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Open A New Perception Of Reality

laitman_961.2There are three components in perception of reality: the Creator, the friends, and me. The Creator is dressed in the friends and I want to relate myself to them. This is called: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.”

It all depends on what is considered illusory and what is reality. A child listens to how I tell him or her a fairy tale and perceives everything as the real reality, imagining how Little Red Riding Hood walks in the woods and meets the wolf. The child can cry or laugh, he lives it. For me, this is just fiction, a fairy tale. Everything depends on the level that we perceive what is happening.

We exist in an illusory, imaginary world. It is obvious that our feelings are the reactions of our five senses, which cannot be considered objective. If we received other senses, we would perceive a different reality and live in it. It is all a matter of conventions, consensuses between us. There is no truth in this world because there is no indicator against which it could be evaluated.

We must tune each other to a more truthful perception of the world, living according to the law of love for one’s neighbor and constantly improving. We can then gradually enter it. In this work there is a preparatory period when a person does not realize how he passes from degree to degree. Later he must start working consciously. I think it is already possible to do this in order to finish the holiday of Shavuot by taking a real half-step forward.

There is a network of connections between us that we do not feel. Yet, we must tune into them with the help of the principle “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is the law of a new reality, a new way of thinking, a new desire, and new relationships.

A Kabbalist lives in two worlds, in two states simultaneously. Now I decide that together with the friends I will enter such a system of relations. There is nothing else, and only through this system I now look at the world, at reality, beginning to adapt to this new world through these new senses called “ten Sefirot.”

This world is an illusion we are born into. We seem to live in this world as if in a dream. Soon it will be revealed to us that all past life was a dream, a complete fantasy. Every time we move from our egoistic perception to bestowal, a new reality is revealed to us, such major changes that it seems to us that there can be no more than that.

In bestowal, such spaces open up that we could not even dream of. I become included in my friends and through merging with them I enter a new reality, as if in a magical dream.1

We cannot look back—this is the law. A new reality is opening up based on our inclusion in the friends, and there is nothing more. We have to aspire only toward it. The world is revealed through connection—these are new senses, a new reality, before which you must annul yourself, and then you will enter it.

Each of us was born and educated with an egoistic perception of reality. This is how we were calibrated, like a tool with many regulators. Now I myself, thanks to the internal awakening I have received, want to calibrate myself to a different perception of reality, which can only be done with the help of my efforts, the group, the teacher, and the Creator.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/9/19, “Feast of Weeks”
1 Minute 56:25
2 Minute 1:06:00

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“Shavuot: Brightening Israel And The Jewish People” (The Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “Shavuot: Brightening Israel and the Jewish People

“Israel is all messed up with their election… They ought to get their act together,” said President Trump in relation to the political uncertainty in this country going to the polls for a second time this year. He is right, but it’s just a symptom of the wider problem of the deeply fragmented Israeli society that lacks a common vision about its future, a state of division also existent within American Jewry, as well as between Israel and the Diaspora. The timing of Shavuot and all it represents could not be more relevant. The holiday symbolizes the reception of the guidebook for the spiritual correction of our people, the receiving of the Torah, or in other words, the way out of the mess.

What was actually given to us at Mount Sinai? The Torah is not a chronicle about past events. On the contrary, it describes the seminal moment when our future becomes decided, when a clear answer becomes required from all of us: Are we ready to accept mutual guarantee (Arvut) as the law of life? Exactly this is the Torah—instruction on how to correct our shattered relations and instead become guarantors for each other by loving our neighbors as ourselves.

This is precisely the goal for which the Torah was given to us. However, we must constantly renew our state of worthiness for reception of the Torah by scaling the “mountain of hatred” (Sinah), the roar of the storm raging inside us. To do this, we must unite, connect with each other, become “as one man with one heart” and stand at the foot of the mountain. In other words, we must fully comprehend that we are given very important and strict conditions under which we must work with all diligence and ever-increasing unity.

