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Why Does The Creator Hide From Us?

249.01It is written: “You have made Me.” Yet, how can this be if the Creator is the only force that exists in the universe? This force contains everything, and apart from it there is nothing, nothing extends beyond its borders. Everything comes to life within the Creator, including us.

How can we create the Creator? Didn’t the Creator create us, because there is no one else? The Creator faced a difficult task: to create a creation and develop it so that it becomes independent. It is what we do when we want to foster independence in our children. The Creator, however, had a more difficult task because there is no other force beside Him.

Let’s say we grew up and found out that there is no one else beside the Creator and we are inside this force that influences us. Then what can we do by ourselves?

Therefore, on one hand, the Creator fills the entire universe and controls everything, but on the other hand, we do not see this because He is hidden. This is what we sometimes do with our children, we don’t want to help them so we hide so that they can work on their own and learn how to build something. Apparently, the Creator is concealed because He wanted to make us independent.

On the other hand, we need to learn to live in the world as if the Creator is present. And if He were revealed, we would do exactly what we are doing now when He is hidden. This state is called complete faith. First and foremost, we must reach it: faith above reason, bestowal above the force of reception, above the force of our egoism.

It is possible to overcome egoism only if there is something bigger than it, the force of bestowal. We are made of the of the desire to receive pleasure, and it is not impressed by words but bows to power. If my egoism feels the greatness of the Creator, it will do everything that the Creator commands. Yet, if my egoism feels its own greatness, it follows all the orders of egoism. It is obvious that either one or the other force governs: either the force of our egoism or the force of the Creator’s bestowal.

We behave according to the one that influences us. If egoism were openly active in us, we would obey it in everything and would be called wicked, complete egoists. In fact, this is what is happening now.

And if the Creator were revealed and allowed us to see that He fills the world, if the force and superiority of the will to bestow were revealed, we would immediately bow before it and obey its orders in everything. Sometimes it even happens; suddenly the greatness of the Creator is revealed a little, and we are ready to give and love for a while until this miracle disappears.

Such impulses come and go in order to show us that this is possible, but only if we are more impressed with the greatness of the Creator than with the greatness of our egoism. In other words, the question is who will rule: the will to receive or the will to bestow? There are only these two forces in nature.

However, if we behaved in this way, we would either be criminals who follow only our will to receive or angels who act according to the will to bestow. One or the other force would fully govern us, and we would remain animals, either predatory or holy, acting according to inner instinct. In this form, we are not similar to the Creator, we are not human, Adam, because we did not choose to be egoists or saints.

Then how to make us free so that we can choose whether to receive or to bestow, whether to be opposite from the Creator or like Him? The Creator was faced with the task of making man free so that he will choose what he prefers: either to be an egoist like creation or an altruist like the Creator and become His son, partner, ands similar to the Creator.

The Creator thought and found a solution: put an intermediary between the will to receive and the will to bestow, between the two opposite forces, so that the creation can consist of the will to receive, but will be able to shift to the intention for the sake of bestowal. The Creator created a situation where the creation can be impressed with the greatness of the Creator, the greatness of bestowal, but not directly from the upper force so as not to bow before it, but to study this state to the extent of its desire.

If a person really wants to recognize the greatness of the Creator, but not as His slave, then it is necessary to build a special state for him called the group. In the group, he has the opportunity to decide how much to surrender to his friends, and to this extent to be impressed by the greatness of the Creator.

The Creator is always present in the group but in a concealed way. To the extent that a person yearns to feel the greatness of the Creator through the group, he can feel Him. However, he will feel the Creator and His greatness, not directly but through his friends, through his subjugation before them. In this way, he acquires the force of bestowal and gradually becomes man, Adam, similar to the Creator, an independent person and not an angel.

By connecting with his friends, with the ten, a person shows his desire to be included in the quality of bestowal and operate with this quality received from the Creator through the ten, gradually growing in spirituality. He uses the quality of bestowal creatively, not under coercion, and builds himself as an independent individual similar to the Creator.

This will be true love and bestowal, not forced like in a slave out of fear or under pressure, but as a free person.
From the 3rd lesson of the Virtual Congress 12/12/20, “You have made Me, building the greatness of the Creator”

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“World-Reformers” Will Destroy The World

546.02Remark: When evil arises, and now there is a lot of evil in the world in all its colors, there suddenly appear those who want to correct it. They are called honorable people, they are given Nobel Prizes, etc. They come to correct this evil. They donate money for it and invest their strength in it.

