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So That No One Will Be Forgotten

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should we direct our “Prayer for the Many” before the convention in the North so that it will personally influence each one of us so that we will feel the importance of the group and for the world?

Answer: Conventions of this kind are very beneficial. I saw it also according to the groups I visited lately. We need to maintain the intention of bestowal for all of our friends all over the world. It is very influential and advances them significantly.

Each time, I happily discover that the gap between the groups shrinks more and more. It is especially now as the groups opened to meet the general public, when we support the unity of the congresses, and especially with the workshops, the groups feel a very, big change. The distances between us disappear, all gradually become one group, and this causes great happiness.

The convention in the North will begin on Thursday of next week. I very much hope that our friends can get away from work and their other involvements. Nowadays it is not so simple, since it can cause unpleasantness on the side of the employers. I warn you: Don’t put your position at work in danger and don’t leave if there is no possibility to take a vacation.

We will try to have a continuous live broadcast.

As to the preparation, the main thing is the connection. This means a really deep, internal connection between everyone, between all the groups and all the friends so that not one of us will be forgotten. We must prepare for more consolidated and dense activity. From Sunday of next week, we will devote special lessons to this. Be with us, and everything will work out.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/26/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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Closing The Chain Of Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything that we feel is the essence of the desire to receive in which a certain form is revealed. In other words, the desire receives one form or another under the influence of the Light that operates on it. The same desire is the foundation of all the worlds, but there are different forms on different levels.

Everything that we see now is on the lowest level of the desire. A more advanced form appears when the desire takes on the intention of in order to bestow, if the former is replaced by its form to shape the spiritual form. In other respects, there are no differences between various parts in different worlds and in different degrees. Each time, it is simply as if we put on different glasses and thus see the world differently.

The desire remains unchanged and there are 620 sub-desires in it that are all connected in some way. All these degrees come all the way to Malchut of Ein Sof (Infinity). Now too, we also see Malchut of Ein Sof, but from our level according to our vessel of perception. This is what is meant by the phrase: “One judges according to his flaws.”

Question: How can we explain this to a person who doesn’t study Kabbalah?

Answer: The desire to receive is matter. An atom consists of particles that are actually energy, or in other words the desire to move. If a particle doesn’t move, it disappears. The particles are actually energy, light. They interact with each other, connecting and creating different connections. The collective desire is formed by this connection, according to the four phases or the four types of nature: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking.

It is all a desire. It can rise and it can descend, it splits into “plus” and “minus,” but its essence doesn’t change. The images of matter we were used to do not match the scientific concepts, and not only of quantum physics, but also of the fields that deal with the perception of reality. One way or the other, it is clear today that matter is energy. This also has to do with us and with how we perceive ourselves. Of course, not everyone can understand this, but at least they will believe scientific evidence. We perceive many things in life as facts without bothering to check them.

So if all of creation is a desire to receive, we can speak about similarity or differences and closeness or remoteness only in terms of the desire to receive. Equal desires are together. The more they differ, the farther apart they are from each other. Opposite desires are infinitely distant from one another—from adhesion all the way to total oppositeness, and all the other intermediate states are in between. Everything is measured according to the desire.

This means that our work is simple. We have to check the desires and accordingly move forward. Like a psychologist, I look at myself from the side, examining my desires from the outside, checking their parameters: What forms of desires are there in me, to what extent do they control me and to what extent do I control them? According to our current level of understanding, I determined the desired form and equalize it with the current form.

Later I look for a way to move from the current form of desire to the desired from. Kabbalists say that we can do it with the help of the Light that Reforms. This means that I have to determine my current state as undesirable and the future state as good and desired. The distance between the two states causes me great pain and at the same time summons a yearning in me and enables me to exert myself in the group.

Everything is determined by the ratio between the desired and what is. I discover the bitter truth in the current state and yearn for the next state and the upper Light does its job, since it is the Light that should put me through the necessary changes in order to reach the new more advanced forms of desire.

