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Tune Into The Wave Of Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Since Kabbalah speaks of the spiritual world, does this mean that it does not recognize the reality of our corporeal body?

Answer: Your current feelings are true. If you do not believe it, pinch yourself and you will feel immediately that you are living in a body. However, by specific actions that help you correct your perception, you can feel yourself exist in a completely different state.

Your image of the world is very relative and depends on your sensations. You even perceive the existence of your body through sensations, through the sense of touch. It embraces the inner organs and everything you touch.

Overall, we can imagine that we are certain sensory mechanisms tuned to a certain pitch, so let us expand this scale. Let us spread the limits and the depth of how much our senses can be penetrated.

If you do this, your world will change, and you also will perceive your body in a different way. Everything depends on sensations, and Kabbalah teaches you to shift your senses to the unlimited mode of perception, referred to as the world of Infinity.

Today, you are limited by the perception of a limited reality. You perceive this world, yourself in it, and the seven billion other people, animals, plants, and so on. These are your limits.

Moreover, you are limited by the fact that you fail to see causes, consequences, and active forces, just like a child who sees pieces of a puzzle and fails to notice the logic in and interconnection between them. Bank robbers spray a special gas in the air in order to see the security laser rays. We also wish to see the strings that stretch to the spiritual world.

Once you uderstand these interconnections, you will be able to fix your life, at least in this world, at first, but this is not yet it. Your body is “sketched” in your senses. Change them, tune them to a new wave, and possibly the body will change, will take another, eternal form.

Everything depends on what your senses are tuned to. You can raise them to the level of their spiritual equivalents, which are called Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut. Then, instead of working to receive, to absorb, they will work to bestow, to give, and they will become eternal.

Thus, perception of reality is a very important thing. There is a reason that we first want a child to become acquainted with the world in which he lives. Before experimenting, let him first find out what is harmful and what is beneficial, to what he should strive and from what he should stay away. We first put him in the right position before the environment.

This makes it clear to me how I should act. It is best for me to reveal the true reality, to position myself correctly in relation to the forces that operate in it. Today, I am like an infant flailing my arms and legs without being able to see or hear anything, and this is why I need to acquire additional senses.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/31/12, “Body and Soul

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Formula For The Light That Reforms

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we come to a mutual prayer before each Zohar lesson?

Answer: We are learning how to tune ourselves. In reality, the only thing that exists is a person’s desire and how he tunes that desire toward correction, that is, the Light that Reforms.

In order to come closer to the Light, we must unite with each other. Also, if we understand that we must unite despite our egoism, then we ask that the Light unite us. Therein lies the entire method.

The most important thing is to keep the intention. Your appeal to the Light is for the Light to affect you, and that’s the only true prayer. If you study and carry out all actions with only one goal, which is to come to a true prayer, then these will be the most effective actions.

This will mean that either you already possess the correct intention or that you’re preparing yourself for this prayer or appeal. The only formula by which we should act is to ask for the Light that Reforms, which will help us obtain the quality of bestowal and give pleasure to the Creator.

Each person must strive to make a single, homogenous body out of the group, without any distinctions between its parts, and try to feel the friends as a single organism. This will be one’s personal prayer. When these individual prayers connect, they will be on a higher level, a level of connected intentions where a mutual prayer is formed.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/28/12, The Zohar

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Help The Light Appear

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “Lishma (For Her Sake) and Lo Lishma (Not for Her Sake)”: There is only one thing we can do and that is to try to attain the greatness of the Creator.

This means that by all our dealings in the Torah and the commandments we want that our reward will be to feel the greatness of the Creator. And all the prayers that we pray should be to “raise the Shechina from the dust,” since the Creator is concealed from us because of the restriction that took place, and we cannot evaluate His importance and His greatness.

…and for this reason a person should try not to forget the goal while studying the Torah, and to constantly keep it before his eyes that he wants to receive this from the studying, that the studying will influence the greatness and the importance of the Creator…that by that he will be able to get closer to the Creator, so that he will be able to bring Him contentment since the Creator is important, and that will be his reward; and he has no desire for another reward for his work.”

