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Who Are Real Friends?

939.01Question: “The International Day of Friendship was proclaimed in 2011 by the UN General Assembly with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.” (UN.org)

What is International Friendship Day for you?

Answer: For me, everyday is like this. I meet with my students. Our regular congress ended the other day. Four to five thousand people were in a real time connection via the Internet. We saw each other, we listened, we talked, and we felt each other. These are friends.

Friends are people who are close to you in terms of purpose, perception of the world, and life, its inner harmony and external discord.

Question: They don’t need to be reminded of anything?

Answer: No. We all experience this every day. A friend is someone who understands how you feel, and in some ways is in solidarity with you, in other ways, maybe not. But he understands you, you understand him. And together you are constantly looking for some common moments of rapprochement.

Question: Even if these are simple moments of rapprochement, in every day life? Would you call that a friend, too?

Answer: I think so, as well. Because in the end, all of our high matter is also there to make it all a corporeal rapprochement. We don’t need anything else, it should be very simple: rise above our conventionality, above all that man, nations, people, and states live by. Rise above this into mutual bestowal, mutual love, mutual support and you will gain a sense of upper force.

I think that there should still be a mutual sense of inner connection. This is the first thing.

And second, we must understand how we need to help each other and participate together in creating a common spiritual space, a spiritual grid on which we exist. It can be based simultaneously on the desire to help physically and materially, but, in general, it is a spiritual network.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/7/21

How Not To Remain Van Gogh

235Comment: Pablo Picasso said: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

This is very much in tune with what you said about questions about existence, questions about life “Why was I born?” are already inherent in the little person and then we somehow lose it.

My response: I totally agree. We do not lose it, it rather disappears from us. We do not want to focus on the question of the meaning of life: What do I need life for? What do I exist for? What was I born for?

For a small child, by the way, this is a very urgent inner question. He cannot ask it, he may not be able to answer it, but he lives with it. He has a very serious demand from both his parents and people around him. If you pay attention, there is an urgent demand in his every action. The small child sitting in your arms demands to reveal the question of the meaning of life.

Question: Why does it all disappear all of a sudden? After all, he demands it!

Answer: The force called the evil inclination appears. And it starts to confuse him.

Question: Do you mean that it is impossible to walk this path smoothly?

Answer: He must contain this evil force in himself, he must fight it, he must find himself at war against it, and only from this fight can he come out as an adult. Otherwise, he will remain Van Gogh. He will be painting for the rest of his life and nothing more.

Question: Will he no longer ask the question “What do I live for?” Getting a lot of money

Answer: This is not the meaning of life.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/22/21

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How Can We Make Life Easier—Seven Recommendations

563Comment: Seven recommendations have been given for a person to make their life easier. One is: “The ability to wait is the best thing that you can teach a person.”

My Response: If it is not spiritual work, then yes; but if it is spiritual work, then no. We must advance non-stop along the spiritual path.

Comment: “The first step is only the beginning,” which means that having made this step, you are already halfway to victory.

My Response: The first step is not halfway to victory, but it is still a start. If it is the beginning of a victory, it will be possible to see it later on.

Question: Is it a sign that you are advancing if it is difficult?

Answer: I don’t think that difficulty is a sign of advancing correctly. No.

The sign of correct advancement is that we know how to connect all problems, information, data, and the contrasts to one unique whole to our root toward which we are moving, and where we all complement each other and connect perfectly into one unique whole picture.

Comment: “Break off the chains that bind your thoughts and then break off the chains that bind your body.” Sometimes we are stuck in the same place because our thoughts don’t allow us to advance and we need to get rid of negative thoughts that stop us and invoke fear.

My Response: We move by both negative and positive thoughts. It is like a wheel, part of which moves forward while the other part moves backward.

Comment: “Tranquility is the key to success.” When we are calm, we can do much more than when we are upset.

My Response: No. All of the wisdom of Kabbalah is built on contradictions, on a combination of contradictions. We need to be calm in full infinite motion and not any other way. We cannot be calm and succumb to fate and the flow of life wherever it carries us.

