Faith Above Reason Is Bestowal Above Reception

Faith Above Reason Is Bestowal Above ReceptionTwo questions I received on faith above reason and how to be with the Creator at every moment:

Question: You say that there is no faith in Kabbalah, but only knowledge or reason. Then what do you mean by “faith above reason”?

My Answer: “Faith above reason” means “bestowal above reception.” Our nature is the desire to receive, and this desire makes us opposite to the Creator. However, we can make our egoistic nature equal to the Creator by adding the intention “to bestow” to it, which will be “above reason” – it will determine the essence of our actions, which are “to receive.”

Likewise, “the tree of knowledge of good and evil” is the knowledge or attainment of our 613 desires and their correction, in order to use the desires “to receive” for the sake of “bestowal.”

Kabbalah is a science and doesn’t deal with faith, but only with clearly knowable phenomena, according to the principle “The judge knows no more than what his eyes see.” The Creator or Light created a desire with the intention “for oneself.” Everything that happens is a process of correcting the intention from “for myself” to “for others.” To the degree of the desire’s correction, the Light fills the desire. The end of correction is when the desire is completely similar to the Light. So there is really no room for earthly faith here.

Question: How is it possible to be with the Creator at every moment? What does this actually mean?

My Answer: It means being in the quality of bestowal rather than reception.

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  1. In regards to Why Did I Write About Rav Berg
    How is it known that there is only one true source of Kabbalah?

  2. It is said that there is no punishment in spirituality. Yet there is the curse of egoism which we fell into from spirituality.
    Does that mean that women only suffer in this corpeality as a result of our egoism? Will that suffering will be corrected when we are corrected? Originally Adam had only one woman, Eve that we know of. Will we return to monogamy when corrected? Or will we not care when we are corrected?

  3. I suggest reading the article in Shamati ” There is none else besides him”. It will explain why it feels like we get punished here. The ego appears as a curse and evil, yet it is the driving force that leads us to the creaotor. The ego makes it so difficult that we seek out the Upper force. All of humanity suffers in this world. the suffering is our will to recieve. The will to receive is the female force so all of humanity is the women when they are trapped in egoism. The male is the will to bestow. Man and woman in this world does not meens the same thing in spiritual world. It is all about forces and there influence on vessels of reception and bestowal.

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