A Whole Group Of Ten

A Whole Group Of TenYou will attain everything within the “ten,” which is a group made of ten friends that works on the connection between them (an exercise that we conduct at present), and not just by studying The Zohar or Talmud Eser Sefirot. You don’t know how it will all be revealed, but it will be revealed.

Question: How should I act with regards to my “ten?”

Answer: Sometimes, I have to check myself with regards to that ten, this Minyan (a quorum of ten). Sometimes I have to see this Minyan as one person, sometimes I have to see myself above the ten and to bestow upon others, and sometimes I have to see that I am lower than them and to be under their influence.

Sometimes we feel that we are together, as one force field, in which we are equally incorporated in one another and each one is made of all the ten. When each of us is already made of all the ten and is incorporated in all the ten again, it becomes 10×10, that is, 100. The 100 are incorporated in the ten again and become 1,000, and so on. Eventually we fill this area in our mutual incorporation so densely that it becomes a whole, solid surface upon which we reveal the Creator.

I can imagine that it is I who brings the deficiency to the ten and the others worry about me like ZAT (the lower seven Sefirot) of Bina. I am in them like in a mother’s womb and compel them to draw the Light that Reforms upon me so that I will adhere to them more strongly and will bestow upon them and help.

I can also discover this attitude in the ten when we all connect into one whole. After I bestow upon them and receive from them, I attain this unity with them, feeling that not only do we share everything but I also expect to reveal the Creator as a result of this unity and this partnership. The moment the “ten” attains the concept of Minyan (a connection of ten people), I reveal the Creator in it.

It says: “I came and there was no man,” which means that the wholeness in which the Creator is revealed was missing. Therefore, the Creator says: “I came and there was no man.” “Man” is the image in which the Creator can dress.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/6/13, TES

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