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How Do We Achieve Perfection?

546.02Comment: Scientists are sounding an alarm: an epidemic of perfectionism is spreading all over the world. According to psychologists, perfectionism is a belief that an ideal can be achieved. In pathological form, it is a belief that imperfection has no right to exist.

My Response: Then what remains?

Comment: What remains is to get rid of anything that is redundant and to straighten anything that may be deformed. Different studies have led to the conclusion that all this leads to stress, depression, anxiety, and suicide.

My Response: This means that high demands that cannot be attained actually kill us.

Question: What is this ideal in Kabbalah? What should we aspire for and never concede, never give up?

Answer: The attribute of love and bestowal by which we become like the Creator is ideal.

It can be achieved by a gradual, step-by-step method. But we cannot implement it with our existing senses and attributes inherent in us in our world. We need to acquire additional attributes, additional senses, and then we will be able to implement this idea in us.

The ideal is when we collect all the forces, all of nature’s attributes, together in the most explicit manner, connect them to the one single ideal system, and they complement each other to such an extent that there is nothing redundant that we need to get rid of, and there is nothing missing in it either.

This means that all the elements of nature enter this system, complement each other, and make a system that is one absolute round sphere, absolutely ideal.

Kabbalah actually teaches us how we can connect opposite attributes into what is called the middle line, and then everything begins to work perfectly.

Question: And what is imperfection? Imperfection in man and in society?

Answer: There are many different levels and sublevels of imperfection. The main imperfection is when a person considers himself whole.

Question: Does imperfection have a place in society?

Answer: Imperfection has a place in society. It is thanks to the feeling of imperfection that society can constantly improve itself. We cannot live without it. This is actually what makes humans different from animals—the fact that they constantly feel their imperfection, which forces them to develop all the time.

Question: Perfectionists want to cut it all off and smooth it out?

Answer: There is no need to cut off or throw away anything because nothing in this world was created without a reason.

Everything stems from the ideal picture of the world, which fell apart on purpose, and we must collect the pieces and put them together again like a jigsaw puzzle. So there is not a single redundant piece or particle.

Question: What is a spiritual perfectionist?

Answer: I don’t think that a spiritual perfectionist is a perfectionist. He is simply a person who truly aspires to put all the pieces of creation into one perfect picture. This state is called Adam, that is, a system that totally resembles the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/24/19

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Raising Boys And Girls

294.4Question: Today, all the rules of human social behavior completely replace each other. A man prefers to stay at home and do housework and a woman realizes herself in a career. Why is this happening?

Answer: Because we are developing incorrectly. The upbringing of the sexes has changed. Boys are raised by women, which is wrong.

Boys should be raised by men, because a child grows up by example. And when he is next to his mother, he revolves around her skirt all the time, and then the teacher in the nursery, in the kindergarten, the teacher in the school is by his side, then everything he learns is from a female, served by a woman.

Therefore, a man prefers to stay at home, raise children; he lacks that base, that attitude to the world, to life, which a real man should have. Today we do not even understand what it is. The whole world is like that—half-female.

I am not saying this as a reproach. It is just our omission. Both sexes must be educated so that they feel their opposite and know how to properly complement each other. And this is not happening.

If a child is brought up by women all the time, then he has no masculine basis, no understanding of his strength, his own peculiarity, his own fulfillment of some female properties, needs, requests. This is a big problem.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/11/09

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The Needs Of The Generation

546.02Question: On one hand, the younger generation has a goal because they are developing in a certain global direction. In a study when students were asked to report what the meaning of their chosen profession is, 99% said they wanted to help people. In doing so, they want to create a different world. They immerse themselves in virtual reality and say: “This world is not interesting to me, it is cruel and dirty, and here I have my own world, and I am not alone in it.”

How can they fulfill this goal if they have such an attitude?

Answer: You will not do anything. Everything is specially arranged so that they become disillusioned with our world and understand that it really should be different.

It should be based not on some material objects and earthly relationships, but on deeper, inner sensations and relationships. This is what the current generation needs.

This generation is very special and somehow makes me admire them.

