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Fundamentals of Kabbalah – 06.03.12

A Virtual Lesson on Fundamentals of Kabbalah

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Mutual Guarantee: Not Rosy Dreams But Real Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanSome of our groups find it hard to tie the wisdom of Kabbalah with mutual guarantee. People who have come to study Kabbalah don’t really want to learn about mutual guarantee and of course don’t want to disseminate the message of mutual guarantee to the world.

Actually I understand them. When I came to Rabash at the age of 33, I was a scientist by character and in my previous occupation. Before I came to Israel, from the age of 6 to the age of 28, I studied and read scientific literature all the time. This also stemmed from a deficiency to discover the Creator, the force that manages everything.

At Rabash’s, I heard about “love thy friend as thyself.” In Russia this principle was distorted in favor of the elite and it was very unpleasant for me to hear it because behind the words about love there were the greatest swindlers and thieves who did the exact opposite and exploited others for their own good. It was very hard to get used to the idea that this principle is the basis of the wisdom of Kabbalah because it’s supposed to speak about the secrets of creation, and suddenly it speaks about the old stuff.

Then I started learning about the inner system: It turns out that the shattered desire to receive has become egoistic, and in order to return to the world of Ein Sof (Infinity), we should correct our ego. This means that we should bring inside and closer to us that which seems distant, to turn what seems as hated into beloved. Despite our current desire, despite the pride, the passions, the respect, you should step on yourself and reject your ego more and more by getting closer to people that you hate. Thus you climb the steps of the spiritual ladder.

Only after I understood the way, I stopped shuddering when I heard words about love. It took me about two to three years and it wasn’t easy at all compared to the strong repulsion I felt at the beginning. But the fact that I learned the system and its laws helped me, just like a doctor who looks at the results of tests or at an x-ray. Then I understood where these words were taken from; I understood that these words have nothing to do with human aspects or with being good and living in brotherhood. It’s about the source of all our conflicts, about the basis of our nature, which we, having no choice, must fulfill. This is what convinced me.

Therefore, we should explain to all our friends in Israel and abroad so that they’ll understand that dissemination to all those who want to learn the wisdom of Kabbalah and the wider dissemination of mutual guarantee to the whole world is what Tikkun (correction) means. If in the past a Kabbalist could correct himself by himself or with the help of a teacher, today it’s impossible.

It isn’t I who says this, Baal HaSulam writes about the fact that we have to do this. So you can’t reach internal correction if you don’t establish a group. For the group to start living and to advance in the right direction, you have to be connected to the whole world and to disseminate with all your might the idea about the essence of the current problems and their solutions to the whole world. First, dissemination should be done in Israel because the people of Israel should become the source of the system for the whole world.

Thus the circles are created: Around you there is the group, around the group there is Israel, and around Israel there is the whole world. If you don’t take this system into account you won’t succeed and you will not draw the Light that Reforms. You must encircle everything to a certain extent. This stems from the shattering of the vessels and from the necessary correction of the whole ladder from the vital period about which Baal HaSulam writes. People who don’t want to fulfill that simply don’t want to hear what our spiritual teacher says.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/01/12, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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How Much Does My Correction Cost?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How much do I have to pay the Creator for my correction, as if I pay a surgeon for an operation? What is the work that I have to do?

Answer: All you need to do is to connect; in our world there is nothing but connection. This work is very simple. You pay with your exertion; you have to connect with everyone and love everyone in order to transcend from the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator. Try to attain the greatest rule of the Torah: “Love thy friend as thyself,” the rule that includes everything, and then you will be filled with the Torah, with the Light of Ein Sof (Infinity).

It seems so simple, but this is the hardest thing for us. You can spin around this point for along time, like a dog chasing its tail, and find that it isn’t in your power to achieve connection. You’ll find many excuses; you’ll postpone it until tomorrow and suggest different conditions.

A person doesn’t attain connection by himself; he has to yearn for it and act for it. Suppose I hug you although I don’t feel that I like you. It’s for this reason that I chose you because I feel how much my desire to receive hates this action. Then it’s the gap between the action and the desire that draws the Light and brings me a new desire.

