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The Spiritual Role Of Women, Part 7

laitman_621May the Creator Decide Everything

Question: How do earthly women’s difficulties affect the development and acquisition of the spiritual property of bestowal? For example, does the inability to start a family, get married, have children, etc. somehow interfere with this or help?

Answer: If some conditions prevent you from starting a family, and you think that this pushes you to Kabbalah and not immersing yourself in raising children and serving a household, then, of course, this will happen.

I believe that regarding this we do not need to build any plans because we do not know the plans of the Creator. We should just go ahead.

There is an opportunity to get married, go ahead and marry. There is an opportunity to engage in Kabbalah, do it. When you are married and have a family, devote yourself to the family. If besides this there is an opportunity to also listen to lessons, continue to study.

But one does not have to decide: “That’s it, I will not get married, I will only deal with Kabbalah.” You cannot do it this way. Staying in our animal world, we must trust the Creator. May He decide what we should be.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/8/20

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I Am Looking For A Person Like Myself

laitman_626Remark: I tried to find information on the Internet about the principle of similarity of qualities, but I have found almost nothing.

My Comment: Because there are no clear indications of this in our world. But we can see the example of a child with his mother: he receives from his mother and she enjoys it at the same time. If he had enough understanding to rise above his desires and do what his mother wants, how big their conjugation would be.

Question: For example, should a married couple be similar in their qualities or should they be different so it would be easier for them to complement each other?

Answer: Nature is established in such a way that the more we develop, the more our egoism develops inside us, and therefore we become more and more opposite to each other.

We can see how difficult it is in our world to build communication between people in families, within countries, between peoples, and between countries. There is an ever-increasing dissociation, separation, and estrangement because the egoism is increasing in every individual person.

Question: But it is better to try to find a person more similar to you in qualities, isn’t it?

Answer: It will not work. If you find someone like yourself now, in a couple of years it will be revealed how different you are. People should have some common goal that is more important than their estrangement.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/10/19

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The Spiritual Role Of Women, Part 4

laitman_587.01Man and Woman in Spirituality

Question: Can both receiving and bestowing develop in a woman in our world? Will a woman who knows how to receive for the sake of bestowal be harmonious?

Answer: If men and women are separated in our world according to an external biological attribute, in the spiritual world, it does not matter at all.

In the spiritual world, in each of us, whether a man or a woman, a soul is formed from the desire to receive and the intention to bestow. Therefore, you can be the spiritual male part, that is, the giver, and your husband, life partner, can be the female part. Then you can switch places depending on your efforts and conditions. This has nothing to do with the physiological gender.

If you want to work spiritually with your husband, then you are already a group. A group is a minimum of two people and maybe ten, but no more. In the group, everyone gives and everyone receives.

Therefore, everyone plays the role of receiving as a woman, called the female part, as well as giving, called the male part. And this also has nothing to do with their gender. So all this is very conditional.

In our world, the difference between a man and a woman has a strictly fixed idea according to purely physiological characteristics. And in the spiritual world, I can turn from a man into a woman and from a woman into a man in one minute. It all depends on how the egoism is manifested in me and how much I can rise above it.

I wish you all to be spiritual men and to remain beautiful women in the corporeal world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/8/20

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laitman_959The Combination of Masculine and Feminine Principles

Rabash, Dargot HaSulam, Item 274, “Specifically through a Man and a Woman”: A newborn is born specifically through a man and a woman. From a male alone or from a female alone, there cannot be offspring. In ethics, the male is considered “the power of bestowal,” and the female is “the power of reception.” Offspring are good deeds, in which there is the breath of life.

The masculine principle is an intention for the sake of bestowal and the feminine principle is the desire to receive. If they are interconnected, then their correct combination occurs. And it turns out that when the desire to receive and above it the intention to bestow interact, they can reveal the Creator within themselves, i.e., produce the best, highest action that is subject to creation in our world.

No man and no woman can do this separately. Only in the right combination of the male giving and the female receiving properties can they realize receiving for the sake of bestowal, that is, make themselves like the Creator. Otherwise, none of them is perfect.

Question: What is the rule of the correct combination of female and male principles?

Answer: If we are talking about Kabbalah, then according to this teaching, male and female principles are in each of us. A person must work so that his or her desire to receive is completely under the intention of giving (for the sake of bestowal). And then you get the right interaction.

