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All Pieces Of The Puzzle

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the beginning of the spiritual journey, in accordance with one’s effort, a person gradually discerns what he needs to reach the goal. Everything changes: me, my perception of the goal, ideas about the means of reaching it, my individual capacities, and my vision of the Creator’s image.

With every change I see things differently: for what, whom, and why ask? Why did He set me up to start asking? What does He lack, what do I achieve with my request? In the end, all these questions and answers (desires and fulfillments) must form the correct desire (Kli) for revealing the Creator and becoming similar to Him.

Here, nothing can be left until “later”; a person has to complete every stroke and draw it into the general picture. Otherwise, the Kli will remain incomplete since even the tiniest flaw makes the spiritual need imperfect, and that is why the Light (Creator’s presence) will not be able to manifest in the desire (spiritual vessel, Kli).
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/4/10, “What is the Help that One Should Ask of the Creator”

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Today’s Families Need A Common Spiritual Foundation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why are there so many problems in family relations today, and so many people are getting divorced or cannot get married at all?

Answer: Egoism is growing all the time. It is no longer the way it was in previous generations where there was almost no difference between one generation and the next. People continued to live on the same land, in the same village, and the son inherited his father’s profession: If the father was a blacksmith, and the son became a blacksmith; if the father was a farmer, and the son became a farmer too. It was customary to live that way. People passed their clothes from one generation to the next, and so on.

Today a person is new at every given moment! In order to change one does not even need to be reborn. And since a person is new, he cannot stand what he had yesterday. Yesterday I got married to someone, and today when I look at her, I am bewildered. I think, “Is this really the woman I married?! Where is the woman I knew yesterday? Where are her qualities?” I don’t see those qualities today. I fail to realize that the change occurred in me. Meanwhile, I look at her and it seems to me that she has changed, and I am unable to live with her anymore.

No one is at fault here. If our evolving desire does not begin to be corrected, the family will be inevitably destroyed. What foundation should people use to come together? Once we stayed together at the “bodily-social” level: a common household, domestic life, children, chores, and the pressure of public opinion. Yet today no one cares about anything. People have risen above all these limitations; they don’t want anything.

Therefore, people are unable to be in and to create a family, and they don’t want to have children. Problems in the family are escalating and they are impossible to solve if the spouses are not united by the common study of spirituality.

No material activities will keep people together. Only this can save a family, as it is written, “A husband and a wife, and the Creator between them.” We have yet to discover to what extent we require the Upper Force, a higher idea, in order to connect at the level of “man.”

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/10/10, A Lesson On Current Events

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Change Is In The Air

onlything A year or two down the line we won’t even remember how we used to exist any differently and how the wide public did not share our opinion. People will soon begin to clearly understand that the science of Kabbalah reveals the hidden part of reality to them, and that it is necessary to reveal this part of reality in order to attain a healthy and correct life. In addition, it will become clear that this revelation takes place by virtue of a miraculous force, rather than pure knowledge.

Using a purely scientific approach, we can only reveal nature on our level of perception, where our mind and feelings are operating. On the other hand, the science of Kabbalah miraculously reveals new levels of desire within us, in which we perceive a new reality. I expect that in the near future, we will witness this understanding and sensation being revealed in the masses. We will see this happen very soon.

Anyone that participated in the Zohar Convention 2010 went through tremendous changes, overcame many inner levels, and reduced the time of their development. Some people did not take part in the Convention physically, but they joined us virtually and thereby received the same ascent. Some people were distant from us (in their desire), but they were also influenced by the Convention. Even those who were not connected to us at all and didn’t want anything still received an influence because we are all part of one common system.

No one can avoid participating in this event because we all live in one, single reality. Therefore, when we hold such an event, it affects the whole world, even the people who hate us and are far away from us, as well as those who are close to us. It affects every person without exception, and it has an even greater affect on those who hate us than on those who are indifferent. Therefore, we will soon witness great changes in all layers of society.