They are ready to be taught the method of spiritual elevation, but the method may not yet be ready for them. It takes some time for them to adapt to the method and the method to adapt to them. Therefore, they need to talk about it, show it, suggest. I hope this connection will happen soon.
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 7/13/18

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How To Save Children From Suicide

919Question: A writer asks, “Please tell us about suicide among children. How can I explain to a child that it is wrong and that one shouldn’t have such thoughts? At a neighboring school, a girl jumped from a high-rise building. There are two versions of why this occurred: the first is unrequited love, the second is the influence of the Internet, and that she was driven to it. How should we talk to teenagers? How can we prevent this from happening? Or is it the fate of a person?”

Answer: We must understand that a teenager is a small person who must attain the world gradually. Just like when we are born. At first, we are completely inside the mother. Then we “stick our head out.” We begin to comprehend a little, inside our crib, our room, in the apartment, and so on.

Today a child before he even begins to walk and can only reach for something by crawling around a small area is exposed to a huge world around him. He is put in the car and driven around, pushed about in a stroller, parents turn on TV, music, and video, whatever. All sorts of complicated toys are pushed on him.

That is, the boundaries of the world are being opened for him while he’s not ready for it and does not want it! Nature hasn’t prepared him for it yet. So he’s confused and doesn’t know what to do. Therefore, he is under pressure from these new concepts around him that he is not ready for. And that’s the problem.

Thus, many kids can’t handle it. They don’t have enough inner strength. All these external stimuli affect them in such a way that children simply lose control. And when they are nonetheless exposed to some negative movies or something else, they perceive them as real and very easily contemplate suicide.

We should prohibit and restrict them! For the first two years I would not expose a child to outside stimuli. Only the natural things that he can see and hear around him, this is what he should be exposed to. The sounds and images around him, all that is there, let him see it all. But no screens. No computer or TV.

Question: So, are you a big proponent of the careful, gradual exposure of children to this life?

Answer: I want a child to develop a normal psyche to the size of the world in which he exists. Whatever he can reach, this is what he should be comfortable with.

The rest is for later. By then, all sorts of mechanisms are already in place. You can already explain things to him, talk to him, give him certain literature, and show him things. Yet even then, I would start with history, geography, some earthly things. Rather than these terrible children’s programs which are built completely on fiction, and on a terrible, distorted one at that. They show violence and anger. It is just unbelievable!

Children’s programs are the most violent ones. The child looks at that and thinks that this is the reality of our world. So why not jump from the tenth floor? He sees these leaps on TV every day in children’s programs.

That is, we have no idea what a distorted picture of reality we bring into his world. So what do you expect? We need to remove all of it. Completely!

Question: Are you in favor of such tough measures?

Answer: I am for raising a healthy generation.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/11/21

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Will The Points Method Help Us?

294.2Comment: At the beginning of the year, the first Civil Code in the country’s history has come into force in the People’s Republic of China. Citizens are gaining points. Of course, there is a tracking system installed.

You have a starting point of one thousand points. And you either gain more and go up or lower down. Points are earned for charity, caring for elderly relatives, good relations with neighbors, helping the poor, supporting the government, committing a heroic deed, and so on.

Points are deducted for traffic violations, unsatisfactory parental support, spreading rumors and fake news on the Internet, insincere apologies for crimes committed, participation in sects, protests against the authorities, etc.

Those with high scores will have priority in school admission, fast work promotions, fast advancement in the queue for public housing, etc. Those with low scores will be deprived of the right to hold a position in public offices, will be prone to public censure, etc.

Those who issue these laws claim that this is the only way to make people honest, kind, and open. That is, this is the way they want to educate people!

My Response: Such an educational system is unsuitable for the new world.

Question: In general, what about an educational system based on suppression, on fear?

Answer: It is necessary for the initial development of any society! Just like with man: we restrict him, he must be supervised by his elders who must be responsible for his actions, that is, they must restrict him, punish him, and so on.

Question: Should we build an educational system based on the national character?

Answer: No. If we are talking about the educational system that the world needs today, then we should not take into account any national characteristic, mentality, nothing.

We just need to gain and spread in the world the knowledge that only connection, simple connection among people—when each person understands that his good future lies only in his connection with other people—only such education can bring humanity to order.

Man will find happiness when he begins to draw closer to others, and in this understanding he begins to feel more confident, more comfortable, and he will see the future.

