What Would A Cardiogram Of The Heart’s Desires Reveal?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is Shechina?

Answer: Shechina is all the desires created by the Creator united into one equivalent desire that merges with the Creator in the same kind of bestowal as He is. That is, the desire to enjoy is fully corrected to bestowal.

But in relation to us, Shechina is “in the dust.” The Creator created the desire to enjoy, and brought it to the final correction: the final, third, corrected state already exists. However, we feel like we’re outside of the Shechina, to such an extent that we are hidden by concealment, fog, and deception.

Therefore, we feel as though we don’t belong to that common, corrected desire, and we need to work hard to unite with it. Imagine that everyone is completely corrected but you, and you see the world completely corrupted. Therefore, you must correct your perception and join the rest of the world, the Shechina.

You should ask the Creator to make you equivalent to Him; that is what it means to belong to the Shechina. But how does one ask since it cannot be done artificially? The request comes from the depth of the heart in a way that it cannot be stopped.

Imagine that all the desires of your heart were visible to everyone on a big screen, as if the sensors to a cardiogram were attached to your heart, showing everyone your desires, your thoughts about others, and your dreams about the future. And you were unable to stop this broadcast, and you had no control over your heart. Obviously, you would feel ashamed if you related these desires to yourself. But if you link these desires to the Creator, knowing that He sends them to you, that you have nothing to be ashamed of, then you are not ashamed of the desires waking up in your heart. You only feel ashamed about something that you could have done to correct your heart but haven’t.

And then you start checking that. You see that the Creator sends us different desires, making us think about forgery, theft, murder, violence, about ways to deceive and use everyone. You would see such pictures if your heart were displayed on a screen. But all these thoughts are awakened in you from Above, and you are not the master over them.

And along with that, you would see that you had the opportunity to make every picture like the Creator, but you didn’t use it. And now you are ashamed of the fact that you didn’t correct yourself or ask about correction. Perhaps, you didn’t even make an effort to correct anything, or possibly tried and realized that you cannot do it, but didn’t ask the Creator for help.

All of these states which you could have corrected but didn’t, cause a feeling of shame in you now. This is what you feel ashamed of but not about the most terrible pictures that unfolded in your heart and come from Above.

If you try bringing everything that you have in your possession into equivalence with the Creator, then you begin revealing all the details: where it comes from, why, what for, how to ask for help, and how to make it work. But if you have no intention to correct yourself, then you do not even open the package sent to you or realize what comes to you.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/31/12, Shamati #50

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  1. Hi dr. Lightmann,
    My name is jesse ephraim young, i am a 25 year old male living in america and i wanted to say thank you.
    I first found the bnei baruch center while searching the internet ” how to get rid of your ego”.
    I found a childs movie that showed cogs living seperatly but yearning for connection and i knew instantly the simple messages depicted described my lifes developement. Since then i have gone through to graduate your education center. I have read the books, many times, each word providing the power and the passion to strive for the connections revealed every moment (with his will).
    I have found your blog, read by auto speech to be a spring! Such bounty in plane sight! I am writing because during a session, you had asked us to write, so that you may know our states, well please, know that peace has been found and it is because of your great efforts and the efforts of the friends! America is listening, i am listening and i live now to spread such gifts. I cannot thank you enough and feel the connection pulling me to be ever involved with the groups, (only i know how truly lacking i have been, forgive me friends!)
    With each others help we will unite america, the world, the souls.
    I only hope to share with you the importance of the work you’ve done, specifically the internet disseminations, videos, sounds clips, live chats ect. I have found them to be powerfull tools with very great potential for disemination to the american kli. I have benifited immensly and know countless others can and will feel the world kli. I have been to two congresses, and can still feel the pulling from these simple videos just as effectivlely as if i’m there, with you and the friends studying the zohar! I know i cannot convey the impact you have all had on me with your efforts. Just know i will strive so that the whole world knows peace and love as i have come to know it in you. Thank you again, for all of your light! I look forward to our continued developement together!

    P.S. i was recently in NYC attending a “spiritual concert”, and you had stated that the crowd was not quite ready for what you had to say. Afterwards while i was leaving i was talking to my fiance, and i felt a bump on my left shoulder. I turned around to apologize to the person i struck so carelessly and i was speechless as i had bumped into dr. Michael laitmann himself! Im sure you don’t remember it, but it was for me very special, as if you had contacted me that day on purpose, a connection with my teacher! What a day i had. Thank you once again for everthything you do.

    Best wishes and blessings,

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