This is how the right kind of work is determined: working because of the greatness of the Creator and to bring Him contentment without any account for one’s self, but only in order to be fueled to bestow. This is possible only by bestowal upon others, in preparing the whole general vessel for the revelation of the Creator. It’s impossible to do it directly, since we have no contact with the Light except for one option, to let it be revealed by our help in corrected vessels.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/28/12

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Barter Brings People Closer To Each Other

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Wall Street Journal): “As Europe’s leaders struggle with a five-year-old economic crunch that has saddled Spain with the industrialized world’s highest jobless rate, young Spaniards are increasingly embracing such bottom-up self-help initiatives [time banks] to cope. …

“Besides time banks, they include barter markets springing up in barrios, local currencies designed to spur the flagging retail economy, and charity networks that repurpose discarded goods. …

“The growth of time banks revives a concept pioneered by 19th-century anarchists and socialists in the U.S. and Europe, who wanted to test their philosophy that prices of goods and services should more closely reflect the labor involved in producing them. …

“The Valladolid Time Bank, started by the city government just before the crisis started, has attracted more and younger members with the crumbling of Spain’s economy. The new unemployed appreciate the bank’s egalitarian ethos, says 32-year-old administrator Juan Manuel Primo. ‘Everyone’s hour has the same value here,’ he says: An hour’s labor by a seamstress is worth as much as that of a lawyer. …

“’Having a network of support like this is really important at a time when you’re vulnerable,’ says Alessandra Melis, 30, who recently lost her housekeeping job after her employers were themselves laid off. She has been using the bank to get rides for her errands around town, in exchange for offering cooking lessons and dog walking services.

“When a hair stylist who belonged to the bank had to shut down his slumping salon not long ago, he was able to count on meals and other necessities from members in return for cuts. …

“Spaniards are also bartering goods—say, books or furniture in exchange for fresh produce—at markets that are being organized in seemingly every neighborhood.”

“Carlos Bravo, a 35-year-old information technician who helped launched a small bank in central Madrid this year, says time banks have a different sort of value: helping urban Spaniards rekindle a sense of closeness among neighbors that facilitates asking for favors and other forms of mutual assistance. …

“‘Some economists worry that the rise of such informal systems of economic exchange is pushing more of Spain’s economy underground—out of the view of regulators and tax collectors, and effectively sending the country back in time developmentally. …

“Others, though, say the measures represent a significant stabilizing force in society. For ‘people who can’t find work, these kinds of possibilities of exchanges and mutual help can help make bearable a situation that otherwise would be unsustainable,’ says José Luis Álvarez Arce, director of the economics department at the University of Navarra.”

My Comment: This is the element of reciprocity, mutual aid, and it will exist as long as the state does not become sympathetic to the people and the entire society does not acquire the form of mutual help. For the time being, the government does not like such a tax-free exchange even if it helps people survive. The next step is to organize one’s own network of buying and selling goods and services without a hundred percent markup and middlemen.

Then, this network will dictate its prices and necessary goods to producers. This can bring the prices of essential goods to the minimum cost. Then, people can become responsible for volunteer service to the population, the city, and thus reduce all the municipal costs and consequently all taxes (levies) on the population, and people can organize studies for schoolchildren in groups, additional classes and clubs, etc.

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Looking At The Future Together With A Kabbalist

Dr. Michael LaitmanA few years ago we published a wonderful book called The Future Generation. The book is based on three articles by Baal HaSulam that relate directly to our times and especially the “Writings of the Future Generation.” I suppose that the time in which this book will become the basis for establishing a new society is very near.

The writings of Baal HaSulam are kept in our archive. The “Writings of the Future Generation” was originally written as a rough draft, and in the book they are presented in an organized form. We have to see it as the guide for the new era.

I strongly recommend studying it. By the way, it was warmly acclaimed by leading members of the Israeli Academy who said that Baal HaSulam preceded his time and speaks not only about his time but about our days. Professor Eliezer Shveid from the Hebrew University wrote, “Much of what he foresaw is happening in our times and his explanations are valid, like an instrument that enables us to overcome the future problems of humanity.”

