The Creator And The Creation: A Hand And A Glove

Laitman_025_02Torah, “Deuteronomy,” 8:17 – 8:18: And you will say to yourself, “My strength and the might of my hand that has accumulated this wealth for me.” But you must remember the Lord your God, for it is He that gives you strength to make wealth, in order to establish His covenant which He swore to your forefathers, as it is this day.

There is nothing in our world that is done by a person!

Everything is performed by the force of the Upper Light, the upper energy, and we are just little egoists. What the Creator does within us, so it happens. The difference is only whether a person wants to identify with the actions of the Creator so that the Creator would perform them over him and would carry corrections in the world through him, or he doesn’t want this and distracts himself with various unrelated affairs. That is the problem.

Allegorically, it can be compared to a hand and a glove. The glove is us, and the hand is the Creator. However, the glove should come into full contact with the hand. A desire that is opposite to the hand is burning in this glove, but we must transform it into the same desire that is in the hand, and it must be done for each revelation of egoistic desire in the glove.

Question: It is said here, “And you will say to yourself.” However, what can I say to myself other than this is me and this is mine? After all, my heart is my egoistic desires. I am an egoist.

Answer: Yes, but it is necessary to correct these desires. We must become like the Creator. It is incorporated in the initial decision of the Creator to create the creation and to bring it to equivalence with Him. We can’t get away from that. We must become like Him

Either we move to this consciously through our actions and efforts, or the moment that we abandon our actions and efforts, the same force is turned on, but with the opposite effect, and we are getting compressed and pushed toward the need to return back to correct action.

So our life consists of prodding or encouragements from above, but so far, unfortunately, it is mostly prodding. All of our history, or at least the period of the last 2,000 years of exile, is just a succession of prodding, blows, and serious problems.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/4/16

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