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First Phase Completed: What’s Next?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In Israel, the integral method is already being implemented, but in other places it’s only starting to take its first steps. But in order to take that step, certain courage and support are needed.

Answer: There is a particular environment here in Israel. It’s an entirely different atmosphere, different inclinations for all initial conditions. In other countries this process is much harder. I think that it should follow the type of path as in North America, for example. Right now they are starting to approach the second phase.

The first phase began with the Occupy Wall Street protest movement. Moreover, such movements took place in many cities in America and Canada. Our people didn’t participate in the protests themselves because it’s useless to exchange one thing for another, never have revolutions brought anything other than suffering. This is why we only come to such events in order to distribute our materials.

Initially we encountered some resistance, police treated us with suspicion, and so on. But after they learned what kind of materials we’re disseminating, they stopped objecting. In some way in various countries, this material passed through the authorities, the police, and received internal approval, and so they don’t touch us anymore, they allow us to hand out our information and treat us with respect.

This is our first completed stage.

Almost a year has passed from the start of protest marches. And now an interesting phenomenon is occurring. Since we’re constantly handing out newer and newer flyers, people see that we have very logical materials. In these flyers, we’re gradually starting to explain the integral method: why nothing other than unification works. And here the authorities are starting to play along with us internally. And the protesters themselves, as well, since they understand that we have an inner strength, an idea—something that they lack. All they have is “we’ll break windows, beat each other, take away from some and give to others.” Naturally, neither the government, nor the police, nor those from whom things are to be taken away agree with this. While we, on the contrary, by juxtaposing ourselves to others find ourselves in demand. They want to use us to legitimize their movements and so they invite us. This results in a very interesting symbiosis: Both the protest movements and we are interested in directing this toward a correct course.

“You are right, there’s nothing good in this world and everything should be changed. The only thing is that we need to change it like this. See for yourselves. Are you really going to destroy everything that exists today? And what will you build instead? Do you have plans, opportunities, and ideas? Have you prepared any resources? No! But we are offering a solution, and moreover, one that doesn’t require great resources. Everything depends only on our desires, and we’ll be able to achieve this.”

Today we’re are invited to all kinds of forums where different opinions are expressed. We really are in demand now. For a long time we didn’t seek out contact because everyone tried to draw us in and conform us to them as they sensed that there is some additional force. But it’s no longer the case now, now they understand, at the very least, that they need to be on par with us. We’re gradually entering this process, yet we still remain ourselves.

And now, a new phase is starting, and unfortunately, in this regard, North America is falling behind: There is a shortage of teachers of integral education. We need to prepare teachers and educators very quickly, in rapid tempo, and instead of giving people flyers, offer them lectures and explanations. This is the next phase.
From a “Talk About Integral Education” 5/20/12

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Within My People

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll the vessels can be filled only by each other and by bestowing upon one another. To the extent that you bestow on upon others, you bestow upon the Creator. The more you can connect with others, the more you connect with the Creator. This is called: “I dwell within my people” because if you connect with others, you find the Creator there.

Therefore, “Love thy friend as thyself is the great rule of the Torah” since by bestowing upon your friend, you bestow upon the Creator. It is the only thing you should do, and there is nothing more than that. To bestow upon the Creator refers to the general vessel and the general Light that fills it. With regard to others, we perform individual correction that cannot be fulfilled through them if you don’t intend to bring contentment to the Creator, meaning the general vessel.

We cannot perceive the Creator in any other way but through the general force of bestowal that is revealed in the general vessel, in the general desire. If we want to avoid the bestowal upon others within the general network, it prevents us from doing the right thing and it cuts us off from reality since all of reality is based only on the connection among us. There, the general bestowal called the upper Light, the general law called “the Creator,” is revealed.

Therefore it says “Love thy friend as thyself is the great rule of the Torah.”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/07/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Globality: What Is It?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do you mean when you use the word “global”?

Answer: Globality, in my understanding (not according to Wikipedia), started when our influences on nature have stopped being local and became global, meaning that essentially, whatever I do, I affect nature of the entire planetthe globality of place.

In addition, I affect the entire planet not only now, at the current moment, meaning that my influence does not continue as long as it lasts, but rather, by influencing nature, I directly affect all subsequent generations, for eternitythe globality of time.

Our negative influences on the entire nature and for eternity give rise to the secondary, tertiary, etc. negative consequences. We are not even aware of the majority of them because they haven’t manifested in nature yet—the globality of movement.

Our negative influences upon the still, vegetative, and animate nature come back, in their negative influence, to us, to the human nature; moreover, it happens not only in the form of our physiological and psychological transformations. Our individual egoism of everyone turns out to be global, and it’s not by our choice. However, our egoisms accumulate together into a global egoism, augmented by mass media, and a global egoism returns to us in its overall influence upon us, turning us into egoistic mutants—the egoistic globality.

This egoistic globality in particular must be corrected into altruistic globality—this is our calling and salvation from suffering, by which nature will nevertheless force us to reach the positive globality in all forms of human civilization: political (a united government of a united humanity—”The Future Generation”), moral (all are equal, like in a family), social (a single global upbringing determines the same approach to science, culture/religion), and spiritual (in a global unification, the revelation of a Single, Upper Force of Nature)—the altruistic globality.

Today, the correction of our attitude to the world is still an utopia, which in Greek means an absence of place. But the accumulating negative global phenomena and consequences create a place, a sum of negative phenomena, which will force us to take up correction—an utopia will become reality.

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Standing In Front Of The Mirror

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”: “It turns out that he regresses the world, as they said, “One sinner destroyeth much good.” Because he could not overcome his petty lust, he pushed the spirituality of the whole world backwards.”

Baal HaSulam tells us about the general system in which we exist. A person thinks that he lives in a world that is made up of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, and also seven billion people. He doesn’t understand that it is actually the Creator who presents Himself to him this way.

In another place, Baal HaSulam says that a person who causes his friend sorrow is actually causing the Creator sorrow. It is as if we are looking at a kind of “display”: the Creator is depicted to us in the form of the inanimate, the vegetative, the animate and humans who are around us so that we will respond to them and with their help, together with them, we will be able to reach the goal. He has prepared all this for us to ease our way to the goal.

If we all shared one desire to receive that is not divided into parts, facing one Light, that is not divided into an “Inner Light” and a “Surrounding Light” and to many other Lights and other influences, we would never be able to correct ourselves. Our desire to receive is now external as a result of the shattering of the vessels and is presented to us in external forms that are opposite from us. On the whole, I hate the others instead of loving them. If the desire were inside me, I would love the others and fill them, but this way I want to steal from them and to empty them by filling only what now seems to me as myself.

So we are facing a very special kind of work—in our distorted perception, in darkness, and in blindness, we can work as if we are already corrected.

I don’t love, I hate others’ desire to receive and I only want to steal from it, and now I have to bring it inside me. The hatred and the repulsion that motivate me aren’t really aimed at others but at my desire to receive that is presented to me as someone else. I am shown this false display of my internality, which seems to be outside myself, thus helping me to relate to my internality in a corrected spiritual way.

If my desire were felt as my own, I would love it and want to feel it, but now I hate it, reject it, and want to empty it. This helps me form the right spiritual attitude. Even without trying to change my attitude to others, I only need to change my understanding of the picture and to acknowledge the fact that what seems to be outside me is my essence.

Thus it is clear that the upper Providence is playing a special game with us, by working with others we work with our desire to receive. The hatred and the repulsion create the right conditions and only the “fact” that this desire isn’t mine, brings me down in the meantime from the spiritual height of the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) to the corporeal depth of this world.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/07/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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