We will find a great part of his innovations here and so I think that this is an essential book for everyone. Even those who are far from our studies can look into the future of the world through this book as a Kabbalist sees it. It’s because his perspective is much deeper than ours. Even if he writes about it very succinctly and laconically, it’s still interesting to learn about his opinions.

Among other things it’s about what will happen in a couple of years. Isn’t it interesting to find out where the world is headed without using horoscopes, fortunetellers, soothsayers, etc.? After all, everything that is written in Kabbalistic sources has been fulfilled to this day, so this is also part of the plan. It isn’t fantasy nor science fiction Jules Verne-style, who actually foresaw many things. A Kabbalist sees the future that already exists and radiates it in our times so that we will know how it will be fulfilled.

Besides, by our inclination to what is to come we summon the Surrounding Lights from there, which correct us. It’s very useful to read about the future. It isn’t by chance that children love to read adventure books and to see movies about the future. It stems from their natural desire to develop. So by reading about the future, we draw Surrounding Light from the same model that is about to appear and which Baal HaSulam describes. It’s very helpful for our advancement.

The book “The Future Generation” was written in a simple language. I suppose that Baal HaSulam intended this book for the general public. He hardly mentions the wisdom of Kabbalah, but he does speak about the principles of just distribution, about organizing mutual relations between people, and it touches such things that thanks to them the reader immediately sees to what extent he agrees or disagrees with the writer. At the same time, from the first words a person reads, he already starts the spiritual work.

Another thing is that this book will help those who find it hard to tie the wisdom of Kabbalah with our message of mutual guarantee, those who contend that it’s useless to bring this message of unity to the masses. Here we see that a Kabbalist actually pushes us to do so and the faster this is fulfilled the more we will succeed.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/27/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Man In The Person

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does the “point in the heart” grow? What is it composed of? What is the man in a person composed of?

Answer: The “point in the heart” is our launching point from which begins the birth of the Human Being, like from a drop of semen. All the rest, which he takes from his environment, from his friends, joins this point in the heart.

Question: What do we take from the environment?

Answer: One only needs to take the positive attributes. Since Arvut (Mutual Guarantee) was created in order to take from the environment all that is positive within it.

Question: How can a person measure his point and measure that he already has a microscopic man within him and that he is growing?

Answer: It’s according to how much he connects with the group and works with them for connection and unity. In the end, all that happens in the connection joins his point in the heart.

Question: You said that the Creator gives forces, He takes forces, and the man feels like a rag that waves in the wind.

Answer: The Light gives and takes forces according to the man’s actions. If a man feels like a rag, then that’s already good; It’s a sign that from this moment on, he’s able to be something other than a rag.

At first there’s the recognition of evil, meaning that his ego directs him. Later another stage of recognition of evil occurs when he understands that if he is an egoist, then he is played with from Above and is shaken until all the rubbish in the rag is released. And afterward he begins to understand what belongs to what, and then he acquires free choice and tries together with the society to solve this problem.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/19/12, Lesson 7

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What Does Prayer Begin From?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is a prayer and there is a plea. A prayer is when man addresses the Creator with his intention, which is already prepared. A plea is when he first asks the Creator to form a prayer for him.

Around two and a half thousand years ago, King David wrote in his Psalms, “Le Maan achai vereai.” It means, “for the sake of my friends, I ask You, and for the sake of the whole of Your creation” (it is called the “home of the Creator” because He later fills it). For the sake of Your home, I ask for You to gather it all together, because Your home must house all nations of the world, as it is said, “For My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

We searched for the words with which to address the Creator. However, in reality, we must receive these words from Above. The Light must teach us its language, which is called “the holy language” that is built upon the quality of bestowal and love, contrary to our perceptions and their expressions today. So, in reality, our appeal begins with the plea for correction, a request to change.

