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A Test On The Attribute Of Holiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, “VaYikra,” Kedoshim, item 16: The chapter Kedoshim is the whole of the Torah and it is the seal ring of truth. In this chapter the upper secrets of the Torah are renewed in the Ten Commandments and in decrees and punishments and the upper commandments. And when the friends reached this chapter they rejoiced.

Holy refers to holiness, the attribute of Bina (complete bestowal).

And when the friends reached this chapter they rejoiced, since they reached a level on which all the attributes concealed in them are fully corrected in order to bestow and now they are facing a state of to receive in order to bestow. This isn’t some unstable state that is above the clouds but direct entrance and working within the land of Israel.

The chapter of Kedoshim is the whole of the Torah and it is the seal ring of truth, which means that the whole Torah is meant only to attain the attribute of bestowal. If you hold on to it, you can use it as a seal on different desires and use them correctly. Now you can be sure that you will not go wrong since you are led by bestowal.

Question: So why don’t we stop here?

Answer: No! You haven’t corrected yourself as yet, but have only reached a level on which you are ready to work with the desires that were shattered on purpose so you will be able to correct them in order to bestow.

Let’s suppose that the Creator created a car and shattered it to pieces and you can do whatever you want with those pieces now. There is a manual attached and the first part is theoretical, as usual, and only describes how a person should prepare himself for the work. In this part, you can find mathematics, physics, mechanics, electronics, in short everything you need to know in order to assemble a car.

Having learned that, you test yourself and ascend to the level of Kadosh. Now you can begin to put the car together properly. There will be problems along the way, of course, and you will make mistakes in one part or another, but on the whole you are ready to work.

Therefore, Rabbi Simon’s students, the authors of The Book of Zohar were so glad when they attained that level, since at that level, a person’s real work begins.

Until then, you are like a student who has graduated his studies but hasn’t yet  proven himself in any way. However, you already have a spiritual base with which to work.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/19/14

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The Children Of The Universe, Part 7

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe vast development of humanity doesn’t pay attention to the universe, and yet it is the place where we can find our roots. ​I​n the enormous open spaces of the universe, we would find the power, clumps of other types of matter, anti-matter, and so on.

It is clear that humans explore the universe, but do not give their research enough weight because they are certain that our future depends on who is stronger, wealthier, or more powerful. Our advancement doesn’t aim at understanding nature in its full revelation, nor does it encourage the acknowledgement of our deficiencies.

I assume the universe is  complete bestowal and that the force of bestowal created and arranged everything that exists. Finally, by combining certain forces, bestowal generated the inanimate, vegetative, animate and speaking levels of nature.

The universe keeps developing matter towards a special, qualitatively new level at which the matter suddenly questions itself about the force that launched it: “Where do we come from? Who are we?”

We know that the thought behind any action is in the result for which the action was meant. We react to the result; however, we never pay enough attention, nor do we ever allocate enough energy to clarify what exactly is influencing us.

On the other hand, we recognize that we are the outcome of this force’s activity. While exploring human nature, we clearly see that we don’t possess any free choice nor do we enjoy freedom of actions. We are preconditioned by our genes, instincts, calculations on profits and losses using primitive formulas.

Here is the problem: How can we possibly explore the universe, its progress and the processes we undergo if we devote all our energy to other things?

One of my students works at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. He told me that at first, there were endless debates about whether or not it was good to start such a tremendous and expensive project. However, the cost of the Collider is equivalent to the cost of keeping American troops in Afghanistan for one week.

So, it is obvious that we don’t apply sufficient effort to exploring nature. I am really sorry for this state of affairs. If we knew nature well enough and spread the knowledge to ​the masses better than we do today, we would recognize our deficiencies. We would discover the lack of new properties: the ones of bestowal.

Then, besides the will to receive that we already have, we would also obtain the power of bestowal that would allow us to explore nature from a new angle.
From the program “A New Life” 3/02/14

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Regarding The Benefit Of The Shattering

Dr. Michael LaitmanShamati #1, “There is None Else Beside Him”: And only if that person has a true desire will he receive help from Above. And he is constantly shown how he is at fault in his present state. Namely, he is sent thoughts and views, which are against the work.

All of these thoughts are the result of the Reshimot that appear, emerge from within a person and demand realization. Once there existed a single desire, but it was crushed into many desires, fragments.

This single desire was only a small Kli of bestowal that was called Adam HaRishon (First Man), who was circumcised, born without an ego, like an angel. First there was only a small desire for bestowal in him. But later he attached to himself the desire to receive, the AHP, by tasting from the tree of knowledge. From this, a powerful desire was added to him that crushed the desire to bestow into small parts.

In this manner, instead of one desire to bestow, many desires to bestow were created. The question is asked: “How could the desire to bestow be crushed into many pieces?” After all, this is contrary to nature of bestowal, which always draws us to connect together, like several drops of water that immediately connect into one drop.