Those are methods of the East and they do not include the left line. So, I cannot compare them to the wisdom of Kabbalah and interpret them in any way.

Comment: “Condemnation is darkness for a person.” We should never humiliate or insult one’s personality. The only thing we can do is to condemn someone for his actions but not the person himself.

My Response: We should not condemn anyone, no one at all. You should correct yourself, and by correcting yourself, you correct the world in a way that there will no longer be anyone who will condemn you.

Comment: “Believing that you are right is a limitation.”

My Response: You can believe that you are right only when what you do is strengthened by the upper reason, by the masses, and not by you. When you follow the masses and reveal the Creator in the connection between you, you find the truth. But the truth cannot be according to the way of an individual.

In order to find your way in life you must have nine other friends so that in a ten you will be able to create a mini system, a mini-society in which, like in a lab, you will be able to plan in absolute accuracy all of nature, all of humanity, all the worlds between you.

You will create a kind of a magic ball of your ten desires and intentions, and in it you will be able to see all the universes, all the worlds, everything there is in them, and the Creator, and then by working on this model you will clearly understand who you are, where and how you are advancing.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/24/19

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How Do We Protect Our Children

586Question: The International Day for Protection of Children has been held since 1925 “in order to draw the attention of adults to the observance of children’s rights, education, protection from violence, and the right for life.”

What does it mean to you to protect children?

Answer: First of all, from parents. So that parents understand how to raise them. I also knew very little about it, although they tried to instill it all in me. I can feel how insufficient it is. How can you make a young couple who knows nothing and does not understand anything into people who know and understand everything when they have a child?

This is a big problem. This is where we really have to do something with ourselves. Otherwise, our society, our humanity, will remain as miserable as it looks now.

Parents need to know how to make a person out of this baby. First, you need to understand from the very first day what you want to give him, what he needs, and what he wants from you. This is a nonverbal connection—mental, spiritual, neural. The one that should be between the couple and the newborn.

And then you need to give parents the necessary education, the nurturing they need to bring them up correctly. Everything that is necessary for two people who have a baby in their arms.

Question: So it is actually a whole science to be a parent?

Answer: Of course! And we do not prepare people for this. Therefore, we cannot say that we see among our babies, children, teenagers, girls, and boys as they grow, the people we could potentially see.

It is all our fault. And then we start blaming them, scolding them, demanding from them, pushing them. This is not the way to do it. Then it is too late.

We also need to make relations in the family, at school, on the street, everywhere a little closer. A child should not feel that these are completely opposite different societies. It should all be homogeneous. Here it is necessary to change society as well.

Comment: This is already the “Day of a Unified Society” and not the “Day for Protection of Children.”

My Response: This is the protection of children. From society.

This is actually our job, because otherwise our education will lead us to disaster. Everything you see in adults is everything done at an age when they were maybe a few months old or a few years old at most.

International Day for Protection of Children is a good day if we agree to create an atmosphere for them, an environment, that supports them and correctly formats them, turns them into a person, a good person, a kind, caring, and helpful person, a person who wants to help and accepts help from others.

There should just be an even kind attitude toward everyone.

Question: And this is the merit of parents and society only?

Answer: Yes. And then we will be able to see how everything really changes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/27/21

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Public Relations Problem

962.4Question: A person constantly experiences some kind of influence from the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature. Is there a difference at what level the interference occurs?

Answer: For us, the most important thing is the human level because this is the environment in which we constantly communicate and find it difficult to properly interact with each other.

Of course, we also have problems with the surrounding nature—inanimate, plant and animal. But every person in their personal life has very little contact with this. We hear about the ecology, earthquakes, and other problems of nature, but in principle, this is not what worries us every day.

Question: So, the most important thing is the animal level, meaning our body, its health?

Answer: Naturally, we are concerned about our health. But we are also slowly coping with this, as much as possible. There is no special freedom of will, it all depends on the level of medicine of the society in which we live.