In our movement towards the Creator, it’s very important to find and feel reciprocity. There is no Creator without the creation, and there is no creation without the Creator. The Creator is what is being formed inside of us, the quality of bestowal, which manifests into us. It’s a field that is perceived on some matter with that matter being us. That’s why only by having prepared the correct “base,” a place, we begin to manifest, reveal, and perceive what we will be calling the “Creator.” We are talking only about the perception of Him in us. That’s why the Creator is called “Boreh” in Hebrew, from the words “Bo” and “Reh,” meaning “come” and “see.”

Man must control his aspiration to the Creator. If it’s correct, then man feels the aspiration of the Creator towards him. Reciprocity is always there, if that intention is correct, the Light starts to manifest in it immediately. Sometimes it happens to be the opposite, when the Creator corrects us, showing that we are not aspiring towards Him correctly, that it’s necessary to do it from a deeper point in the heart. But we must always aspire to feel reciprocity.

Any plea, any correct approach, if we want it to be in the quality of bestowal, it necessarily must begin with gratitude. Otherwise, it’s simply an egoistic appeal. Even if we are thinking about receiving the prayer from Him, or even if we would have liked to approach Him for the sake of our friends, regardless of whether this appeal is correct, it must begin with gratitude. Only then, on the height of this gratitude can one ask and then this request will be directed further towards broadening bestowal. I am often asked, “What to do if I can’t find anything in myself for which I could be thankful for?” Since as a rule, in the state when man actually wants to ask, he feels bad and heavy.

You need to compare yourself with others and see that you are special; you have been chosen by the Creator. You see what’s going on with the rest of the people to whom He has not given the small perception of Himself, called the point in the heart.

It’s simply a point because we are not yet feeling anything inside of it other that it’s something that belongs to the upper one. That’s why it directs us somewhere forward. If it will widen, then a perception, realization, and revelation will be formed inside of it. For now it’s just a point, but it leads us forward. While for the people who do not have it, unfortunately, it’s much worse.

This means that gratefulness is possible here. Not the egoistic one for the fact that the Creator has made me special, but for the fact that by these means, He entrusts me to think of others. He, Himself, is located in His quality of bestowal and can’t get any closer to the creatures because then they would simply get “tied” to Him; they’d be tied to the Light, to the pleasure, and wouldn’t be able to pass into the quality of bestowal. That is why, through people like us, He gives the possibility to get closer to others and to gradually explain to them about contact with the upper force.

However, no matter what may happen, it’s very hard for us to go forward, although we know that everything comes from the Creator and everything is corrected by the Creator, the Light. Yet, our approach to Him must be formulated from us, but it’s also being formulated under the influence of our appeal to Him. That is called a prayer, or the preparation to a prayer: “Give us the possibility to correctly address you and ask correctly. Give us the possibility to ask not for ourselves as much as it is possible, to feel others, in order to ask on their behalf.”
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/19/12, Lesson 6

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Recreating Higher Harmonics

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam has an article titled “The Reason for the Difficulty of Annulling Oneself for the Creator.” Basically, this is most important. After all, what stands today between us is our ego, our “I.” If we were to nullify it, we would immediately feel the Creator to the extent of our nullification.

My egoism stretches from me to the world of Infinity. I gradually nullify it; in other words, I correct it in 125 steps, and the Creator keeps manifesting more and more in the corrected egoism.

Let us mark my point in the heart in red. It is I, and my egoism is before me. I rise as much as I am able to cut the “slices” of this egoism, until I correct all of it. And every time I correct it, the Creator becomes revealed in it.

Recreating Higher Harmonics
This way, the “I” stands before us, between us and the Creator. This is why the article is called: “The Reason for the Difficulty of Annulling Oneself for the Creator.”

A person experiences difficulty when he wishes to nullify himself for the sake of the Creator, in other words, when he wishes to sacrifice his “I” for the quality of bestowal. After all, nullifying yourself means to completely stop caring for yourself. Moreover, this is just the first stage. And then, once I correct my entire past egoism to “stop caring” for myself, I begin to use it to work for the sake of others.

So, the entire reason it is difficult to nullify yourself is because the person feels like the entire world remains in its place, but he disappears. Then what is he left with? It seems like absolutely nothing. He leaves his family and friends in the name of nullifying himself for the sake of bestowal.

