, and through mutual guarantee each of us helps the other to acquire the qualities of bestowal and be ready for the revelation of the Creator.

Therefore, without implementing mutual guarantee, we will not be able to take a single step on the spiritual path. Only by incorporating with each other, getting closer to each other, connecting and helping each other, do we attract the reforming light and invite the Creator to be revealed in us. This desire alone, to internally connect with each other, is sufficient to raise us from corporality to spirituality.

It is impossible to draw the reforming light alone; I have nowhere to draw it into. I must be incorporated in my friends and then I can draw the light inside this incorporation so that the reforming light would return it to its source. In this way, we receive the spiritual vessel and begin to enter the upper world.

The mutual guarantee is a very deep concept. All spiritual laws proceed from carrying out mutual guarantee. Everything written and said by the Kabbalists comes from what they have attained within mutual guarantee. All of reality is divided in two: outside of the mutual guarantee is corporeality and inside the mutual guarantee is spirituality.

In fact, mutual guarantee is the only thing we need because it is the only action that brings the broken vessel of Adam HaRishon back to correction. Through our yearning to return this desire to connection and unity above egoism and all the disturbances, and through the request to the Creator to help us in this, we reach correction.

We must make sure that the friends reveal the true spiritual deficiency and that the ten connects in both good and bad states. Everyone should feel that they have friends who are ready to do anything for them.

The mutual guarantee is like a flower that needs our constant care in order to grow. After all, this is the very vessel in which the Creator will be revealed, our desires that have reached the correct connection grew and are now revealed because of our common screen. The inner force that holds our desires together and directs them correctly is called mutual guarantee.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/4/21, “Arvut Inside the Ten,” Lesson 2

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To Love What The Creator Loves

527.03If we want to make our desire similar to the Creator, then we evaluate everything only according to one principle: everything that is for our own sake we hate and everything that is for the sake of bestowal we love.

Only in this light do we see the whole reality and not different colors and sounds. We do not care if they are pleasant or unpleasant, but what matters is whether it is bestowal or reception.

If it is bestowal, then it is loved and attractive, and if it is reception, then it is hated and repulsive. And only in this form will I move from the screen on which I see this world to the screen of the upper world and begin to see reality in its true, correct form.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/4/21, “My Spirituality Is Revealed Outside of Me,” Lesson 1

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From Ten To One

944I am very happy with the beginning of the congress From Ten to One because this is really the only thing left for us: to rise to the first spiritual degree. All spiritual degrees are based on the fact that from ten we come to one, and again from ten to one at a higher degree. This is the ascent from degree to degree.

Spiritual ascent is based on connection between people, which is the correction and reconstruction of the broken spiritual vessel, the correct connection in our common soul, Adam HaRishon. The Creator created this soul and then broke it; He gave it to us to restore it so that it would become one again: from ten to one or from many tens to one until we return to one whole.

Let us hope that we will be awarded with achieving such a high development when we begin to feel this unity between us, which is called “One.” And in it, we will feel the Creator, the single force that created the whole basis for us as a Kli, giving our desire the same qualities as its filling, the Creator.

According to our preparation, we are very close to such a revelation, and we have no other goal, only this. After all, we see how much the whole world will need it if not today, then tomorrow. And we will need to show them the way.

We are the pioneers of the process of correction, so let’s go one step further. I hope that this step will already be a practical revelation of the Creator within our connection, according to the equivalence of our properties. As the Creator is a giver, so we in our mutual relationship to each other will achieve a complete bestowal within which, according to the law of equivalence of form, the Creator will be able to reveal Himself.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/4/21, “My Spirituality Is Revealed Outside of Me,” Lesson 1

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The Creator Is Playing Hide-And-Seek With Us

947“My sons defeated Me,” that is, not one person but precisely together. Anyone who wants to reveal the Creator must unite with others like himself. And only when they feel themselves as one, as the sons of the Creator, can they come to Him, demand and overpower His concealment.

The Creator is hiding on purpose so that we can search for Him. “He will not quarrel forever” because He wants to reveal Himself but only if we search for Him and need to reveal Him.