Our main problem basically comes down to how we interact with each other correctly in the family, at work, at home, on the street, on the road, anywhere. In other words, this is a public relations problem.

In addition, the problems of a person with himself are important: who controls his life, what he lives for, whether he is accountable to someone. They need to be solved.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/4/19

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I Would Not Follow Van Gogh’s Advice

587.01Comment: Vincent van Gogh said, “If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

My Response: I would not follow Van Gogh’s advice. A person should feel what his soul is pulling him to and choose his path in accordance with this. And to choose this path soberly, that is, to check whether he has all possible prerequisites for this. And if not, there is no need to hit one’s head against the wall.

Question: What about our wisdom Kabbalah, where in principle, the inner voice often says: “What is wrong with you, look at these heights! How can you?! Is it really possible to reach them?!”

Answer: What does it matter? It does not matter here, everyone has to learn this wisdom, and through it, everyone has to correct their soul. Thus, there are no people here who can say: “I am free.”

I must correct myself, fulfill my destiny. Therefore, everyone has his place in it. Everyone is obliged. The correction of the soul is the purpose of our entire existence, of everyone, of absolutely everyone! So, no one can get away from it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/22/21

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Between Two Epochs

546.02We need a serious reform of our attitude toward children—not just a reform of the educational system of teaching itself or of upbringing, but in general, of our whole life in which children learn from us, take all kinds of examples from us with which they cannot agree and cannot implement on themselves.

Once upon a time, a boy would look at his father, a girl at her mother. If the father was a shoemaker or a tailor, no matter what, a child knew: “I will grow up and also be a shoemaker or a tailor.” Back then, children did not have internal demands.

Crafts have been passed down from generation to generation. Children lived with their parents. They did not yearn to be different. In those days, the whole way of life, all the examples that parents gave them: how to live, how to communicate, all this was normal, all this suited the children.

Today—no! Today, children look at us and feel in an empty world. They have nowhere to get examples from. They have to invent their own world. And we, fools, don’t understand why they are engaged in all sorts of fanaticism, use drugs, and everything else. It all happens because we are not ready to give them examples of living correctly.

We do not agree that they are different. This is our most basic point. We need to take into account that they are different, that they have different souls. And we must live for them, not for ourselves. By living for them, we will correct ourselves as well. So it is said: “Lo, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord, that he may turn the heart of the fathers back through the children, and the heart of the children back through their fathers-lest I come and smite the earth with utter destruction.” Meaning, children should teach us.

When a woman becomes a mother, the child as if requires her to grow up so that a completely different attitude to life would appear in her. It is the same here. We must understand that by having children, we have to be more responsible. And they should dictate to us what we should be like.

First of all, we must study the next stage in which our children should live. They ask for it, but we do not understand it. We are in such a generation, in such “scissors,” in such a transitional process, that we stand as if between two epochs.
From KabTV’s “Close-up”

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Depression—A Result Of An Internal Request

546.02We all know that education is a big problem. I see how children are brought up in schools. Therefore, children’s depression will not go away! We just need to answer the children’s request.

Depression is a consequence of their inner request. Moreover, this is a huge social problem because it manifests itself in more than one child. We observe this in absolutely all children from different countries of the world.

There is such a thing as depression in animals, especially in pets that live near their owners. I am sure that both wild animals and plants have it.

That is, depression is a feeling of lack of the force of life, which is beginning to be felt in our world. It depends on the person because he must rise to another level so that through him the spiritual upper force, the force of life, passes into our world. And then the problem with the environment, with our health, with social relations, with everything, will disappear.

We lack vitality. We see that everything is exhausted, aging, disappearing, and losing its value, meaning.

We try our best to inspire ourselves with all sorts of fashions, aspirations, to keep each other playing with the help of technology. But if you look at the truth, we need a completely different level of existence, some other level, an understanding of what we are for, where we are going. This is the challenge all of humanity is facing, especially now.

