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Meeting With European Groups

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 6/23/19

Our groups from 34 countries participated in a special talk we had this morning in preparation for our upcoming Kabbalah Convention in Europe, that will take place in Bulgaria, November 8- 10, 2019.

The theme of the talk was: How to Unite Babylon? Kabbalah Academy Students from the EU gathered with a great concern regarding the future of their continent and presented their questions, so we can begin preparing a strategy for spreading unity in that region. Thank you to everyone who joined us.

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Bosnia Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cameroon Czechia Denmark Estonia Finland
France Germany Greece Hungary Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Moldova Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal Romania Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom

The Effect Of Mutual Inclusion

laitman_938.05Question: Several people from our group are going to the convention in Israel. We went through a lot during this time. How can we know that they will convey all our impressions and inspirations?

Answer: I am sure that they will be able to convey it through their inclusion in us. Also, the inspiration that they will receive here will draw all your messages out of them. Everything that you want to convey through them will flow to us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/6/19

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Kabbalah Congress In Latin America

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/19/19

Over the weekend, while Israel and European countries were glued to the Eurovision contest, I was on the other side of the globe – in Monterrey, Mexico. My students and friends from all over the Latin continent gathered in this special region for the World Kabbalah Convention.

Together we learned how to connect above our differences, and the connection was felt everywhere. Many more students and friends from around the world connected virtually, and the density of connected hearts was so powerful that it became truly spiritual. The warm and vibrant nature of Latin America never slowed down as we dined, sang and danced together. I can only praise all the students and give them douze points for unity!

How The Upper World Is Revealed

laitman_938.04Correction can be made only with the help of the Torah, the upper light, which initially filled the common soul and then escaped from it and remained outside as the surrounding light. The light is waiting for the desires to be ready in order to re-enter them according to the law of similarity of properties. Therefore, all corrections are possible only through our connection: physical and mental. We must try to connect until we stop feeling that we are separated by bodies.

If we see bodies, this is a sign of how much we differ from each other. And as soon as we begin to rise above our material bodies, above the internal division, the material world melts and fades away.

This world does not remain: There are only desires connected with each other and striving for ever greater unity and connection. This is how we reveal the upper world instead of the world that is before us now; we begin to see matter from the inside.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “Day Three” – 2/21/19, “Covenant of Salt,” Lesson 9

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Congress: Absorbing Others

laitman_963.8Question: How can we be in touch with all the tens when some of the friends participate in the congress physically and some virtually?

Answer: What is the difference? At the congress there will be random tens. I don’t care where my friends are.

The congress is designed to absorb all the tens, the entire world Kli, to absorb opinions, feelings—everything that is in all our friends, and not that I come along with my ten, sit down at the table with a sign: “This is the Italian group, here is its table.”

What difference does it make if I sit here or at my home in Rome or elsewhere. I have to mix with everyone, to feel their spirit and life as much as possible, and in this measure I will advance.

Our progress depends on how we mutually intermingle with each other; this is our strength—not each of us separately, but jointly!

So, let one part come here and another part remain there, there is no difference; the main thing is that I constantly try to absorb the impressions of all the friends, their love, their feelings, and their aspirations to the goal. I need these forces.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 2/5/19

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Bnei Baruch Women’s Conference

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 1/14/19

This weekend, I spoke at our international virtual conference on empowering women in 2019. I said what I always say at every opportunity when the subject comes up: After hundreds of years, women can finally come out from behind the scenes and from behind the modesty that surrounded them, to take over responsibility, management, promotion, and influence in all areas of life.

This coming year is unique in giving women around the world the opportunity to chart a new direction for humanity. All that is required of them, and all of us, is a tiny thing: to rise above the conflicts. Through compromise and connection, you can make the world a warm and loving home.

Dear women, do not miss this opportunity.

Why Is Coca-Cola More Accessible Than Water?

laitman_547.05Question: Why is a can of cold Coca-Cola more accessible than a glass of fresh water?

Answer: Coca-Cola is closer, more affordable, and more available to us than a glass of good pure water because someone profits from it.

Again, the egoism of a person, of a manufacturing company, pushes it to make its product more accessible to all. It cannot earn as much from a glass of water as from a can of Coca-Cola, so Coca-Cola promotes itself to make money from us.

However, if by means of planetary awareness, we realize what is useful for us, we use only good things for us and despise the rest, if we eliminate everything we do not need and use only necessary things, then of course, during the life of one generation, we would be able to raise a generation that would be disgusted with Coca-Cola and all sorts of unhealthy foods, endless sweets, etc.

