The Eternity Of The Integral Process

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How much should crime decrease in a city where we have implemented integral education, so we can we be certain that the work carried out on 10-20%?

Answer: I think that the process of the integral upbringing is endless. We must constantly advance people forward. The city should develop all the time in its spiritual property, in unity. Therefore, a service of integral upbringing has to constantly work there. It should include a few dozen people working in integral education, taking classes, training sessions, and quizzes.

First of all, such events should take place in every school or extended day program where students will receive the integral upbringing. This is a completely different type of instruction. These are not school drills in front of a teacher, but rather discussions of problems in a circle with a psychologist. Such work is very productive, and it gives serious results.
From KabTV’s “Experimental City: Upbringing”, 03/03/12

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