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The Future Will Come Quickly

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the end of the series of programs on the legacy of Babylon, please try to draw us a picture of the near or not so near future.

Answer: The program of creation is very simple. Its function is to hasten us, the Jewish people, to begin to be engaged in our role, meaning to educate all of humanity. Moreover, there is no need to educate them in a special way; they will learn from our example.

This means that we only need to show the people of Israel what the correct form of its self-realization is: how society and the relationships between its parts should be formed; how it will work with industry, science, and culture; how interactions between people will look; how the family will look; what the rules of behavior will be and the rules of the presentation of the members of society, etc. As soon as we start to do this, the world will begin to learn from us.

I hope that this will happen very quickly. Judging by the accelerating global pressure from the Arab world, I expect very rapid changes in the whole world and in Israel.

And we must try to do this with all our power so that the world will advance towards correction in a good way, so that they will understand our idea. Moreover, first and foremost, the people of Israel must understand it so that it won’t be pushed into all kinds of trouble.

It isn’t even the trouble itself, rather it is that the refusal to carry out its role prolongs the way and diverts us toward a completely different road through we wander through and still come back to the same point. In other words, all of this wandering is absolutely useless!

So we must bring the idea of unification to the people, show them that it is practical. And I think we can do this quickly.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 9/24/14

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Short Stories: Crossing The Egyptian Border

laitman_749_01After Abraham’s group worked on unity, they began to discover a new level of the ego and began to draw apart again, just like they did in Babylon.

They were dominated by the power of Pharaoh, a giant ego that pressured them, the relations between them, became “the slavery in Egypt.”

It was at that time that the next leader of the nation Moses appeared. Moses was brought up at Pharaoh’s home from a very young age, but nonetheless, a great desire to ascend above his upbringing awoke in him. He escaped from Pharaoh and turned to the people, calling them to leave Egypt.

The people, however, were very weak. On one hand, they understood that they had to leave the egoistic slavery, otherwise there was not a chance that they would connect and unite to reproduce Abraham’s idea that helps them advance in the connection between them, to reveal the Creator.

On the other hand, the Creator is concealed from their feelings. So the slavery in Egypt is like nighttime for them since they don’t feel the spiritual life at all. But they have already tasted and felt what a spiritual state means: life without any limitations, a feeling of the outer space, a different dimension.

Therefore, they were rather passive at first and Moses had to aggravate Pharaoh (the ego) to such an extent that the people would feel his rigid domination. Only then did they see the afflictions that the ego caused them and were then ready to leave Egypt because they didn’t want to identify with their ego anymore. They had no power to break away from it but they suddenly felt the desire to do so.

By showing them the ego’s cruelty and slyness, Moses raises the people and takes them out of the egoistic state. Now they are ready to overcome all the fights, disputes and conflicts and to ascend above them according to the condition of “love covers all transgressions.” Then they break away from the slavery in Egypt, rise above it, and leave Egypt.

Every whole spiritual level is made of ten sub-levels. Every sub-level should be seen as a source of loss, pain, sufferings, and terrible diseases. Sufferings that gradually accumulate in the recognition of the egoistic slavery and convince people to break away from the ego (even at night, in the dark, when nothing is understood and nothing can be seen); the main thing is to keep the connection between them.

The situation before the exodus from Egypt and afterward is similar to crossing a border. In Egypt we depend on one another, hating one another, but the moment we take upon ourselves the law of mercy, of altruistic bestowal, of mutual incorporation, we can cross the border and break away from Egypt.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/22/14

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Soccer And Carnivals Are No Longer A Draw

Laitman_049_01Question: We would like to pass our baton, our love, our heartfelt attitude to our friends from Latin America and North America and ask those friends that have the possibility of being there definitely to come to meet with you and their friends.

Answer: I very much look forward to that; I am flying to the nations of Latin America and North America with the great hope of meeting with my students. I want to see that they are advancing in the same direction as our joint “Russian team” advanced in Sochi. I would want similar groups to be there.

We see with what speed the world is evolving. Just think, the Brazilians no longer want to watch soccer! This says something! Here we are still locked into football, whereas, there this is not so anymore, even though for South Americans the carnival and soccer have been the most important things in life.

This is a very interesting phenomenon. Together with tiredness, isolation, and distance, some kind of awareness appears, and not just something vague and passive. They don’t want it! And especially now, when they have lost, this gives an even greater push towards continued awareness.

See how they are being guided from Above! After all, for them soccer had been their whole life: salvation from revolution, from poverty, from everything! People are beginning to understand that a radical decision is required; daydreams at games are not allowed.

It amazes me that this is coming precisely from there. When people like these seem to know naturally how to break away from all the hardships and be satisfied with little, already feeling that they cannot fulfill themselves through this, it is wonderful!
From the Convention In Sochi “Day One” 7/13/14, Lesson 1

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The Force Of Overcoming, Part 3

laitman_527_01The essence of overcoming is that a person feels the importance in what he did not appreciate before. For example, he wants to lose weight and that it is why he joins a weight loss association. In this society, everyone talks how bad it is to be fat, how much it harms health, causes others to make fun of you, and makes you clumsy and awkward.

Hearing all this, one is burning with the desire to lose weight. The environment has a strong influence on a person, and he begins to follow a diet. In the past, he could not help eating sweets. And now he suddenly loses taste for the things that he loved before. Thus, he is gradually changing.