Then what am I, my friends, relatives, the world, everything that is in me and that I have? Other problems and questions arise as well. No matter how much I want to do it, I suddenly feel that something once again holds me from within, does not let me rise or invest myself fully.

Thus the ego, the only evil in the world, is multifaceted. And it keeps revealing itself more and more. I seem to have risen above it, I do not need anything for myself, I am ready to enter others and only exist in them, but as soon as I arrive at this moment, different thoughts that break me immediately appear in me, different desires, multidirectional intentions, and I once again lose the concrete, correct intention.

So, this entire problem, the reason for difficulty is simple, the problem is the lack of perception of the Creator. And the only thing that can help us with all our efforts is only feeling, revealing the Creator. There can be nothing else: Either you always feel yourself, always remain in yourself, and this egoism constantly “wobbles” you in it, taking your thoughts someplace else, or the Creator is revealed to you and only then will you be able to be in the power of the Creator, the power of bestowal, and not your egoism.

And, Baal HaSulam writes that as soon as the person feels the Creator, his soul, his inner desire immediately will want to connect with the root, to be a part of it, to nullify itself without a single thought just doing it naturally. We need to reach this state, in other words, we need to force the Creator to become revealed in us. And then all the problems disappear.

For this reason, the main thing that a person needs to reach is the perception of the Creator in order to feel that it is this quality, this force that fills the entire world and controls everything, and that there is none else beside Him. No emptiness of egoism will remain unfilled. All of it becomes filled with the Creator and becomes His absolutely obedient “operational device” doing everything according to the quality of bestowal, and connects to it without a single problem.

The upper Light created this desire, broke it, and shaped it into the form we perceive. The Light has specifically made the desire in this way and completely changes it by filling it. This is why the main thing a person needs to reach is the perception of the Creator, to feel that this quality fills the entire world and controls and governs absolutely everything.

This is also happening now, but it is concealed from us in order to obligate us to reveal Him, to desire His revelation. We must reach such degree of despair where we understand that only revelation of the Creator can save us. No other appeal will work: Coming together, giving us the right intentions, giving us strength, understanding what is happening, even uniting—all these things will be consequences of the revelation of the Creator.

And, Baal HaSulam writes that a person’s entire effort in his spiritual work must manifest in the attainment of this sensation, in other words, the realization of the fact that in reality, the only thing that he lacks and which solves absolutely all the problems is the perception of the Creator. He must not think about anything else but the main reward he would want to receive for all his efforts: to feel filled by the Creator.

There are no questions in this state. Everything is clear. But do we lose the freedom of will in this case? Do we become some “holy puppets?” The Creator rules in us and this obligates us to only operate through bestowal. Does this mean that we turn into “angels?”

It does not. This is because the quality of bestowal, which we receive from the perception of the Creator, does not nullify the egoism. It only fills it, and together they become like two categories, two forces, two qualities, which mutually complement one another. A person only acquires the true freedom of will when he has these two forces in equal proportion. The Creator does not suppress egoism and does not nullify it; He balances it in such a way that the person acquires the ability to be between these two qualities, these two forces of nature.

And then we begin to grow our point in the heart, connecting these two forces to it. It grows like a drop of semen in the mother’s womb.

Baal HaSulam continues that it is necessary to know that there is no difference between a big light and a small illumination, which a person attains. After all, there are no changes in the Light. All the changes only happen in perception.

In other words, we are always in the full, enormous volume of Light, but we feel it only to the extent of our correspondence, the similarity of our qualities to its qualities. And only our efforts in revealing the Creator create the higher qualities in us. If a person is able to increase his desires directed towards the quality to bestow, the right appeal, to the same extent he increases the quantity of Light that enters them.

What can he do to increase his desires, to expand them, and to prepare them for closeness with Light? Baal HaSulam’s response to this: by praising and exalting the Creator, the qualities of love and bestowal, the qualities of relating to your neighbor and others outside of yourself.

