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The 15th Of Av—The Day When Life Begins

962.1The 15th of Av is a special holiday called “The Day of Love” because love is the ultimate goal of our corrections. It is said that there has never been a happier and better day than this. And we are not talking about earthly love between a man and a woman. This is the day of everyone’s love for everyone and for the upper force that also envelops us with its love.

This has a completely different meaning. The day of love is not even a day but a state to which we come after destruction and problems. And when we turn to the Creator for help and with His help establish unity and love between us, this state continues forever.

In the Mishnah it is written that on the 15th of Av the girls would put on white dresses and go out into the garden and sing and dance in circles and the young men would come to choose their brides. However, we are not talking about young people but about aspirations of our soul, about the power of reception and the power of bestowal, which we must try to unite in order to come to their unification and the birth of a new world.

If we want to achieve correction, we must unite the two opposite forces so that the force of reception and the force of bestowal work together and give birth to a new state, a new generation created by the union of the right and left, masculine and feminine principles. It is the woman who gives birth to a new state, a new generation, and leads to the correction of the world. The color white symbolizes the property of the upper force, full surrender, pure, good intention, and openness. And all this takes place in orchards where grapes and fruits ripen, which testifies to the renewal of life.

Before this, we believed that we were living, but it was not life but continuous suffering. We considered it life only out of hopelessness. But now we really understand what life of love, union, and devotion to each other and the Creator is. And now we all unite with each other and with the upper force into one whole, one Kli, and then we really feel that we are beginning to live.

Everyone is looking for the opportunity to bestow, to get closer, to love, to give to everyone impartially, without any boundaries. So we come to the union from which a new life is born; from two forces, right and left, a third is born—the middle line, which opens the heavens to us and allows us to see life at a perfect spiritual level.
From KabTV’s “The World” 7/20/21

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From The Day Of Love To Purim

293.1Question: Is there a difference between the day of love and Purim? Both speak of the final correction. Which of them is the most final?

Answer: The most final is Purim.

Tu B’Av (the day of love) and Purim exist in polarity, opposite each other. Achieving correction on Tu B’Av (15th of Av) leads to the fact that we have the celebration of Purim.

The 15th Av is a connection on the spiritual level and Purim is a connection on the physical level. Physical, means connection not at the bodily level of our world, but in the desires themselves.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states. Day of Love – Tu B’Av

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Temporary And Permanent Laws

562.02Question: On the 15th of Av, the following events took place in our world: the plagues of the generation that exited Egypt stopped; the ban on the marriage of the Benjamin tribe to girls from other tribes was lifted; the general ban on marriage between the tribes ceased to exist; the border guard between the northern and southern kingdoms was abolished, and so on.

Why did the elders revoke the laws of the Torah that prohibited mixing the tribes?

Answer: The fact is that there are laws that can be implemented during a certain historical period, and there are laws that are permanently in effect.

Therefore, there should be absolute and complete freedom in merging the male and female parts, because in the end receiving and bestowing should come to complete merging with each other.

Until then, certain mutual corrections exist sequentially at different levels. That is, the right and left lines unite there separately, here separately, and by levels from bottom to top. Therefore, there are laws that are somewhat and somewhere partially canceled, and there are laws that are still preserved and will be canceled in the future.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States. Day of Love—Tu Be-Av

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Connection Above Rejection

232.08Question: You always say “Love will cover all crimes.” That is, we are talking about the fact that first there was the Ninth of Av, destruction, separation, and the next stage is already connection. What crimes are we talking about that we should cover by love?

Answer: About the evil that is in our every desire. However, an ordinary person does not even feel this. This is the problem.

If he begins to examine himself correctly, he will see that in all his thoughts and actions there is only one desire, to receive, to acquire, to possess, to rise relative to others.

Question: There must be some kind of standard, regarding which I constantly check myself. Let’s say that this standard is the Creator. However, until He is revealed, I will not be able to understand what is evil in me, what should I correct, right?

Answer: The Creator is revealed gradually. In this measure, we begin to feel how much evil there is still within us.

Question: You said that in the spiritual world there is no difference between love for a man and love for a woman. What is that about?