The great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam, whose works we study, writes in the article “Peace in the World” about “The Weakness of ‘World Reformers'”: “This is the key to understand the weakness of world reformers throughout the generations. They regarded man as a machine that is not operating properly and needs mending, meaning to remove its broken parts and replace them with working ones.”

In principle, it sounds quite logical. That is, they want to operate the machine properly so that it runs smoothly according to their understanding.

“This is the tendency of all world reformers—to eradicate any harmful and bad in the human species… and it is true that had the Creator not stood against them, they would certainly have by now cleansed man entirely, leaving in him only what is good and useful.”

Answer: And that would bring the end of the world.

Remark: But it is written here that they would leave “only what is good and useful.” This would be good for the world.

My Comment: Well, of course! Try to suggest this and you will see that everyone will agree with you! Except the Creator.

Remark: And the Creator says, “No, I do not need the so-called good and beneficial. I do not need it to be the only thing that remains in the world.”

Further on, Baal HaSulam continues: “But because the Creator meticulously watches over all the elements in His creation, not letting anyone destroy a single thing in His domain, but only reform it and make it useful and good, all the reformers of the above-mentioned kind will vanish from the earth, and bad qualities will not vanish. They exist and count the degrees of development that they must still traverse until they complete their ripening.”

It is as if the Creator is saying, “I do not like these world-reformers. I do not like those who like to do good.” They want this evil to disappear, to replace the damaged parts in the car with good ones, and to make the car drive well. I do not want that.”

My Comment: That is correct. Who are Creator’s partners? Villains. They reveal evil in the world, as the Creator has said: “I have created the evil inclination…” That is, they are His accomplices who help Him and reveal evil.

They show us: “Look at what the Creator has created!” And the only thing missing here is the other side, where we need to take the forces of nature and build an opposite system that would compensate for this evil. Then through creating our own system of good that compensates for the evil, we will rise by both of these forces, on both levels.

Question: Does this mean that evil people are the closest to the Creator?

Answer: Yes. It is through them that the Creator creates the world.

Question: He creates the world and shows us that the world is created from evil. We see this, are horrified, and start fighting this evil.  Are you saying: “It is wrong to fight evil?”

Answer: We must learn to compensate for it correctly, to use it as the minus and the plus in electronics and other areas.

Question: So, the evil exists and I should not touch it. On the contrary, I must create a mountain of good. Here is a mountain of evil, and a mountain of good. Does this mountain of evil grow? And the mountain of good also grows? Is the main thing not to erase this second mountain?

Answer: You cannot erase them, you will only mangle all of nature.

Question: How do I build the mountain of good?

Answer: On the basis of evil.

Question: Seeing all of this evil, do I say: “This is not the right way, I should choose another way”?

Answer: Of course. Otherwise, you will be like those who destroyed sparrows, flies, and so on.

Question: So, do I build a mountain of good by looking at this mountain of evil?

Answer: According to it.

Question: Where do I get the strength to build this mountain of good?

Answer: Here you have to ask the Creator Himself.

Question: Is there no other way?

Answer: No. Then you will see why the Creator created evil. It is so that you would turn to Him and receive the force of good.

Remark: So, with material resources alone, with my abilities…

Answer: Will lead you nowhere. You will not accomplish anything. There is only evil in our world. Even the good that you see is also evil.

Question: And when they say: “This strong, charismatic, courageous, and determined leader will be able to lead us to good, to happiness,” and everyone starts voting for him, is it all a lie?

Answer: Sure. Today more and more people start to realize this.

Question: Is our task to build this good against evil, and all we need to do is ask for strength from nature, from the Creator?

Answer: To ask the Creator for the force of good to balance the evil and to ascend on these two forces as if on two legs.

Question: Will the world come to this?

Answer: Very soon! I believe that, perhaps, I will also get to see this. But we must lay the foundation.

Remark: This is definitely a turning point for a person.

Answer: We need to educate people! Basic concepts that we just need to lay out before them.

Question: We are talking about an ordinary person. Tell me, when one faces evil what should his first reaction be?