That is, overcoming is related not to the action itself, but to the acquired feeling of importance of what was previously thought unimportant and did not do, as one followed one’s desire.

But now I have overcome my reluctance, acquired a new need, desire, and value, and therefore, I act to achieve it. It is already not difficult for me and does not require overcoming.

Suppose I must refrain from eating lunch. In the beginning it was absolutely impossible for me because I longingly waited for this lunch from the morning. But now I not only stopped waiting for it but I forget all about it. That is, overcoming was needed to stop thinking about food, but not to abstain from it.

Question: At some point, a person gets accustomed to the diet so much that it becomes easy to observe it?

Answer: No, it is not about a habit, but about finding such a strong desire to become slender that will completely suppress my appetite.

Before I was drawn to something harmful to me and I was constantly thinking about it. But now I think precisely about this harm, which becomes more important for me than pleasure. Being slender is more important to me than eating something tasty and gaining weight. And I cannot lose weight while eating everything in sight.

If the risk of obesity for me is more important than the pleasure of food, then the importance of this, my desire to be healthy, directs me to the other side. So, it is not difficult for me to follow a diet. I forget that delicious food exists at all.

That is, I do not need to overcome my desire to eat all the time, overcoming is required only to maintain a constant understanding in me of the importance of being slender.

Usually people associate overcoming with a struggle with their desire to eat tasty food. But this is not correct. Overcoming is to always seek confirmation of how good it is to be fit. I have to constantly make affirmations: “It is important to be slender! How fit people around me are! How disgusting it is to be fat!”

Then I will not be afraid to pass by a restaurant or a pastry shop; their flavors will not attract me because I will aim at different things. My desire will not be directed to food but at how to be slender. That is, I need to change the vector of my focus, goal, to switch attention from one to the other: from tasty food to a slender figure. This is the entirety of overcoming.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/27/14

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The End Of The World, When There Is No Internet

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is “good publicity”? How is this art expressed practically? What feeling should it awaken so that society moves forward beyond the level where it is now?

Answer: Advertising and communication tools in general should be transformed into the engine leading to the connection between us all. As per the title “means of communication,” they should be at the center of society, creating connection between us. In them, humanity is able to attain satisfaction, contentment, and happiness.

Look what happens during a small shutdown of an Internet network. People are literally shocked! They understood what it means to be disconnected. Lack of information seems to them as a disaster and they don’t know how to live. Nothing like this happened in the past.

So far, we are linked artificially, without feelings. This is not yet a connection between people, but for the time being, is only transmission of shortened, material, primitive information. But it is obvious that the need for new relations is becoming intensified in us.

If mobile communications, the Internet, and social networks can help us feel the pleasure of unity, they will cause acceleration in the development of means of communication. From these means, we will proceed to the building of a special global system in which everyone can communicate, seemingly in an imaginary world.

This world is not imaginary, but virtual, in which we are disconnected from our bodies and live in a new collective mind and heart. And it is not a utopia. With a great desire, this process may take a few years.

We are talking about a very serious new stage which is communication without borders, through feelings and emotions and with people putting themselves above physical life. Here they do not care about drugs, terror, or sedatives, are not immersed in a depression, nor closed off in a separate room. They do not even feel together, because the concept of together disappears, and is the concept of “one” and one is not the sum of individual parts.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/2/14

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Short Stories: Jacob And The Development of Abraham’s Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe correct restriction of the ego that leads to the mean between Abraham’s attribute of Hesed (mercy) and Isaac’s attribute of Gvura (power) is necessary in order to advance spiritually and to take what they have in common.

What they have in common is the next phase in the development of Abraham’s group called Jacob, since the connection between the right line (Abraham) and the left line (Isaac) gradually depicts the middle line (Jacob).

It is actually at this point that we can talk about the beginning of the real fulfillment of the method of Kabbalah because now it includes the two lines, right and left, the attribute of Hesed (bestowal) and the attribute of Din (receiving), which create a third force that connects them correctly. The third force is called Jacob.

The formation of the middle line (the attribute of Jacob) in the Kabbalistic group that came out of Babylon is the basis for the development of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Every movement in spiritual development is gradually fulfilled and it is possible to ascend to the next level only when we add the left line to the right line.

If I am on a certain level, I have to add the left line and different kinds of egoistic desires and problems and rise above them in order to ascend to the next level. This is the only way I can understand the next level. In other words, the flat areas on the steps of the ladder are the attributes of goodness and the ascent from one level to the next are the attributes of domination, respect and power, above which I ascend.

This is how the ladder of the spiritual ascent called Jacob’s ladder is built. Jacob includes both good and evil forces and correctly connects them by internally fulfilling the method of the gradual ascent up the ladder. Jacob is actually the beginning of the spiritual development that is purposeful and correct.

This explains the existence of the left line in our world. It stems from the Creator who gives it to us so that we will ascend higher above ourselves until we attain His level.

The right combination between the right and left lines, the attribute of Abraham and Isaac, are included in the attribute of Jacob that is also called Israel. If we take these two forces of nature and connect them correctly and ascend Jacob’s ladder, we thus become Israel (Yashar- El), which means straight to the Creator. When we use these two forces, we can accurately focus on the goal and constantly aim, place, and manage ourselves exactly on the middle line.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/15/14

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