Answer: It is about connection above separation, above rejection between us. Mutual rejection is called hatred, and mutual attraction for the sake of reaching the revelation of the Creator in order to bring Him contentment is called love.

Question: Does it mean that spiritual work is the same for men and women?

Answer: Yes, gender differences do not matter at all.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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The 15th Of Av —A Step From Hatred To Love

935There comes Tu B’Av (the 15th of Av)—the day of love. It is known that the 9th of Av is a day of sorrow, destruction, catastrophe, a day in which all evil is revealed. And six days later comes Tu B’Av, a completely opposite day when we celebrate the day of joy, the day of love.

All this joy is built on the sorrow of the 9th of Av. Those people who discovered and felt the 9th of Av as destruction will now be able to reveal the day of the 15th of Av as a day of joy and love, connection.

We want to build good, kind relations between us, but we are not able to do this, and two times our hopes are crushed (the destruction of two Temples). First, the hope of living in friendship collapses, which is called a Temple at the level of Mochin de Neshama, and then we even make an attempt to come to love, which also collapses, a Temple at the level of Mochin de Haya.

We fail twice; we build a connection and it collapses, and we build again—and again destruction. But each new construction takes place on the ruins of the previous destruction, and therefore, after these two ruins, for the third time, we manage to build a Temple of love, unity, solidarity, and connection.

We go through the stages of construction and destruction, revealing all the shattering of the 9th of Av and against it, by making efforts, we will be able to reveal the connection and love, the revelation of the upper force between us of the 15th of Av.

It seems, how can one come from destruction to construction and love? But the fact is that both of these states come from one root. We are not talking about a building, but about building inside the heart. At the moment when we feel a shattering in our heart, hatred and rejection, breakage on breakage, and really do not want to be in this state anymore, the turnover from hatred to love happens very quickly.

To do this, you just need to understand that all the destruction is happening between us, we are destroying the Temple by not wanting to get closer to each other. And then comes the realization of evil, that our egoism is the cause of everything and it is necessary to break it in order to rise above it from hatred to love. This is called a “return to the answer,” and it can happen instantly. That is why the day of sorrow is so quickly replaced by the day of love.

First of all, we need to feel that we are really in destruction, in hatred, which causes all the troubles in our life, all the misfortunes. And so we come to the need to achieve love.

The 9th of Av symbolizes the destruction of the First and Second Temples, and the 15th of Av (Tu B’Av) represents the Third Temple and is therefore called the day of love. Love, the strongest connection, is the result of all our corrections. And we need to understand that it is not about the building, we don’t need to build it out of stone. This is a Temple that must be built in our heart.
From KabTV’s “The Peace” 7/20/21

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Great Help Of The Creator

962.1Question: You said that there is no holiness either in stones or in trees. That is, there is no holiness in the erected Temple either, but there is holiness in a man?

Answer: Holiness is not a temple, not some physical place or structure, but something that we create from our senses. This is a sensory structure that we constantly support between ourselves.

Comment: You also said that there is no need to cry on the 9th of Av, because Jewish dates symbolize spiritual actions.

My Response: The 9th of Av exists so that we understand that this is the day of the revelation of the evil created by the Creator. He said: “I created evil, egoism between you, and you must rise above it. It is thanks to the constantly growing egoism that by rising above it, you will reach Me.”

Therefore, we need to understand that the revelation of evil between us, which personifies the 9th of Av, is the Creator’s great help for our ascent.

Question: Is it like the disclosure of a disease, when a man realizes that he needs to see a doctor?

Answer: Yes, it is a prerequisite for recovery.

We must strive not for the revelation of evil, but for the revelation of good. And then, if necessary, on the way we will reveal the evil that exists between us—mutual alienation, hatred, and rejection from each other, and we will be able to get over them. But only by positively striving for connection with each other. As it is written, “Love covers all crimes.”
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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Make Evil Disappear From The Face Of The Earth

962.8Question: What will help the restoration of the Temple?

Answer: I know only one thing: if the majority of Jews, even not all of them and not completely, aspired to connect and realize that this is the only salvation for them and for humanity, then all mankind would also follow them in this connection; the world would begin to rise spiritually and physically in all respects, and evil would disappear from the face of the Earth between people and around them.

