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Sunset Of The Great European Civilization, Part 2

laitman_431_04The spiritual knowledge lost by the people of Israel after destruction of the Temple gave a special impetus to the development of the European civilization. It gave Europeans an exceptional strength of spirit, the desire to conquer, explore new lands, and to develop.

Pilgrims travelled the roads and spread the Christian religion everywhere and taught people to pray. It brought science, knowledge, and faith to the residents of Europe that were complete barbarians at that time. This religion supports people until today.

Ancient Greeks received all their wisdom from the Jews. Initially, there were quite primitive beliefs in many gods in ancient Greece. The legends of ancient Greece are so naive that can attract only young children. Science and conception of the human soul that, allegedly, develops from a deep breathing, were also primitive.

Ancient Greece rose due to borrowing ideas from the wisdom of Kabbalah that was alive in the people of Israel. Although the Greeks learned from it only external ideas in a distorted form, that is exactly what developed European civilization and gave Europe the form it is in today.

Thanks to this influence, Europe received a special spirit that it was striving to pass to the whole world. Therefore, Europeans went to discover new lands and continents, but their main motive was religious and missionary.

From religion science developed, alchemy and geography that were necessary in order to prove to everyone that the Christian religion was the truest  that conquers the world. It was very important for the Europeans. The colonial wars and conquests initially had exclusively religious purposes. It was only later that they realized that they could receive economic benefit from them.

Closer to our time, ships began to bring goods from China and India to England and a need for the Suez Canal arose.

There was a transition from the Christian religion to science. Europe shifted the focus from God to man, the human spirit, and the human values. It is possible to say that this change began with the French Revolution that was followed by revolutions in other countries. Science began to develop rapidly in addition to religion.

There was no other continent where so many different nations lived in close proximity and had a common religion and philosophy received from Rome and Greece. Besides, the people of Israel, who came out into exile, were living among the European nations. They moved from one country to another and were contacting other nations, passing to them the spirit that lived inside them. Therefore, Europe has developed as no other country.

It is possible to say that the place where the people of Israel came from began to flourish. And as soon as they were expelled from there, these countries fell immediately. It means that we can see two ways of development in Europe. The first one is the development of the Christian religion, and the second is the development of the Jewish spirit. These two directions, influencing each other, have built the European civilization.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/18/16

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Banning The Burkini

laitman_566_02In the News (UPI): “Burqinis, the full-body swimwear designed for Muslim women, are now banned from the beaches of Cannes, France, the mayor said.

“Mayor David Lisnard, citing the July 14 truck attack on the beach promenade in nearby Nice, in which more than 80 people died, called the clothing a ‘symbol of Islamic extremism’ which could renew controversy and initiate possible violence. He added the ban on the head-to-ankle beachwear is meant to ‘protect the population’ by reducing attention paid to Muslims in distinctive clothing. …

“‘Beachwear manifesting religious affiliation in an ostentatious way, while France and its religious sites are currently the target of terrorist attacks, could create the risk of disturbances to public order,’ the law notes. …

“The law faces challenges from human rights activists, and opposition from France’s Muslim Federation of the South, which called it an ‘abusive’ use of power aimed at exclusion.

My Comment: That’s the problem. I don’t think that a prohibition is the right thing. If a woman can go to the beach and bathe without exposing herself, she should be allowed to do so.

The fear that she may carry knives and axes under her clothes is a different matter. It still alarms people and keeps them away from one another, but there is nothing they can do about it. It is actually the extremists who encourage this attitude that are to blame and not the French people. Still I don’t think the prohibition is right.

Comment: There are more and more such misunderstandings in France and Germany.

Answer: They should have thought about when they let Muslims in and saw that they don’t want to integrate in their society. They should have thought about why they should let them in and created a fifth column in the French society! It isn’t even a column because they don’t become a fifth column but a major army that opposes the country and hates it. There is nothing they can do about it now. They have to introduce compulsory integral education for every Frenchman.

Comment: They have integration projects that include courses and explanations.

Answer: The immigrants are not interested in integration. They don’t want to hear anything. They want to turn France into a radical Islamic state.

Question: What would you advise the French authorities?

Answer: They have no choice but to accept Islam. They will give in more and more until they explode and there will be wars and unpleasant incidents, etc. And as usual, they will blame Israel for that in their typical anti-Semitic manner.

Question: Do you see a more optimistic scenario?

Answer: I don’t see any optimistic scenario and I spoke about it twenty years ago. I can say one thing about the future: the future of the world will simply be bad without the integral education!

Question: Will this process stop if the integral education is implemented now?

Answer: Yes. Today it is still possible, but it will still be accompanied by riots and a huge wave of protest.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/15/16

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The Creator And The Creation: A Hand And A Glove

Laitman_025_02Torah, “Deuteronomy,” 8:17 – 8:18: And you will say to yourself, “My strength and the might of my hand that has accumulated this wealth for me.” But you must remember the Lord your God, for it is He that gives you strength to make wealth, in order to establish His covenant which He swore to your forefathers, as it is this day.

There is nothing in our world that is done by a person!

