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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We often encounter the following situation: If a person is in the mood to work, he works, and if he isn’t, he stops working and that’s it. Should a person prepare a schedule for himself for the next day or the next week, and firmly stick to it, or should he work as his mood changes?

Answer: No, we must look first at psychology and see that it began to develop a few decades before the social crisis we are facing today in order for it to serve as a guide, as an informative system, that teaches habits in order to bring man to integral cooperation, to a state in which he will be able to accept the new paradigm. Now, when we enable a person to continue his advancement, he understands that he can use every minute of his time in order to attain the desired feelings and to constantly expand his boundaries of attainment.

Attainment in a “circle” is different from attainment in a “line” since, in a line, I feel everything inside my “bag,” in a “sack,” in a “wallet,” whereas attainment in a line is assessed according to its development, according to the extent of the expanding sphere.

I don’t bring all this inside. On the contrary, this sphere is bountiful and enables me to feel infinite dimensions since infinity constantly expands with regard to a person’s feelings. These expansions are qualitative in their attributes. They are not perceived theoretically, but are felt as qualities within our desires, and this is our new dimension.

We begin to understand that all the data, the coordinates according to which we measured ourselves—time, distance, and movement—only exist in our feelings, and it is all relative. Here, we begin to accurately feel this relativity upon ourselves, which means that we enter a space that is beyond the limits of our linear measurements, and, according to Einstein and other scientists, this entire space gradually becomes round and closes in a circle.

This circle brings me to the sphere, and I begin to feel that it is expanding, thus making me feel and attain. I begin to see myself as part of a world in which there are no limits. The direct feeling of the existence of my body disappears and so does my dependence on this mass of flesh that, for some reason, is an addition that belongs to me, like some pet that lives next to me. I begin to feel the human in me as something that exists in a new sphere. Then, the feeling of life and death regarding this body disappear.

Feeling the global, integral society raises a person above whatever belongs to his protein body, and thus raises him to the next level of existence. He begins to understand that the death of his body actually is not his own death. There is a great reassessment here of all our values and parameters since, according to Freud and other scientists, the fear of death is the basis of all the sections, dimensions, and our linear psychological elements.

So, the moment a person can feel that he is being filled and that he develops thanks to his greater connection with the round society that surrounds him from which he constantly receives new desires and immediately fulfills them, totally new opportunities and needs appear.

By the way, here begins the new technological revolution that many speak about; it will take place not in fine physical or biological elements and so forth, but actually in the connection between a person and his society.

A person will create the earthly tools he needs, but they will be very simple because all his attention, desires, and fulfillment will be related to those like him in the circle. Therefore, he will pay attention to his body like as to a pet, just as much as it needs in order to survive. Then, we will reach the correct balance with nature in an economy of reasonable consumerism.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/23/12

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