Question: How can we come to such an sensory, heartfelt connection between us?

Answer: Only from the shattering. We are trying to bring people to connect by explaining as much as they can understand. And what they do not understand, they will feel from misfortunes that will still have to manifest between them.

Question: The Second Temple was destroyed because of unfounded hatred between people. This is a very serious condition, which is not easy to come to. Did the Jews feel it for the first time at Mount Sinai after spending many years in Egypt?

Answer: No. They started to feel mutual hatred while in Egypt: accusations, murders. And even earlier, it was revealed between the sons of Jacob: Joseph and his brothers.

Question: So there must be hatred first and then love is revealed?

Answer: Absolutely! Otherwise, you do not know what needs to be corrected. Without the revelation of hatred in all its forms, there can be no correction and no reaching connection up to love.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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Dating In The Vineyards

49.01Question: Today, when we talk about society, about people, the prohibition to marry members of other tribes for the people of Israel seems foreign to us. What if two young people fall in love with each other?

Answer: In my opinion in our time we already understand that there is no love. Love can be where there is a clear correspondence with the system of nature. Then people are not just looking for each other in the dark trying to determine who can somehow get close to whom.

It all depends on how much they can perform the highest function together. When they both connect to it and complement each other in this, because one cannot reach the next step without the other, then they are really able to be together and have found their correct state.

Question: Previously, people had such an opportunity to unite and get married. But the elders of Israel canceled this law. Why? What happened?

Answer: I can only say one thing: No one has ever canceled the laws of the Torah. And the fact that it says that young men and girls went out to vineyards outside the cities and got to know each other there, as modern youth get to know each other, is hard to believe, because it means completely different conditions, a different time, a different upbringing, and a different attitude of people to each other.

You can even take some of the current African nations who live according to their primitive, if I may say so, laws. They also do not have such a general permissiveness as the European peoples where there is an “exit to the vineyards” between the stone jungles in big cities.

This is not what is being said. All this is absolute allegory. There is none of this especially in the people where from an early age everyone was brought up only to maintain the correct unification with each other.

Question: Are we talking here about some kind of elevated spiritual states?

Answer: Of course. The state of attaining the light of Hochma is called the “vineyard.” This is a very high level. In order to achieve such a state, one must prepare for it and undergo a serious correction in the light of Hassadim.

Then, after the breaking, after the Ninth of Av, after discovering all your negative properties and qualities, you will be able to overcome them so that in a week, on the 15th of Av, you will go through the last correction and reach the state where you can really find contact with that level of the Nukva’s desire, the feminine quality, when connection with it gives you the opportunity to fully reveal the light of Hochma.

This is a very serious thing. Here we do not mean any carnal actions, but the appearance of the Messiah, that is, the light of the deliverer, which lifts humanity above its egoism into the spiritual world.

Question: So, this is not at all about what is written?

Answer: Do you really think that such a serious thing as the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks of how guys and girls meet once a year somewhere outside the city?

Nevertheless, much what is written in Kabbalah has, as it were, an erotic connotation since it is a matter of combining the desire to receive and the desire to bestow. The desire to bestow is masculine, the desire to receive is feminine, and therefore, it is described like this in “Song of Songs” and other primary sources.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States. Day of Love – Tu B’Av

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Correct Connection

275Question: The holiday “Day of Love,” the 15th of Av, has been around for about 3,000 years. People began to celebrate it even before the establishment of the kingdom in Israel, before Jerusalem was conquered. At that time, each tribe of Israel lived in its own territory and they were forbidden to mix.

Therefore, girls who owned land did not marry members of another tribe. Why does the Torah speak about unity and there is such a restriction here?

Answer: The fact is that the connection cannot be without order, without rules. Therefore, it requires a certain framework, boundaries.

The connection exists in order to ensure that all parts of the nation are correctly connected and all parts of the world are also connected correctly around it.

Even if we have a heartfelt desire to connect with each other and become one single whole, this single whole contains all the egoistic shades: rejection, opposition, and hatred. It is necessary to rise above hatred in love: “Love will cover all crimes.”

Nevertheless, hatred remains, otherwise love will have no foundation.