Shavuot, like all Jewish holidays, carries a call to action. The holiday is bright. It’s full of whiteness and light, but the call to action is quite complicated to carry out. We bump into each other; people are strangled by indifference, burned with anger toward those with different opinions than their own. We are in a desert of barren and soulless relationships. If we would suddenly recognize how egoism tears us to pieces, if we would try to connect into one integral body and face our seemingly insurmountable internal split, we would then clearly realize how desperately we need help.

This state of clarity we presently face is a unique opportunity for unity. Only by increasing our connection will we be able to climb the mountain ever higher, rising above our separation. To rise means to continually increase our connection above all problems, difficulties and disturbances that we encounter in order to help us overcome more and more and to create a vessel in which the light of the Torah will gradually be revealed.

In this moment of recognition coinciding with the Shavuot holiday, we have the opportunity to receive help and instruction, a unifying force that can increase our social health and let us live happily. This is the current moment of evolutionary development we find ourselves in: either we will grow up proactively and start using the Torah according to its purpose, for the sake of unity above all disagreements, or the hard knocks of life will force us to grow up.

The Torah, indeed, is the most powerful tool that we have yet to learn how to use. A person cannot use this tool alone. The problem, however, is that we still cannot work together to put it to use. The Torah will provide us with security and prosperity and will give peace to the world, but first we must get used to the fact that it works between us and not on the individual. Egoism, after all, is revealed in relation to other people.

Therefore, the Torah is meant to connect the person with the environment at any time and level of human development. It reveals to us the force of goodness and love that ties us together. We begin to sense how we must balance our egoism, the evil inclination, wherever it is revealed with the force of goodness, and we can then hold two forces like reins by which we can advance directly to unity and love, letting us lay a solid and bright foundation of our future.

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Independence From Our Nature

laitman_283.02A man is born and exists in this world in order to achieve independence from his nature, to break away from the inanimate level, from the desire to enjoy, and to build the form opposite to it. This means becoming independent from the previous stage. The next step does not exist in its completed form so that you could see, study, and take an example from it. We have no one to imitate; we can only aspire to the opposite properties and in this way build the next step.

Each time desires and thoughts change and grow, and a person can work on building oneself independent of them. One develops more and more at the animate level: one is no longer a simple animal one was born as, but egoism, the evil inclination, becomes increasingly apparent in him. But evil was created in order to build the opposite over it, the spiritual level, a good inclination, a man (Adam).

The human level is characterized by the fact that it requires connection with others, unlike the animate level at which everyone feels increasingly isolated and distant from others. At the same time, at the animate level, it seems that by moving away from everyone, one attains independence. But to build myself on the human level, I need to nullify myself and connect with everyone. One wonders: “Where is independence here?” On the contrary, I neglect myself for the sake of others. This is absolutely the opposite.

We need to realize how insignificant the animalistic independence we strive to through the call of nature is. And independence at the level of a man is the aspiration to fulfill the instructions of the upper force. We build our similarity to the upper one to the extent we can rise above our animal nature.

It is written: “The Creator saves humans and animals alike”—both these levels rise, supporting each other, and together they build independence from nature, from the desire to enjoy. In this way, we reach the goal of creation for which the Creator created everything with an egoistic desire so that we can build the level of man, Adam, similar to the Creator, above it in adhesion, mutual support, connection of all the desires.1

Everything Baal HaSulam said about the people of Israel almost a hundred years ago is still relevant today—we really are like “nuts in a bag” because we are forced to hold together due to the influence of external negative forces. No one knows the great mission of these people, which still must be revealed. Therefore, we envy all other nations undisputed right to exist on their land.

But the Jews are a special people toward which no other peoples of the world have a positive attitude. This is a special phenomenon. And the people of Israel themselves are not able to unite in a natural way and they feel inner separation.

