Preventing A Third Intifada, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe wisdom of Kabbalah reveals the plan of creation, the upper forces, to us. We discover that they are actually one unique force that operates on us, on all of reality, and which influences us in many different ways.

Thus humanity understands how it can affect its fate. It is impossible to change the actual process that leads us from the initial state to the ultimate state, but we can hasten it, understand it, and participate in it consciously with all our hearts and minds. Thus we are incorporated in it with all our feelings and sensations on different levels of our perception and our participation.

First, we can incorporate in it only by passively observing what is going on without really understanding. But later this incorporation becomes increasingly more active.

The ultimate state determines that all of humanity will achieve unity in perfect harmony by attaching to the whole world on the levels of the still, vegetative, the animate, and all the forces of nature that are revealed to us today and those that are yet to be revealed.

Therefore, we should see how we can connect and unite as much as we can among us and with the whole of nature, on the still, vegetative, and animate levels in the state we are in now on this level..

This means that we should worry about the unity of all of human society and about a healthy ecology and a healthy connection with the environment in order to bring us all to harmony and to good mutual connections.

Once we establish such a harmonious sphere, the very next moment this sphere will change its form and become an ellipse and we will have to correct it again and make it into a sphere, because a sphere is the perfect form for the total connection.

This sphere will become deformed over and over again and we have to constantly bring it back to the harmonious state. Keeping harmony in every state is the ideal way to advance by participating in the natural evolutionary process.

Question: What conclusions can we draw from this regarding our current state in order to prevent the eruption of terror on the part of the Arab citizens in Israel?

Answer: I approach the problem globally. It may be an intifada, different types of anti-Semitism, wars, natural disasters, typhoons, or tsunamis. If we discover a phenomenon that disrupts the perfect harmony at any given moment, it is a sign that we are not keeping nature in the correct state.

It is our duty to keep it in a state of harmony. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that it depends on the Israeli nation, on the group that Abraham founded. Of all of humanity, he chose those who can influence the right form of humanity and each time, bring it to a state of harmony..

It turns out that one small part of humanity called Israel, which stands for Li Rosh (my head), determines how all the other nations will behave and to what extent they will connect into one round sphere.

Abraham gathered these special people and founded a group and passed on the method to them, the knowledge, and the reins to lead humanity. Since then, the whole evolutionary process depends on the Israeli nation. New people can join it if they feel that they belong to this process and to this idea and this is how the evolutionary process of the world goes on.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/13/14

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