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Fundamentals Of Kabbalah – 09.23.12

A Virtual Lesson on Fundamentals of Kabbalah

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The Priceless Science

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot,” Item 5: This is so because there will no longer be fear lest one might not sustain one’s merit and trade the wisdom in the market, as no one in the mob will buy it. The wisdom will be so loathsome in their eyes that neither glory nor lust will be obtainable in return for it.

Hence, all who wish to enter may come and enter. Many will roam, and the knowledge will increase among the worthy of it.

For generations, the science of Kabbalah was considered as mysticism, like Tarot cards, blessings and curses, black magic, spirits, devils, and all that the human imagination is capable of producing. For centuries, people believed that these tools allowed one to control the world, to win, to become wealthy, to dominate, etc. So, many people wanted to know, to understand, and to master the supernatural forces that are supposedly hidden there. Everyone dreams of succeeding and excelling over others, that is clear.

That is why the wisdom of Kabbalah was treated accordingly: “Jews possess secret wisdom that gives power…” Freemasons and sects of all kinds; there were plenty of inventions, but Kabbalists hid the truth. Thus no one knew that in reality the essence of Kabbalah is the science of unity between people.

Today, as we better understand what the science of Kabbalah is, humanity is gradually parting with its mystical aura, and as a result no longer needs it. “Why do I need it? To unite?! I was hoping for some trick, fortunetelling, success in trading, the drug for all diseases, miracle-making. But unity between people, keep it to yourself, I don’t need this, even if you pay me.”

So, people reject this wisdom, and here the moment of truth is shown because our egoism actually rejects the science of unity, does not accept it. This is the natural attitude: A person avoids others, disdains the news of unity, hates and despises it as something disgusting. But then he sees that he has no other choice. He will be led towards it by various factors: our dissemination, problems, and understanding that it is possible to get out of the crisis only through unity.

“But how can it be done? Where can we get the forces? What is the order of actions?” It is then that people will reveal the science of Kabbalah as the wisdom of unity in its correct and true form.

The revolution, connected with this science, should happen today, and we must accelerate the pace of development. And general contempt protects Kabbalah so that only those who really want to unite and apply effort, everyone according to his ability, become attached to it. So form the outer circles around Kabbalah.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/12, “Introduction to the Book, Panim  Meirot  uMasbirot

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A Vessel That Distributes The Abundance

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Book Panim Meirot uMasbirot,” p.4: Now you can understand their words (Sanhedrin 98a): “The Son of David comes either in a generation that is all worthy, or all unworthy.” This is very perplexing. Seemingly, as long as there are a few righteous in the generation, they detain the redemption. And if the righteous perish from the land, the Messiah will be able to come?

Question: Does that mean that in a generation of the wicked, the revelation of the Creator will take place as if from the opposite side, from the posterior?

Answer: First He will be revealed to Israel, which means to those who yearn Yashar—El (straight to the Creator). Then gradually it will influence everyone around—the nations of the world in wider circles that are increasingly further from the center. If the people of Israel are like a vessel and they fill themselves, then the abundance will spill over from the vessel to the whole world.

Thus we have to worry about how to fill ourselves with the Light of AB—SAG, with the intention of in order to bestow. When we receive the Light of Hochma dressed in Hassadim, this “style” will pass on to everyone.

A person is suddenly inverted by the Light of AB—SAG in his mind and in his feelings, since the Light of AB belongs to the head and the Light of SAG belongs to the heart. If a person suddenly inverts and discovers the connection, he understands how to tie the mind and the feelings so that they will cooperate.

This is how the Light of AB—SAG operates: it lets us recognize the importance, the new values. If this happens to us, it will be passed on by order. It isn’t by chance that Israel is called Li—Rosh (I have a head). Then according to this place it will spread to other nations through the connecting pipes.

A Vessel That Distributes The Abundance
At first they won’t even see where it comes from, but later they will begin to turn to Israel in order to connect with them and among them. As it says: “And they shall all know Me from the smallest to the biggest.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/19/12, “Introduction to the Book Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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A Man And A Woman: The Birth Of A New Level

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we began to work with the text in the group of the integral education, we began to see a great gap between the perceptions and the feelings of the men and those of the women. It was as if the women were disconnected from the process while the men took an active part in the debate. How should we organize this process correctly?

Answer: It is a very natural process. The point is that women have a totally different technique to connect among them. They can unite in order to support the men generally, but it is support and not incorporation. This means their ego and working on it is totally different from the men’s group. The men’s work on the ego is direct, and I would say naïve and childish in a way.

For the women it is much more difficult; it is as if it is folded internally several times. Their egoistic accounts are much more complicated than the men’s. It is very hard for them to incorporate among them. There are always the personal motives left—this is a woman’s nature. It is by no means worse or better than the men’s, since we are talking about nature and there is nothing good or bad about it. It is simply nature and it is different in women.

