Study The Creator’s Actions On You

the-upper-lights-influence-is-of-a-higher-order-than-any-earthly-influenceA question I received: I have been studying Kabbalah for over a year. Since I began, I have felt mental and inner changes happening within me. On the mental level, I experience problems in coordinating my movements when I walk outside. Sometimes I don’t even feel that I am walking. I had tests done and the results are normal. On the inner level, I experience mood swings: I feel wonderful for a couple of days (and there are no words to describe this state!), and then over the next few days I don’t feel anything at all.

Tell me, did these changes occur as a consequence of studying Kabbalah? Is it possible to feel the Light while one is still below the Machsom? If not, please advise me on what I should do to advance.

My Answer: You are going through new states because a new, sixth sense is being formed inside you, which you did not have from birth. With this sense, you will eventually feel the Creator, when it will broaden enough to become capable of revealing the Creator inside. Patience, composure and endurance will enable you to achieve quick results. Look at yourself from afar and study the Creator’s work on you. Remember: these are His actions!

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Virtual Lesson On 03.15.09

perfect1This week’s virtual lesson, held on 03.15.09 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm Israel time, was a “Question and Answer” session:

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The Popularity Of Cell Phones Shows That People Have A New Type Of Egoism

whats-the-right-attitude-to-have-to-this-worldIn the News (from ZDNet): About 60 percent of the world’s population now use mobile phones, with approximately 4.1 billion mobile-phone subscriptions annually, according to a United Nations survey.

My Comment: This indicates that the egoism developing in people today is the kind that wants communication. One’s egoism feels a desire to have influence over others. So today, in order to fulfill one’s ego, one depends on communication with the people around him and with the world at large, and this indicates that we, as humanity, are ready to correct our relationships from egoistic to altruistic.

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Kabbalah Is Here To Help Us Choose The Path Of Light

laitman_2009-02-03_6A question I received: You say the solution to the global crisis lies in studying and disseminating the science of Kabbalah, because this will change people’s desires from the corporeal pleasures such as money, power, and knowledge, to the spiritual pleasures – fulfillment by love and bestowal. These spiritual pleasures are not perceived inside one’s egoism and are therefore eternal and perfect. Did I understand this correctly?

My Answer: Kabbalah’s only function is to help us understand the purpose of our development and to choose the quick and easy path to go through it – the Path of Light. Otherwise, we will be forced to do this by pressure – tremendous and long-term suffering (the Path of Suffering). Our only choice is: which of these two paths will we take to reach our predetermined goal?

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Creation Of The World: How Do You Reconcile Genesis With The Big Bang?

munichA question I received: I am a school teacher, and we are now covering the topic, “The Creation of the World.” We have just finished discussing the first part of the Bible, “Genesis,” and we are now starting to talk about the Big Bang. How can I explain the apparent contradiction between the creation of the world 5600 years ago and the Big Bang which occurred billions of years ago?

My Answer: The Big Bang took place 14 billion years ago. It was caused by a spark of the Upper Light, which reached its lowest level and clothed into egoism. This spark contained all the matter and energy of our world, from which the whole universe later developed.

Then, about 4 billion years ago, our planet emerged from the condensation of particles. It cooled for billions of years until the atmosphere and life were generated. None of this was coincidental. All the actions and events are the realization of information contained in that initial spark of Light.

Next emerged the inanimate and vegetative levels of nature, followed by the animate level of nature and then the human being. Everything happened consecutively, just like explained by Darwin’s theory, except that the cause for the emergence of each species was the information that was initially implanted in the spark of Light. This spark initially contained all the information about our entire universe.

However, we can only observe the external emergence of one species from another, and we interpret this incorrectly, thinking that species evolved one from another, when in fact, it all happened due to the realization of informational genes (Reshimot).

As the Ari wrote in his book, The Tree of Life, a human being emerged from an ape hundreds of thousands years ago – (see Part 3 of Talmud Eser Sefirot). However, the first Man, meaning the first person who attained the Creator 5769 years ago, was Adam. His name comes from the word Edame, meaning “similar to the Creator.”

We celebrate this date as the New Year, and our chronology begins from it. This is because starting from that date, within 6000 years all the people have to attain the level of the Creator – the complete correction of their egoism.

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Do Women Make Better Managers?

thin lineIn the News (from Grant Thornton): New research from Grant Thornton International reveals that women still hold less than a quarter of senior management positions in privately held businesses globally. 24% of senior management positions are currently held by women. The greatest percentage of women in senior management is in the Philippines where women hold 47% of senior positions. They are followed by Russia (42%).

My Comment: Women are more adapted to “run the household” than men. Therefore, the more women we will have in leadership and management positions in the world, the more stable and dependable the world will become.

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My Harry Potter Article Published In Mexico

The Mexican magazine, “Mercurio XXI,” which circulates 35,000 copies all over Mexico, has published my article, “The Secret of Harry Potter’s Magic”:


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Don’t Blink Or You’ll Miss The End Of The World!

How Do You Get the Wolf, Goat and Cabbage Across the River? (How Do You Solve the Global Crisis?)A question I received: Everyone is talking about the date December 21, 2012, which is the end of the Mayan calendar. Many other cultures also indicated that this day will be the end of the world. What does Kabbalah say about this date?

My Answer: Kabbalah says that this day is just like any other day! I’ve lived through many “special” dates like this. The fact is, everything depends only on human beings – you and me. Regardless of any calendars, it is we who determine how they will turn out: good or bad. No one can predict this because it is our freedom of will.

People used to worry about the year 1984 (Tashmad). I published an article beforehand, where I ridiculed such preconceptions. People scolded me for this, but when the year ended, all the talk simmered down. Later, the same thing happened with the year 2000: everyone was expecting something to happen. I was at a Congress in Paris at the time, and I even watched the countdown to the year 2000 at the Eiffel Tower. However, that date also passed as if it never happened, and everyone forgot about it.

Nature has its own time, which was not invented by man. I advise you to live according to the laws of Nature, rather than the Mayans – after all, they’re extinct.

A schedule of the “ends of the world” up to 2020:

2008 – an asteroid will hit the earth
2009 – Armageddon according to Nostradamus
2010 – oil will end, a war for resources will begin, and the earth will turn away from the Sun
2011 – the end of the Mayan calendar cycle
2012 – all cosmic cycles will flatten, the poles will change
2013 – judgment day, transition to a fourth dimension
2014 – cosmic dust will hide the Sun from us
2015 – the end of the 9576-year cycle
2016 – glaciers will melt, flooding most of the dry land
2017 – the end of the world according to the theory of hierarchic catastrophes
2018 – a nuclear war according to Nostradamus
2019 – collision with asteroid 2002 Nt7
2020 – the end of the world according to Newton

Just make sure you don’t blink, or else you’ll miss these important occurrences!

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