Even non-Jews in whom the point in the heart—the desire to unite with the upper force that leads them to the study of Kabbalah has awakened—also reveal how different and remote from each other they are. They have no desire to get close to others. It does not matter what nation they belong to in the corporeal world, but as soon as they unite in a group that is engaged in spiritual advancement, they immediately become similar to the people of Israel: they feel just as divided. Each group is like a bag of nuts that grind in friction against each other and do not want to connect.

This is a manifestation of the same nature: both in the people of Israel and in Kabbalistic groups around the world that want to approach the Creator. From this, it is clear that Jews are not a people, but a group of Kabbalists that existed in the past. Once, they were on a spiritual level and were able to overcome separation and unite, then they fell from this height and now exist in the opposite form.

It is necessary to study our spiritual state from its opposite form that exists today. After all, the further we develop and try to be together, the less we succeed in it. But we must rejoice that the evil, our true nature, is revealed. This nature is not ordinary, it is much worse than that of all other nations because it comes from the shattering.

All others have a regular animalistic nature and strive for the material well-being of their bodies. But the people of Israel, trying to unite and studying Kabbalah, consciously or unconsciously awaken the upper light that reforms, thus revealing the shattering, the lack of unity and spirituality. Therefore, anti-spiritual qualities opposite to the Creator are revealed in us.

It is necessary to clarify and understand them and to treat them with great respect because it is above these consequences of shattering, corruption, and rejecting spirituality and unity that we need to build a corrected state. All these states which are opposite to unity and correction, as well as those supporting unity, belong to the human stage. Therefore, we need to appreciate them and work on them.

Correction relates only to the human level; it requires us to unite and to converge in our opinions and sensations, although no one relinquishes their opinions and feelings, the connection takes place above them, as one person with one heart, like in the first person called Adam HaRishon. The last, the finally corrected person will be the same. The revelation of the past shattering indicates a future correction.

Therefore, today we are a special group, new people, people of the Creator, who are trying to raise themselves from the dust.2

There are people, that is, such a desire to enjoy, which are united at the animal level. They feel intimacy and understanding according to their corporeal properties, and therefore, they feel good together. Everyone feels that it is worth relating to this group, to his people. There are 70 such nations of the world, groups, each of which has its own spirit, extent of unity, level of existence, character, and physical genes. People naturally feel that they belong to one of those groups. Even if hatred between them appears, it is purely corporeal and has nothing to do with spirituality.

But at the same time, there may be a group at a higher level, which exists due to a connection for a special goal. This goal is not natural, it is above the corporeal nature: it is to connect above one’s egoism. Here, two opposites combine. On one hand, there is a negative connection between them because no one feels obligated to this group and connected to it. But on the other hand, they are united by an artificially set goal.

A common goal creates a common space for them because only by joining together can they achieve this sublime higher goal. Then they will be called a special people—not according to the corporeal DNA, but according to the spiritual genes (Reshimot) awakening in them.

Such a group that reaches a new type of connection in contrast to their natural corporeal disunity is called the people of Israel (Isra-El) because it wants to become similar to the Creator (Yashar-El), the upper force. It possesses a new nature, a new essence. From generation to generation, it has been trying to attain the upper force, creating a methodology for this, and establishing traditions in accordance with the upper force, like holidays, special days, and physical commandments according to its spiritual attainment.

That is, the union is formed according to spiritual laws. A group of people that establishes laws and traditions for itself according to the upper source appears in history. Every nation has its own traditions, but the traditions of the people of Israel correspond to spiritual steps, either achieved in the past, or marked for the future as a “sign for the sons.” These traditions remind a person of the spiritual levels that he or she is to achieve.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/9/19, Independence Day
1 Minute 0:20
2 Minute 9:30
3 Minute 19:57

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Memorial Day And Independence Day

laitman_294.3Why does Memorial Day come immediately before Independence Day [in Israel]? Everything stems from the upper roots, and in the spiritual work, it is impossible to come to connection, to the good spiritual force, without rising above the evil force, overcoming troubles, problems, and burdening of the heart. The advantage of the light is attained only over the darkness. If we want to get closer to the truth, we should be ready for the revelation of the darkness, then: “and it was evening,” it was night, and after that: “and it was morning, one day.”

