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I Wish Everyone A Special Miracle!

293.1I wish us all a special miracle! A really big, big miracle in the new year. One! So that we rise above our lives and learn at least a little bit about what it is for. Then we all will feel good. We will all have a purpose. We will know why we give birth to children, raise them, and what we are leading them toward.

The only thing we need to do is reveal the world in which we exist. It is necessary to understand what nature does to us, what it wants from us, what we must be in order to change ourselves. Let’s try it! Let’s think about this and try to change something.

I hope that the year 2021, practically the first year after the blow we received in 2020, will be the year of some kind of enlightenment. I wish that to all of us. Happy new, a really new year!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/28/20

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New Year’s Miracle On The Doorstep

631.5Comment: I want a miracle! I really want a miracle. Always, in better times, before the New Year everyone was anticipating some kind of New Year’s miracle. Not only as children, but also as adults, we await this miracle. And today, we are also waiting for a miracle that everything will change, that there will be a new situation, a better and more favorable one. Look at this world! It is waiting for a miracle!

My Response: If it is still waiting for a miracle, then it is still in its childhood. What miracle can there be? Only the one that we create.

Question: It means you believe in miracles?

Answer: I believe in miracles that we do ourselves, if we really do them. My whole life has convinced me of this. And there is no point in expecting a miracle. Otherwise, nothing good happens.

Everything will change for the better if you do it. And if you do not, everything will change for the worse.

Question: So your viewpoint on life is so materialistic?

Answer: Absolutely.

Comment: The new year has come, and everyone is waiting for everything to return back to the way it was. People are waiting for the miracle that everything will change. You see, it still lives in a person.

You say you do not believe in miracles. You believe in a “do it yourself” miracle.

My Response: Yes. When I clearly know what I am waiting for and what needs to be done for this, I try to do everything I can. And if this is at least partially successful, then it is already a miracle.

Question: Then tell me, what miracle can a person do with his own hands so that his life really turns for the better and takes a victorious path?

Answer: For this he must change himself because everything else is not in his power. And he can change himself if he acts according to his nature. It has made him this way, and he can remake himself.

Question: Will it be a miracle if he realizes that his nature is egoistic, that his nature is evil? Will this already be the beginning of a miracle?

Answer: Otherwise, there will be no changes for the better. Unfortunately, I must announce it to everyone.

Question: If a person does not start to take care of himself, to correct himself, no miracles should be expected?

Answer: No. Miracles cannot be relied on. They do not exist.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/28/20

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Hanukkah—To Serve The Creator

961.1Question: Is it possible to trace in the events of the second century BC, when people were divided into Maccabees and Hellenized Jews, the current division in the State of Israel?

Answer: I don’t think so. I do not see that there are people in Israel who want to be corrected. No one believes that we are in a spiritual descent.

In the time of the Maccabees, there was a battle for ideology: how people should advance, how to serve the Creator, i.e., achieve the principle of “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Does anyone today have a method for achieving this spiritual rule? Do you see it in the program of any party or any part of society? And in those days, there was.

Rabbi Akiva and 24,000 of his disciples, and many others, believed that the principle of “Love your neighbor” must be fulfilled. But they could not resist their egoism because the rest of the people were heading in the opposite direction.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/16/19

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Hanukkah Is A Celebration Of The Victory Of Light Over Darkness

600.01Comment: The holiday of Hanukkah is called the celebration of the victory of light over darkness, purity over conformism, spirituality over corporeality. And I think, clearly this is not only a Jewish holiday. The whole world is now on the threshold of victory or defeat of light over darkness.

My Response: There are actually no Jewish holidays. This is the interaction between the quality of bestowal, love, and the quality of reception, hatred, which always fight with each other.

Question: Was there a day in history when the forces of light defeated darkness?

Answer: Yes. The forces of connection.

Question: The forces of connection, of love, suddenly defeated the darkness in this egoistic, dark world of ours. Was there such a fragment in history?

Could you reveal it? How can we expand this fragment now and bring it to the present? Everyone is interested in the present time and only few people are interested in history. How can we bring light, the holiday of Hanukkah to this melancholy, to this despondency of humanity?

Answer: In general, this is a constant, ecumenical opposition between Rome and Jerusalem. Rome is power, it is strength, the conquest of Europe, the conquest of all the savage tribes that lived in Europe then. It is no secret that almost until the 10th century people there lived in trees, underground, and so on. There was barbarism in Europe, and they ate each other.

And Jerusalem wanted to bring to the world a completely different law: the law not of power, not of supremacy of authority, but of the spirit. This was the motto, the goal of Jerusalem. Of course, people were not ready for this.

Question: Is this the time when the Temple was built on the height of love for the neighbor?

