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Turning My Core Inside Out

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything is determined by the inner intention and no words are needed for that. If we know that we must constantly be connected, by overcoming all the interruptions, both the collective ones within the group and the private ones each of us encounters, we will have the right intention.

We constantly return to the intention during the lesson, while listening to the recordings during the day, and while reading the blog. So, I always remind myself and bring myself and return to the intention to connect. Besides, I also worry that all the friends will be connected since if we have a strong collective desire, we will discover the Creator.

If this general collective vessel doesn’t exist, we will not attain the revelation.

This condition isn’t the Creator’s or the upper field’s whim according to which it seems that you are asked to pay in one place in order to later receive something in another place, like in a store. This doesn’t exist in spirituality.

You need to feel a necessity, the need for that attribute of bestowal, and only then will you be able to discover it. Now too, it surrounds you on all sides. You are in this upper field, but you cannot reveal it because you don’t feel a need for it. So what are you crying about?

You don’t even know what the attribute of bestowal or what the upper field that you are yearning for are. You are crying about something that is totally different, about the fact that you didn’t receive a filling in your desire to receive, in your ego. If you really needed the attribute of bestowal, then you would immediately reveal it within this field.

After all, you are within this field, but your charge, your desire to perceive it, is weak at the moment. It could be that this charge is directed in the opposite direction, not in order to receive the attribute of bestowal, but simply in order to enjoy it.

You can check whether you are aiming at the same direction as that field by using the attribute of bestowal if you try to connect with others. Then you will see whether you really want connection or not, whether you need bestowal and love or not.

We will not receive the inner attributes necessary for the contact with the upper field, with the Creator in order to ask Him for the force of correction, until we begin to connect in the group above our ego, by trying to connect. Therefore working in the group is an essential preliminary condition. Therefore, it says “from the love of the created being to the love of the Creator.”

It is for this reason that the shattering of the desires occurred, so that by working with others we will be able to attain the necessity and the need for the attribute of bestowal. The main thing is the desire to learn to bestow.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/12, Shamati #30

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With The Speed The World Opens

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do I find it so easy to speak about the wisdom of Kabbalah as it happens as if by itself, but when I begin to tell people about mutual guarantee, it becomes so hard and I have to think carefully and make great efforts?

Answer: That’s great! Now you are discovering that when you speak about the wisdom of Kabbalah, you use words that are meaningless for you, about a world that you don’t feel yet. But if you begin to speak using this world’s language, about mutual guarantee, hate, closeness, alienation, and connection, you already begin to bring in strong emotions and then you understand how far away you are from these concepts.

Indeed, it really gets hard to speak about it because as long as you are using the language of Kabbalah, everything comes out very smoothly: Reshimot, Partzufim, Masachim (screens) that rise and descend from one place to another, restriction, Returning Light, Direct Light… it all seems to be great. You play with the words like a juggler in a circus juggling balls, but in the meantime, these are just words.

When you begin to tie the words to your feelings and don’t use the language of Kabbalah, but rather this world’s language, you discover how foreign it is to your heart. This is why it becomes so difficult.

We have to start using words that are closer to the heart, and then you will understand to what extent the heart doesn’t agree with them. Get your heart used to them gradually, bit by bit. This is what is happening to us now; we are advancing correctly.

We will advance at the pace the world opens up to us without forcing it, but simply by using the opportunities given to us: connecting different organizations, giving out brochures and leaflets, disseminating materials through the Internet, giving lectures, etc. Then we will see how the road opens up for us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/12, Shamati #30

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The Baby Wants To Grow!

Dr. Michael LaitmanAt the moment, we don’t understand to what extent our advancement depends on the advancement of the world. This will be revealed gradually and we will feel our obligation towards the world. The baby is given to its parents, not in order to make them happy and to have something to play with, but so that they will take care of him and worry about him all the time. This responsibility also becomes enjoyable and fun since love changes from a great responsibility to a desired privilege.

We have begun a new era and the world wants to advance, but doesn’t know to where, and so its despair grows from day to day, and we feel its helplessness. This helps us advance. Actually Kabbalists in the past had much more difficult times when they didn’t see any changes in the world and no results of their work. We, however, were given this very special opportunity.

A married couple that has no children suffers greatly. Sometimes the connection between the two becomes so tight that they decide to live for it, but in fact, only children turn a couple into a family.

So if we worry about the world, we will become the parents that have a baby and it will tighten the connections among us. It will bring us success in everything we yearn for.

In order to do that, we have to study and improve our method. Everyone must become a lecturer, a teacher, or an organizer and thus we will advance. If we don’t worry about people, then there is no way we will advance. The Creator doesn’t need our advancement by itself, it is the desires of the seven billion that He needs, and so we have to work for them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/12, Shamati #30

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Do We Have 228 Years To Think?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does the world have a chance to reach correction in the 228 years we have left until the end of the 6,000 years we were given for that, and how will we feel it?