It’s common knowledge that people adopt children and invest so much in them until they begin to love them as if they were their biological children. If a person marries a woman who has a child, he must invest in the child with more efforts than with his own child. This is because if it were my child, he would naturally feel that I am his father, but another child doesn’t see me as his father and I also know that he isn’t my child, and so I have to invest in him many more powers. I’m afraid that he may disrespect me or may hate me because he’s a stranger to me.

But thanks to the fact that I invest in him more than in anything, I begin to love him more than my own child in whom I don’t invest so much. Everything is determined by the efforts made; therefore, there is nothing else you can do but invest your powers.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/31/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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The Center Is A Place For Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanBecause of the current circumstances we are forced to leave the building that has been our home for many years. The requirements from the authorities simply leave us no choice.

In the new building we will have to make changes and renovations, which alone are very expensive, so it is much better to buy a building instead of renting one like we did before. We want to find a place in which our friends who come from overseas could stay, where we will have a places for classes; in short, we need the minimum so that we can have a good logistic center for the correction of the world.

We have to move as soon as possible and so I am turning to you: Let’s make an effort. All the options we’ve checked cost at least twice as much as the sum we’ve collected so far. Only if we collect another million dollars will we be able to ask the bank for a loan. In the meantime we are “stuck” in the middle of the process and we can’t initiate anything.

The money won’t “come from Heaven,” it is a matter of everyone’s exertion.

Question: So do my lack of trust, doubts and dilemmas provide a basis for exertion?

Answer: Yes, it says: “If I am not for myself, who is for me?” The faith comes later when you receive an answer, a response, a reward from Above. Faith doesn’t annul the exertion.

Question: I don’t feel that the new building will be my home. I have my local center and this is where I work.

Answer: You receive all the material, all the media products, all the books from here, from the center. Our Internet sites, the TV channel, and all the lessons are provided from the center. Here is where all our activities of unity and dissemination are planned and organized. Try cutting yourself off the center and what will you have?

This is a huge system that operates daily in several languages and in many different directions. Every event and every product requires professional preparation. Only babies can think that their food grows on trees together with the bottle, while grownups need to understand where it comes from. Without the hundreds of people working here, we wouldn’t be able to activate thousands more all over the world. If a person doesn’t understand the connection with us, let him try to manage without us.

The center is a place for everyone. In the past it was enough for a Kabbalist to write a book and to publish it. But today as we are developing together with humanity, we are working on the changes together. We have to create a daily connection with the world that is constantly changing by constantly opening new doors for our message. I feel it much more now that the material of the lessons and the global events are mutually connected and that here the wisdom of life is studied.

Therefore, we are required to work hard and to be consistent. The pace is growing—today a book that is six months late is no longer relevant. The world is advancing and constantly needs new materials. In the past books were relevant for hundreds of years, while today we are forced to publish them almost at the pace of the news. Everything is changing very quickly, including a person’s capacity to perceive and to understand.

On the whole, our logistic center is becoming increasingly more important, especially since we are beginning to train teachers, educators, and organizers for the whole world. The people in our groups will be ready and start taking on the new roles and to grow more and more new branches for this “tree” that is growing so fast. Of course, we will need to constantly monitor that we are producing new materials of different types.

The main point will become clearer for everyone, that this is the center of the correction method of the world. The wider our activities will be, the more people will look at us. There is nothing to be ashamed of: The connection between the upper force and our world is here in the center of the group. With all due respect for the other groups, they should hold on to us more strongly and then they will be inside, in the center of all the circles.

If a person doesn’t feel this connection, he only thinks that he understands something. He doesn’t feel that this is the place he is receiving all his energy from. Eventually, you can live your whole life on a “cross road,” and not choose your own way.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/31/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)“

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“How Wonderful And Pleasant It Is To Sit Together As Brothers”

“How wonderful and pleasant it is to sit together as brothers.” These are friends who are sitting together, not parting from each other. At first, they seem to be people in enmity with each other and wanting to kill each other. But afterward, they return to brotherly love. And then they exclaim: “How wonderful and pleasant it is to sit together as brothers.” By doing this, they reach similarity to the integral system of nature and they correspond to it. And in their common love, they reveal the essence of nature, its perfection and eternity.
The Book of Zohar, Chapter “Acharei Mot”

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“Eurozone Biggest Threat To Global Outlook, OECD Says”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from BBC News): “The eurozone crisis is the single biggest threat to the global economy, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

“Failure to act today could lead to a worsening of the European crisis and spillovers beyond the euro area, with serious consequences for the global economy.’ …[said OECD chief economist Pier Carlo Padoan]

“‘Reform fatigue is increasing and tolerance for fiscal adjustment may be reaching a limit. …’

“’Rising unemployment and social pain may spark political contagion and adverse market reaction”, with countries outside the euro also at risk of being hit,’ he added.”

