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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do I find it so easy to speak about the wisdom of Kabbalah as it happens as if by itself, but when I begin to tell people about mutual guarantee, it becomes so hard and I have to think carefully and make great efforts?

Answer: That’s great! Now you are discovering that when you speak about the wisdom of Kabbalah, you use words that are meaningless for you, about a world that you don’t feel yet. But if you begin to speak using this world’s language, about mutual guarantee, hate, closeness, alienation, and connection, you already begin to bring in strong emotions and then you understand how far away you are from these concepts.

Indeed, it really gets hard to speak about it because as long as you are using the language of Kabbalah, everything comes out very smoothly: Reshimot, Partzufim, Masachim (screens) that rise and descend from one place to another, restriction, Returning Light, Direct Light… it all seems to be great. You play with the words like a juggler in a circus juggling balls, but in the meantime, these are just words.

When you begin to tie the words to your feelings and don’t use the language of Kabbalah, but rather this world’s language, you discover how foreign it is to your heart. This is why it becomes so difficult.

We have to start using words that are closer to the heart, and then you will understand to what extent the heart doesn’t agree with them. Get your heart used to them gradually, bit by bit. This is what is happening to us now; we are advancing correctly.

We will advance at the pace the world opens up to us without forcing it, but simply by using the opportunities given to us: connecting different organizations, giving out brochures and leaflets, disseminating materials through the Internet, giving lectures, etc. Then we will see how the road opens up for us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/12, Shamati #30

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  1. Rav what if it is easier for me to relate to this process in words from our world than in kabbalistic terms?
    talking about Nature and love and hate and so on just seems so much more real and able to relate to the public with these terms than in the terms kabbalah uses.
    after all I am in the Bible belt of America and any reference to Kabbalah is seen as Jewish and rather than listen all these people can think about is how to convert

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