And children in this case should play a very important useful role. After all, we will not get rid of them, this is our problem, and this is our pain. We can deal with ourselves somehow, and when a child feels bad, there’s nothing you can do about it.

So when I look at my children and especially my grandchildren, I start to feel these requests. They exist literally in the baby. It shows that even at such a young age, he is internally missing something in his life. It’s hard to explain. I just see it with my inner vision, from the depth of the nature that I have discovered for myself, but it exists. We’re not getting away from this.
From KabTV’s “Close-up”

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How Are Names Given In The Corporeal And Spiritual Worlds?

962.2Question: You say that names are given randomly according to a certain trend or for other reasons. How should we give a child a name correctly so that it will reflect the Creator’s attributes in him?

Answer: I wouldn’t do that. First of all, give him a simple ordinary name that is popular among people and not a name that will hurt or humiliate him in any way, a name that he will not be ridiculed for at school or at the playground.

Second, don’t think that if you give a child or any other person a specific name you will change his fate by that.

It is said, “He who changes his place, changes his fate.” But the term “place” refers to levels of the spiritual ladder. So of course you change your fate.

It is the same regarding a name: the higher we ascend on the spiritual ladder, the higher our names are. But calling a person one name or another does not mean anything. Stop believing in those amulets.

Question: Does a person who begins to climb the spiritual ladder acquire a name automatically?

Answer: He receives a name according to the spiritual level he is on. This is the reason that he can be called by one name at one time and by another name another time. The Torah also tells us about it when it seemingly tells us about people: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Pharaoh, Pharaoh’s daughter Batya, etc. Yet, these are not people but parts of a single soul!

A person who attains the spiritual world goes through these states. At one time he is like Pharaoh, another time he is like Abraham, and another time he is like King David, etc. So go through these states as quickly as possible. This is the main thing.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/24/19

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Don’t Cry, My Son, Here Is A Candy For You

627.2Question: Modern psychology assures that the phrase “Don’t cry, my child, here is a candy for you” is a terrible mistake parents make. Psychologists say that you need to help your child get through the sadness.

What do you think about that?

Answer: First, I believe that parents should not answer their child: “Get over it and get used to it.” This is not a parenting approach—on one hand. On the other hand, since it is necessary to explain why someone is in such a state, even a child, it is necessary to teach parents how to answer correctly.

Question: So you don’t support giving candy?

Answer: No. It is not good to avoid and remove yourself from the need to go through these states with the child. While he is still a child, it is necessary to teach him how to get over it correctly. Together with the parents. And then he will be able to do it himself.

Question: That is, the child got hit, he is crying, you should not buy him a candy so that he stops crying. We need a conversation with him. What can you say to a child who got hit?

Answer: Explain to the child that he needs to be more careful, why he was hit, what happened.

Question: So you seem to be talking to him like equals?

Answer: No, he should feel that an adult is talking to him. And yet, he should feel that he is being educated. A child should understand that the adult wants to explain to him how to treat any, especially unpleasant circumstances in his life correctly. Even animals teach their offspring: they help, explain, and play with them.

Question: And if a child is assembling a kit and he fails, a parent comes, does he have to assemble the kit for him?

Answer: You have to be a teacher. The teacher is the one who hints at the correct options, explains the wrong ones, mistakes, and so on. That is, it is “debriefing.”

Comment: Psychologists say that if a child is sad, there is no need to rush and get him out of this by any means. It is necessary for him to feel what sadness is.

My Response: Not sadness for the sake of sadness, but for him to just know how to get out of it, and that these states have the right to be with us just like fun and joy.

Question: What should the correct attitude of a parent toward a child who is growing up be?

Answer: To become his friend and to do things with him.

Comment: Is it possible to become a child’s friend at any age? Can I be a friend to my three-year-old son?

My Response: It is already too late with a three-year-old one. Starting at about one year of age, a child already understands that you are playing with him and how you are playing, as equals or not.

Question: That is, you need to become a child’s friend?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/15/21

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