Therefore, the more of us who seek Him, the greater the revelation of the Creator, exactly as it is said: “My sons defeated Me,” that is, many sons. The Creator is waiting for our quest and rejoices when we defeat Him. After all, all the concealment created by Him is designed to make us grow, to awaken us to seek and reveal the Creator.

The Creator is always revealed from concealment, and we must make an effort to unite. To the extent that we unite and eliminate all the forces of separation that operate between us, we will turn them from forces of separation into forces of revelation, and to the extent of our efforts, we will reveal the Creator in them.

“My sons defeated Me” means that we are turning concealment into revelation. Of course, we cannot do it ourselves, but we demand the Creator to help us. Therefore, our work consists of two parts: first, to unite by reaching one desire, one aspiration, and second, to seek the Creator and oblige Him to reveal Himself. We are always working mutually: “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.”

And when we almost succeed in defeating the concealment, the Creator immediately hides and forces us to search for Him again. And so again and again because only from both forms, concealment and revelation, do we clarify all the qualities of the Creator and turn them into our own qualities. The revelation of the Creator can only be in the equivalence of form, in the reflection of His qualities in our qualities.

Therefore, spiritual advancement always goes through concealment and revelation. And if we do not associate our states with either revelation or concealment, then we do not relate to spirituality at all and are not directed toward the Creator. After all, the path to the Creator can have only two alternatives: either concealment or revelation.

A person who seeks the revelation of the upper world must direct himself correctly, always discovering the concealment and revelation over all his qualities and actions. And the greater the concealment, the greater revelation comes after it—one against the other.

In order to reveal the Creator, it is necessary to organize a group because the Creator only reveals Himself as ten Sefirot. And so, we need to discover the ten desires that are properly connected and united by a common intention, to feel ready to unite and support each other like the ten Sefirot of the spiritual Partzuf. All are included in all and become ready for the revelation of one force.

And although all tens are very different and separated by their egoism, since we come out of one force, then by annulling our egoism, we again become as if one whole and have the opportunity to reveal new forms of the Creator, one, one and only.

The Creator is playing hide-and-seek with us: He hides, we search and find Him, and He hides again. So we run after Him and in this pursuit gradually study Him and format our desires in equivalence with the upper force, preparing them for the revelation of all the qualities of the upper light.

What is learned in the ten is already a spiritual gain that remains in the Kelim forever. But one person is not able to keep spiritual thoughts and feelings within himself.
From the World Kabbalah Convention 2021, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/28/2, “The Ten: A Musical Instrument in the Creator’s Hands,” Lesson 9

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Let’s Make Space Inside Of Us For The Creator

276.01The entire reality is filled with our great egoism. The entire world, inanimate nature, plants, animals, and people, all these are degrees of our egoistic desire in which we must begin to make room for the force of bestowal, the force of the Creator.

We work inside ourselves, inside our perception of the world, our connection, and create a place where the Creator can place the embryo of His quality of bestowal and begin to grow within us.

The Creator influences us both from within and without. We are inside the white light, which has purposely restricted itself so that we can exist in it. Thus, we find ourselves inside an empty space freed from the presence of the Creator, and we do not feel Him.

A ray of light entered into this empty space and started building spiritual objects and worlds inside this emptiness. Therefore, we are inside the Creator, under His full control. But this is how it looks from the side of the Creator.

From the side of the created beings, we exist in an empty space, supposedly free from the control of the Creator because we do not see this control and do not feel it. Therefore, we think that we are the masters of this world and our lives.

But in fact, the Creator educates us and brings us to the realization that we do not know where we really are. Then we begin to search for what our life depends on and discover that there is the upper force that determines and realizes everything, and we yearn to reveal it.

This is how it happened to all the Kabbalists of the past generations until they disclosed the method that allows us to connect with the Creator and passed on to us the method of revealing the Creator to the created beings in this world, which is called the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the World Kabbalah Convention, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/27/21, “Ibur in the Ten,” Lesson 5

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