We must understand that we are not talking about a woman and a man but about the correct interaction of these principles in a person.

And on the other hand, if we are talking about the family, about the right relationship between a man and a woman, then we are talking about their clear understanding of their properties when the properties of a woman and the properties of a man are combined in such a way that they really give spiritual fruit. Each time they give birth to the next state, and this is called the birth of their child.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/8/20

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Adam and Eve—The Two Communication Systems

laitman_275Question: What were Adam and Eve like? Should the relationship between a man and a woman be similar to their relationship?

Answer: Adam and Eve were not people but two communication systems of egoistic desires to receive and desires to bestow. The Torah tells us exactly that. We must come to a state where both systems are fully integrated and one person is created from them.

Basically, Adam is alone. After all, the Torah also says that in the beginning there was only Adam and then God created a woman from his rib. All this needs a long explanation, but in short, the system must come to the point where we connect together and again turn into one single system called Adam. This is not some kind of a biological image and not a person of our world.

We humans descended from monkeys. There are no questions at all regarding this. These species of monkeys gradually developed until increasing egoistic desires appeared in them, which turned them into people.

That is, monkeys are much better than us. In us, in uncorrected people, egoism is much greater. But don’t worry about it, correct it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/8/20

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What Are The Criteria For Choosing A Husband?

laitman_627.1Question: What are the criteria for choosing a Kabbalist husband?

Answer: First of all, he has to seriously engage in Kabbalah and at the same time be sure to suit you according to certain earthly parameters. This way you agree with him on how you see yourself and your family in the future, and his environment would accept you, and your family along with your friends accepting him.

There must still be a certain agreement in the surroundings for both parties.

Most importantly, you agree and understand that life is built on mutual concessions. Not on love, but on concessions!

As soon as you don’t like something, you immediately stop seeing it. You want to see only good and kindness in each other. If you tune in to the mutual perception of each other in this way, then you will succeed. I wish you that.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/8/20

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Success Depends On The Woman

552.02Connection between women can have a very strong impact on governments, countries, and the whole world. Indeed, during this time of the coronavirus epidemic, everything depends on our intentions and not on actions.

When men go to war and women remain at home, we think that the men were the force that ensured victory in the war. But actually this is not true. It is the women with their intentions that determine the success of the war.

From Malchut, that is, from a woman, from the depth of her desire, is what determines the kind of screen and reflected light that will be on him. Therefore, all success regarding how quickly we can end the epidemic of the coronavirus, come to a connection between us, and reach the end of the correction of the world depends on women’s intentions and the dissemination of information by women.

After all, this epidemic is a consequence of the fact that we are in the last stage of the development of mankind, which is called the “last generation.” So let us end the selfish development and former life, and move on to a higher level of existence, which is called life in the higher world.
From a Women’s Lesson 4/4/20 “Questions and Answers”

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Coronavirus Consequence: Increased Divorces In China

Laitman_632.2Remark: As you know, in China people are very disciplined. They were told to sit in closed apartments and they sat. They were told to wear masks, so they did. Everything is very precise there. Therefore, the virus began to decline and China is returning to normal.

But there is a different question. People sat indoors together for a prolonged period of time. Husband with wife and so on. Now a flurry of divorce proceedings has begun in China.

The city of Fuzhou even introduced a limit of only 10 divorces per day. These are consequences of the virus: the collapse of families, the breakdown of relations between people.

My Comment: People in China are different in general . They worked 15-hour days. Suddenly they are together for these 15 hours. You can go crazy! They did not know each other.

They knew each other only when they interacted at home. That is all. Suddenly they saw: Is this my wife? It was not enough just to ask: What is your name? This is the extent to which many people currently do not interact with each other.

If they do interact, then it is not with each other. What about the kitchen? What are we going to eat? What is here and what is there? That is, outside of myself. Outside of you and outside of me. Something between us.

Question: Doesn’t it seem that the virus turned out to be a test of family relationships for people?

Answer: Yes, they did not have family relationships. They were forced to start a family, get married. They ended up together. Even though they had been living together for 20 years, this was not called life. Now it turns out that this is called life and family. No one agrees.

Question: You are known as an adversary of divorces. You always say that it is the last resort. The most extreme because the family has children and so on.

Still, how do people coexist? Now many are in this state—together in enclosed spaces, and suddenly they begin to notice each other, as you say. How can they not break up their life together?