Answer: No one can say how much time we have left until Gmar Tikkun (the end of correction). This was spoken of much by the prophets who spoke about it in hidden allusions. This means that they also didn’t know when it would happen because it relates to our free will. Baal HaSulam thought that Gmar Tikkun would come tomorrow if not today since everything is ready for it from Above!

We also think that it will happen soon. We can base our belief on what is happening in the world today, although no one knows anything for sure. It says that the correction will take 6,000 years, which means that there are 228 years left. But is it really during this length of time that we have to reach Gmar Tikkun, in a good way or in a bad way?

In a good way we can reach correction tomorrow, or even today. There are no limits here. If we want to be corrected, our desire will immediately summon upon us the influence of the upper field. No special arrangement on the Creator’s part is necessary. Our desire is enough in order to evoke it. We are the masters of the states we find ourselves in.

We cannot know when it will happen, but as we near Gmar Tikkun, after the revelation of the upper world, which is called a spiritual birth, we still feel this world in all the 125 degrees of the spiritual ascent. The moment we reach the general correction and everyone is corrected, there is a connection of all the vessels, of all the individual spiritual desires, then our world disappears, since there is one general vessel for all the desires to receive.

When its last particle moves on to bestowal, there isn’t one desire left that is not corrected and in order to bestow. Therefore, the feeling of this world that exists only within the egoistic desire without a Masach (screen) disappears! And only the upper world remains!

Since all the desires are connected, all the worlds unite and become one general upper world, in the level of Ein Sof (Infinity). So by attaining Gmar Tikkun together with the whole world, you cease to feel this world. You will not need it! And besides, you will have no vessels to perceive it, since you have corrected your last egoistic desire. Then this reality will disappear from your feeling.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/12, Shamati #30

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I Want Everyone To Feel Good!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What exactly does our connection come down to?

Answer: Our connection is based on the fact that we are all part of one society and we want to make it a better, more just, kind, and compassionate society that listens carefully to every individual.

I want everyone to feel good! No one should be dispossessed of his assets and we shouldn’t take money from the rich. No one can neglect any of the weaker strata of society: the poor, the elderly, or women. One should not profit at the expense of another.

This is possible only if we first establish a fair society based on equality. From this perspective, we will treat everyone like in a family where there are children, elderly, and parents with many responsibilities, obligations, and problems. However, if we all sit at around the table, we understand what the child needs, what medicines grandpa needs, and what the household expenses should be. Now we look at what is left and we divide the rest among us and live on it.

If we could act and solve all the problems in society in such a loving attitude towards everyone, no one would complain about why we acted the way we did. Everyone would see that it is all done fairly since a baby has certain needs and an elderly has other needs. This means that we first have to attain connection like in a good family.

Then even if we don’t have great resources, they will suffice and no one will suffer and feel deprived, which is the main complaint people usually express as they feel that they don’t have what the others have and what is more, it is at my expense.
From the Workshop in Toronto 6/20/12

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Removing Spicy Distractions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do men and women take part in the process of integrality?

Answer: In principle, there are no special differences between men and women. In the classroom, it is preferable, of course, to protect the men from sexual interferences and to make sure that even if they are sitting together in a mixed group, it won’t distract them from their awareness. Especially if they are sitting in a circle looking at each other and communicating, they have to learn to rise above the sexual attractions and rejections of their “animal” so that they will look at each person in the circle as the source of desire, and that each one can become integrated with the others, above their body. This is what we need to bring them to.

If we see this kind of disturbance still exists, then beforehand we will have to build a group in which this kind of disturbance won’t appear.

Question: In the second phase of the studies, we prepare experts, both men and women. The task of the man is more or less understood. But which tasks should be prepared for the women?

Answer: I think that more educational tasks for the children, for pensioners, and less for grownups aged 17-50 where male instructors will be more demanded and more suitable.

Of course, this needs to be according to the society you are involved with: Europeans, Asians, or South Americans. It could be that the teaching will be done by couples who will show how they cooperate successfully with each other. In this way, a good atmosphere will be created in the group, and there won’t be any sexual problems.

They can display their equal and absolute cooperation, like two teachers, two human beings, that are approaching the integral world, and want to be included into humanity above their bodies, above the hormones, and other kinds of considerations, and then this will influence the group and they will be able to work quietly and peacefully.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/22/12

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The Good Environment For The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: For us the environment is the group, the books, and the teacher. What is the right environment for the general population?

Answer: We are. A good environment is the level that is higher than me. If I turn to the environment from below (1) and value the friends by seeing them as greater than me (2), I receive the right impression from them (3).

Today the upper level for us is the teacher, the group, and the study. For the “nations of the world” it is us, the Bnei Baruch organization, in other words, mutual guarantee.

The Good Environment For The World
On the whole, there are three levels: the nations of the world (99%), us (1%), and the upper level, which is the Creator. So it turns out that our role is to be the link: We work in order to be incorporated in the Creator and to find a connection with Him on the one hand, and on the other hand, in order to help the world. Thus Bina is also divided into two parts: the three upper Sefirot (GAR) and the seven lower Sefirot (ZAT).