So it is a simple method, although there are many components to it: the group, the teacher, the books, the Creator’s greatness, the studying, the image of reality, the worlds, etc. Eventually, if we attribute all this to externality, I remain in my present state, which I should see as unbearable and the next state as wonderful and that if I don’t attain it, then I’d rather die than live. And where is the Light? It comes through the group, since the next state is the essence of the connection on the new level. These conditions make me act.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/26/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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When Did The Integration Begin?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the history of the appearance of the integral system? Where did the interest in it come from? And how did it evolve?

Answer: When you explain to people about the appearance of the integral system, you must lean on scientific research.

Take, for example, psychology, it was created from behavior patterns in the new world, in a new society, which didn’t exist on the previous level of the ego, and only after did they become apparent in the growth of their new aspects. This drew the attention of the scientists, who immediately began to research them. From this psychology was born.

In the same way, in the beginning of the middle of the last century, integration and cooperation began to appear. In principle, it had already begun in the days of Columbus, from the discovery of the new continent and mutual cooperation that indicated the end of the period of the Middle Ages and progress towards our times.

Thus, our explanations must be based on the data of scientists, on their research, on their importance and value in the eyes of the society, and on nothing else.

Today all kinds of scientists are beginning to explain the facts about integration. Thus, it isn’t worthwhile to pull out the sources of the integral system from the past. It really was discovered in the ancient world, but it waited until our times, until the beginning of this century, the 21st century, when man’s ego had ended its growth and become integral.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/24/12

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Unlimited Opportunities

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We often encounter the following situation: If a person is in the mood to work, he works, and if he isn’t, he stops working and that’s it. Should a person prepare a schedule for himself for the next day or the next week, and firmly stick to it, or should he work as his mood changes?

Answer: No, we must look first at psychology and see that it began to develop a few decades before the social crisis we are facing today in order for it to serve as a guide, as an informative system, that teaches habits in order to bring man to integral cooperation, to a state in which he will be able to accept the new paradigm. Now, when we enable a person to continue his advancement, he understands that he can use every minute of his time in order to attain the desired feelings and to constantly expand his boundaries of attainment.

Attainment in a “circle” is different from attainment in a “line” since, in a line, I feel everything inside my “bag,” in a “sack,” in a “wallet,” whereas attainment in a line is assessed according to its development, according to the extent of the expanding sphere.

I don’t bring all this inside. On the contrary, this sphere is bountiful and enables me to feel infinite dimensions since infinity constantly expands with regard to a person’s feelings. These expansions are qualitative in their attributes. They are not perceived theoretically, but are felt as qualities within our desires, and this is our new dimension.

We begin to understand that all the data, the coordinates according to which we measured ourselves—time, distance, and movement—only exist in our feelings, and it is all relative. Here, we begin to accurately feel this relativity upon ourselves, which means that we enter a space that is beyond the limits of our linear measurements, and, according to Einstein and other scientists, this entire space gradually becomes round and closes in a circle.

This circle brings me to the sphere, and I begin to feel that it is expanding, thus making me feel and attain. I begin to see myself as part of a world in which there are no limits. The direct feeling of the existence of my body disappears and so does my dependence on this mass of flesh that, for some reason, is an addition that belongs to me, like some pet that lives next to me. I begin to feel the human in me as something that exists in a new sphere. Then, the feeling of life and death regarding this body disappear.

Feeling the global, integral society raises a person above whatever belongs to his protein body, and thus raises him to the next level of existence. He begins to understand that the death of his body actually is not his own death. There is a great reassessment here of all our values and parameters since, according to Freud and other scientists, the fear of death is the basis of all the sections, dimensions, and our linear psychological elements.

So, the moment a person can feel that he is being filled and that he develops thanks to his greater connection with the round society that surrounds him from which he constantly receives new desires and immediately fulfills them, totally new opportunities and needs appear.

By the way, here begins the new technological revolution that many speak about; it will take place not in fine physical or biological elements and so forth, but actually in the connection between a person and his society.