Answer: To balance the evil. If I want to destroy it, I have to balance it! In this way, I not only eradicate it as if reducing it to zero, but I employ it and use it for good.

As two forces in electricity: the minus and the plus. Any force that is revealed in this world consists of itself and of its opposite, its parallel. There is nothing else, only this. Therefore, regarding evil, we must find the expression of good and put them against each other, placing yourself in the middle. And you will see how to rise on these two streams of the fountain. That is how you will rise using both of them.

Question: So, are you saying that in order for one to rise in a good way, he has to be between good and evil?

Answer: They should push you from below like jets from a fountain.

Question: When I build good against the feeling of evil, is it called that I am in the middle? I see both good and evil.

Answer: Yes. We need to teach people how to use both forces correctly. For them, this is the revelation of the new world and endless possibilities.

Question: It means that we need to work on the first reaction of a person to destroy evil? So that the first reaction would be: “Oh!”

Answer: It depends on the support of society, on the environment.

Question: So, one way or another, a person should be searching, or he should be placed in the environment that thinks this way, right?

Answer: Yes. The environment will support him behind the scenes. And he will feel that he needs to perform certain actions. He will receive thoughts from the environment. The world is coming to this, there is no other way. This is how the world is arranged. The main thing is to move forward!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/10/20

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Make Room For The Creator

232.06Virtual Congress “New World” Lesson #3

The most difficult thing is to imagine a love that is always based on hatred, and both of them support each other, strengthen and exist only thanks to this.

This is how the spiritual differs from the material world where one cancels the other. We are used to our world where we can only love when we forget about hatred. And then hatred flares up again, and we forget about love and are ready to kill each other.

This does not happen in the spiritual world; there is both hatred and love at the same time. Both of them come from the Creator, and it is through hatred, which is the basis of this world, that we can rise to love, to the nature of the upper world. We exist in this sandwich, both in hate and in love, and these two lines, right and left, exist on equal terms. One can’t be bigger than the other.

And then we will feel the middle line revealed. It can’t be revealed yet because otherwise we will cancel one of the two lines. Only if there are two lines and we understand that one cannot be without the other, through our desire to preserve both of them, we create a middle line.

Do this exercise: Where I see my egoism toward my friends, I try to remove it, to uproot it. I cut it out as if with a knife, and I keep the space that is left and want to fill it with the Creator. I want the Creator to be revealed in it, otherwise He will not be revealed. If I want to reveal the Creator, it is possible only in those places and qualities where I have made room for Him.
From the A New World – Virtual Convention 8/15/20,“Love Covers All Crimes,” Lesson 3

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First Congress Of The New Age

laitman_600.04We are going to a virtual congress in two weeks. This is not an easy connection because we began preparing for it already from the beginning of creation, billions of years ago. And this is only in our material world, before that there were many actions in the spiritual worlds.

And finally, we come to the point where we begin to feel the breaking, the reverse form of connection in order to achieve it.

We can say that at this moment we are at the lowest starting point from which a continuous ascent begins toward the program of creation, its goal, where we all unite together and with the Creator. The entire universe, all the worlds, all the stars and galaxies, are connected together at the point of unity that we must reach.

The first station on the way to this goal is a virtual congress, which we are holding in two weeks. It may seem that this is not so important, but we must realize that we value the importance according to our uncorrected selfish desires, but in fact, the desire to unite at this special time between the thousands of people participating in the congress is very important.

This is the first congress held during the period of the coronavirus. In February, we managed to hold a big convention right before the start of the quarantines. It was like we jumped into the last carriage: We held a convention, and the door slammed shut right behind us.

And now we are starting to organize our system during the coronavirus period. We have already gone through its first wave and can understand what this is about. Humanity does not yet understand what is happening. The epidemic will not recede; it will move forward like a steamroller of development and will sculpt a new form from humanity.

This huge asphalt roller will roll right over us and hit us into the ground, if only in this form we are able to connect with each other. Let’s not wait for the development rink, but do it on account of our own work. You should not be naughty children whose mother is forced to punish in order to make them behave well. And the child has no way out, he has to obey, as we are now, out of hopelessness, doing what the coronavirus and other viruses that are in line for us want from us.