Answer: Yes, for a thousand years from the 10th century before our era to year zero of our era, there was a struggle of what would overcome. Eventually, Judea fell. And at the end, when it was already crushed, during the fall, there was a great uprising. It was led by the Maccabees. It was the Maccabees who were carrying this light. This last surge in the fight for ideals marked Hanukkah.

Question: This was a fragment of history. How can we transfer it to our time? What is Hanukkah for the world today?

Answer: Hanukkah is an image of light, bestowal, love, connection of all and everything no matter at what level. The main thing is the good attitude of everyone toward everyone, above all prejudices, religions, philosophies, above everything.

In this dark time, there is an opportunity to tell the world what it should be like. This is because the advantage of light is precisely over darkness. And also because the world today, during these 2,000 years, has already been completely imbued with this ideology of Romans and Greeks.

Question: That is, with complete materialism?

Answer: Yes. Since the world has realized where it is heading, where it is, and also its end, today it is already possible to tell, explain, and try to pull the world to look in a different way, with different eyes. We are not going to conquer the world; we just want to explain to it that it is falling and that this is very threatening.

Question: So, is this holiday very relevant and necessary?

Answer: Of course.

Question: How can a person now light this little fire in himself?

Answer: It is very simple. We have nothing else left but to turn ourselves inside out, to begin to negotiate between all our hatreds, adversities, desires to destroy, humiliate, and subjugate each other, and so on. We should stop playing these games.

Today we can say: “Let us remember, let us see what those true ancient Maccabees, the Jews, were talking about.” They talked only about restoring the kingdom of understanding, mutual help, and love between all the people in the world. Not on an egoistic basis because it is impossible—we would be building something unsuccessful again—but on the basis on which the wisdom of Kabbalah is founded.

There is a force in nature that can reveal itself and subjugate our egoism. This will happen. I do not just believe it, I see it coming closer every day.

It is on the ruins of the old world, and now we see how its last bastion that is built on capital is crumbling, and crumbling, and crumbling, that a different world will be built: a world of mutual respect, love, opposite to the past one.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/7/20

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Hanukkah—The Most Childish Holidays


Question: It is interesting that Hanukkah and Purim are two great holidays not described in the Torah. Why are they considered the most childish holidays? On Purim, children dress up in carnival costumes, on Hanukkah they sing songs and eat sweet doughnuts.

Answer: The fact is that we have not yet reached these states in our world, and therefore, it is all personified in children. A child who is looking to the future as if shows us that we must reach those states that have not yet occurred.

Historically, these states have taken place but not within a person. Internally, we have not yet set ourselves up for the holiday of Hanukkah and then for the holiday of Purim.

Question: So it is like a game. Children are always associated with games. So here we have to play this state?

Answer: Yes. The correction of small vessels is called Hanukkah (Hanu-Ko, stopover). This is an intermediate state, half of the correction. And the second half of correction is Purim. We are yet to go through both states—both the people of Israel and the whole of humanity.

Question: Why is it customary to eat doughnuts on Hanukkah?

Answer: Oil symbolizes the desire to receive and dough, the power of life. Oil must saturate the dough because the power of life comes to us from flour. Since then, it has been the custom to fry the dough in oil.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/16/19

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How To Light The Light Of The Creator?

524.01How can we light the light, meaning reveal the Creator? To do this, we need three contradictory components: a jar of oil, a wick, and a fire. Yet, how can we put them together if the oil itself does not burn, the wick itself also does not burn, and neither oil nor a dry wick can support the fire?

The fire burns only if the wick is contradictory to the oil, and therefore absorbs it. We do not want to receive spiritual work, and yet we are forced to approach it, and then we absorb spiritual qualities from it against our will, and become imbued with the importance of bestowal, self-nullification, and love of friends, as a wick absorbs oil.

This is what happens, whether we want it or not—another convention, another lesson, reading of articles, meeting with friends—time and time again we absorb the oil into the wick, despite the fact that we consider this work worthless. I do not want this work, and I only dream of rewards, of discoveries, so that I can learn everything, control everything, and feel everything, as my egoism imagines.

However, I do not have a choice, and I perform actions that allow me to absorb oil like a wick. I am still getting permeated with the material that the wisdom of Kabbalah provides, and in the end I will receive enough material inside, connect with my friends, and our light will light up.

Then, I will see the true results of this entire process, I will reveal the Creator within the created beings that is bringing us a new state, faith above reason, which is called Hanukkah, a parking in the middle of the way.

Our whole life is made up of contradictions because otherwise we would not distinguish the difference between darkness and light. We would be like animals that do not feel their “I,” do not feel themselves. In order to understand who the man is, it is necessary to rise to a higher level than the man and study him from there.

The wick is all that I neglect in spiritual work, all that I resist. I have resistance to the oil, but I am trying to connect the oil and the wick together, and then I reach the light. Then I begin to understand what is happening to me.