Spiritual States Never Disappear

charges A spiritual state never disappears; we just have to find our where it is taking place. For example, by identifying with the text, we can ascend and sense a state called “the breaking” to some extent.

All the spiritual states are constant, like images on an unrolled photographic film that contains all the pictures from beginning to end. If we want to advance along this film to a state called “the breaking” and to feel what transpires there, then the moment we desire this, that state influences us.

It is important to remember that when we read the text, we are being influenced by the Upper Force regardless of whether we realize it or feel it, or whether our perception is correct. The important thing is to expect the Upper Force to come and change us.

On The Other Side Of The Screen

elect The world we perceive was not given to us by accident. It follows from nature, which includes two opposite forms: the Creator and the creation. When we begin to ascend, we are given this world in order to help us become similar to the Creator and eliminate the difference between the point of creation, “existence from nothingness” and the Creator, or the difference between the Kli and the Light. This world is a state perceived by the point of creation, which is separated from the Creator and opposite to Him.

In order to lead us to “the other side of the screen,” to take us from one picture to another, we were given a means called The Book of Zohar. It is a means that takes us from a state of disunity to a state of unity. This is why we are given the state we now perceive and the state we have to reach, as well as all the levels and stages that we have to go through on this path, and the means – The Book of Zohar, which tells us about the connection between the two worlds, about how one world clothes into the other. None of these things are accidental.

We have to make efforts in order to use this means, The Book of Zohar, to change ourselves. The more this book will become revealed to us, the more it will change us. Thus, we will continuously move forward, advancing from our current sensation of a black point that reveals its own nature and attains its opposition to the Light.

All of reality exists inside this point of creation, or rather, reality exists relative to this point’s perception. This point contains all the worlds and all the changes; everything is inside it. In addition, this point does not change in relation to the Creator that created it; in relation to Him it is always in the corrected, best possible state. It is the only existing point of creation, which He created from nothing (Yesh Mi Ein).

When we read The Zohar, we have to realize that we are not looking at a book, but a special mechanism that bridges our two states – the current state where we are separated from the Creator, can only feel ourselves, and are locked in a black point, and the future, higher state where we are united with Him. Using a special language or program, The Zohar shows us what actions and inner changes we can make in order to restructure ourselves within and be able to receive the Light that is outside of us for now.

Then our inner structure will be similar to the Light, the Creator. At the same time, we will always remain comprised of the matter called “the will to receive,” or “existence from nothingness.”

What Is The Screen?

Faith Above Reason Is Bestowal Above Reception A question I received: What is the screen? What is it made of and how can I recognize it?

My Answer: The screen is a force that enables you to think about others instead of yourself. It is when you acquire a different way of thinking, feeling, and making decisions. When this happens, it is as though you are born anew!

This is called a miracle – “The miracle of coming out of Egypt.” It is when you come out of your egoistic desire and suddenly begin to care for others. All your thoughts begin to work in this manner.

Right now it seems like a frightening change. Who would want this? And even though we do talk about this, inside we are very afraid of it.

However, the Upper Light will perform this change on us. I don’t know how it will do this. It will simply happen in the same manner as it created us. This change in a person is called a miracle. The Light that created our desire can also perform this “upgrade” on it.

The Healing Of The Soul

goodA lesson is therapy for my desire, a means that allows my present desire to be changed and made equivalent to spirituality. The more therapy I receive through my attendance at Kabbalah lessons, the higher my chances of recovering and changing my nature.

However, simple visits aren’t enough. I have to understand why I make the visits and what their results will be. Thus, the main thing at the lesson is that I must have the intention to change my nature.

If I come to the lesson just to listen, with no intention to change, then nothing will help me to attain the Upper World, neither an excellent teacher, nor a strong environment. A lesson for me must be a conscious participation in the recovery of the broken soul.

The teacher gives me the correct direction and the environment supports me on my path to the goal. However, I must absorb the importance of the goal provided by the environment.

It is absolutely unimportant if I understand the studied material, the same as I don’t need to understand how the drugs prescribed to me work in order for them to work.  Doctors label illnesses and drugs with obscure names that don’t tell me anything. I just know that I feel bad and need something to help me feel better.

