What Does Prayer Begin From?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is a prayer and there is a plea. A prayer is when man addresses the Creator with his intention, which is already prepared. A plea is when he first asks the Creator to form a prayer for him.

Around two and a half thousand years ago, King David wrote in his Psalms, “Le Maan achai vereai.” It means, “for the sake of my friends, I ask You, and for the sake of the whole of Your creation” (it is called the “home of the Creator” because He later fills it). For the sake of Your home, I ask for You to gather it all together, because Your home must house all nations of the world, as it is said, “For My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

We searched for the words with which to address the Creator. However, in reality, we must receive these words from Above. The Light must teach us its language, which is called “the holy language” that is built upon the quality of bestowal and love, contrary to our perceptions and their expressions today. So, in reality, our appeal begins with the plea for correction, a request to change.

In our movement towards the Creator, it’s very important to find and feel reciprocity. There is no Creator without the creation, and there is no creation without the Creator. The Creator is what is being formed inside of us, the quality of bestowal, which manifests into us. It’s a field that is perceived on some matter with that matter being us. That’s why only by having prepared the correct “base,” a place, we begin to manifest, reveal, and perceive what we will be calling the “Creator.” We are talking only about the perception of Him in us. That’s why the Creator is called “Boreh” in Hebrew, from the words “Bo” and “Reh,” meaning “come” and “see.”

Man must control his aspiration to the Creator. If it’s correct, then man feels the aspiration of the Creator towards him. Reciprocity is always there, if that intention is correct, the Light starts to manifest in it immediately. Sometimes it happens to be the opposite, when the Creator corrects us, showing that we are not aspiring towards Him correctly, that it’s necessary to do it from a deeper point in the heart. But we must always aspire to feel reciprocity.

Any plea, any correct approach, if we want it to be in the quality of bestowal, it necessarily must begin with gratitude. Otherwise, it’s simply an egoistic appeal. Even if we are thinking about receiving the prayer from Him, or even if we would have liked to approach Him for the sake of our friends, regardless of whether this appeal is correct, it must begin with gratitude. Only then, on the height of this gratitude can one ask and then this request will be directed further towards broadening bestowal. I am often asked, “What to do if I can’t find anything in myself for which I could be thankful for?” Since as a rule, in the state when man actually wants to ask, he feels bad and heavy.

You need to compare yourself with others and see that you are special; you have been chosen by the Creator. You see what’s going on with the rest of the people to whom He has not given the small perception of Himself, called the point in the heart.

It’s simply a point because we are not yet feeling anything inside of it other that it’s something that belongs to the upper one. That’s why it directs us somewhere forward. If it will widen, then a perception, realization, and revelation will be formed inside of it. For now it’s just a point, but it leads us forward. While for the people who do not have it, unfortunately, it’s much worse.

This means that gratefulness is possible here. Not the egoistic one for the fact that the Creator has made me special, but for the fact that by these means, He entrusts me to think of others. He, Himself, is located in His quality of bestowal and can’t get any closer to the creatures because then they would simply get “tied” to Him; they’d be tied to the Light, to the pleasure, and wouldn’t be able to pass into the quality of bestowal. That is why, through people like us, He gives the possibility to get closer to others and to gradually explain to them about contact with the upper force.

However, no matter what may happen, it’s very hard for us to go forward, although we know that everything comes from the Creator and everything is corrected by the Creator, the Light. Yet, our approach to Him must be formulated from us, but it’s also being formulated under the influence of our appeal to Him. That is called a prayer, or the preparation to a prayer: “Give us the possibility to correctly address you and ask correctly. Give us the possibility to ask not for ourselves as much as it is possible, to feel others, in order to ask on their behalf.”
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/19/12, Lesson 6

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