If There Is No Shadow, Then There Is No Sun

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is said in the Bible that a woman was created from a man’s rib. The original Hebrew word for “rib” means both rib and shadow.

That is, a woman is created as a reflection of a man, and, for this reason, she must help him and give approval and advice accordingly. As it also is written, “Listen to the woman.”

A woman must be a mother, a housewife, a woman in charge. She must feel that the household is her domain, and the husband is in charge of everything that’s outside the household.

A man should obey his wife fully in matters pertaining to their common household, and she should obey him when it comes to resolving all other matters. This is the way they should support one another so that their partnership would correspond to the Biblical verse that says that she exists as the husband’s shadow.

If there is no shadow, then there is no sun. It’s an allegory that can be developed interestingly from a psychological standpoint. When a man and a woman coexist this way, the sun shines upon them and they develop.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 3/5/12

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  1. Do you believe it is possible for someone to spontaneuosly obtain the sacred geomitries through silence and prayer?

    Thank you

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