Then, we will bring up a new, healthy generation without genetic food and without such poisons as Coca-Cola and such.

After all, if egoism disappears from the world, then no one will benefit from making poisonous foods. No one would feel any benefit from it. On the contrary, society should condemn all those companies that act this way. Society must take care to protect all its members from the distribution of poisonous food.

But since we do not love each other, we do not care about each other’s health. As a result, of course, there are those who sell poisons, advertise poisons, and there are those who under the influence of this advertisement begin to buy them, use them—they take this poison.

Our egoism pushes us to all bad things. Until we restrain it, we will drink poisons and will not achieve a healthy life.
The Round Table Of Independent Opinions, Berlin 9/9/06

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Increase The Intensity Of Advancement

laitman_938.05Question: How can I improve the quality of my annulment before others? What is important to pay attention to? It feels like everything starts from this point.

Answer: I am trying to give the most appropriate material, especially on Twitter, to awaken people somehow. In each lesson we advance at least in the theoretical understanding of our task. No matter how much I want to, I cannot speak more openly, in more advanced way. This is a closed system where my students dictate the boundaries of my conversations.

The events during holidays and conventions are the only ones that give me an opportunity to express more because a vast mass of people, who somehow connect together, join us. We then somewhat succeed.

We are advancing by leaps, jumping from convention to convention, from holiday to holiday, like a grasshopper that jumps from one place to another. It’s good, I would nonetheless like more intensive, consistent, uniform, and continuous advancement.
From TV Program “The Last Generation” 4/12/18

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The Purpose Of Congresses

laitman_938.05Soon, we will have a congress. Let’s get ready to join together in a single impulse. This is a huge force! Imagine how much effort is being expended now in all countries of the world where there are at least a few of our friends! And we have friends all over the world, in almost every country.

Let us make this congress as impressive as possible, from the bottom of our hearts, so that it gives us a big push.

We have already passed so many different preliminary stages that I think we will be able to find ourselves in a network of altruistic forces, above our egoism, and will begin to feel, at least a little, the smallest spiritual qualities between us, not in each of us.

Suddenly, you will see how certain spiritual qualities, movements in relation to friends appear in you—what you desire for them, and what you feel from them. Also, between you, there appears a network of communication in which the Creator is revealed.

You can do this. This is what the congress is intended for.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/22/18

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In Memory Of The Holocaust

laitman_293After the breaking, Adam’s soul split into two parts. One part consisted of the souls that were awakened at the first opportunity when they were illuminated by the upper Light; they are called Israel (straight to the Creator).

It was these people that Abraham gathered into his group called “Israel,” and through this group, as if through a pipeline, the Light spread to all the nations that lived in Ancient Babylon. However, some people did not awaken and follow Abraham.

Abraham began teaching his group about unity because, according to the plan of creation, the awakened part of the souls must become a conduit through which the upper Light would affect those who did not awaken on their own. Therefore, the nation founded by Abraham serves as a kind of adapter through which the upper Light can approach those broken souls that are unable to awaken.

From this, it is clear that the nation of Israel is obliged to serve as a transmitter and conduct the upper Light to the nations of the world, which is called “to be a Light unto the nations.”

This is the meaning of humanity’s development. We are not required to make outstanding achievements in culture and technology—the main purpose of the nation of Israel is to set an example and give the power to unite to all the peoples of the world, returning all of them to the one common soul of Adam as it was before the breaking.

And although the nation of Israel had achieved its own correction, it could not hold on to it and began to descend after the destruction of the First Temple, and especially of the Second Temple. In this way, it fulfilled part of its role, reached contact with the Creator, and then went into exile, shattered in order to mix with those parts of the souls that are called the nations of the world.

After such mutual inclusion, Israel must rise and build a connection within itself in order to again become a channel—united on the one hand, with the Creator, and on the other hand, with the nations of the world.

This process has many stages. The nations of the world themselves are pressuring Israel, bringing it on their shoulders to Jerusalem and demanding to make corrections. Everyone must do his or her part of the work until we all achieve a complete correction.

From the moment Abraham’s group received the means of connection with the Creator, that is, from the giving of the Torah and onward, this group has had the responsibility to be the link between the upper power and all the creations.

For every moment of procrastination, when this group does not serve as such an adapter, it feels hatred from all peoples.

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