Love And Polygamy

laitman_570Question: How can it be that a woman who loves a man doesn’t want to be dependent on him, live with him, or establish a family with him?

Answer: If that is so, what is love? A woman, who loves a man, wants to be with him all the time, constantly; this is a natural emotion.

With a man it is just about the same, but not to such a degree because he has a connection with the Creator, and he must be led by this connection. Only when the right connection exists between him and the Creator and with a woman who is ready to be in connection with him, can he devote time to her.

There exist various additional situations that can be mentioned, like the harem of kings, mistresses, polygamy,etc. This is a system of mutual connection that is not very simple because this is not talking about a man and a woman in our world but about the connection between the desire to receive, which is the feminine inclination, and the intention to bestow, which is the male inclination.

Question: What is the spiritual explanation about the thousand wives of King Solomon?

Answer: The intent is that King Solomon was able to correct desires with an intention in order to receive into desires with an intention in order to bestow on the thousandth level, which is to say this was a very high art and skill on the level of Arich Anpin.

Question: So he didn’t really have a thousand wives?

Answer: No, even though there was polygamy; in those times polygamy was considered a normal phenomenon and women related to it calmly because on one hand, it was human nature and, on the other hand, it was a custom, the foundation of society.

In addition, we must understand that people were not involved with physical, sexual relationships because they were on a level of spiritual development. So they didn’t attribute much significance to physical relationships, as if they could sum everything up. Especially regarding everything that touches upon the continuation of the generation and building a family, the attitude was that it was like an obligation to the higher roots, that we must behave in our world in accord with the level of the higher roots, and nothing more than this.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/24/16

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