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 Asking For Powers For The Sake Of The Friends

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe main thing is to feel that you are in the AHP of the upper. We should try to feel that with all our might, and the group helps us do so. If I want to enter the group and feel its spirit, it impresses me and lets me feel the desires of the friends.

If I perform different actions and focus on the group, I increase my desire, connect it with the desires of the friends, and receive the Light that Reforms that is common to everyone. We want connection and want to connect since the prayer of the individual doesn’t work. The desire to bestow cannot exist in one person, and it has to settle in matter that is called a desire to bestow, which means that it is external to me.

If I want to bestow unto you, my desire to bestow has to settle and live within you and not in me. The desire to receive is the feeling of deficiency inside me that requires a filling. The desire to bestow is when I feel your desire and want it to be filled.

It turns out that bestowal doesn’t belong to me, but rather requires me to act in your desires. Thus we attain connection. All the powers that I ask for from Above are not meant for me, but are intended to be within the friend, in others.

I don’t need anything; I remain with only one point when I ask for anything. This is actually how I grow. It is because my size depends on and is measured by the extent to which I fill the desire of others. It all belongs to me, becomes my soul, and is a result of my spiritual action. Eventually, I fill all the desires that are external to my point.

The Torah tells us about such spiritual actions and people don’t really understand what the Torah refers to with concepts like Israel, the nations of the world, and all the events that take place there involving the Israeli nation. It is very hard for a person to identify with that and to attribute what is described there to himself, since he is used to perceiving everything in the corporeal sense, as in an historic folk tale.

But the wisdom of Kabbalah explains that the Torah tells us about the spiritual states that a person goes through. Therefore, we have to turn to all the nations, just like Abraham did in his time. We are in the same Babylon and same state today and must turn to the whole world with our common outcry: “Let’s connect!” There is no other correction but the Returning Light (Ohr Makif), which is what everyone needs.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/17/14, Writing of Rabash

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The Last Stage Of Corporeal Evolution

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we say that our spiritual advancement is parallel to the evolution of the world?

Answer: No. The corporeal world has already evolved to its ultimate phase. We on the other hand, are on the human level and can continue our evolution on a higher spiritual level.

This means that the still, vegetative, animate nature, and man in his animate nature, have exhausted all the options of their evolution. Therefore, the world doesn’t know how to go on. A person doesn’t have the powers or the right attributes to change anything. Civilization has reached a dead end in the course of its evolution and is now confronted with a general crisis in every aspect of life.

No one can see any way of putting an end to the situation we are in. There are, of course, wise guys in society who try to come up with solutions and thus advance, become more prominent, and make a profit from the current situation, but their suggestions very soon prove to be useless and are just like a hiring a “fakir per hour” and nothing more than that.

No matter what philosophers, economists, politicians, or sociologists say, they cannot offer anything constructive and positive. Although they see things correctly, and understand to some extent what is going on in society, their suggestions turn out to be totally absurd once put to a test. It is simply their ego that wants to say that it has some idea or a solution or at least a way to prevent the coming end.

We are in a very unpleasant state. The people have been anesthetized and thus keep on living with their small joys and sorrows, and staggering through their temporary existence as long things don’t get any worse.

For the first time in history, humanity is in a state of total apathy.

We have tried everything: feudalism, capitalism, socialism, and communism and now there is a certain inclination to return to the feudal system and split countries into small parts. It is the same idea as feudalism. Two hundred years ago, Germany was comprised of dozens of small principalities, and is now ready to split up again. Recently, there was a poll in Venice about breaking away from Italy.

They believe that there is something logical about this breakup: “If I detach myself from you and you detach yourself from me, we become independent administrative units and since we will be on our own, it will be easier to manage life within our borders.” The ego doesn’t conquer large areas, so it dominates small republics that have split up.

On the whole, they are very nationalistic and are even ready for sacrifice as long as they can be independent. The Catalonians, for example, cannot stand the Spanish and the Corsicans cannot stand the French and the Scots cannot stand the British.

This is a sign that we are not ready for unity and are trying to avoid it in any possible way, although nature obliges us to unite. If we were ready to unite, according to our parameters, feelings, and desires, there wouldn’t be any problems.

When the Europeans decided to establish the EU, they didn’t understand that they have to annul, not only the borders, but also to the imbalance between the states. They could have done all that, but their egos didn’t allow them to do so. It remained uncorrected and so many nations now want to go back to something more tangible and small and the feeling that “this is mine.”