Therefore, the connection consists of two parts: hatred and love. When these qualities are connected correctly, a middle line is formed between them. Only in the correct understanding and in the correct implementation of the opposite parts can we reach the state of a true connection.

Question: Did this help preserve the ethnic particularity of each tribe, their traditions, and customs?

Answer: This helped create the correct connection of the entire people of Israel, that is, a structure that would be in a correct internal dynamic balance, like the organs of the body, each of which works in its own internal mode and is connected to the other organs through certain external connections. Moreover, each organ exists as if by itself, and together they function in such a way that they support the life of the body, which can thus perform its general functions.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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The 9th Of Av: The Spiritual Root Of The Manifestation Of Evil In The World…

294.3Question: The 9th of Av is considered a national day of mourning for the Jewish people. On the 9th of Av, the First and Second Temples were destroyed, the Inquisition began, and they were expelled from Spain, which the Jews considered their home. On the 9th of Av, the slaughter of Jews by Bohdan Khmelnytsky began. On this day in 1914, the First World War began, and with this it touched the whole world.

Today how relevant is this date the 9th of Av?

Answer: This date is like a root. The spiritual root of the manifestation of evil in the world, but primarily in relation to the Jewish people.

Question: So it should be standing in front of us, looming?

Answer: This will protect us from stupidity.

Question: The future generations will go through the 9th of Av as well?

Answer: Until the world is completely corrected, this is the source of evil.

Question: Should we be afraid of this day?

Answer: It is good when it passes calmly. I’m being completely serious.

Comment: They say that one should not be signing contracts on this day.

My Response: In general, it is better not to do anything on this day.

Question: Do you mean that this is for all the people of the world or is it still for Jews?

Answer: First of all, for the Jews, because it depends on them how this 9th of Av will pass through them and around the world. So, if it passes calmly, you can continue to move further toward correction, hoping that it will be done in such calm steps.

Question: Can this blackest day turn into the brightest?

Answer: Naturally! Of course! But when it will be depends on us. When our nation will understand what they have to do, agree with it, and turn the day of hatred into a day of love. That’s all.

Question: I see that when the 9th of Av comes, it is only a day of mourning. No one thinks that this day should be turned into a bright day. People don’t think that. Should there be a thought like this?

Answer: Of course, there should be! Yes, indeed! After all, our problem is that we generally deny any obligation on the Jews in this world. This is a problem! This problem has been going on since the exodus from Egypt and receiving the Torah.

It is necessary to fulfill it! To fulfill it so that the rest of the nations of the world will come to its fulfillment too.

And the fulfillment does not consist in performing some mechanical movements, but in loving your neighbor as yourself. That’s what’s missing.

Everyone once heard that “love your neighbor as yourself” is the main testament of the Torah, but no one thinks that it is mandatory for everyone in the whole world to fulfill it. For whom is it an obligation?

For the whole world, this is a kind of voluntary, non-coercive offer. And for the Jewish people, this is compulsory. We have pledged ourselves, we received a property, a connection with the upper force that will correct us for this in accordance with our wishes, our requests. And we don’t demand it. That’s it; it all went astray from there.

Question: Please tell me. After the First and Second Temples were built we were moving toward love for our neighbor. Why was it necessary for the 9th of Av to appear and for these Temples to be destroyed?

Answer: In order for us to start correcting them. Because the construction was going on from above. We were given a power that somehow united us.

Question: So two Temples were built from above?

Answer: Of course. The force comes from above, not from us, from ourselves.

And the Third Temple, we must still realize how necessary it is and demand it ourselves from below.

Question: Will the Third Temple be built by the whole world?

Answer: It will be built in the hearts of those who strive for the Creator. They are called the people of Israel. And then it will be taken up by the whole world.

Comment: You mean, Israel is not today’s Jews, Israelis who live in Israel, Jews with a mom and a dad according to the passport, but those who strive for the Creator.

My Response: Yes. In principle, those who aspire to the Creator are called “Israel,” and they are obliged to fulfill the connection and spread it throughout the world.

Let’s hope that this is the last time we celebrate, if we can say “celebrate,” this gloomy date, and from this time onward, it will be the opposite date of unity and connection, turning into love.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/15/21

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