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The Children Of The Universe, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanPeople who study the laws of the universe feel that the entire universe is a program, a thought. The most significant feature of this system is that it is unified. All of its parts are interconnected. This is true even in the framework of our current rational minds.

Each part of the system originated by the Big Bang continues to develop in various directions, thus giving birth to a multiplicity of phenomena. However, all of its elements acted in accordance with the laws of the system.

There is no such thing as a coincidence. Lawlessness, that is so typical in human society, is not possible in the structure of the universe. Everything that exists has causes and consequences. It means that according to the law of interaction among numerous elements and forces, the after effects of the Big Bang constitute a unified, closed system.

It’s not an accident that in ancient time​s, ​people knew how to predict their destiny, foresaw ​large-scale events that occurred on the face of Earth, predicted the weather and other phenomena that took place under the earth and in the air by just looking at stars. It means that experiences over thousands of years of exploring the sky, nature, climate, and humans allowed them to trace connections that existed among all elements. They were able to create various tables that reflect numerous fields of knowledge such as astrology, astronomy, and many other sciences.

In the long run, we all are looking for connection since, knowingly or unknowingly, we acknowledge that everything that exists constitutes a unified, global system.

We admit that the progress of the universe is not just about giving birth or spreading particles of matter that still exist today. To be frank, it is our subjective perception, whereas the most important question is completely overlooked: Is it really so or is it something that we imagine in our organs of perception?

One has to judge in accordance with what one’s eyes see. So, the spreading particles started assembling in clusters. With time, the initial energy generated various types of clots and objects. It doesn’t’ matter if they were clouds of gas, stars, or planetary material, etc.. All these particles were drawn together by a force of concentration and attraction among the substances. In other words, on one hand, the process of the spreading of  elements continues, but on the other hand, they gather and bond together.

The spreading tendency is meant to fill the universe. The Big Bang created the place, i.e., the space that we consider endless (even though there is no justification of this fact). It’s as if we look into a dark hole and state that it is bottomless. The question remains: Does our universe really expand or does the inflation model only reflect our perception of it? We should always keep this nuance in mind.

The problem is that when we take measurements of the universe, we don’t add the caveat that we do it only in accordance with our human perception.

So, there is a tendency to fill the space in which the particles were created by the exploded energy according to the basic universal program. As we see, the process of creation of  matter is about particles, pieces of matter, collecting in bigger blocks and taking various forms (both positive and negative) by getting closer or disconnecting and moving farther from each other.

It goes without saying that we are simply using the terms that are a part of our current lexicon. By now, this process demonstrates a rapid dynamic that continues at a speed that is far beyond our comprehension.
From the program “A New Life” 3/02/14

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Fame With A Peaceful Purpose

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Many children and teenagers dream of becoming famous. Their appearance is extremely important to them. How is this desire born?

Answer: Obviously, these kids include all feasible pleasures into the notion of being a celebrity. We know that food, sex, and family are the basic desires that refer to bodily needs.

They are supplemented by the desires for fame, wealth, and knowledge. The quest for popularity is understandable and specific to our time. Our desires for wealth, fame, and knowledge continually change, but for a young person they are very common and natural. It has always has been; we just don’t realize.

Today’s youth has much wider opportunities. What were they dealing with previously? Becoming a little bit more skillful in their fathers’ crafts? Moving from a village to a city or from a province to a capital? In any case, their opportunities were very limited. Now, it looks like the entire world is in front of them. They think they can embrace the whole world and that they are connected to it.

Question: Can the aspiration for popularity be useful in any way?

Answer: The inclination to reach celebrity status is very common for kids nowadays and we can show them which properties are necessary to achieve fame. The desire to be famous obligates them to work on themselves, change for the better, and reveal new qualities within themselves.

Children attend dancing, drawing, and theater classes in order not to grow up as little animals and to understand that behind each star, there is hard work. Just watch Michael Jackson’s rehearsal videos and you’ll see how much exertion and hard work it takes to reach the lightness that he demonstrated on the stage. There are no stars that just fly upwards, but there are numerous incidences of falling at the start. These issues should be explained to the young generation by the mass media.

Question: Let’s say, your grandson tells you tomorrow that he wants to become famous. You are the wisest grandfather in the world! What field would you advise him to concentrate on?

Answer: In the future, those who are capable of creating good and kind relationships among people will be in huge demand and will be extremely valued by society. I am not talking about virtual relationships; I mean a real system of communication among us that is similar to the one that exists in nature.

Only this profession will really be needed and other occupations will remain only to the extent of meeting immediate human necessities. Those who work in the field of establishing correct relationships, creating the methodology of interconnection among people, and preparing educators in this field will be the most popular and respected in future society. This is what I would tell my grandson.

Question: Can specific, individual talents in painting, dancing, or singing be helpful to society?

Answer: The talents through which one plans to advance and become popular have to allow for self-expression in an enjoyable way.