Every one of the seven billion people on this planet is isolated in his corner. More and more people communicate with each other only through the Internet. Only the method of integral education provides a way out from this dead end.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/26/14

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Lateral Movement

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we determine that we can move on to the next spiritual level?

Answer: When you feel that you have no more powers to develop and have exhausted them on the current level, but have not yet reached the goal, it is a sign that you lack the next level.

In other words, we reach a certain state in our spiritual development in which we run out of powers to attain an inner level or to just remain on the same level today that we were on yesterday and to remain tomorrow on the level we are today. We run out of fuel! Then we begin to advance laterally. This is called self-movement, using your freewill.

The purpose of lateral movement is to connect all the people in the world into one whole, one desire, and one network that will be based totally on the good, mutual connection between people. Then the Creator, the attribute of love and bestowal, will be revealed in this network.

By this network we will transcend to a new level of existence and change our feeling of the world and our perspective.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/26/14

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Gathering The Roses Among Thorns

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is said that the people of Israel went into exile in order to attach the souls of the world to itself. This means that there are many spiritual sparks that we need to find and attach to ourselves. This happens at the time when Israel is among the other nations.

Being in exile does not refer to a physical presence in a foreign place, but a fall from the degree of bestowal and love. However, illumination passes through Israel to the souls of the nations of the world, which begins to awaken the sparks, the souls for whom it is time to join the desires of Galgalta ve Eynaim and become Israel (aspiring to straight to the Creator).

They join Israel not from the very beginning, nor from the time when Abraham began to gather this people in Babylon, but later, and in other generations. But during this process, there is scrutiny and choice of suitable desires, for the sake of which the people of Israel went into exile.

The exile did not happen because the people of Israel needed to be corrected. On the contrary, Israel so corrected itself, that at the time of exile, it was capable of connecting additional desires, the spiritual genes that are between egoistic forces (Klipot).

It is necessary to treat all the representatives of other nations who today join Israel accordingly. This is our work-in-exile, and it could finish quickly. Everything depends on our work with the awakening souls. Therefore, special respect, love, and the desire to get closer to them is required.

Night, darkness, and exile is the time of work. At this time, there are certain concealments by which we can make contact with the sparks inside the egoistic forces. And by connecting them to us, we demand our collective ascent. But we want to rise just for them and not for ourselves.

If the people of Israel thus gives itself for the correction of the world, then the exile is over. Indeed, by this we realize our true destiny. We are merely the means that is designed to draw all the desires suitable for correction from the depths of egoism. Israel is an adapter, a guide, ready to descend into the sea of the impure forces to pull out spiritual sparks.

Thus, it is so important to disseminate and work with all of our groups around the world, all the friends. It is called the work in darkness, in exile.

Rabbi Chaim Vital writes concerning this in his book The Eight Gates of Kitvei HaAri. What is the reason for the exile of the people of Israel among the nations? The fact is that Adam HaRishon included all the souls and all the worlds. And after his transgressions, these souls fell into the egoistic forces and divided into 70 nations. Therefore, Israel is needed to reveal these forces within each nation and gather all the roses of holy souls scattered among the thorns. The sages said that Israel went into exile only to connect the souls of the peoples of the world to itself.

This proves that the work we do in dissemination is the most correct, and we need to invest even more strength of effort into it. We must treat every person who wants to join us, such as those who are now at the European Convention in Verona, as strong participants, which are very necessary to do the work of the Creator.

Indeed, for the sake of these souls, Israel goes through a long and terrible exile. All this is in order to spread a little Light among these souls, get closer to them, and to be able to rise from the darkness together.

Israel plunges into egoistic desires (Klipot) and pulls out the spiritual sparks. But at the same time, Israel is only an intermediary, and in reality, the Creator needs the souls of other nations. After all, they are the real vessels in which then the Light of Hochma clothes.

Israel belongs only to Galgalta ve Eynaim, the desires to bestow. Our function is bestowal for the sake of bestowal, providing other nations with the strength by which they will be able to receive the Light in order to bestow.

Therefore, night and day, exile and liberation, are relative concepts. It all depends on how a person perceives them, since night and exile are not necessarily bad times. It is such periods that were originally planned in the process we are going through and we must use them for our work.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/13/14, Shamati #16

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Congress In Verona “Day Two” – 11.22.14

Congress in Verona “Day Two,” Lesson 3

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