CEO Faces Dilemma: Close Down The Company Or Explain The Laws Of Nature To Employees?

planA question I received: I am the CEO of a high-tech company in the center of Israel. Currently, sales are at a standstill, while expenses continue to mount as before. In addition, the crisis may continue to develop in unpredictable ways. I have two options: either I close down the company and fire all the employees, or I cut back on everything to the minimum and wait for the crisis to pass.

During one of the morning lessons, you said that everyone should sit down at a desk and learn about the laws of Nature. By doing this, we will draw a positive influence from above, and as a result, bring an end to the crisis. So would you recommend that I use the company’s savings to sit my employees down in a classroom and have them learn the science of correction? If yes, then what should I explain to them?

My Answer: Contact me through my assistant at 054-560-6721, and we can meet to discuss the possibility of the second option.

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You Have To Wake Up To Be Able To Tell Reality From Dreams

you-cant-teach-anyone-through-forceQuestions I received on dreams, terminal cancer, manic illness and the Freemasons:

Question: My son asked me, “How do I know when something is a dream and when it isn’t?”

My Answer: You can only tell once you “wake up!”

Question: Our father has cancer. Today we were told that he has about two months left to live. He does not know about this. What’s your advice: should we tell him or keep him in the dark?

My Answer: Don’t tell him about this and help him to be joyful.

Question: If I can’t control my thoughts because they are given to me from above, what should I do to bear them? They haunt me and bring me harm. I saw a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with manic illness. However, the medication does not help me. What is your advice?

My Answer: Kabbalah requires a great deal of effort, both physical and mental. Therefore, it’s not for you. At least, not yet.

You have to look for the proper treatment. Don’t count on some kind of “healer” to come and cure you, but rather turn to medicine, sports, and massage. In addition, you should work a lot, especially in physical work.

Question: What do you think about the Freemasons who still work actively all around the world? Do you see an opportunity to work together with them?

My Answer: No!

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Will Capitalism Survive The Financial Crisis?

lookingIn the News (from The Independent):Brown flies to meet President Obama for economy crisis talks” Paul Volcker, former chairman of the Fed and now adviser to President Obama, said that, while he felt capitalism would survive, “I’m not so sure about financial capitalism.”

In the News (from The Socialist Alternative):Marx on the Cover of Time Magazine in Europe — Capitalism Losing Legitimacy” Karl Marx made the front cover of the February 2 issue of the European edition of Time Magazine, displaying the weakening confidence of the capitalist ruling elite in their system.

In the News (translated from Will Not Survive the Crisis” Some members of the US economic elite are fearful that capitalism will be replaced by socialism.

Karl Marx said, “Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more expensive goods, real estate and equipment, pushing them to take more and more expensive loans until the loans end up in default. The defaulted loans will cause banks to go bankrupt and nationalized by the government, and this, in turn, will lead to the emergence of communism.”

My Comment: Marx predicted the future rather well. We underestimate him only because Russia did not carry out its experiment correctly. If they would have done it according to Marx, then everything would have worked out. But in actuality, they would have not even attempted it because they were not ready for it.

Now these ideas are starting to come to life regardless. In fact, Marx derived his theory from practice, basing it on the development of human egoism. For more, see the newspaper, “The Nation.”

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We Can No Longer Compete Against Each Other Because We’re A Single Organism

what-does-the-torah-say-about-the-red-stringIn the News (from The New York Times):Job Losses Pose a Threat to Stability Worldwide” “This is the worst we’ve had since 1929,” said Laurent Wauquiez, France’s employment minister. “The thing that is new [about this crisis] is that it is global, and we are always talking about that. It is in every country, and it makes the whole difference.”

My Comment: That’s right: the distinctive feature of this crisis is that it is global. This is qualitatively, not quantitatively, different. It isn’t just a crisis that has hit many countries, but a crisis that has hit everyone together. It has connected all the countries in the world even more, revealing our interconnection to everyone.

And now everyone has to learn about this phenomenon. The new laws and qualities of today’s civilization can only be created by means of a complete connection among all people, cultures, countries, and nations in our small village. We will not be able to come out of the crisis without creating these new qualities.