People should simply understand that they are in a single system—not Chinese and not Soviet— but in the system of nature that wants only one thing: that we stay in unity among us.

Question: And then a person himself, on his own, without any points, will treat the elderly well and will not slander?

Answer: Of course, it goes without saying.

Question: Is it possible? After all, a person is what he is.

Answer: Nowadays, because of the pandemic and other problems including pressures that will descend into our world more and more on a bigger scale, it is possible. It is thanks to this that it is possible.

Question: That is, the intensification of suffering makes it possible to explain to a person that we need to be on good terms with each other?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Why don’t we hear then?

Answer: No one has yet explained this to us. We have not yet reached such a state to feel and to understand that we need this. And suffering will be added. A virus will be followed by another virus, problems will be followed by other problems.

Man will not perish. Man will bear everything! Animals will die out, plants will die out, stones will melt, but humans will not.

Question: Man will come out of this state?

Answer: Yes. It will happen when he says: “That is it, I am ready! Even my heart of stone has melted. I am ready to get closer to others!”

I have absolute confidence in this. And so it will be. Hopefully, if not this year, then next one, but still I hope to live to see this.

Question: And then it will start as an epidemic, a good, kind one?

Answer: Yes. Because people will have no other way out anyway. They are already beginning to see darkness: there is fog ahead, then twilight, then night, and then an abyss. And then a gradual, really gradual, awakening will begin.

Question: And what is needed to come out of this?

Answer: It is very simple: just be together so we do not get lost one by one.

Question: And then the abyss recedes?

Answer: Absolutely!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/1/21

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Balanced Consciousness

528.01Question: In what directions can you expand your consciousness by exiting yourself in the ten?

Answer: The new collective consciousness is built on the fact that everyone in the ten nullifies their egoism in order to connect with others. This is how a general, balanced consciousness that does not carry anything personal from these ten people appears. It is based on integration.

The integration they achieve is of a completely different nature, not personal, not human, but above human. Attaining it and working in it gives a person the opportunity to understand what the correct connection between people leads to.

When you annul yourself before another person and put him above yourself, you at the same time in a way “buy” his consciousness, his inner world, and bring yourself to enrichment by his personal baggage.
From KabTV’s “Together about the main thing” 9/2/18

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Understand Each Other’s Nature

961.2Comment: Today, people do not want any obligations to each other and therefore do not marry.

My Response: A person is an egoist. If he understood that marriage would really fill him and was created so that he could give and receive in marriage, he would see that there is nothing better.

But for this, a form of communication needs to be created so that a man is fulfilled from his wife, children, and family so that he has exactly such needs, qualities, desires that are not artificially changed s o that he is forced to run away in the evenings somewhere to clubs, bars.

It’s the same with a woman. She must be determined to create for her family, her husband, and her children the conditions from which she herself would enjoy. Therefore, appropriate education is needed here. It doesn’t matter that we’ve become more egoistic. Bigger egoism, in fact, should take us to the next level.

We must educate boys and girls properly, teach them how to interact with each other, and not give them only lessons about sex in schools. It turns out that we are just teaching animals the correct sexual relationships, but we do not teach people how to be properly connected with each other, to understand and complement each other.

If we don’t give them that education, the next generation will be miserable. They will come to some mechanical interaction, to something incomprehensible.

Kabbalah says that everything in nature is built on replenishment, on harmony. This replenishment depends on understanding each other’s nature.

I remember when I was in the first year of the institute, we had a professor Svyadoshch Avraam Moiseevich. He took us to different hospitals for surgeries to show us the extreme conditions that people are in immediately after an accident, during a difficult birth, or after a heart transplant.

And we, eighteen or nineteen-year-old boys, were very shaken up by it. When we first came out of the maternity hospital, it was a shock: How difficult it is to give birth, how much blood, how much pain. We almost cried, looking at the women in labor. Our attitude to many things changed. We began to treat even the girls in our group differently.

Based on what I have experienced, I would take all school children to hospitals, maternity hospitals, and morgues to explain and show children what life means, when you go through all the states from birth through various problems, injuries, death, up to the cemetery,  all this is necessary. And I would do this with a very serious preliminary preparation, so that the children would not have psychological trauma. This is how an understanding and adult attitude to life is built.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/11/09

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New Perception—Collective Consciousness

530Collective perception brings a person to a different plane. It says that you have to break away from yourself and enter the team, take everything that exists in the team as your own, try to think, act, and solve issues based on someone else’s opinion, someone else’s desire, and someone else’s goals.