A person will create the earthly tools he needs, but they will be very simple because all his attention, desires, and fulfillment will be related to those like him in the circle. Therefore, he will pay attention to his body like as to a pet, just as much as it needs in order to survive. Then, we will reach the correct balance with nature in an economy of reasonable consumerism.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/23/12

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Cooperation Over Competition

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Lynn Margulis, was an American biologist and University Professor in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst): “Lynn Margulis claims that symbiotic relationships are a major driving force behind evolution. According to Margulis (1996), “Life did not take over the globe by combat, but by networking” (i.e., by cooperation, interaction, and mutual dependence between living organisms). She considers Darwin’s notion of evolution driven by competition to be incomplete.

“In 1981, Margulis published Symbiosis in Cell Evolution in which she proposed that the eukaryotic cells originated as communities of interacting entities that joined together in a specific order. The prokaryote elements could have entered a host cell, perhaps as an ingested prey or as a parasite. Over time, the elements and the host could have developed a mutually beneficial interaction, later evolving in an obligatory symbiosis.

“Symbiogenesis is a theory of evolution. It argues that symbiosis is a primary force of evolution, because acquisition and accumulation of random mutations or genetic drift are not sufficient to explain how new inherited variations occur. According to this theory, new cell organelles, new bodies, new organs and new species arise from symbiosis, in which independent organisms merge to form composites. This challenges some standard textbook ideas of how evolutionary change occurs. To some degree, Darwin emphasized competition as the primary driving process of evolution, symbiogenesis emphasizes that co-operation can also be important to the process of evolution.

“Margulis’ theory of symbiogenesis: Lynn Margulis claimed that microorganisms are one of the major evolutionary forces in the origin of species, endosymbiosis of bacteria being responsible for the creation of complex forms of life.

“Margulis emphasizes that bacteria and other microorganisms actively participated in shaping the Earth, and helped create conditions suitable for life (e.g., almost all eukaryotes require oxygen, and only developed after cyanobacteria have produced enough atmospheric oxygen). She also argues that these microorganisms still maintain current conditions and that they constitute a major component in Earth biomass.”

My Comment: To the extent of the transition from the levels of instinctive, controlled matter, from the levels of still, vegetative, animate, to the information level a “Human Being,” from linear development of egoism to the integral world, we are increasingly revealing the full interconnection of all parts of the world, their mutual dependence.

Our penetration into the information layer of the world will reveal its greatness and authority over the lower levels of nature. A “Human Being” is not an animal body, but information which in principle will be able to exist in any carrier and even without it, in any space, dimension. As Norbert Wiener, the founder of cybernetics, argued, a “human” can be passed at any distance (meaning that a human being is information, not protein formation).

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“Russia’s Former Finance Chief Sees Full-Blown Crisis in Europe”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Alexei Kudrin, Russia’s former finance minister): “A full-blown economic and financial crisis in the euro zone is inevitable and will develop within a year, Alexei Kudrin, Russia’s former finance minister, said Thursday, adding that a possible way out may be a partial write-off of Spain’s and Italy’s debt, but the political will for that is lacking.

“‘Greece will not be able to fulfill its obligations (towards lenders),’ Mr. Kudrin, who described himself as a pessimist, said at a conference.

“‘A serious financial and economic crisis will hit Europe within a year … with Spain being its next victim, and then possibly Italy,’ he added. ‘The time (for avoiding it) has already past.’”

My Comment: A wise man sees the problems in advance; ordinary people don’t hear that problems are approaching before they are affected physically. In this, they, like children or animals, are underdeveloped.

But the wise ones, even if they see a problem, don’t see its true cause because it is happening in a sublayer, and they see only the external symptoms, like a narrow-minded doctor who diagnoses only by them, and although they constantly make mistakes and blame some special reasons, changing circumstances, etc., it is still at the level of their understanding of the world; there are no other solutions. So, we are drowning.

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The Bottomless Pit Of Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: William James, the founder of American psychology, was one of the first who came to the conclusion that where the ordinary ends in human consciousness, a higher consciousness begins, which allows a person to develop. Why did people in the late 19th to early 20th century suddenly discover an interest in this and begin to devote much time to such issues?