We need to rise to a state where we understand why the mother, that is, nature, the Creator, requires us, and we want to fulfill her requirements by our consent and goodwill.

We want to bring this first congress of a new era to a new state: not like before when we sat together, talked, and hugged. We should not regret that we are not sitting in the same room; we should not regret the past. It has already passed. Everything new must be taken for granted with understanding and approval.

New states require even more connection from us. And if we see that material changes have occurred, then they should only awaken us to even greater internal connection so that the external form does not confuse us, does not give the illusion that we are already connected by the fact that several thousand people are sitting in one room.

Now there is no such thing; we are not in the same room and do not even strive to be together physically. We want to be together spiritually as one person with one heart! And therefore this is a completely new congress, in a new era. There is nothing from past congresses in it: It is a new level, a new approach, a new attitude. And we look at it as a spiritual level to which we must ascend.

I want to be connected with everyone, but where and how? By ascending to the spiritual level, to the spiritual place where our congress is held—to the space within the Creator. We will all enter into this space and want to exist there, to unite with each other within Him. The Creator is called “place,” and it is in this place that we hold our congress, our gathering of everyone together, in order to support each other together with the Creator on this first spiritual step that awaits us.

I cannot convey to you the feelings that are in my heart. But let’s hope that together we will discover this state and feel the connection between us within the Creator at our first congress of a new era.
From a Kabbalah Lesson, 8/1/20

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Toward An Altruistic Connection

laitman_938.02Question: When I studied at MAK online, [Bnei Baruch’s Russian Education Center] I decided for myself that I should stay away from all the material problems of a friend, because this could hurt my spiritual progress.

But at the congress some kind of connection was awakened between us, a greater involvement in each other. For example: I got a headache, and a friend was already poking around in his pocket and giving me a pill. But at the next meeting, I was ashamed to look in his direction, awkward, I felt obliged to him.

What is the role of such expressions of caring and concern between friends in spiritual advancement?

Answer: You must reach a state where you will not be uncomfortable with one another. On the contrary, it will bring you together completely unselfishly, without any calculations. I gave a friend the opportunity to help me, and I am very happy about this. I am glad that I have such friends who immediately felt that I needed their help.

There is no giver and receiver here. Everyone gives and everyone receives. That is how one should strive to consider such states.

In the general network of relations between us, there are no states at all when I give to you, but you don’t give to me, or I receive, but you don’t, because both bestowal and reception are absolutely equivalent, one and the same. When I give, by that I receive. A friend gives me the opportunity to give to him. Maybe you give him a pill or something else, but in fact you receive from him. This is partly what you felt in your relationship at the congress.

There is no such thing: I receive or I give. These are all actions for the mutual connection between us. In an integral connection, the actions themselves have no meaning. What matters is only the construction of this absolute network, when all the strings of communication, and there are an infinite number of them, get aligned and are transformed. And on this level the quality of the Creator reigns.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/1/20

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Penny Upon Penny

laitman_944Rabash, “The Whole of the Torah is One Holy Name”: That is, any overcoming in the work is called “walking in the work of the Creator,” since each penny joins into a great amount.” That is, all the times we overcome accumulate to a certain measure required to become a Kli for the reception of the abundance.

Overcoming means taking a part of a vessel of reception and adding it to the vessels of bestowal.

Question: Can this be connected to the states that we all have experienced together after the congress?

Answer: Certainly. After all, we are connected with one another and we form a vessel, such a pot, in which I, you, all our friends, men and women, are part of. It does not matter at what level everyone is because we all want to enter this common vessel.

In it, we begin to connect with one another and with all the souls of previous Kabbalists who fill the entire volume of the vessel. And we, rising there, become included in it.

Therefore, all of us participating in the congress achieve such a state in which we join the common soul of Adam.

Question: Can we say that overcoming is accumulating like penny upon penny into a large amount and reach a certain degree called Adam?

Answer: Yes. Adam is what all the Kabbalists have done before us. And we, as we enter this state, become connected to them.

Question: We entered this state at the congress and now all of us are back to our little world. What should everyone do?

Answer: Yes, we entered the general state, but after the congress, everyone did not fall back into their own little world. Ultimately, this general state still exists. It is just that it constantly disappears for us so that we would have to awaken it again and again and like penny upon a penny would put everything into one big Kli (vessel).