Evening, night, darkness, with all its inherent attributes are an integral part of the day. That is why Memorial Day traditionally comes right before Israel’s Independence Day. Independence Day symbolizes the coming of the light and a great correction. Before that we must discover that we are in darkness, in the midst of evil and war, and we must fight and win this war to come to Independence Day.

“Love covers all transgressions.” Since we, the created beings, attain everything only from contrasts, before Independence Day there has to be Memorial Day. Everything we went through was intentionally sent to us from above and all the suffering has its goal and explanation; therefore, we have to relate to it as something necessary.

Yet, if through our connection we discover this necessity in a positive way, we even do not have to suffer from darkness, troubles, and misfortune. If we are prepared for the darkness, we hasten it and can go through it as a necessary part of our development so that evening and morning will be as one day, that is, the night and the darkness will be included in the day, in the Light.

Kabbalists understand that everything that happens is a part of the process of development, so they justify it as sent by the single upper force that brings us good in every state. If we try, we will discover there is only good and there is no evil. The angel of death will turn into a holy angel. With the correct preparation, we can go through all the difficulties with understanding and agree with them because in the darkness and in the Light we will discover the good attitude of the Creator toward us.

There are no days of mourning and states of sorrow because everything becomes connected at the end of correction: all the darkness, troubles, and misfortunes, together with the Light that opens above them, in general unity and love.

If even before the problems and troubles are revealed we ourselves search for the deficiencies and for shattered desires as necessary tools for the revelation of the Creator in order to bring Him contentment, we rejoice at the wicked being revealed. After all, the concealed wicked definitely exist as a result of the complete shattering; therefore, we rejoice at all the revealed deficiencies and regret that we have not revealed all of them.

If we reveal evil in the light of the day, “darkness shines as light.” It means that there is no darkness and everything depends on my attitude. If I reveal a disagreement between a friend and me in order to eliminate this disagreement by connecting above it and covering it with love, then I rejoice at the revelation of deficiencies no less than at their correction. The entire work depends on the correct preparation in the group.1

Memorial Day is a sad day. However, from the past bitter experience, we must understand that we can prepare ourselves for the revelation of evil so that we will not see the evil! Evil will be revealed only on the internal level as a lack of connection, not as evil in this world, war, and hatred of enemies. As it is written, “looked at him and turned him into a pile of bones.”2

We must understand that our enemies have power and they can cause us a lot of troubles. Indeed, the Creator works through them, pushing us to correction. We will have to find a way to correction, and it is only in our inner connection with the people of Israel through which the Light will flow into the world.

Let us try, let us arrange a “truce” within the state of Israel for even one month: We will not quarrel with each other; we will not hate each other; rather, we will try to get closer to each other. The love of Israel will protect us from enemies. Let us try to allow this love to reign among us, recall what our mothers used to tell us “Be good children, stop fighting, be friends!”

Let’s see what happens after a month of this experiment. Then it will be easier for us to continue because the habit will become the second nature. Let us try and see how the attitude of the world toward Israel will change, how our shares will rise in the stock market, the army will strengthen, our children will become better, the number of accidents on the roads and the number of divorces will decrease—everything will begin to improve. Let us declare a month of unity and then check the statistics: what happens to the people of Israel when they are not in internal conflict.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/7/19, Memorial Day & Independence Day
1 Minute 0:20
2 Minute 16:15
3 Minute 1:54:20

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Matza: In Order To Escape

laitman_962.7The Passover holiday stands at the head of all holidays and all times in the spiritual process because it symbolizes the exit from the desire to enjoy to the desire to bestow or more precisely from the desire to receive for your own sake toward the desire to receive for the sake of bestowal. That is why Passover is so important; after all, it is an entrance to the spiritual world, to the sensation and understanding of spirituality.