For that, one has to study psychology, sociology, philosophy, and laws of communication. By expressing him or herself, they will have to help others unite. By doing so, they will fulfill themselves and fulfill others.
From the program “A New Life” 2/12/14

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Do Not Allow Another Catastrophe On A Universal Scale, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why, when one hears that there is no one else besides the Creator, the first thing he thinks about is all this evil that occurred in the world: wars, the Holocaust that claimed millions of lives?

Answer: A person does not agree with the fact that there is no one else besides the Creator because it seems that it eliminates the person himself, including his existence. He does not understand what it is all about.

To this day, people do not agree with the way the upper governance treats the people of Israel, the group that seeks “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-Kel), which Abraham organized as one people. Even today, people still cry about this disaster.

But it would be more correct to transform all the memory of the catastrophe into the basis for correction. The Holocaust Museum and Memorial should show why it occurred, from where this terrible fault came, and what it should teach us. It is meant to teach us how we can rise out of this affliction.

In place of the catastrophe, we can grow a new attitude of the people of Israel to the Creator that is more mature and purposeful. Just tears and vows that it will never happen again will not protect us from future disasters. At that time we could not prevent the disaster, and so we cannot today.

What can be done in order to be able to influence events and not allow this to happen again? How can we learn from the past and find the strength that allows us henceforth to act so that it actually never happens again? Today we must correct the damage that we were not able to eliminate in the days of the catastrophe. Therefore, it took place in order to make corrections by the path of suffering.

The oneness of the upper governance is a very hard fact, which is not accepted by an ordinary person with all the troubles and tragedies of this life he has to go through. People do not understand how it is possible that the Creator treated the nation of Israel so badly, which was the group “aspiring straight to the Creator,” guiding them through such suffering.

It is enough to look at the path that the people of Israel went through, at all the suffering experienced by us during the 2,000 years of exile. Why did this happen? What was our mistake and why haven’t we learned from it? Why to this day, don’t we want to draw conclusions? Indeed, with anti-Semitism growing day by day, today there might be a much worse catastrophe than the one that occurred in Europe 70 years ago.

This is a very painful subject, but we have to discuss it. There is no way out, and we have to look at what happened in terms of the purpose of creation and the forces acting in nature. Our sorrow for the perished is only the beginning step towards production of a practical action through correct, broad education for the people of Israel and the whole world.

This education should show people what terrible forces could be revealed if we do not turn them into good forces. The choice is in our hands! We ourselves choose who will take power over us: the evil force or the force of good, Pharaoh/egoism, or the Creator/bestowal; it must be one of the two.

We should explain this in television programs, workshops, and discussions. This applies not only to the Jews. Today, we have advanced so much that the whole world has to be included in the correction. That is why the upper governance begins to treat the world in the same way as it earlier treated the people of Israel.

In the past, the upper governance demanded only the people of Israel to come closer to bestowal, but now this is demanded from the whole world. Thus, the entire world is on the threshold of great suffering: the war of Gog and Magog, the third world war that was described by the prophets, to a multitude of problems and misfortunes. And all this could happen because the world is not advancing on the correct path.

Of course, the people of Israel will suffer the most because it has to pass the Light to the rest. But the whole world will also be involved in this disaster. It will not be like before, being a catastrophe only of the Jewish people. Riots, problems, and revolutions will occur in any location in the world. We can already see the first stirring of conflicts, which are destined to explode in the future and envelope the whole earth.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/14, Shamati #1

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The One Who Sets Everything In Motion

Dr. Michael LaitmanDuring our study we first discover the actions of our ego in every state. This is called another god. It is when I think that I do things by myself and that my life is determined by others such as world leaders who keep law and order, those who are close to me, those who are distant, friends, and foes. In short, I see many operating factors, both positive and negative.

Each time I grow stronger I see that it isn’t so. I simply look at what is going on as wrong and attribute those actions to those around me. But when the situation clears up, I see that the Creator sets them in motion and that they actually don’t understand what is going on. He is the only one who operates them in order to influence me. Thus, I once again discover that there is none else besides Him.

That’s the way it is in every state. Each time I eventually discover that there is no other force before me but Him.

This also applies to me: Now it seems that I am exerting myself, acting or doing something, arranging my connection with others and that I am independent in my thoughts and desires, but it is all a lie. The Creator governs everything.

Why do we see a different picture? It is so that we will be able to correct the vessel, our desires, and our ability to perceive and see that there is none else besides Him and that only He operates in reality.

Where do I reveal that? In the states, desires, and thoughts that now make me feel confident in knowing that we are all independent. It is with regard to this notion that it is written: “as the advantage of the Light out of the darkness.” The more I attribute more definite and certain independence to different factors, the more clearly I eventually discover that there is none else beside Him.

By undergoing different changes that guide me for and against the uniqueness of the Creator, I eventually begin to discover Him, not only in different situations, but also in the intensity, in the thickness (Aviut), of my desire, not only to its width, but also to its depth. I see increasingly how it operates on me through every external detail.

Then it turns out that instead of the friends and the group, I am dealing with the Creator. But that doesn’t mean that I should disrespect them. On the contrary, in the meantime, they have attained equivalence of form and so I relate to them just as I relate to the Creator. Therefore it says: “from the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator.”

