What’s The Right Relationship Between Business And Government In Our Day And Age?

why-didnt-the-monkeys-come-down-from-the-treesA comment I received: We must protect the free market from governmental aggression. We need to develop business technologies that allow business owners to abolish government taxes and to adjust business relationships amongst themselves. The concept of a national government, which looms over humanity, amounts to a small group of people with a concentration of power, whereby they can raise armies, produce weapons of mass destruction and wage wars.

We must replace the concept of a national government with the concept of a free individual – a global citizen. Government should not interfere with commerce, and should not tax it or regulate business relations. Government should simply disappear, as it is unable to bring reform, which is possible through new business technologies.

My Answer: Kabbalah does not give people orders about what changes to make, but recommends that we learn from Nature, as this is the only way to avoid the mistakes we always make. Everything that happens in our world comes from Above and is performed by the Light. However, it is now happening through the path of suffering, where the Light pressures mankind to develop.

Today, mankind’s development no longer comes down to the growth egoism, but to the unification of all people into one whole. To do this, every person will have to annul his individual egoism for the sake of the common good. This is what the future society will be like, and Kabbalah teaches us how to build it.

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