Before this, a person goes through many states, starting from his original nature when he is inside the desire to enjoy and does not even realize it. Then, he begins to ask why he lives. That is, a simple animalistic existence does not satisfy him and he wants to understand the meaning of life, its source, its cause and purpose. An animal does not ask such questions; this is the beginning of the birth of a human.

Entering spirituality begins with the fact that a person suddenly feels that he can no longer think about himself and wants to perform actions outside of his egoism. Passover symbolizes the entrance into a new world, the beginning of a new state, Lishma, the beginning of bestowal, faith, acquiring the property of Bina according to which we begin to work.1

Only when a person feels and understands that he is unable to act for the sake of bestowal can he be considered in exile. It is an exile from the property of bestowal, which he wants to acquire and cannot. Only this measures the extent and severity of the exile.2

Humanity is divided into three parts. The first part are those in whom a point in the heart has already manifested and it leads a person to Kabbalah or makes him search for it. The other part still does not understand why all this is necessary. The third part fights exclusively for corporeal realization, without touching the intention, for maintaining the intention for their own sake. On this basis, humanity can be divided into many groups, nations, and all kinds of currents.3

The Egyptian inside of me convinces me that the main thing is to perform the actions that the Torah demands of us without paying attention to the intention, that is, exclusively corporeal commandments. If I do not ask about the results of my work, it means that I am an Egyptian, that I work according to the Egyptian inside of me. If I start taking care of the intention, then I find myself in Egypt as a slave, in exile from the spiritual world.

There is a spiritual reality in which everything is for the sake of bestowal, but I exist in my egoism. The extent to which it bothers me, more or less, determines my place in the spiritual process until I reach the state when such a life becomes worse than death for me and I feel that I have to exit the selfish intention. This means that I am already on the verge of liberation, at the exit from Egyptian exile.

My inner Egyptians are holding me and convincing me that I must continue as before and everything will be fine: the main thing is the action and the intention doesn’t matter. If I agree with this, I turn into an Egyptian. But if the inner struggle for intention arises in me, then I see that I am under the power of the Egyptians and I wish to get out of this slavery. I realize that the main thing is not the action, but the intention, and I must get rid of the intention for my own sake. This means I need the light that reforms and to flee from Egypt.

I am ready for anything, just not to remain in the egoistic intention. I do not need anything but the ability to perform this action. I have already broken away from the intention for my own sake, but have not yet reached the intention for bestowal. I still do not know what bestowal is and to whom to bestow, but I am already at the exit.4

The shift from an Egyptian to Israel means that I no longer have the strength to perform an action. I do not want to perform it for the sake of the ego, but I still do not know how to perform it for the sake of bestowal; therefore I do not know what to do. This is the exit from Egypt, in total darkness, when we do not know what to do. Then salvation comes.5

It is written that the Egyptians work with white bricks without a single speck or dirt. If I egoistically add brick after brick to my work every day, then I build a beautiful snow-white building without any dirt or shadow of doubt, feeling completely holy. The Egyptians in Egypt cannot experience any awareness of evil because they take an example from what the whole world is doing; what else does a person need?

These are seven years of satiation—when a person joins the work of Egyptians self-righteousness and secure about one’s success. He does not even realize that he is acting egoistically. Such awareness is already the result of the impact of the light that reforms that constantly illuminates in small portions, gradually promoting him. “Many pennies join into a great amount.”6

If there is no strength to work, then only one thing remains: a prayer. Appealing to the Creator solves all problems. After all, the purpose of everything that happens with us is to oblige us to contact the Creator. In Egypt we acquire all sorts of means and methods of connection with the Creator. We must find the solution to every hardship that Egypt poses before us through new connection with the Creator.7

The severity of the work depends only on the intention. If the intention is for the sake of the Creator, for the sake of bestowal, then you fly like on wings, feeling no heaviness in the work, as if you’ve left the Earth’s field of gravity and soar in space. If the work is hard for you, then you are carrying the wrong suitcase and are not aiming at the Creator.8

We receive the influence of the Creator through the whole broken soul of Adam HaRishon. The Creator perceives only the whole soul together. Meanwhile, I can have an initial, personal, and very limited connection with the Creator, but it still reaches me through the common soul.

