Raising The Anchor Of Spiritual Relations

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf I study in the integral education group, I shouldn’t be interested in the gender, personality, or the marital situation of the people in the group. What interests me is only their effort to transcend themselves, the extent that we can ascend together.

It’s as if their souls hold hands, souls without bodies, sex, or any family burdens. It’s as if from the 12 people who learn in the group a spirit exits, and all 12 spirits rise together to the next level. That’s the way that they basically want to see themselves.

From the discussions in the focus groups, I see that women understand this more. And men are right in a sense that a quick integration into each other may lead to problems. When people come closer spiritually, it’s good. But afterwards, when they return to the usual corporeal level, this closeness can bring all kinds of unwanted connections. No other connections in the group, except for spiritual connections, are desirable.

Under no circumstances do I want to forbid anything. I simply say to them that for the attainment of equality, the connection, the general mutual spiritual combination, it’s absolutely forbidden for us to cast even a small anchor within our corporeal relations. We need to completely separate from them.

We need to understand that the human who now begins to grow from within us is a Human Being. And next to him our body exists like a puppy or a cat that you must give what it needs. When you give your “animal’’ what it really needs, not more or less, that’s the best and healthiest thing for it. Give it the needed portion and don’t think about it any more. And as far as everything else is concerned, raise it and connect it above—the human within you.

Thus, it’s actually desirable to not know anything about others and to always aspire upwards. We will become familiar with each other to the extent that we clarify our problems in the group, meaning the problems that arise at home, in the family, or with the children. We will begin to see it as the approach for ascending upwards. I open up about it specifically so that the group will help me solve the problem at the corporeal level and rise above it higher to the next, human level. In this case, it’s necessary.

Except for that, in the meantime we need a lot of empirical data that we will use to make conclusions, and life will teach us.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 3/1/12

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