It turns out that in all the troubles and contradictions, and in all my quests for the source of this life of sorrow, I have been brought to the one and only source and I see that it is actually the Creator who presents this whole reality to me. Previously, the force against it confused me by showing me that others are to blame for everything that happens, including me, since I made so many efforts. Now it turns out that only the Light operates both for and against.

I, on the other hand, am only a spectator looking at God’s work, at the only force that operates in all of reality.
From the Convention In Los Angeles “Day Two” 11/01/14, Lesson #3

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Soon Everyone Will Want His Own Planet

Dr. Michael LaitmanRegarding money and questions about the economy in general, countless books have been written by Nobel Prize winners in this field. Interestingly, despite this, they are frequently mistaken.

The ability to profit from a connection with other people, to buy and sell and create special relationships with them changes a person into Adam (human). Before this, people acted only through the use of force.

But today, anyone with money is found at the top of the social pyramid.

If I don’t have money, I cannot get food, establish a family or buy a house. In exchange for money I buy power, respect, and all my means of communication, because everything depends upon how the amount paid. It turns out that money is a cover, with it I can fulfill any desire.

There are some things that I cannot buy, for example, wisdom, or other kinds of characteristics I receive from nature. But it is possible to acquire them with money by buying people possessing those characteristics. For example, I can pay a person to write a book that will be signed with my name.

Not long ago, there was no substitute for money. But in the 1960s, a community of people appeared who related to wealth with contempt. They wanted to be happy about other things and wanted to be happy internally.

And even though the ego thirsts for fulfillment, many today no longer agree to a life of constant tension. A poor person has no happiness because he has no money, and a rich person has no happiness because besides money, he has nothing. And this is not a problem of money, but a problem of the society that gives us these values.

When a person has the possibility of getting everything, he loses his desire. In this sense the poor are more successful than the rich. If I have a need that I can cover through effort, if it pulls me forward, if I see pleasure through working for it in a future that shines for me from a distance, then I am happy.

A wonderful example of this need is the yearning of lovers to meet each other. This illuminates their entire lives; they wait for this meeting and are ready to overcome all difficulties for it.

If we could exist without dependence on society, let’s say, on some deserted island, and we could educate our children as we truly want, then we could get them accustomed to a simple way of life. Then they would live without tension, without crises and tragedies.

Today the world is experiencing an economic crisis. But essentially this is an ideological crisis: We have developed artificial desires in people, and after that, it turns out that we cannot satisfy them. With our claims and demands soon everyone will want his own planet. But even then he will not relax because he will immediately envy a neighbor whose planet is bigger.

The time has arrived to scrutinize how to utilize the power of covering, the power of money. On the one hand, it is necessary to educate a person such that he will bring his needs to a necessary level that we can satisfy.

On the other hand, it is necessary to think carefully about how to organize the economy so that it will be ready to create everything needed and a system of education that will move a person towards rational needs and ways to fill his spare time.

It follows that in the new economy people will be involved with the creation of money coverings for the rational balance of physical desires as well as the higher spiritual desires that will be discovered in them. This is how they will advance.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/11/12

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The Children Of The Universe, Part 5

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe encounter many surprises when we study the physical attributes of the universe. If we first supposed that radiation and particles could not penetrate solids, we know now that this isn’t so.

The microcosm has opened a truly amazing picture before us. A lot has changed in our understanding of the universe and of man’s place in it.

What is more, it is all because we refused to follow a whole ideological approach, agreeing that we don’t understand, feel, or know the creation at all and that we have to study it from the beginning. Thus science has drawn away from religion and left its limitations, which was very helpful.

This struggle lasted for centuries and until this very day the echoes of the church and other religious institutions’ objections to a wide variety of scientific approaches are still heard. Although this study did not go along with their faith, the basic beliefs were accepted since they helped control people and things. Our knowledge of the universe is very limited, and lately we have come to the conclusion that our view of reality is partial and fragmented. Even if we would be able to grasp it as a whole, the data from research indicates that there may be parallel universes. We simply see that without assumptions, our formulas do not agree, and so we have to take this possibility into account.

Then there are questions about the connection between the universes, and about the passage from one to another on a higher level that surrounds us but which is not accessible in our perception. Otherwise our current data does not line up.

Of course, we are looking for intelligent life on other planets. In my opinion, it’s not there,  and our poor planet is the only one where intelligent beings live, polluting and ruining the still, vegetative, and animate nature.

What a wonderful planet it could be if it were simply covered with plants. We could also add a few animals, but a few people is already too much.

Seriously and generally speaking, life on this planet is indeed a rare phenomenon. For life to appear there had to be very specific combinations of different parameters and forces of nature that enabled particles to connect into new forms and to acquire new, unique attributes of procreation in the process of biological evolution. This is a totally new level compared to the rest of the universe.
From the program “A New Life” 3/02/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.12.14

Shamati #20 “Lishma (for Her Name)”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Item 66

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