How To Penetrate Into A Foreign Desire?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is this mutual integration that we must attain between us?

Answer: The integration of desires into each other occurred due to the breaking of the vessels. Foreign desires can also be integrated without the breaking by means of common screens.

But there can’t be integration in desires. If I want something sweet and you want salty, then these are two different demands that can’t be together. They can somehow dress in one another, but neither of them can nullify the other. Each desire has its own place where it is revealed and receives fulfillment.

The Light gave birth to each desire and keeps it in the same form in which it was created. Therefore a very big question appears: So what is integration, penetration into a foreign desire and how is it possible?

Integration can only be in external forms that we provide for ourselves, thus from the inside we remain the same. We can’t integrate in each other through the desires because each one has their own desires. It was said, “Just as their faces are not equal, so are their thoughts and desires not equal.” We can’t connect in desires because each desire is defined precisely and separately from the others.

Each desire was created by its special Light. But when these desires bring about themselves a form of bestowal towards one source, then they can begin to unite thanks to this form of bestowal and they can integrate in each other precisely because there is one common Source, one to all. If all the desires yearn for it, then thanks to their common yearning, they begin to integrate in each other.

Otherwise, mutual integration is impossible. Only the one common Source obliges us to connect and integrate between us. Otherwise we would remain separated. And only so we can achieve a real connection, and not as a group of criminals that connect for an egoistic benefit where each one remains with his desire and with the help of the connection hopes to get fulfillment for himself.

But if we want to integrate with the desires of others, then it’s possible only with the Reforming Light that directs only to one source, which connects between us. As it was said, “He Who makes peace in His Heavens, may He make peace upon us.”

The desires themselves can never connect; each desire remains on its own. If it was not so and all the desires would once again connect and integrate into one desire, then we would not achieve in Gmar Tikkun (the end of correction), an attainment that is 620 times greater in intensity than from what existed previously. This attainment is 620 times greater in intensity because each desire remains on its own; each one is in its Klipa (shell), in its envelope. And when despite everything, they unite to one fruit, beneath one Klipa (shell) like pomegranate seeds, then there is attainment of perfection 620 times greater, adhesion to the Light, and clarification of the Light.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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