In the past, we progressed by means of simple competition, the way Darwin described it. Now, however, we are a single organism, and we can no longer compete with each other. On the contrary, the only way we can make progress is by drawing closer and reaching greater harmony with each other.

In the News (from Atlantic Monthly):The Capitalist Threatby George Soros There is something wrong with making the survival of the fittest a guiding principle of civilized society.

My Comment: Actually, it wasn’t wrong in the past, but it is now, when all our individual egos have united into one, global egoism. This change took place in the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, Baal HaSulam wrote that the whole modern world was already like one family – see the newspaper, “The Nation.”

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Coping With The Financial Crisis: A Change In Strategy?

turnIn the News: (from The European Parliament):Focus on the long term while tackling immediate economic crisis” MEPs [members of European Parliament] and national parliamentarians from the 27 Member States and the candidate countries began a two-day Joint Parliamentary Meeting to discuss “A New Deal for European Economic Recovery.” ECB [European Central Bank] President Jean-Claude Trichet said that stimulus packages should be aimed at fostering longer term structural adjustment.

My Comment: They’re starting to understand that they are not in control of the situation and that it’s pointless to try to plan anything, since there is no regulator! The lack of solid ground under their feet will make them keep searching for solutions until they’ll discover that the crisis was caused by just one thing: the lack of a complete, reciprocal and good connection between people.

As they keep searching for more answers, they will realize that it’s necessary to find a means to amend the connections between all the people in the world. And this is possible only by applying the method of Kabbalah – the science that explains this connection. Then, Kabbalah will truly become a science about our lives.

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How Did Medicine Turn Into A Business?

The Olympic Games Should Be Played Like Giveaway CheckersHere is an analysis of our medical insurance by Dr. Angelov from Boston, USA (a doctor and a member of Bnei Baruch):

About the modern medical insurance: 35% of the stimulus package intended to jumpstart the US economy is going to the medical industry. That’s because when the crisis began, the insurance rates rose and people began to save money on visits to doctors and medication. As for the unemployed, they have lost health insurance completely. The government is trying to rescue the situation using the same principles that caused the medical industry to go into crisis in the first place: allocating funds to exalt the ego, which is the only cause of the crisis.

What do I mean? The motivation to make more money has become more important than the right relationship between the patient and the doctor. Modern medicine is founded on the profit principle. It’s not about how effective it is, but about how much profit it brings. Therefore, there’s no trust between the doctor and the patient. The patient suspects that the doctor wants to make money off of him rather than cure him, and the doctor is afraid of being sued for malpractice because the patient wants to profit from the doctor’s mistake. Therefore, the very principle of modern medical insurance is based on profit rather than care for the patient. It’s all arranged so people will pay for the insurance, but never actually use it.

And here’s how health insurance used to work in ancient times: About 4000 years ago in China, a healer would make his rounds around the village every morning. A vase was mounted by the entrance to every house. He would reach his hand into the vase and take out a coin. If the coin was there, this meant that everyone in the house was healthy. If there was no coin in the vase, it meant that someone there was sick. So the healer would come inside and treat the sick person to the best of his ability. In this case, the herbs, needles and other medical supplies were paid for by the coin that was not put in the vase.

In his free time, the healer would go into people’s houses to make sure that their diets and lifestyles were healthy. Whoever wouldn’t comply with the rules of the insurance (such as being too lazy to exercise every morning, for example) would be excluded from the healer’s daily rounds.

So, the principle of health insurance was opposite then to what it is today. People paid money to help keep others healthy, and the person who was ill did not have to pay.

My Comment: It’s clear that we have to do everything possible to stop medicine from being a business. Doctors’ first and foremost concern should be for their patients to become healthy, rather than for the patients to remain sick for as long as possible!

In ancient times, people’s egoism was very small, and therefore the health insurance practiced in ancient China was possible in a small village. However, now we are dealing with a global problem and people have an enormous egoism. The only way to create a correct medical system under these circumstances is by correcting people’s egoism, so everyone will want everyone else to be healthy, just like in one family.

The crisis will show us how interdependent we all are. Then we will set up health insurance that will actually benefit humanity.