Answer: According to the scale of the development of desires, spiritual development is the next step that comes after the desires for wealth, fame, power, and knowledge. A person cannot escape them; spiritual desires begin to manifest, and he must realize them.

A person is unable to fulfill his desires. He doesn’t feel the flow of life without this; it seems worse than death. Even death seems like salvation because you don’t feel a constant void inside.

Then a host of different movements emerged. Moreover, all the revolutions and even wars can be called an attempt to get out of this fruitless search.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/24/12

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Freud Is Not My Consultant

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it that scientists such as William James and Freud are not seen as part of our generation?

Answer: Because recently our desires have begun developing very quickly, rising so rapidly that each generation simply doesn’t understand the previous generation; we can see this very clearly.

In the past children were like their parents. A son stayed at his father’s home and worked at the same place that his father worked. If a father was a blacksmith, then his son was a blacksmith too. If a father was a weaver, then so was his son. When the son got married, he built his home next to his father’s, or they lived under the same roof. This means that everything developed in a simple linear way.

Technologies like the printing press developed from one generation to another, but they didn’t lead to any great changes, they were only simple machines.

In the 20th century we were suddenly part of a technological breakthrough that released our inner desires. Indeed, our desires, our perspective of the world, changed rapidly with every generation in the previous century. If a generation referred to a whole lifetime in the past, then today it refers to periods of 15-20 years and in such a length of time everything changes completely!

People see me as a dinosaur, and it is really so since the perspectives and flavors of my childhood, in the 50’s, the previous century, are all ancient history today. Time is so condensed now that it is simply beyond the limits of modern man’s understanding. Besides, in my days there was a totally different approach to science, technology, and culture. We had to read a certain number of books, to know musical pieces, and art. You were not considered a man if you didn’t absorb everything that was created by humanity, if you didn’t visit about 20 museums. It was embarrassing if you didn’t know something or didn’t understand.

Today it isn’t so. Today all this is put aside from the beginning. If you have a modem and a computer, you don’t need anything. A person doesn’t process the centuries old human culture through himself anymore. There is a totally new approach. I’m not criticizing anyone; I am simply stating a fact.

The search isn’t from ancient times till our days since the time axis is suddenly broken and has become round and  integral. The world is different and so the knowledge of the past is useless in the present. For the first time we begin to experience this in every aspect of life: in our professions, our family life, etc.

I can’t read books that were written 20 or 30 years ago, which advised us in the past, because the advice is irrelevant today. So every couple of years there is a reformatting of all the experts in the field of medicine, science, and technology in everything. The world today has not only accelerated, but it is also locked in a round integral system.

Although those psychologists were great innovators, they discovered the linear egoistic development of humanity, so we cannot use their advice today. Freud based his theories on man’s sexual urges, but today they take on such a form, such a change that I doubt whether we can use them to solve the problems of modern man or modern society.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/24/12

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Total Disappointment

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On one hand people find psychology very interesting today, but on the other hand, there is a growing resentment of it. What are the roots of this phenomenon?

Answer: People hoped that a new field of science that discovers our inner world, the inner mechanism that operates us, the nervous system, the internal balancing system, the cooperation between man and the world around him, would enable us to receive a quick, natural explanation that would help us feel comfortable in this world. But eventually, a person comes to psychologist who tells him that he needs a certain number of sessions, he needs to pay for them, to make certain efforts, and he doesn’t know what all this would lead to.

Besides, a person comes to psychologist when he is so tense that he naturally directs all his anger and frustration at him. Generally speaking, it is undoubtedly a great disappointment.

The psychologist isn’t the one to blame here. He is only trying to do whatever he can. I believe that most psychologists do not focus only on making a profit, but they also want to succeed, to see that their efforts really help.

But today they will not succeed in doing that. They have to change because a person needs to become an integral person, so naturally a psychologist should first practice this on himself and change, then he will succeed in his work.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/24/12

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