Globality: What Is It?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do you mean when you use the word “global”?

Answer: Globality, in my understanding (not according to Wikipedia), started when our influences on nature have stopped being local and became global, meaning that essentially, whatever I do, I affect nature of the entire planetthe globality of place.

In addition, I affect the entire planet not only now, at the current moment, meaning that my influence does not continue as long as it lasts, but rather, by influencing nature, I directly affect all subsequent generations, for eternitythe globality of time.

Our negative influences on the entire nature and for eternity give rise to the secondary, tertiary, etc. negative consequences. We are not even aware of the majority of them because they haven’t manifested in nature yet—the globality of movement.

Our negative influences upon the still, vegetative, and animate nature come back, in their negative influence, to us, to the human nature; moreover, it happens not only in the form of our physiological and psychological transformations. Our individual egoism of everyone turns out to be global, and it’s not by our choice. However, our egoisms accumulate together into a global egoism, augmented by mass media, and a global egoism returns to us in its overall influence upon us, turning us into egoistic mutants—the egoistic globality.

This egoistic globality in particular must be corrected into altruistic globality—this is our calling and salvation from suffering, by which nature will nevertheless force us to reach the positive globality in all forms of human civilization: political (a united government of a united humanity—”The Future Generation”), moral (all are equal, like in a family), social (a single global upbringing determines the same approach to science, culture/religion), and spiritual (in a global unification, the revelation of a Single, Upper Force of Nature)—the altruistic globality.

Today, the correction of our attitude to the world is still an utopia, which in Greek means an absence of place. But the accumulating negative global phenomena and consequences create a place, a sum of negative phenomena, which will force us to take up correction—an utopia will become reality.

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