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The Most Important Work Of Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe goal of Kabbalistic education is to transform a person into an inseparable part of the family, the city, the country, and the world so that a person will gradually increase the range of his good relationships with everyone, will intensify his good influence on all of humanity, on all of nature, and will get the same reaction from the environment.

When a person rises above his ego and is properly connected with everyone, he must rise above nature.

So it is necessary to begin the right education when the fetus is still in his mother’s womb; after all, he already feels the environment, hears voices, and reacts to everything that is happening around him. But to do this, first it is necessary to educate the parents for the future.

So it is up to us to begin immediately, quite literally, with the entire society. Older people must be taught to correct what they still can correct to pass something good on to their grandchildren. Young couples simply must go through a very serious preparation for life, because otherwise, their marriage will fail. And we see that this is actually already happening.

Regarding the children, instead of the distorted sex education in schools, we must implement a balanced education that includes understandable sex education; after all, this is a significant part of our lives. But this education must be balanced with psychology, with mutual understanding, with knowledge about how to cooperate between us, how to concede to each other, in fact, with the knowledge of how to create a family as a small circle.

Learning about the right connection with parents, children, grandfathers and grandmothers will gradually move on to relationships between families, between the neighbors, co-workers, between bosses and subordinates, and after that it can even extend to the entire country and the whole world.

In other words, we must teach a person how to communicate in different circles, giving him a formula of behavior; and accordingly, people will begin to understand each other’s psychology. After all, today there is no connection between us, so each one wants to suppress the other. But the right global integral society that wants to survive long-term cannot be based upon suppression. So the most important problem in the world is education.

Comment: We have always thought that the most important thing for a person is intelligence, and now you are saying that this is not so important.

Answer: Today a person doesn’t need this anymore since our technological development has reach a point where a small number of people can supply all of humanity with all that it needs.

So to prevent wars, so that we don’t annihilate each other, don’t deteriorate as humans, don’t wander around the streets with vacant eyes not knowing what to do with ourselves, we require the appropriate education. Technology and production have now come to such levels that there won’t be a need for a work force and we will reach mass unemployment.

So we must give a person the most important work for him: transforming himself into an integral component existing simultaneously in two worlds and working not in the physical world but in the spiritual world. This work was intended for us from the start according to the program of nature. So the transition from an earthly enterprise to a spiritual enterprise, the preparation and elevation of humanity for entry into the next level, this is the most important thing for us.

The goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah is to educate humanity for spiritual work on the next level, which urgently requires realization, and we are not ready for this yet. Before us is an immense field of activity. We must hurry.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories,” 10/23/14

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Preventing A Third Intifada, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe wisdom of Kabbalah reveals the plan of creation, the upper forces, to us. We discover that they are actually one unique force that operates on us, on all of reality, and which influences us in many different ways.

Thus humanity understands how it can affect its fate. It is impossible to change the actual process that leads us from the initial state to the ultimate state, but we can hasten it, understand it, and participate in it consciously with all our hearts and minds. Thus we are incorporated in it with all our feelings and sensations on different levels of our perception and our participation.

First, we can incorporate in it only by passively observing what is going on without really understanding. But later this incorporation becomes increasingly more active.

The ultimate state determines that all of humanity will achieve unity in perfect harmony by attaching to the whole world on the levels of the still, vegetative, the animate, and all the forces of nature that are revealed to us today and those that are yet to be revealed.

Therefore, we should see how we can connect and unite as much as we can among us and with the whole of nature, on the still, vegetative, and animate levels in the state we are in now on this level..

This means that we should worry about the unity of all of human society and about a healthy ecology and a healthy connection with the environment in order to bring us all to harmony and to good mutual connections.

Once we establish such a harmonious sphere, the very next moment this sphere will change its form and become an ellipse and we will have to correct it again and make it into a sphere, because a sphere is the perfect form for the total connection.

This sphere will become deformed over and over again and we have to constantly bring it back to the harmonious state. Keeping harmony in every state is the ideal way to advance by participating in the natural evolutionary process.

Question: What conclusions can we draw from this regarding our current state in order to prevent the eruption of terror on the part of the Arab citizens in Israel?

Answer: I approach the problem globally. It may be an intifada, different types of anti-Semitism, wars, natural disasters, typhoons, or tsunamis. If we discover a phenomenon that disrupts the perfect harmony at any given moment, it is a sign that we are not keeping nature in the correct state.