But the desire to receive held the small desire to bestow captive and held it within itself in servitude, like the people of Israel in Egypt. So there is a desire to bestow inside, but it is entirely wrapped within an intention for the sake of reception. It follows that even within the desire to bestow, a person is forced to work in order to receive.

This is that the desire to bestow is found under the control of Pharaoh. But even though in the meantime this state is the opposite of the Creator, a new tendency is discovered within it, a powerful new Kli. For the desire to bestow that are found in the captivity of the desire to receive grew on account of the AHP, the heart of stone, which connected the Kelim of the people of Israel. And so at the time of the correction, there was a great improvement. As it is written, the people of Israel left Egypt with great wealth. They took everything that was possible to take from Pharaoh. And only what was impossible to correct remained in Egypt.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/14, Shamati #1

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The 600,000 Faces Of The Common Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Upper Light, the Creator, made a desire, “something out of nothing,” that is completely opposite to Him. This desire is the only creation that was ever made.

Later, the desire expanded under the influence of the Light and at some point started acting on its own. It aspired to become similar to the Light and considered the Light to be a remedy for achieving this goal through the act of accepting the Light for the sake of bestowal to the very best of the desire’s ability.

The desire is called the soul (Neshama). The maximum amount of Light that the desire can receive for the sake of bestowal is called NefeshRuachNeshama. The desire cannot receive other Lights, as yet. Only later, at the end of correction, the Lights of Haya and Yechida will enter the desire. Now, the desire is called Neshama, as it bears the name of the maximum Light that it can accommodate.

It means that all of us represent one soul, one desire. In order to make this single desire act independently and acquire similarity with the Creator, it was shattered into many pieces. In essence, it is still the same common desire, but now it perceives itself as being broken into 600,000 splinters. We regard ourselves as one of the fragments of the common desire.

The pieces of the desire continued to splinter to the extent that each creation in this world bears a tiny particle that once constituted a big vessel. Our goal is to get people voluntarily to reconnect all the elements.

When connected, each of the fragments, every single person, feels as one common soul. Each one merges with the rest of the 599,999 particles, thus the entire structure to a full 600,000 is obtained. Through our relations with the rest of the particles, each one of us builds one’s general soul out of 600,000 pieces.

600,000 Faces Of The Common Soul

It applies to everybody who merges with other pieces or splinters, followed by one more fragment and then another. So, when we all reconnect, we recreate our soul and together we constitute just one common desire.

By reattaching, we reach a state when we constitute one vessel. Each of us has to correct ourselves completely, i.e., merge with the rest of the pieces. So far, we are trying to connect in tens, but in fact. the same approach applies to the entire vessel, all souls, all of creation, every single person in this world, to those who lived before us and to those who are not yet born and who will show up later, after us. It doesn’t matter when.

All of them are parts of one soul because we connect to them in accordance with our personal qualities. If each of us connects to the rest of the 600,000 parts, we’ll recreate the original unique soul. Each one of us connects with others in a way that nobody else can and every person merges with others in a way that no other particle can do in the same fashion. This is why each one of us is so important!

During the process of linking with each other, we have to constantly keep in mind that even though at this time we merge with a small ten, we still are preparing to bond with the rest of creation through our tens. This is called one soul.

If we act within our group of ten with this intention, it will be sufficient for attaining the revelation of the common soul within this group.
From the Convention In Los Angeles “Day Two” 11/01/14, lesson 4

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Business Is A Product Of Egoism

laitman_547_06Question: How does Kabbalah relate to business?

Answer: Business is a product of egoism. If people had properly engaged in the development of their earthly infrastructure, they would have created a civilization in which all exists on an equal footing, they would have served each other, together they would take care of their children, grandchildren, and themselves.

All this would require a minimum amount of effort and time.  People wouldn’t waste too much effort on themselves but would cherish the land, nature, and the environment.

Egoism makes a person reach farther, grab more and more at the expense of others, and on this basis business came into existence. Business is the use of others to benefit oneself, in addition everything is legal and punishment can be avoided. In principle, such a subordination of a person to another person is the same as slavery, only more subtle, civilized, and tame.

Kabbalah states that this is a temporary phenomenon due to nature’s implementation of its own program.  As soon as we reach the level of self-awareness as integrally existing people who depend on each other, then all our political, economic, financial, trade, other interactions and communication will begin to crumble. We won’t be able to control and manage them.

The world will come to such a state where the means of production and finance won’t play any role because, on one hand, they will be suppressed by the human factor and, on the other hand, there will be a new technology that will make everything so accessible and cheap, it will lead to a depreciation of any other means.

Businesses today rely on triggering wars, on exploiting people, on keeping people sick for the prosperity of the pharmaceutical industry, etc.  However, everything comes to an end, as it all gradually withers away.

As a result, a person experiencing frustration and depression will reach a desire to destroy the world. It already has started with the Islamic fundamentalism.