The Good Environment For The World
Question: How can 1% become the environment for the 99%?

Answer: The 1% is much stronger than the 99% because it is higher in its quality. It says: “A righteous is the foundation of the world.”

Similarly the vegetative level in nature is above all the inanimate matter in the universe, and the animate level is higher than the vegetative. It is a pyramid: No matter how large the herd is, it will follow one shepherd. Mass has nothing to do with the active force in reality; billions of people are a very weak level. They have no power, are confused, and are only willing to argue, quarrel, and destroy the world; they have already exhausted all their creativity.

Therefore it says: “You are the fewest of all the nations.” A few thousand are enough for the world and even less in order to manage the world. What is more, the global media were actually prepared precisely for that.

On the whole a certain plan was prepared from Above and we have to do our job and to be sure that if we do it correctly the whole world will be fine.
From the 1st part Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/20/12 in Toronto, “Messiah’s Shofar”

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The Most Effective Method

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Psychologists divide people’s needs to sensory, general values such as friendship, a good occupation, etc. and instrumental values such as being meticulous, cheerfulness, a sense of humor, performativity, strong will power, tolerance towards others’ values, a wide perspective, etc.

So it turns out that major conflicts, between children for example, occur because they don’t want to be polite or when they fail in doing something. In any case, the major crisis seems to be mainly regarding instrumental values.

Answer: I see it as people’s inability to connect. This means to diminish yourself relative to others, to understand others, to see them as higher or lower than you, to position yourself relative to others; when to be gentle toward them in order to feel them, to remove some of your own “self,” and to look at yourself and at others from the side, is undoubtedly a tool.

But why should we emphasize or present hundreds of fine discernments of qualities and attributes when they are all based on egoism?

If I can lower my ego, bend, and place the other above me, all the attributes such as sensitivity, understanding, attention, tolerance, kindness, etc. appear naturally.

Regarding the other there is only one perspective according to which I am either higher or lower than him. When we are equal I cannot even see what this equality relates to, to which parameters. As to being higher or lower, I perceive this aspect very sharply.

This means that a person should be trained to relate to others objectively: Let’s look at a person from the side, here he is before you: beautiful or ugly, black or white, it doesn’t matter. Each time, try to put yourself both higher and lower than him regarding a certain attribute, and do it as much as you can.

At the same time there is no intention to underestimate the other by using the term “higher or lower,” but only to understand things. When I place myself higher than the other, I do it in order to pass on something to him, in order to teach him something. I use myself as an instrument that fills him with certain emotions, knowledge, etc. I treat him like a child, whereas I am the grownup, but a grownup with good intentions that treats him well. I can immediately make myself smaller compared to him, and make him bigger compared to me in everything. Then I become the child compared to a grown up, or student compared to a teacher, who can now receive from him. Thus I can be enriched by anyone.

It is important to say that I never see the true objective picture of the world, but only the picture that my ego depicts for me, so this picture is actually distorted. Later when I look back at the past, I see how mistaken I was. But is it possible to be mistaken?

Not to be mistaken, meaning to see the world in its true form, is only possible according to the way I build myself with respect to this world, with respect to every person and to every event: higher or lower, and that in the end I profit from that. Thus I create inside me immense opportunities for studying, for teaching others, for finding a filling, and for communicating to the extent that I am ready to listen and to let myself be a source.

This is the most practical and effective method. It enables us to reach stability when everyone sees the other once from above and once from below, and to become flexible and soft and able to manage myself. As a result of this form of communication, we reach the middle way and we become equal by finding an objective point of balance. This is what we should bring people to, by showing them that it is possible, so that they will use this method in different types of communication.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/23/12

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Summing Up The Roundtable Discussion

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What would you say at the end of the roundtable discussion to sum up its results?

Answer: I would say the following: We made an attempt to connect, to rise above our disputes, and we tried to perceive the connection as an uppermost value. It became clear to us that if we connect, then by this connection we will be able to solve different problems. If we continue with the roundtable discussions, we will have a chance to succeed.

We will live without conflicts and wars in a more appropriate manner that everyone will acknowledge. All layers of society can be part of this connection. No one will be deprived in any way, and it’s the safest way to solve problems.

If we continue with our attempts to connect by such discussions, we can reach a general consensus, unity, and mutual understanding. The representatives of all layers of society will unite, talk, and understand each other better. They will try to connect above all the differences and will not point at each other, blaming the others.

We raise ourselves to such a level in order to first think of our connection. Then from this connection, like in a family, we will solve all the problems each of us has.

There is no other approach that enables us to reach a just distribution of resources to which no one will object. First, we have to reach cooperation, and then we can already see what each one wants and decide how we can all do it together. But if we distribute the resources without this connection, it will bring about terrible wars, and then the strong ones will try to take a greater share. Then we will never be able to live in peace and in agreement.
From the Workshop in Toronto 6/20/12 

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