Everything is performed by the force of the Upper Light, the upper energy, and we are just little egoists. What the Creator does within us, so it happens. The difference is only whether a person wants to identify with the actions of the Creator so that the Creator would perform them over him and would carry corrections in the world through him, or he doesn’t want this and distracts himself with various unrelated affairs. That is the problem.

Allegorically, it can be compared to a hand and a glove. The glove is us, and the hand is the Creator. However, the glove should come into full contact with the hand. A desire that is opposite to the hand is burning in this glove, but we must transform it into the same desire that is in the hand, and it must be done for each revelation of egoistic desire in the glove.

Question: It is said here, “And you will say to yourself.” However, what can I say to myself other than this is me and this is mine? After all, my heart is my egoistic desires. I am an egoist.

Answer: Yes, but it is necessary to correct these desires. We must become like the Creator. It is incorporated in the initial decision of the Creator to create the creation and to bring it to equivalence with Him. We can’t get away from that. We must become like Him

Either we move to this consciously through our actions and efforts, or the moment that we abandon our actions and efforts, the same force is turned on, but with the opposite effect, and we are getting compressed and pushed toward the need to return back to correct action.

So our life consists of prodding or encouragements from above, but so far, unfortunately, it is mostly prodding. All of our history, or at least the period of the last 2,000 years of exile, is just a succession of prodding, blows, and serious problems.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/4/16

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The First Revelation Of The Creator

laitman_940Question: You often speak about unity among the friends, but can you discern between corporeal and spiritual feelings? After learning so many concepts, there might be a common confusion: what a good or a bad mood is, what joy is that stems from ordinary connections, and what his feelings are in general.

Is it even possible to discern these feelings or does it all work according to the method of faith? It is all very contradictory. One day I feel that I have a good ordinary life and I am in a good mood and love the whole world, and the next day I feel that I hate everyone. After all, these feelings change according to a person’s advancement and according to his spiritual ascent. This is all very similar to the way we build our relations in the corporeal world and to the way we feel about other people!

Answer: Only the persistent continuous work in group by discussing the mutual relations with the friends and by comparing their attributes with the Creator’s character can guide their relations by imitating and resembling the Creator. Thus, you will create His image between you, the first level of the upper world, (Nefesh of the world of Assiya). This will be your first revelation of the Creator.

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And God Created Woman

laitman_286Question: If the feminine nature is the start of everything, does the man exist for the woman?

Answer: Yes. The Creator didn’t create the man; He created the woman “from the rib of Adam,” as it says in the Torah. It is simply necessary to interpret these words more precisely. “Adam” is a characteristic of the Creator that the Creator intended as an attitude regarding the future creature, the woman. So it is natural that the female part, which wants to attain adhesion with the Creator, motivates the male part toward a common action for unification, resulting in the discovery of the world. It seems as if this is his destruction, but it isn’t destruction. Rather, it is a type of correction after the defects and faults that are concealed in the depths of the connection between us are discovered.

Adam and Eve discover the depth of the ruined connection; they do this unconsciously. After that, the feminine mystique gradually begins to be discovered. “Eve” is the feminine nature that wants to attain full resemblance, full adhesion, with the Creator through faith that this is possible, but without understanding that something is concealed within the depth of desire.

There was no movement, no drive, in Adam to receive all the Light within himself. It is only the feminine nature that could awaken this in him. Without the feminine nature he would “go naked in the garden,” as it says, and “sing his own song.” He would remain in a state of Katnut (smallness) and wouldn’t want anything else.

Discovery of the feminine nature within himself is the discovery of an immense longing within him to attain the Creator. To attain the Creator he must truly discover his essence, how opposite and against the characteristics of the Creator he is. So the “sin of the Tree of Knowledge” was arranged for Adam and Eve. In this way the discovery of the immense egoistic potential in them was the beginning of the entire human species.

From this point on, there began to appear such connections between the feminine and masculine nature, the desire to receive (the feminine) and the intention for the sake of bestowal (the masculine), which were already clothed in the new form of the souls of the Kabbalists.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/24/16

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New Life #374 – Food: An Experience For All The Senses

New Life #374 – Food: An Experience For All The Senses
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

How has food become the center of our life everywhere in the world, and how do smells, tastes, and sitting together at a meal bring people together?


The desire for food is the most basic desire. It is a basic necessity.

Today food from all over the world can be found all over the world. In different cultures the air was perfumed by certain foods. Today we eat what is advertised on the media; in the future we will eat what is good for us.

Food will serve to connect people; restaurants will be designed differently. There will be music, singing, and a warm atmosphere of togetherness.

In the animal kingdom food separates and doesn’t connect, but a culture of shared meals has developed among humans. In the past the kitchen was small, but today it is part of the living room. In the era of emptiness food still gives us a taste to life.  A lion doesn’t choose which meat to eat when it is hungry. Man has a selection of food. We have turned food into entertainment.

Food is a basis for connection between people.
From the KabTV’s “New Life #374 – Food: An Experience For All The Senses,” 5/18/24

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 09.02.16

Preparation for the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash, “Rungs of the Ladder,” Article 4 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Peace,” “The Wheel of Transformation of the Form” 

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Lesson on the Topic: “Preparation for the Convention,” Lesson 2

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