Question: So, what Rabash called overcoming is actually an addition: my duty to feel the general state of connection?

Answer: Certainly.

Question: What exactly are we connecting and how are we connecting?

Answer: We are connecting by aspirations to be above our egoistic desires in a common unity, in the so-called ten. The ten is a boundless state. You can gather a million people and say that it is a ten, or you can take two or three people and this will also be a ten. The connection of people above their ego is called the ten.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/1/20

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World Meeting Of Friends

A worldwide meeting of Bnei Baruch friends took place on Friday. 570 friends connected through Zoom and thousands of people from all over the world participated in the meeting via YouTube.


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Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 7

arava-convention_931.01Can People Who Keep Up with Nature’s Plan Contract the Coronavirus?

Question: Thousands of people united at the recent Kabbalah convention in Israel. Immediately afterward, the global outbreak began. We connected and look at what happened. Did we cause this?

Answer: No, we did not cause this. First of all, the outbreak started before the convention; it just was not that obvious.

We were sure that nothing would happen to the convention participants. Since tens of thousands of people all over the world were connecting with each other physically and virtually through good efforts, there was no danger here.

I am sure that none of our friends, wherever they were, wherever they went to participate in the mirror congress, fell ill. There were no problems with anyone.

And how could there be if we were gathering in order to connect with even better connections between us. We move together with nature’s plan; therefore, we cannot be affected by the virus that affects egoistic connections between people, societies, and countries.

Question: Is it possible to deduce the following formula: people who will learn to connect with each other correctly won’t be affected by this virus?

Answer: Yes. I can give you my word for that. We just need to understand that this is not 100% because there are individual cases that we can analyze and see why this happened in our ranks. However, I do not think that we will hear about a huge number of Kabbalists being affected by the virus. It is impossible. We will just wait and see.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus is Changing Reality, Part 7,” 3/12/20

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Spiritual Holidays, Part 8

laitman_294.4What do Purim’s Characters Represent?

Question: What do the characters of the Purim holiday represent: the King, Queen Esther, Mordecai, and Haman?

Answer: Haman is our great egoism without which we could not achieve the complete correction.
Esther, from the word “concealment,” represents Malchut, which acts in concealment and around which everything revolves.

Mordecai (Mor-Dror) is a quality of Bina, the righteous man who needs nothing. He is only waiting for the state where he can really serve.

Ahasuerus is a king, above whom is the Creator.

The people represent all our desires. This whole group of actors acts out Purim.

Question: Indeed, we perceive Purim as a children’s holiday when everyone wears costumes and puts on masks. Why is there such a custom?

Answer: People put on masks because we do not fully know the essence of this holiday: who each one is really acting, who is hiding behind what, and why all this is necessary.

If we try to act out this story correctly within ourselves, in the soul, in the connection between us, then in the end we reach a state called “Purim.”

Pur, Goral—the lot is cast in such a way that is absolutely unclear why. In the end, everything should have been on the side of the villain Haman, who wanted to destroy the people, but it turned out in the opposite way: he was hanged on the same gallows that he prepared for Mordecai.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/29/19

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“We Have Gathered Here”

laitman_942Spirituality can only be reached through connection. We are in the spiritual world, but we do not feel it because we only feel ourselves.

Therefore, we need to make a leap in our perception, transfer it from the personal one, in which everyone feels themselves in this world, to the feeling of existence within the upper force of bestowal and love, which connects all of us together into one vessel, one desire.

All souls extend from the soul of Adam HaRishon because after the sin with the Tree of Knowledge this soul was divided into 600,000 souls. And one light that filled this vessel, this single great desire, was divided into many parts, many bodies, individual desires.

That is why we see this world consisting of billions of people with conflicting, disconnected desires. If we want to reveal the spiritual world, the world of truth, we must connect.

That is why the first lesson of the World Kabbalah Convention 2020 is called “We Have Gathered Here” because there is really nothing else that can be done. If we gather and connect into one soul, as it was before the shattering of Adam HaRishon, before the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, we will return to the upper world, to the spiritual state, becoming again the first man Adam.

Therefore, a person has nothing to do in this world, except to look for ways to connect with others. Of course, this is against our nature, there is nothing more repulsive and opposite to it, and therefore, we do not want to hear about it.