Get used to this image and after a while see if you can return to yourself and to what extent it will be a different “you.”

Therefore, in Kabbalah, the so-called “ten” is practiced, when ten people unite with each other and organize a common base for desire, for a goal, for thought, in order to turn themselves into one whole. To do this, everyone must nullify themselves toward everyone else, and then, as a result of such joint work—it is not easy, it takes time—they turn into one whole, as it were.

It is very interesting to observe how they begin to think, celebrate, and solve problems. Everyone has a completely different ability to see the world at the same time. This is an integral perception of reality.

They can move away from that back to themselves, do the same exercise again in new conditions, unite together and thus see what the difference is between personal perception and integral perception. This is what Kabbalah practices. It advises us to interact in such a way in order to gradually understand what actually exists in our consciousness, how it works, how we can look at it a little differently, not from itself.
From KabTV’s “Together About Important Things” 9/2/18

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New Life 1301 – Communication Barriers

New Life 1301 – Communication Barriers
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The root of communication barriers between us is the desire to enjoy, which makes each one think about how to make things better for himself. If I am not sure that I can get something by connecting to others, I feel blocked. The more we develop, the more the communication barriers grow. We are unable to understand each other since each one of us has a different goal. In order to overcome communication barriers, each party needs to increase the importance of the other person and become integrated with the other.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1301 – Communication Barriers,” 3/14/21

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Animals Will Help Us Become Human

294.4Comment: Veterinarians say that animals today have a large number of diseases due to depression. There used to be a tiny textbook of 50 pages about pet diseases and now they fill 500 pages.

I read in a Russian veterinary textbook: “Animals that have a sufficiently high intellect (dogs, cats) are moping.” As if they are talking about a person: “If it is gloomy and cold outside the window and the house is the same, they are moping. If the owner is in a hurry to walk them, and it is a compulsory program for him, and there is no joy in it, the animals are moping. When the owner himself is in a bad mood, irritable, the animal feels lonely.”

It seems that they are not talking about animals but about a person.

My Response: Of course, they have a soul.

Question: They say that we are giving them everything. That is, they are victims of all our experiences, hatred, and what is happening in the world.

Answer: Animals feel a lot. A lot! Much more than a human being. Man can forget, he can be distracted, he has such systems. But animals do not. They directly feel what the owner has. And so it lies down next to you, puts its muzzle on your leg, and looks into your eyes, and that is it, there is nothing else for him. You are its god. This is creepy! We do not understand it, we do not sympathize, and we neglect it.

Question: Because we do not really feel like we have a master?

Answer: Yes. We do not have such an example.

Question: What can this teach us? Can we feel responsible?

Answer: In the end, we all influence each other. Still, vegetative, animate, and human nature are related. So even their suffering is connected to ours, and we still feel it at our level. So there are many diseases and many problems that we could treat if we paid attention to animals. That is, through animals to heal people, at this level, we could not allow these depressions and all these problems to spread further. But we cannot appreciate it and accept it. In our hearts, we do not understand cats or dogs.

Question: Can we say that animals actually appeared to cure us of all these conditions?

Answer: We must accept the animals that live next to us as a part of ourselves and begin to realize that we can heal and correct ourselves through them.

Question: So you generally humanize them?

Answer: No, I just understand the interaction of animals with humans, how much an animal empathizes and how much it complements man and passes human experiences and corrections through itself.

Question: What do you mean by corrections?

Answer: I mean that if a person pays more attention to the animal that is next to him, he will correct himself through the animal. Why not? At the same time, you give him your part: a little from your heart, a little from your soul.

Question: And after that, if I live like this, I begin slowly to treat others like that?

Answer: Of course. And not necessarily others. Through it, through this dog or cat, or whatever you have. You give out your good attitude to the world by doing this! This is already your correction. Look how they expect this from you, demand it. They have no ulterior thoughts; they are still at the animal level.

I think that animals, if we treat them correctly, can help us become human.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/2/21

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