Therefore, in any case, everything will be reborn either in an evil way (and we are already witnessing this), or, in a good way, depending on how much we succeed in explaining to humanity that there is another, a good way.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories,” Part 2, 10/23/14

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Under The Domination Of The Upper Force

Laitman_712_03The Zohar, “Leviticus” (VaYikra)Kedoshim” (Holy), Item 108: When the Creator created the world, He established every single thing, each in its side, either on the right or on the left, and appointed high forces on them. Hence, you have not even a tiny blade of grass on earth that does not have a superior force over it in the upper worlds. And all that they do with each one, and all that each and everyone does is all by intensification of the upper force appointed over it from above.

The rigid governing of the word by the Creator leaves a person freewill with regard to one thing only: to carry out and fulfill the instructions of the upper force; it is concealed from in order for us to do them. A person is limited in every respect, except for performing the right actions, and he is constantly pushed to perform them, but not openly.

Thus, freewill is not in order to perform an action correctly (since you will perform it anyway), but to choose an environment that will help you advance seemingly independently with the help of an external system that dominates your work.

This isn’t actually an independent advance since an upper force descends upon you through the environment, by which you grow wiser, grow up, become more mature, and thus perform the actions correctly.

It turns out that you advance when you seem to independently to create an environment that is the right next phase in the correction of humanity. You are building an integral humanity by wanting to collect, correct, and unite it in order to work in order to bestow unto it.

If you don’t do it on your own, circumstances will force you to do so, but it will take much longer and does so along the path of suffering. We see what is happening to humanity now: terrible wars, personal and global problems, and natural disasters.

This sooner or later will bring us to the recognition and realization that connection and unity is the only correct action. Then, we will reach the simple solution that “bread and water” are enough, meaning that we only need the basic necessities of life, and everything else is in order to bestow.

Question: Does that mean that we will feel the complete recognition of the fact that there isn’t a tiny leaf of grass on earth that doesn’t have an upper force above in the upper worlds?

Answer: When we ascend the levels of the spiritual worlds, on every level we will get to know better not only the leaves of grass or atoms, but also different micro-forces that descend, which, by the way, are the strongest and the most influential. It is because the whole coarse mechanism of our world, which we feel until we find their origin, is made of them.

Question: It turns out that what is invisible is the strongest.

Answer: Yes, and this is what different discoveries and innovations prove. If you showed a primitive person a computer, for example, the first thing he would do is taste it. He wouldn’t understand what it is for. For him, doing something is hunting animals and finding food in order to survive.

What was acceptable even a hundred years ago is no longer relevant. We have invented and developed engines, mechanisms, and machines by which we can travel, but today we don’t need to go anywhere because we can see everything on the Internet. A person still finds it interesting to go out and see things, but this gradually is disappearing. Human existence is transforming into the level of thought.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/19/14

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Patent For A Happy Life

laitman_277Happiness is the fulfillment of a person’s strongest desires. In general, it appears in contrast to a feeling of dissatisfaction.

For example, hunger gives a sensation of pleasure from food, separation gives a sensation of joy from meeting a close and dear friend, etc. In other words, we are built so that we can feel something positive only from something negative.

Then the question arises: Is it worthwhile for us to aspire and yearn for happiness at all if first we must sink into suffering in order to feel happy later?

The fact is that the Kabbalistic method makes it possible for a person to experience happiness at the same time as feeling lack of fulfillment. In other words, at that very moment I taste something, I also feel a longing for that taste and its fulfillment.

I don’t need to divide this into time: now, I suffer, and later I receive. This is because for people who are involved with spiritual work, there is no question of time. They exist outside of time and move simultaneously through states of suffering and fulfillment, hunger and satiation.

This is the wisdom of Kabbalah, a wisdom about how to receive! It teaches a person to get what you want not in another month or year, but specifically at the moment you want it. Together with this, as a pair, two potentially opposite values are always operating simultaneously, plus and minus.

In our world, this doesn’t exist. Here, there is one big minus for which, in fact, we don’t get a plus. While according to the Kabbalistic method, the reception of pleasure itself invites in us a desire for it and its fulfillment.

Question: However, how does one do this? How is there happiness in this world in spite of it all?

Answer: This is possible only when I am not fulfilled independently, but through others. All happiness is latent in this because I never can fulfill myself by myself. However, if I feel and absorb the desires and deficiencies of others, by fulfilling them, I fulfill myself, for their desires become mine. It follows that I fulfill myself by existing in others.

The secret lies in the fact that I go outside of myself, discover desires and deficiencies outside of myself, accept them as mine and fulfill them. In other words, both desire and fulfillment are found outside of me, but this is my soul.

Question: Do we even fulfill a person’s physical desires like this?

Answer: We supply all of his desires, but only to a certain extent. The physical desires of a person are fulfilled only to the degree that his existence is provided for, and no more, whereas spiritual desires are fulfilled to the degree that we want to rise together because my elevation and his are mutually connected and complete each other.

In this manner, fulfillment of the desires of others gives us a feeling of happiness.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/23/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.19.14


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