Yet, the Creator, the upper light, influences us again and again with infinite patience, in order to teach us that nothing will change for the better until we decide to connect in a good way.

This is how humanity learns. People do not yet understand what is happening to them, but the impressions of the global crisis and growing problems penetrate our sensory organs, our memory, and whether we want it or not, they make us wiser, more experienced. One day we will be wise enough to agree that there is no way out but to connect.

However, if we study the wisdom of Kabbalah, it becomes clear to us what needs to be done. After all, we reveal not only the disease and its cause, which comes from human egoism, but also the remedy that allows us to escape egoism. If I suffer so much because of it, then I need to get rid of it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah helps us in this, we just need to organize a small group of like-minded people and attract the reforming light. Kabbalah teaches us how our desires can connect with each other and work together, and perform actions called “restriction,” “screen,” “reflected light,” “Zivug de Hakaa” (coupling while striking), and “reception for the sake of bestowal.”

By studying what happens in our desires, we gradually correct ourselves. When we learn and talk about it, the force that gradually changes us is shining upon us.

As it is written, “Penny by penny joins into a great amount.” We have a system that can include us in itself, connect us, and draw the reforming light that will influence us. Even if we do not really want it now, in the end, we will demand that the force of bestowal, altruistic relationships above our egoism, will be revealed between us.

All souls come from the one soul of Adam created by the Creator. After Adam‘s sin with the Tree of Knowledge, that is, after the shattering of this single desire, which ceased to be like the Creator losing its altruistic intention and becoming egoistic, it was divided into 600,000 private souls.

The one light that filled Adam HaRishon in the Garden of Eden, that is, in the state when he was connected into one soul and held within himself the force of bestowal, Bina, disappeared after the shattering, and only a tiny spark of it remained in each part.

Now, when we find ourselves inside bodies that were added to the broken parts of the soul, we feel the inclination to connect all the spiritual sparks together. That is why we are gathering and working on our connection, thus bringing back the upper light that will shine within us.

When the light returns, it becomes 620 times stronger than before because we are acting against the distance that appeared between us and therefore, we reach adhesion with the upper force, with the Creator.

One common desire was on the degree of Bina, which is called the soul and when it shattered it fell down to the degree of Malchut. We need to collect all the particles that fell into Malchut and raise them to Bina, the Garden of Eden. Malchut is called this world and Bina is called the next world.

Therefore, through our connection, we must raise ourselves from this world, in which we feel ourselves now to the future world, to the degree of Bina, where we will feel our existence as eternal, perfect without any hardships and problems, all of us together, permeated with the force of bestowal and love for each other.

The upper light intensifies its glow all the time, and when we feel this illumination from the spiritual force of bestowal and love, we feel more and more opposite to it. It turns out that every day we feel worse and worse, the world becomes more and more corrupted. There is nothing left but to correct ourselves and become like the force of bestowal that shines upon us from above.

That is why we see this world in crisis, helpless, and not understanding what is happening. Perhaps tomorrow all the volcanoes on earth will wake up and start spewing billions of tons of ash into the atmosphere so that we will not see the sun. The world will freeze and sink into darkness.

We ourselves activate these forces because we live in an integral system and we must know how to bring the forces of nature into balance. If we become kind to each other, then nature will become kinder to us.

There is no other way to influence inanimate matter, plants and animals, these forces in nature, if not through a human. A person is a thought, an intention. The physical body is just an animal, but by our attitude toward each other, we can elevate ourselves to a higher degree: from animalistic level to human level. The human being, “Adam” means “similar to the Creator.”

Therefore, we must understand that all the disasters and problems in the world are sent specifically to oblige us to move and begin to put the world in order, establishing a balance in it. To do this, we just need to get closer to each other and work on your egoism.

Then from the human level, from the highest level of nature, we will oblige all the other forces of nature that are below us on the animal, vegetative, and inanimate levels to come into balance, and the whole world will find peace and happiness.

The state of our world Bnei Baruch group is exceptional; after all, out of all the billions of individual souls, we were chosen to be in the system of Israel, that is, the system directed “straight to the Creator,” which pulls all of humanity to correction.
From the World Kabbalah Convention 2020, “Connecting To The Root of Life,” “Day One” 2/25/20, “We Have Gathered Here,” Lesson 1

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