I can’t imagine how an unprepared group of men and women can start working on the general overcoming of the interpersonal egoistic urges in order to connect mutually in one desire.

Coming from the field of human nature I can say that if we prepare a separate group of men, we will give the women a chance to watch them and on that basis we will be able to work with the women. Then we will see how they are shaped as a helpmate to the men’s group, surrounding it.

The female attitude to men will be expressed as an attitude to children who need help and who have to be pushed, surrounded and taken care of so that they will do their job. Just as a mother helps her son by showing him everything and he grows and becomes a man—it is the same here.

So women are not included in the men’s group, but make a positive background thanks to which the men have a strong mental support, without which they cannot work.

At the same time, the men’s group needs to feel that they are responsible for humanity, or for the family, or for the society in which the two sexes exist, not to mention other classifications in society.

The men’s group studies, and the women’s group helps the men’s group by supporting them and understanding their goals. They understand, but they cannot be totally emotionally incorporated in it.

Women cannot be incorporated among them like men. Their nature doesn’t allow them to do so. They have a totally different role.

So there must be two groups so that they will understand one another, cooperate, and help each other so that each group will feel the great role without which the other group cannot do anything. They are opposite in their attributes but connected to the goal. That is, the goal is achieved together.

Imagine the goal as a birth of a child for which there have to be two: a man and a woman, which together, exactly in the cooperation, in the connection, in the mutual bestowal and mutual love, give birth to this new attribute, to the new level. Thus the male part and the female pat in the group have to cooperate.

When you separate the men and the women you get rid of many problems, since in a mixed group there are always different attractions between people that spoil the general background.

Suddenly there are hormonal, sexual attractions and people think that they have found one another. Women feel that they have finally found a man who understands them, while everyone else, including their husbands don’t understand them. This means that there are such fantasies that have nothing to do with real life, since we ascend above life and build our unity above it.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 3/4/12

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The Israeli Palestinian Deadlock

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Zbigniew Brzezinski, politician): “I think we’re stuck, and I feel sorry for the people involved. I feel sorry for Israel. I’m a child of World War II, and I know what the Jewish people went through. I feel sorry for the Palestinians. It’s a bad situation, and I think the growing turmoil in the Middle East is increasingly making it more and more difficult to get a compromise adopted because one or the other side either feels aggrieved or outraged or endangered. …

“Suppose we do get into a war with Iran. How do we end it? How long will it last? Who else is going to be in it with us to help us? How will it play domestically over the longer haul?…

But much worse, we will drive the Europeans into the hands of the Russians, who will be rubbing their hands. The Russians are very worried that the price of energy, which oscillates between $90 and $120 right now, is not sufficiently high to meet their budgetary expectations. But if the price of a barrel goes up $200, they’ll be sitting pretty. The Europeans will be totally dependent. The Chinese will be hurt; so will the Japanese. That will not help the global economy either. …

“Last but not least, I think we certainly have the means and even a moral obligation to do for the people in the Middle East, and particularly for the Israelis, what we have been prepared over the years to do for the Europeans, and then for the Japanese and the Koreans. Namely, we should give them a really binding, reliable commitment that they are fully covered by the American nuclear deterrent, by stating publicly that ‘any threat to Israel, or worse, direct action against anybody in the Middle East would be viewed as an action directed at the United States, with all of the consequences that might entail.’ We succeeded in protecting the Europeans and deterring the Soviets. We have protected successfully the Japanese and the Koreans. We certainly can do it for the Middle East.”

My Comment: Israel has developed the view that the US is headed toward eliminating the state of Israel. Israel does not believe it has US support. This is evident from the fact that Jerusalem is not accepted as the capital of Israel in the plans of Obama’s Democratic Party. Having supported the “Arab Spring,” the US put itself under the blow and left the place of an independent main player. This is the opinion in Israel.

What is important for us is not the opinion of people, but the opinion of Kabbalah because this science is based on the knowledge of the source of Nature, the Creator. As Kabbalah says, since the correction of the world is possible only from Israel, the US weakens itself through its unilateral plans by decreasing the impact of the forces of correction on itself (Ohr Makif).

In our modern integral world, a politician must know where human development is heading—to the integral world; that is, for establishing a complete integral connection between people, changing a person through integral education and upbringing. The world will come to this quickly by the good path—the introduction of integral upbringing, or by the path of suffering—a world war. That is what Kabbalah says. If the head of the world, the President, does not have this knowledge, his “linear egoistical” knowledge and maneuvering will not work today.

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The Geography Of Anti-American Protests Is Expanding

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Euronews): “Anti-American clashes sparked by a US-made film which mocks the Prophet Muhammad continue across the Muslim world.