It is our duty to keep it in a state of harmony. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that it depends on the Israeli nation, on the group that Abraham founded. Of all of humanity, he chose those who can influence the right form of humanity and each time, bring it to a state of harmony..

It turns out that one small part of humanity called Israel, which stands for Li Rosh (my head), determines how all the other nations will behave and to what extent they will connect into one round sphere.

Abraham gathered these special people and founded a group and passed on the method to them, the knowledge, and the reins to lead humanity. Since then, the whole evolutionary process depends on the Israeli nation. New people can join it if they feel that they belong to this process and to this idea and this is how the evolutionary process of the world goes on.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/13/14

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Using Money For The Good Of Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: As of today, most people are in a very difficult situation, and the main concern of every person is his livelihood. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough income to meet even their basic needs. The subject of money arouses many fears and other feelings associated with the inability to earn.

Answer: That’s right, but it is necessary to understand that everything depends on existing values. If we say that humanity is beginning to change its perception today, this is only the first stage that exposes the inability of a person to fulfill himself according to previous values. These values were created by people who wanted to obtain money and power in the world at the expense of others because the world was dominated by money.

In fact, the world is dominated by a few dozen families that over the course of hundreds of years have accumulated power that made it possible for them to control the world. And all the governments that we are familiar with are subject to them.

These families determine which needs must exist among the world population and in what form. These values are designed to cause people to work and provide those in control with more power and more profit.

We see that we are found in a state in which these rules are worthless. If humanity discovers that it cannot continue to develop as it did previously, this situation is called the recognition of evil.

Today a person has seemingly become freer. On the one hand, he doesn’t belong to his owner, but on the other hand, desires that have developed in him hold him captive. The idea is that the desires of a person are not developing early in life towards something higher: I have a wagon, now I want a car, I have a small car, but now want a big one, I have a big car and I want an airplane.

Our desires are developing not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. A car or an airplane instead of a wagon doesn’t create something different in principle. Instead, the previous desire has simply been realized and new needs are being felt.

Ultimately, we are found in a limited and tense situation in many respects. First, within the present structure of society, I am not prepared to supply myself with the necessities for existence. Second, I cannot develop as I developed in the past. Third, I see the end of this development on the part of nature. Fourth, I feel that I am not fulfilling my new desires and needs that have suddenly grown in me because they don’t belong to the level at which I have become disappointed.

Historically, our development has always moved naturally into a new stage under the pressure of circumstances. But this way of development is very long and difficult and is accompanied by disasters that happen regularly, and we see that these disasters are increasing.

We are talking about climatic changes in the direction of global warming or cooling and are phenomena with which we cannot contend. Humanity could really find itself in such a situation where only a small group of people will arrive at the new stage of development, in the best case a billion people, or even less.

Isn’t it better to learn from the past, as stated in Talmud Babyli, Tamid 32a: “A wise person sees the outcome,”  and to begin to develop ourselves only through new methods? This is the question. It follows that everything depends on explaining the situation in which we are found so that humanity will understand its causes and in what direction we must advance.

Until now, humanity has developed an educational system that is made up of schools, kindergartens, colleges and universities. There is no place in which people are not given education. And even though one third of the population doesn’t know how to read or write, it is possible to present an explanation of the Integral Education method to most of the population, and this will be enough. Everyone else will just join in, almost unconsciously just as they now live.

For all of those people that can be reached, it is necessary to give an explanation and bring them to an understanding that the solution to the problem is in changing the person. But this requires effort and work on his part, and a person must work on this. And, the work required to ensure a rational standard of living won’t take more than two hours a day.

All the rest of the time a person will work to ensure coverage “money” for himself for the fulfillment of the new needs that the society creates in him. And for these needs, there are no limits, since we create them through social connections and through the participation of a person in society.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/30/12

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We Don’t Want To Study, We Want To Enjoy!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are many social networks today. How do you see their development? What will be the values, processes, rules, and feelings they offer?

Answer: I would start with a short review. The general tendency of the network is to allow people to connect.

This connection should become increasingly more developed so that everyone will feel life unlimited by time or space. It is about the psychological development of the user who understands and feels himself and the world more and more. It isn’t by chance that people came up with the name “Internet”— an internal network between us.

This network should be internal, not because of communication channels and endless other options of connecting, but thanks to a direct and open mutual connection. Thanks to that, we will know how to open ourselves to cooperation and to filling ourselves and others. This is called a bilateral mutual connection from me outwards and from the inside towards me.

