A New Site In Chinese – Just In Time for the Olympics

The International Academy of Kabbalah is proud to announce that on 08-08-08, two hours before the grand opening of the Olympics in China, we aired a new site in Chinese.

New Site in Chinese

The site was created in two days by three people:

Asta Chepukaite (Lithuania) – content manager and executive editor;
Olya Utkina (Kazakhstan) – design;
Sasha Gerdev (Bnei Baruch Israel) – programming.

And this is just the beginning. We are only starting the work of developing, optimizing and popularizing the site!

We would like to extend a special thank you to Leonid Makaron, who made this site possible and continues to advance our dissemination in Chinese.
Lechaim World Kli!

Life Is Like Playing With a Lego Set

Life Is Like Playing With a Lego SetA question I received: If there is none else but the Creator, then who ruined the common soul that was perfect in the beginning, making it need correction? In your book Attaining the Worlds Beyond, you wrote about the Creator’s “mistake.” If this is the answer to my question – that the Creator made a mistake, then why did you put the word “mistake” in quotation marks?

My Answer: We make our children learn by building things out of Lego pieces, solving problems, putting together puzzles – or in other words, by creating. This makes them grow up to be mature, intelligent people.

The Creator created a perfect universe. However, in order to give us the opportunity to grow to His level, He destroyed the initial creation completely, and it fell to the lowest state – our world. He did this to give us the opportunity to create that perfect creation. All the means for doing this are inside us, and Kabbalah tells us how to do it.

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