Answer: First, we must accept a priori that we all are not angels. All of us are twisted by fate, by the upper force. None of us are holy. Naturally, we do not even know each other. We do not know ourselves. Therefore, you can change many, many times in your life. But when you have children you are responsible for them.

It does not matter what your relationship with your wife or husband is, you carry a responsibility for the children you gave birth to. You cannot buy it off with money. You must participate in their formation, growth, and education.

So, you can give millions to your children, but still, they will not consider you a father if you are not with them. On the contrary, you and your whole family may be starving, but if you are with them, they will consider you a father and will not blame you for leaving them.

Therefore, divorce is the most final, I would even say, beyond-final, foreign state. If there are children, I would not allow divorces. If there are no children, then this is another matter.

Talk to many, mostly to the fathers who left their children, and ask them how do the children relate to them? You will hear (I heard it many times in my life) that the children never approved of the father because he left them. He left them! He did not leave the mother, but left them! They perceive this as a betrayal. You cannot pay it off with money. Not with anything!

Remark: See what the virus has done. Still, a person should ask himself these questions.

My Comment: This is because there is no proper education. This is why they see family as such. The virus is doing us justice by gradually showing us, by exposing our entire system as completely unacceptable for the existence of the human race.

Education is what humanity needs. All resources, everything that is now being freed up, except for those necessary for existence, must be used toward education.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/18/20

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Coronavirus: Humanity At A Loss

laitman_294.4Question: Will there be spiritual consequences from the coronavirus? Now humankind is suffering, afraid, and has not yet reached far-reaching conclusions.

Answer: Man is still at a loss: Where will I work? Where will my children study? How will it all develop? How long will I stay at home, etc.? And there are a lot of questions here: What about my wife, the children? I rarely see them, and now I finally get to know my children and my wife too.

This is not easy. We will sit together for a few more months and if we do not conduct serious educational work with the population, then the families will begin to break up.

Remark: These are not very good forecasts.

My Comment: What can we do? Indeed, when people suddenly unite in a small space, they gradually begin to show each other different sides of egoism. This is not easy to get along with.

But I think that we will conduct all kinds of seminars and classes, display everything possible on our websites, and this will prevent a blow.

Question: But how will people, while in quarantine, not try to kill each other?

Answer: On the contrary, we will educate people so that physical distance between us will lead to an internal, heartwarming, spiritual connection, and people will feel the emergence of a new force called the Creator.

It is said in the Torah: “Husband and wife, and the Creator between them.” In this way, we can discover the Creator even between husband and wife. Everything is between us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/22/20

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We Will Not Be The Same Again

laitman_600.02In this difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic, women can perform much greater work than men because they have more connection with life, stronger sense of life in relation to their family and children.

After this epidemic, people will not be the same. It will take several months and everyone will get used to this new state. We will begin to perceive the world in a new way; we will feel that it is under the control of the upper force.

Everyone now has the same questions: Where did this problem come from? Why? What will happen next? Suddenly we lost our strength to pursue the different pleasures of this world, the main thing is to survive and for us and our children to live peacefully in this world.

This is a very important stage in the education of humanity. The virus will educate us so that we will not be the same people again. Imagine that in four, five, or six months we will see the epidemic subside and the coronavirus stop circulating between us, then we will already be different.

In the meantime, we just need to support each other and keep explaining that this blow came from nature because we breach its laws and violate its integrality and globality.

We destroy nature and, as a result, involuntarily we pull all these viruses out of it and force them to manifest. If we continue to treat nature this way, there will be many more new viruses, much more terrible than the coronavirus. Therefore, there is no choice, we must change the relationships between us and our attitude to nature, and then everything will fall into place.

First of all, we must understand that the coronavirus is a consequence of the imbalance in nature made by humans. This imbalance stems from the lack of friendly connections between people.

We must exist in an integral system, but instead we do the opposite and are moving further and further away from each other. Egoism is growing all the time and increasingly placing us against each other. If we do not stop the process of global separation, we will cause even more harmful viruses to appear.

Everyone agrees that there is a need for connection between people, but they do not believe that it is possible to achieve and consider it a beautiful dream. However, the fact is that we are not required to achieve connection, we just have to want to come to it.

By yearning for connection, we are already investing our effort in nature, and as a result nature gets corrected and improves. Then all sorts of pests, including viruses, will stop crawling out of it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson for Women 4/4/20

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