“… the upper Light is in complete rest,” that is, it fulfills the common Kli. But I attain a connection with the Creator in the measure of my connection with the common soul. Suppose I have connected with one of the twenty billion, to this extent I attain a contact that always goes through the common connection. The Creator is inside all the created beings in a perfect form because everyone has already reached the end of correction, and I connect with this state.9

What is the difference between Matza and bread? Matza is also bread, only bread of poverty, made solely from flour and water. Even the water in it is in limited quantities. You cannot make bread without water at all, and therefore, water is added in a minimal quantity, just to knead the dough and not let it sour. This is a sign that we still cannot work with our desires for the sake of bestowal, but we no longer want to work for the sake of receiving. That is, it is a kind of intermediate state: neither there nor here. Matza symbolizes fulfilling in order to escape.10
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/21/19, Writings of Rabash, Vol. 1, Article 14, “The Connection between Passover, Matza, and Maror” (1987)
1 Minute 0:10
2 Minute 2:00
3 Minute 23:00
4 Minute 38:40
5 Minute 51:30
6 Minute 53:30
7 Minute 1:01:25
8 Minute 1:50:40
9 Minute 1:55:50
10 Minute 2:03:00

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Jewish Calendar: Leap Year

737.01Question: What is a leap year?

Answer: There are several amendments based on astronomy that have been introduced into the Jewish calendar. They repeat once every four years, once every seven years, and once every 50 years. We need them in order to balance the right and left lines in the middle.

In the leap year, which happens every four years, one more month is added. Once in seven years, Shemittah, the sabbatical year, comes when it is forbidden to plant crops: “Do not worry, you will not starve if you observe everything you need for six years. Do not plant anything in the seventh year.” This is an absolute ban.

Question: So, a person doesn’t question: “How so? If I haven’t planted anything, what will I eat?”

Answer: No, if one is under spiritual forces, then one functions in full accordance with astronomy, with the laws of nature, and with cosmic laws. So do not worry, you will have a harvest for this year, you do not need to plant or clean it. That is, there are special laws on how not to interfere with inanimate and vegetative nature in the seventh year.

There is also the 50th year (Yovel), when all debts are released. If someone bought or sold land to someone, then in the 50th year everything will be back to square one. In other words, the land must return to its original owner.

And who is the original owner? As stated in the Torah, when the Jews came to the land of Israel, they distributed it to everyone and wrote down every piece of land that they gave to every person to use. All this was documented, and therefore, the one who lived on this land had to return it every 50th year to the owner. And for 50 years he could rent it, cultivate it, and so on. These are very serious laws that were enacted 3,000 years ago. There are documents about how these laws were drafted, passed, and legally certified. Since many people participated in this, everything had to be formalized accordingly.

The implementation of the laws assumed that people receive from this a very serious supplement to their harvest, to their life forces. But these laws are valid only in Israel, there is no need for them abroad.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 12/30/18

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Exiting Egypt: From Two Forces To One

laitman_276.05The longer we are in the Egyptian exile, the more we want to come out of it. However, if we were there for a short time, then the desire to come out would be small. These two forces work in parallel—recognition of evil and coming out to the good—the greater one is, the more the other grows. Therefore, the exodus from Egypt is impossible without the sensation that you are in the grip of the egoism.1

