Using Money For The Good Of Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: As of today, most people are in a very difficult situation, and the main concern of every person is his livelihood. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough income to meet even their basic needs. The subject of money arouses many fears and other feelings associated with the inability to earn.

Answer: That’s right, but it is necessary to understand that everything depends on existing values. If we say that humanity is beginning to change its perception today, this is only the first stage that exposes the inability of a person to fulfill himself according to previous values. These values were created by people who wanted to obtain money and power in the world at the expense of others because the world was dominated by money.

In fact, the world is dominated by a few dozen families that over the course of hundreds of years have accumulated power that made it possible for them to control the world. And all the governments that we are familiar with are subject to them.

These families determine which needs must exist among the world population and in what form. These values are designed to cause people to work and provide those in control with more power and more profit.

We see that we are found in a state in which these rules are worthless. If humanity discovers that it cannot continue to develop as it did previously, this situation is called the recognition of evil.

Today a person has seemingly become freer. On the one hand, he doesn’t belong to his owner, but on the other hand, desires that have developed in him hold him captive. The idea is that the desires of a person are not developing early in life towards something higher: I have a wagon, now I want a car, I have a small car, but now want a big one, I have a big car and I want an airplane.

Our desires are developing not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. A car or an airplane instead of a wagon doesn’t create something different in principle. Instead, the previous desire has simply been realized and new needs are being felt.

Ultimately, we are found in a limited and tense situation in many respects. First, within the present structure of society, I am not prepared to supply myself with the necessities for existence. Second, I cannot develop as I developed in the past. Third, I see the end of this development on the part of nature. Fourth, I feel that I am not fulfilling my new desires and needs that have suddenly grown in me because they don’t belong to the level at which I have become disappointed.

Historically, our development has always moved naturally into a new stage under the pressure of circumstances. But this way of development is very long and difficult and is accompanied by disasters that happen regularly, and we see that these disasters are increasing.

We are talking about climatic changes in the direction of global warming or cooling and are phenomena with which we cannot contend. Humanity could really find itself in such a situation where only a small group of people will arrive at the new stage of development, in the best case a billion people, or even less.

Isn’t it better to learn from the past, as stated in Talmud Babyli, Tamid 32a: “A wise person sees the outcome,”  and to begin to develop ourselves only through new methods? This is the question. It follows that everything depends on explaining the situation in which we are found so that humanity will understand its causes and in what direction we must advance.

Until now, humanity has developed an educational system that is made up of schools, kindergartens, colleges and universities. There is no place in which people are not given education. And even though one third of the population doesn’t know how to read or write, it is possible to present an explanation of the Integral Education method to most of the population, and this will be enough. Everyone else will just join in, almost unconsciously just as they now live.

For all of those people that can be reached, it is necessary to give an explanation and bring them to an understanding that the solution to the problem is in changing the person. But this requires effort and work on his part, and a person must work on this. And, the work required to ensure a rational standard of living won’t take more than two hours a day.

All the rest of the time a person will work to ensure coverage “money” for himself for the fulfillment of the new needs that the society creates in him. And for these needs, there are no limits, since we create them through social connections and through the participation of a person in society.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/30/12

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