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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today people use the Internet as another toy. How can a person advance to a qualitative, positive connection with other people and the network as a whole?

Answer: It is important to remember that in the connection between us a certain essence of life manifests itself. Eventually, due to social networks, we are able to create a kind of common internal warmth between us. Everyone is able to get it.

I will be able to sense this internal warmth as much as I can connect to this global network. If when in the system I hear, see, and feel less than before, it’s a sign that I have to lower myself before the system just like in front of the group.

The system will bring me up so that I will gradually rise from interacting with certain people to a higher level. And then I’ll be able to capture the essence of life, a feeling of warmth, connection, and participation, that something that today people feel during the roundtable sessions when the joint intelligence, feelings, and thoughts suddenly fill us.

Question: What will happen when I will enter a new Internet that hasn’t existed before?

Answer: Let’s say you watch news that is very superficial and boring. But you can learn more if you were to amicably connect to all through a certain filter. Then the system will reveal analysis to you at such a level where you will see that the whole story of what is happening. Each time you will rise to a higher level of communication, explanation, understanding, and encouragement.

Ultimately, your desire today is aimed at the pleasure of the whole system, otherwise why have you been included in it? You can’t just enjoy the fact that you are connected with millions of people. The main thing is a feeling of strength and quality of communication. The network is growing upward, but should be extended and widened. All of this should gradually be developed by experts.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/7/13

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