My Comment: This is the opinion of the most competent EU authority. But no one has the levers of influence because the process turns from the linear (individual egoistic) development to the integral (round) one, which we cannot control. We have been creating all our economic and social tools in the state of linear egoistic development (evolution) of humanity for thousands of years.

But today, when our egoism has reached its maximum linear (individual, independent) development (as seen by the general crisis and depression, that is, the absence of new desires) and turned into “round” in the global and total (integral) egoism, we discover that we cannot understand it and moreover manage it by the methods, developed in the past.

Only Kabbalah, as the science of our nature, desire, its change and fulfillment, can give us the tool of influence over everything that happens to us. Kabbalists are called to convey this knowledge to humankind. There is a hope that people will be able to discern the truth through their preconceived notions.

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The Eternity Of The Integral Process

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How much should crime decrease in a city where we have implemented integral education, so we can we be certain that the work carried out on 10-20%?

Answer: I think that the process of the integral upbringing is endless. We must constantly advance people forward. The city should develop all the time in its spiritual property, in unity. Therefore, a service of integral upbringing has to constantly work there. It should include a few dozen people working in integral education, taking classes, training sessions, and quizzes.

First of all, such events should take place in every school or extended day program where students will receive the integral upbringing. This is a completely different type of instruction. These are not school drills in front of a teacher, but rather discussions of problems in a circle with a psychologist. Such work is very productive, and it gives serious results.
From KabTV’s “Experimental City: Upbringing”, 03/03/12

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Middle Class Greeks Queue For Charity Soup

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from DailyMail): “’At first it was the immigrants and the illegals; the homeless. Now they’ve been joined by the young, the professionals, the middle class. And every day more come. …’

“‘We’re seeing them younger and younger,’ [volunteer Dimitria Kollia] says. ‘And also professional couples who’ve lost their jobs. In three months the queue has changed, and that is very frightening for our future.’

“… A quarter of Greek firms have gone bust in three years; employment is at 22 per cent and rising; new property taxes have hit all, as have massive salary, pension and welfare cuts. …

“Quietly every day, and the figure is rising, at least 4,000 are fed by the charity of the city [Athens], the churches and individual communities. Some say that figure is a woeful underestimate. Schools have been given extra meals for children who have been fainting with hunger.”

My Comment: It’s impossible to feed the hungry in this way; there will be up to 50% of them and more. All manufacturing and services are being reduced to a reasonable limit, the economy of reasonable consumption. We should accept growing unemployment as a fact, as a trend rather than a sudden and temporary phenomenon, create a new approach to the new world—for this our program of integral education and upbringing is intended.

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There Won’t Be A Delay

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose that the integral program of study has been calculated to include 100 hours a month and one of the participants is absent from the study for a justified reason of being sick or his child being sick. What should be done with him, since he exited the learning process and can’t catch up?

Answer: Thanks to the learning process being conducted virtually through local communication media, TV, and radio, it will make it possible to repeat all the programs several times a day. Thus, there won’t be cases of seriously being behind.

Even if a person is ill or needs to stay home in order to take care of a child, etc., still there will be opportunities to advance together with the group, but maybe at a different pace. But in any case, he will be present at the lessons, which will prevent him from falling behind to a great extent.

It seems to me that we need to get people used to virtual studying, that they will receive more from the screen, and that it doesn’t matter that one of the participants doesn’t come to the group if he has a justified reason. In any case, he can receive the same information if he stays at home because of illness. And afterward he will be integrated naturally into the group and take a test. It won’t be a problem.

Besides that, it is forbidden to reject mutual assistance, since people are learning a special subject in which mutual help constitutes its principle, and actually one pulls the other.
From KabTV’s “Experimental City: Upbringing” 3/3/12

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