If we clean the virtual space of the dirt within it, the only thing left will be many desires that are trying to find fulfillment and that eventually don’t receive anything. This emptiness should accumulate as such a general emptiness that it will push us to a more qualitative development. The next phase is to teach people how to connect correctly in order to fill themselves.

This approach is totally rejected at the moment, of course. I would try to interest Internet owners to develop new programs, especially in order to educate users. Working with psychologists and programmers, we have to develop special games that will subtly attract people to a new form of connection.

It isn’t about courses and not even about short clips. A person doesn’t want to study. He wants to see and to enjoy. People love to watch programs about delicious food hoping that it will fulfill them, like sex that fills them instantly. They see themselves as kings and rulers and they enjoy this adventure.

This means that they want to feel good immediately:”Connect me with the source of pleasure, with a simple direct channel without any preconditions.” This is the reason we have to develop  software that will make a person feel pleasure each time he changes himself, even a little.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/7/13

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If We Only Knew How Much We Gain

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What benefits do I get when I contribute to the dissemination of knowledge of Kabbalah in the world? What rewards do I get from the Creator when I tell the whole world that we need to achieve adhesion with the Creator?

Answer: There is only one soul that broke and fell into many pieces. And now each part, each of us, restores its part of the whole vessel of the soul. I put together the entire vessel according to my properties, you organize and put it together according to your properties, she does it according to hers, etc.

So, it’s important to bring a lot of people in this world to study and to correction. For instance, I was able to bring 50 people to study Kabbalah with Rabash.

We are one integral soul where everyone is included in each other and every one contains parts of all the others. Obviously, what is good for me is awakening some fragments of the soul lifelessly lying on the floor.

I wake them, ignite them, revive them, and convince them that it is worth studying and striving towards the goal, and they then start to do something. Thus, I awaken others, and they make a correction for me!

It’s not that I’m doing them a favor by pushing them to the correction, to the purpose of creation and the Creator. On the contrary, by prompting others, I persuade them to perform work for me, since they correct my soul.

Suppose I come to a convention and teach you. Believe me, I gain a lot, more than all of you, to the extent that I pass knowledge on to you and an awakening. I awake you and you begin to correct yourselves, but, in fact, you are correcting my soul.

We do not understand this and therefore neglect dissemination. It seems to us that no matter how many people know about Kabbalah, we aren’t personally affected. Internally, I possess such properties that I can never correct directly, but only through someone in a roundabout way.

If the group is awake and affects me by inspiring me with the greatness of the Creator and the spiritual goal, then I awake and start working while being fueled by friends.

I take a student and begin to teach him, and while studying, he corrects my soul. If we had only known how much a person benefits from dissemination, everyone would have rushed excitedly to the group to disseminate. It’s like opening a factory where your employees work for you. Students correct the teacher’s soul.
From the Congress In Verona “Day Two” 11.22.14, Lesson 4

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News By Our Own Hands

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today people use the Internet as another toy. How can a person advance to a qualitative, positive connection with other people and the network as a whole?

Answer: It is important to remember that in the connection between us a certain essence of life manifests itself. Eventually, due to social networks, we are able to create a kind of common internal warmth between us. Everyone is able to get it.

I will be able to sense this internal warmth as much as I can connect to this global network. If when in the system I hear, see, and feel less than before, it’s a sign that I have to lower myself before the system just like in front of the group.

The system will bring me up so that I will gradually rise from interacting with certain people to a higher level. And then I’ll be able to capture the essence of life, a feeling of warmth, connection, and participation, that something that today people feel during the roundtable sessions when the joint intelligence, feelings, and thoughts suddenly fill us.

Question: What will happen when I will enter a new Internet that hasn’t existed before?

Answer: Let’s say you watch news that is very superficial and boring. But you can learn more if you were to amicably connect to all through a certain filter. Then the system will reveal analysis to you at such a level where you will see that the whole story of what is happening. Each time you will rise to a higher level of communication, explanation, understanding, and encouragement.

Ultimately, your desire today is aimed at the pleasure of the whole system, otherwise why have you been included in it? You can’t just enjoy the fact that you are connected with millions of people. The main thing is a feeling of strength and quality of communication. The network is growing upward, but should be extended and widened. All of this should gradually be developed by experts.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/7/13

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