We only need to strive toward the goal and each one will reveal whatever is necessary according to the root of his soul. This is not going anywhere, after all we are stepping on our Reshimot (informational data) by which the way to the end of correction is paved. There is no doubt where I will step next: Reshimo on the left, Reshimo on the right and so I advance walking on Reshimot. They are already laid out in front of me, only the speed of advancement and its character depend on me.2

The entire wisdom of Kabbalah and the work of a person are to discover the oneness of the Creator in practice, by becoming a part of that oneness. When I determine that “there is none else besides the Creator,” it means that I am becoming a part of Him. If we become like a punch and a matrix, a seal and an imprint, it is considered that I have built my soul.3

At first, I perceive the Creator and the Pharaoh as two completely opposite forces: the good and the evil, as if in this world I receive a reward or a punishment. Suddenly, I begin to reduce the difference between them more and more until I discover that there is neither evil nor good, but only my connection with “There is none else besides Him.” Therefore, it doesn’t matter to me what I receive from Him, the main thing is that it is from Him!4

If the Creator puts an obstacle before me, it means that beforehand He already arranged everything I need in order to overcome this obstacle. As it is written: “Holiness is increased, not decreased.” The Creator always gives us an opportunity to strengthen ourselves, connect, find new strength, and move forward. He makes a step forward first, and then from the new state sends us burdening of the heart in order to pull us closer to Him. We take a step after the Creator. He leads the way and we follow Him.5

How can we approach Passover in complete readiness in order to be worthy of the exodus from Egypt? We need to unite more. We have enough strength to exit, all we need is unity. Let’s hope that we will reach such connection that is suitable for the exodus from Egypt. That is, that we will feel an acute need to come out of the egoistic love and to unite so that the ten will become as one. Then from the minus, from separation, we will come to one whole, and then we will begin to increase, to grow this unit, due to these disturbances.

First we come from two opposite force, good and evil, to one force, to the point of exiting Egypt. Then from this point, two forces grow again: plus and minus.

First, we connect the good and the evil forces by determining that everything comes from the same Creator. Then we increase the Creator by rising above the disturbances, above the force of evil.6
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/17/19, Pesach (Passover)
1 Minute 12:58
2 Minute 1:13:05
3 Minute 1:14:00
4 Minute 1:17:00
5 Minute 1:41:50
6 Minute 2:19:45

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“Passover 2019: The Exodus from Israel – A Record-Breaking 1.5 Million Israelis Travel Overseas for the Passover Season“ (Breaking Israel News)

The portal Breaking Israel News published my new article “Passover 2019: The Exodus from Israel – A Record-Breaking 1.5 Million Israelis Travel Overseas for the Passover Season

“Why is this night different from all other nights?” Passover Haggadah.

You won’t see this in any other nation. Paradoxically, during the Passover holiday, which celebrates the exodus of Jews from Egypt and entrance into the land of Israel, there are a record-breaking 1.5 million Israelis doing just the opposite—exiting Israel and flying abroad—a number 11% higher than one year earlier in 2018.

Why are so many Israelis choosing to leave their country for the holiday season?

Many say that Israelis themselves have made it cheaper to holiday abroad than to stay in Israel. But why would we do that? Why would we let such a situation materialize where we make it more expensive to go on vacation in Israel than to scatter elsewhere for the holidays?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly fine to take a vacation. But when nearly a fifth of a country’s population leaves during a holiday that marks the entrance of its people into its land, it’s bound to raise eyebrows.

Cheaper overseas holiday costs aside, what can be clearly stated about today’s Israel is that it is very different to the nation that once exited Egypt to enter the land of Israel. It is not a nation bonded by a common will to unite above its divisions in order to realize its spiritual potential. On the contrary, today’s Israel looks more like a loose collection of individuals each out for earthly satisfaction.

This also explains Israel’s significant “brain drain” problem, where hordes of Israeli scientists, academics and intellectuals choose to leave Israel and live abroad: When material gain is the guiding star of our lives, then offer us more money, honor or power somewhere else and we’re on the next plane out of here. Without any inclination to unite, and with our sights set no higher than on individual gratification, there is nothing ultimately tying us to our homeland.