When a person acts this way, he feels grateful to the Creator for having brought him closer to Him, for giving him at least some foundation, some starting point, which allows him to begin to act this way, to rise above our world, our egoistic state. The person acquires the ability to at least slightly feel the Creator, the quality of bestowal, to somewhat understand what we speak about in the group, trying to find its center—the feeling that arises between us.

These are already certain preliminary flashes of Light, greater and greater radiance. Though, we feel like these are our desires, our thoughts, as if we are moved and found something in us. In reality, we are not able to find anything in us. When we develop certain feelings, all of them come only from the vibrations of Light, which is sometimes closer and sometimes further from us. When a feeling of warmth appears between us, when we express a greater connection, a wider net of relationships, it is only because the upper Light is beginning to gradually manifest.

And the main thing is that in addition to the importance of all this, I always need to be conscious and constantly try to verbalize inside myself how important the connection with the Creator is for me, this power to bestow, this universal force, which today is concealed from me; how the revelation of these two forces will give me the opportunity to act freely, to be like the Creator in relation to everyone else, in the same intention, love and bestowal.

This is no accident, it was the Creator who gave man the point in the heart, attracted him, and gave him the opportunity to advance spiritually. He is with us, with all the friends around the world. And the more importantly, the person deems this to be, the more he expands his Kelim, the place where Light, the Creator, will eventually manifest.

Gratitude to the Creator must always be greater than the request; the appeal must follow gratitude so that my attitude towards the quality to bestow would really come from my movement in its direction. And this only happens when I attune myself to gratitude, appreciation.

We need to express gratitude for everything, even the most unpleasant sensations. This way a person begins to understand the uniqueness of the Creator’s governance over him. He understands and realizes that all, even the most negative influences that he experiences in this world, are also designed for his sake, for his benefit. And the Creator Himself suffers from it a billion times more than him, just like we suffer in relation to our children.

This is why we must not blame Him for anything, be mad at Him, or be unhappy with something. When a person understands that he is under the influence of one, single, constant, eternal Force, then, of course, this state cannot exist. He always, first experiences the sensation of enormous gratitude as if he were melting in it, and then his appeal follows in the same direction.

But, Baal HaSulam writes that since a person only experiences everything inside his desires, he is never able to precisely evaluate the actual degree of connection between him and the Creator. This is because our egoistic desires, until corrected, always “deafen” the evaluation of our connection with the Creator. No matter how I perceive Him, even if it is in the best possible way, I still have a feeling about it, and I evaluate it. And my evaluation is always lower. This is because it is made in my egoistic, still-uncorrected desires, and this is why I always remain unhappy about something. Egoism removes an enormous amount of “overtones,” “higher harmonics,” from the perception of the Creator, and leaves only a poor light.

Imagine: Instead of my beloved appearing before me to embrace me and cover me in kisses, I was mailed a tiny package, and that is it. Similarly, my egoism in the end removes absolutely everything: I receive some package, which looks absolutely insignificant.

We must complete this on our own: these “harmonics,” “overtones,” the things filtered out by egoism, all the higher things it “cuts off,” the special attitude, pleasure, and sensation. We must add the things that were filtered out by egoism by using gratitude and exalting the Creator.

If I am able to do this, then I begin to perceive the manifestation of the Creator precisely in these additional “harmonics.” The filter removes Him and leaves me with nothing but a small, insignificant gift, a small glow, and I must restore it. And I restore it by addressing Him with admiration and being grateful. Then, in my address, the Creator reveals Himself.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/19/12, Lesson 6

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 09.02.12

Preparation to the Lesson

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Writings of Baal HaSulam Igrot,” Letter 21

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The Book of ZoharSelected Excerpt “Safra de Tzniyuta,” Lesson 11

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The Book of ZoharSelected Excerpt “Aharei Mot,” Lesson 1

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Volume 1, Part 3, “Histaklut Pnimit,” Chapter 2, Item 3, Lesson 31

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Kabbalah for the Student, “A Handmaid that Is Heir to Her Mistress,” “A Slave and a Handmaid,” Lesson 2

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