The same situation exists in the healing of a soul. It is enough for me to feel sick and to know that during the lesson, I will receive the remedy. There is a spiritual healing mechanism that works on my request, and I need to correctly prepare myself for the healing.

I expect the healing of the soul to occur during the lesson and therefore I prepare myself beforehand in order to be able to accept the cure.

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Kabbalah Lets Us Scientifically Research The Whole Of Creation

visionKabbalah is a science, and Kabbalists are scientists who realistically reveal the concealed, Upper World and the Unified Force, the Creator. The revelation happens by correcting one’s nature and transforming it to the nature of the Upper World.

There have been Kabbalists who revealed the concealment (Tzimtzum Alef and Tzimtzum Bet) of the Worlds of Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, Assiya and even the World of Adam Kadmon and the World of Infinity, along with the governance by one and three lines, and so on. Each Kabbalist made a revelation to the degree of his correction.

But as long as the souls are fine (not very egoistic), Kabbalists are unable to reveal very much, since they lack a big enough instrument. The Reflected Light (Ohr Hozer) is weak and does not reach the higher levels. Therefore, the Kabbalists of the past revealed creation in general, without the particular details.

As time went by, the same souls went through many reincarnations and accumulated additional egoism (Aviut) and desires. Thus, they became able to work with a more corrupted material, which is why they conducted a deeper research of the matter of creation, the Creator’s work (Avodat HaShem).

This research is similar to research in any other science. However, the external science provides an external knowledge and attainment, meaning only about our world. It doesn’t change us. Kabbalah, on the other hand, gives us a higher mind and sensations, correcting man himself. This is why we find our way into a new world. It’s because we change and the world changes as well.

In An Integrated System, Even A Small Change Causes Changes Within The Entire System

life The Upper Partzufim do not receive Light for themselves. The Partzuf Aba is full of the Light of Hochma, but Ima does not wish to receive it, pushes it away, and receives it only under the condition that the souls wish to accept this Light from her. This is why MAN, a request is necessary from the lower.

This principle is widely used in technology and everywhere in our lives, in any changing, living system. Any opening and closing, as well as any regulators, are based on this principle.

It is like a spiritual transistor; there is the Light of Hochma (a plus and a minus), and I send an impulse to the base, starting a flow of electricity. I send a very weak signal, a small desire, but due to this desire, enormous Light begins to flow within the system.

1st drawing

In the same manner, souls wish to receive just a little from Ima and open her up slightly, but she asks for the Light from Aba, and Aba asks from an even higher source, and hence this plea reaches the World of Infinity.

This plea causes enormous Light to be spread through all the worlds in order to bring us, who are at the very bottom, the small drop of Light, which we requested.

This is the principle of our whole life. If the system is integral, then even the smallest change leads to a change in the whole system. The spiritual is a reflection of the harmonious connection between all the elements. If we change even one very small part, we thereby completely change the whole system, causing it to reform in its entirety and reach a new state of balance.

The spiritual system is analogous to systems in our world. If a small impulse is sent towards the entrance of the system, the whole system experiences changes, from beginning to end, and in the opposite direction. It is only after it becomes balanced that the result becomes evident.


Therefore, if even the smallest possible soul somewhere at the very bottom performs a slight correction, it changes all the worlds. The lower this soul is situated, the greater Light it arouses above it. This is like a small valve, which blocks a huge pipe. Just a little bit of effort is necessary to move it, but it opens up the flow of an entire ocean of water.

(From the lesson on the “Preface to the Sulam Commentary of The Zohar” 10.29.09)

We Can Change Our Destiny

electA question I received: Can we change the destiny that has been prepared for us from Above if we attain the roots?

My Answer: Definitely! You will then change everything from suffering to goodness because you will start to see goodness instead of evil in everything taking place. Everything will change (in your perception). You will accept everything and see that it is good and beneficial for you. See Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Creator’s Concealment and Revelation.”