What is the big deal then? Is there any reason why Jews should stay in Israel?

Call it destiny. Here in the land of Israel, we are meant to reveal what our ancestors once revealed: the light of unity. We are fated for our role, which is to unite (“love your neighbor as yourself”) and to spread that unity to the world (to be “a light unto nations”). Fulfilling our ultimate spiritual potential is the single reason for us to remain in the land of Israel. Embedded in our genetic makeup, stemming from our ancestral heritage, is a tiny desire for uniting above all the surface materialistic desires. This is the point we must awaken in each other while we are here.

Moreover, when we discover the immense joy and happiness available in the attainment of the light of unity, our need to look for greener pastures will disappear. Kabbalists describe the intensity of such spiritual pleasure to be like the size of the universe compared to the size of a grain of sand found in material pleasures. After feeling such perfection in unification, the desire for other fulfillments will wane and we will also feel less of a need to travel in pursuit of pleasure.

After the 1.5 million Israelis return from their overseas holidays this Passover season, I’d recommend that they each ask themselves “What did we gain from this holiday?” And to the expected answer, “We had a great time!” probe deeper with the question from the Passover Haggadah itself, “Why is this night different from all other nights?” In other words, did anything really change in our lives? Also, what’s next? Are we just going to continue to bounce from one pleasure from the next, one fun holiday after another until we die? Or, can we start advancing toward a much more qualitative pleasure, one that doesn’t fade but which constantly grows—the eternal, spiritual pleasure discovered by the people of Israel when we entered the land of Israel long ago?

We have everything we need right here at home. We have each other. We just need to learn how to correctly connect, and we’ll discover the ability to travel far beyond anywhere in our entire world—to an eternal world of harmony and perfection.

Passover Infographic

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/18/19

Wishing you all a Happy Passover!

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The Calendar—Our Life Schedule

Laitman_506.5Question: What is the new year for a Kabbalist?

Answer: A new year is a new venture. “Year” in Hebrew is “Shana,” from the word “Leshanen” (repetition).

The repetition of the four seasons that change by one revolution of the Earth around the Sun and other calendar cycles are based on the ten Sefirot of the spiritual Partzuf and their division.

For example, the 4 stages of the Partzuf multiplied by 3 lines equals 12. Therefore, a year is divided into 12 months, a day into 12 hours of daytime (the light of Hassadim) and 12 hours of night (the light of Hochma).

The division into 6 parts of ZA (Zeir Anpin) multiplied by 10 equals 60. Therefore, there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour.

In addition, there is a leap year in which there are 13 months. There is a special year, the 7th, and another special year, the 50th.

Everything is built on the correspondence between the phases of the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, and their mutual changes.

A calendar is a schedule of our life. Measuring only by the Sun or by the Moon does not reflect all the features of our existence, its framework, and does not clearly graph our life. Therefore, while the Christian calendar is built on the solar cycle and the Muslim calendar on the lunar cycle, the Jewish calendar is based on the Sun, Moon, and the Earth’s rotation.

Three types of calendars correspond to the three lines: left, right, and middle. The left line is the Christian calendar, the right line is Muslim, and the middle line is the Jewish calendar, which includes the Sun, Moon, and Earth.

Therefore, the Jewish calendar is the most accurate. It was calculated thousands of years ago in ancient Babylon and then tested and confirmed 2,200 years ago by Rabbi Yehuda Ha-Nasi. It hasn’t changed since then.

That is, Jewish holidays never move to the summer or the winter like they wander with the Muslims. There are also no problems with the years, like with Christians. In the Jewish calendar, the middle line is maintained, which is always stable.

Thus, everything happens according to the division into ten Sefirot: Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut. This is the way the correspondence between the planets is arranged in nature, and it works.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 12/30/18

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