If the oil and wick burn out, then there is nothing left to burn and darkness comes. It is the same with a person when he has exhausted all his efforts and all his burning, he loses the light and returns to darkness again. If he wants to keep the light, he must make an extra effort, which is called a wick, and add his burning, which is called oil because the light has nothing else to light up on and rise on.

After such overcoming, a person is rewarded with receiving the light of the Creator that illuminates his soul and is called the light of Hanukkah, that is, the light of absolutely good open upper providence.

To the extent that a person can sacrifice his egoism for the sake of connection in a group that wants to advance toward the purpose of creation, he makes  a wick that absorbs oil out of himself and of the group. Initially, no one wants this and considers this despicable, but since we are all connected, we make a wick from ourselves, twist all the threads into one thick bundle.

One thread cannot absorb oil, but when ten threads are twisted together, there is an empty space between them that sucks in the oil. The oil goes up the wick, and we can light it up at the very edge of the wick.

We do not want this work, but we agree to connect together and let the oil go up in us, over our threads twisted together. The oil rises, not through the threads themselves, but through the gaps between them, through the connections of the friends with each other. If the friends try to connect despite their differences and are together, then the oil begins to go up between them and the Creator lights the candle, that is, begins to become revealed.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/15/20, “Hanukkah”

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Hanukkah—The Miracle Of Hanukkah And The Material World

627.1Question: It is said that a miracle happened on Hanukkah: the oil, being enough for one day, burned for eight days. Do you think this could have happened?

Answer: It is up to us. If we strive to ensure our properties to be equal with the properties of the Creator, that we participate in kindling the light in the world in order to illuminate it with the qualities of love, kindness, and connection, then such an effort is sufficient on our part. This comes from our side, Malchut, and the rest is given from above.

Question: Do you think the miracle of Hanukkah really could have happened on a corporeal level?

Answer: Why not? Our world conforms to general laws. If we fulfill them, we can do everything. There are more and more miracles in our world every day, but we simply do not notice them because we are included in them. And if we could see them from the outside, they would be miracles to us.

Question: So, this is not an allegorical description?

Answer: Of course. Absolutely everything that is written in the Torah must and will happen in our world. I do not see any miracles in it.

If a Papuan comes to me, for example, and I press the switch and the light comes on, he will fall on his knees before this phenomenon. Is it a miracle or not? It is a miracle for him but not for me.

If we were now at the first spiritual level, then everything that happened there would be a miracle for us.

Comment: But if you say that these are laws, then any person could repeat them. And I don’t think anyone can repeat that today.

My Response: Because we are not at that level!
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/16/19

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Hanukkah—Why Does The Menorah Include Eight Candles?

632.1Question: What is a Menorah? Why does it include eight candles?

Answer: From the highest quality (Keter) to the lowest quality (Malchut), from the quality of the Creator to the quality of creation, there are eight stages, eight Sefirot, excluding the highest and the lowest.

Therefore the Menorah is lit for eight days, on the eighth day the newborn is circumcised (Brit Milah), etc.

Question: How did the Kabbalists know that the Menorah should be in this form?

Answer: Kabbalists act according to their inner vision. They feel it from the correlation of their inner attributes. The connection of these attributes appears to them in this form. Moreover, this is how our world appears, according to our desires. In fact, it does not exist; it is simply that our materialized desires manifest themselves in front of us.

Question: According to Kabbalah, oil is the egoistic desire, the wick symbolizes the screen, and when there is a screen, an anti-egoistic quality, a force covering the egoistic desire, then fire appears. What is fire?

Answer: Fire represents the light of life, knowledge.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12.16.2019

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Hanukkah—Spiritual Temple

631.2Question: What is a Spiritual Temple from the point of view of Kabbalah?

Answer: Spiritual Temple is our soul —of each one of us and of all of us together—integration of all our desires striving for equivalence of form with the Creator.

We must unite our desires in such a way that in our connection, in bestowing to each other, we can reach a state that is balanced between us. And then in it, according to our efforts, we will find the upper force, the quality of bestowal and love called the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/16/20

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Hanukkah—The Greeks And Romans Inside Us


Question: What is the difference between the Greeks and Romans inside us?

Answer: The Greeks are egoistic thoughts directed toward knowledge and philosophy. And the Romans are egoistic actions directed toward working with coarse desires.

Question: Let’s say I want to become famous, to glorify myself. Is this called the Greeks in me? Are these the desires that need to be corrected?

Answer: No. We are talking about correction on the spiritual level. Both the Greeks and Romans are states that come to a person when he really wants to expose himself to the quality of bestowal. Then he begins to fight with his egoistic desires and sort them out internally into Greeks and Romans.

In other words, there are desires of our world when you want to use someone for your own sake, and there are desires related to the Creator. If the Creator reveals Himself to man and he wants to use the connection with the upper force for his own sake, then these desires are called egoistic: Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. They need to be corrected.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/14/20

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