“In Indonesia hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police outside the US embassy in Jakarta. Police deployed water cannons and tear gas to try to control them. Several officers were hospitalised after being attacked with rocks and sticks of bamboo.

“In Pakistan protesters in Karachi tried to make their way to the US consulate for a second day running. …

“Meanwhile in the Afghan capital, hundreds of demonstrators were blocked by security personnel while en-route to the US embassy in Kabul.”

My Comment: Thus, around the world, there is a consequence of politics promoting any movement that advertises not unity, but themselves. For the sake of saving humanity from a world war, it is necessary to ban all advertising and propaganda, except for unity, connection, and mutual support.

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Family: From Neutrality To Complete Mutual Understanding

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are two types of traditional family. The first type is the so-called polite, nice family where it is customary to restrain yourself, your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. In order to maintain peace in the family, a person does not express everything he thinks. The other type is a family where people express their emotions, feelings, and things they are not happy about. The woman constantly points out the man’s faults; she pecks at him and nags all the time.

What is the right way to act? Should people restrain themselves or not, express themselves or direct the couple’s energy up toward integrality?

Answer: I think that these questions must be solved in a group. A group of integral upbringing that takes care of a person’s participation in social communities must  also examine these matters. In a group like this, people have daily opportunities to correct their attitudes and relationships with one another.

I think that the answer is very simple. People should allow themselves to be more honest and to open up to the extent of their advancement in integral upbringing, and they will continue to open up as they continue to mutually complete one another. When I feel that my partner does not complete me, he does not understand me yet and I do not understand him. I do not know how to open up. I do not know how to act in these situations.

We remain somewhat neutral, but as soon as we are able to introduce into our mutual contact any of our inner resources—such as desires, needs, thoughts, and habits—we do it. It is necessary to make a person feel that integral interaction is most important.

As soon as it becomes a possibility on any level, you immediately include your desires, thoughts, needs, weaknesses, and anything in him. The main thing is to give him the objective to unite, and that is it. Then, a person becomes his own psychologist.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 5/3/12

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If There Is No Shadow, Then There Is No Sun

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is said in the Bible that a woman was created from a man’s rib. The original Hebrew word for “rib” means both rib and shadow.

That is, a woman is created as a reflection of a man, and, for this reason, she must help him and give approval and advice accordingly. As it also is written, “Listen to the woman.”

A woman must be a mother, a housewife, a woman in charge. She must feel that the household is her domain, and the husband is in charge of everything that’s outside the household.

A man should obey his wife fully in matters pertaining to their common household, and she should obey him when it comes to resolving all other matters. This is the way they should support one another so that their partnership would correspond to the Biblical verse that says that she exists as the husband’s shadow.

If there is no shadow, then there is no sun. It’s an allegory that can be developed interestingly from a psychological standpoint. When a man and a woman coexist this way, the sun shines upon them and they develop.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 3/5/12

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Raising The Anchor Of Spiritual Relations

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf I study in the integral education group, I shouldn’t be interested in the gender, personality, or the marital situation of the people in the group. What interests me is only their effort to transcend themselves, the extent that we can ascend together.

It’s as if their souls hold hands, souls without bodies, sex, or any family burdens. It’s as if from the 12 people who learn in the group a spirit exits, and all 12 spirits rise together to the next level. That’s the way that they basically want to see themselves.

From the discussions in the focus groups, I see that women understand this more. And men are right in a sense that a quick integration into each other may lead to problems. When people come closer spiritually, it’s good. But afterwards, when they return to the usual corporeal level, this closeness can bring all kinds of unwanted connections. No other connections in the group, except for spiritual connections, are desirable.

Under no circumstances do I want to forbid anything. I simply say to them that for the attainment of equality, the connection, the general mutual spiritual combination, it’s absolutely forbidden for us to cast even a small anchor within our corporeal relations. We need to completely separate from them.

We need to understand that the human who now begins to grow from within us is a Human Being. And next to him our body exists like a puppy or a cat that you must give what it needs. When you give your “animal’’ what it really needs, not more or less, that’s the best and healthiest thing for it. Give it the needed portion and don’t think about it any more. And as far as everything else is concerned, raise it and connect it above—the human within you.

Thus, it’s actually desirable to not know anything about others and to always aspire upwards. We will become familiar with each other to the extent that we clarify our problems in the group, meaning the problems that arise at home, in the family, or with the children. We will begin to see it as the approach for ascending upwards. I open up about it specifically so that the group will help me solve the problem at the corporeal level and rise above it higher to the next, human level. In this case, it’s necessary.

Except for that, in the meantime we need a lot of empirical data that we will use to make conclusions, and life will teach us.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 3/1/12

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