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The Form of the Future World Is Global Mutual Guarantee

929Mutual guarantee for each other is a correction that all mankind must receive from above. As a result, everyone will be obliged to come to the form of Adam HaRishon, that is, to become like one man with a common mind and heart.

We will not see any partitions between us, but we will feel ourselves existing in one body: both in the spiritual sense and in the corporeal, which includes all our desires, thoughts, qualities, and hopes.

There will be no separation between us. We will look by ourselves for what can divide us, and thus eliminate these differences and become as one. Then we will acquire the form of a man, Adam, similar to the Creator.

This noble goal is to be achieved by all people and all nations, for our future lies in it. Let us hope it comes as soon as possible. All this depends on how we can break down the walls that separate us so that nothing separates us from each other, and all the differences that we are now discovering have turned into forces of connection. And then the darkness will shine like light.

The more tightly we unite, the more we will feel how the upper light, the Creator, fills all the gaps between us. And all the obstacles that disturbed the connection will, on the contrary, become sources of uniting forces. That is why we will feel 620 times greater unity, attainment, and the feeling of the revelation of the Creator together as one spiritual Kli. All this is thanks to the mutual guarantee.

It is said that darkness will shine like light. That is, the differences, the forces of confrontation that we cannot overcome yet, will turn into their opposite, into a powerful connection and such strong ties that we will feel like one whole, in one heart, in a single system where everyone supports everyone as one.

The confrontation will turn into a supporting force. It is due to the correction of distance, differences, internal resistance, and rejection of a person by another, that the small, almost imperceptible light that is between us will receive a 620-fold gain. Then everyone will clearly feel the whole world as one person filled with the force of the Creator without any differences and barriers. Thus we come to a full mutual guarantee.
From KabTV’s “The Arvut” 5/23/23

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You Correct the Entire Creation!

115.05It seems to us that we are correcting only our own soul. But in fact the soul of each person stretches between all souls. Therefore, when I correct my tiny part, through this I correct the integration of my particle in all souls.

Therefore we cannot say that a person corrects only his own soul. He corrects the entire creation, only to a very small extent that is included in the creation. Then he adds more corrections and more, and in the meantime, other people also correct themselves and their integration into this person.

It is about this that it is written: “They helped every one his friend,” which means that I correct myself in him and he corrects himself in me, and so we all correct everyone and become like one person with one heart.

Each person includes 600,000 souls, which themselves are also divided into 600,000, and those are also divided into 600,000, etc. It turns out that each of us is like Adam HaRishon, and when we all join together, we also become like one soul of Adam HaRishon. It is not the quantity that is taken into account here, but the depth of the feeling of unity.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/28/23, “Connecting into One Soul”

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Worlds Moving Apart

264.01The desire to enjoy determines everything for a man: what he will feel, how far he will feel the space around him, and how to name everything that he feels. Meaning, man’s desire determines his world because he cannot feel that he is beyond the desire, and therefore, it does not seem to exist for him.

Therefore, if the desire in a person is not developed, is at the inanimate degree, then his world is limited by the framework of the inanimate degree. It is like a baby whose world is tiny and does not go beyond the nursery, but it is enough for him, and he is satisfied.

So, we live in a world whose boundaries are determined by the limitations of our qualities, and we are convinced that there is nothing beyond it. Once people thought that the earth was a flat disk and the universe was a rigid sphere with the border of this world covering it like a cap above which there was nothing.

And up until now, our knowledge of the world has been limited by our attainment. Let’s hope that we will soon be able to open its borders, and then we will understand what kind of world we really are in.

Our desire to enjoy is constantly evolving, each time it pushes the limits of the reality we feel to new boundaries. We call these boundaries worlds. And since our desire develops in four degrees: 1-2-3-4, we perceive the world that seems to exist around us at four levels: 1-2-3-4.

Once upon a time, all of humanity existed as one whole, one body, but then we were shattered into many small bodies. And that is why each of us feels and perceives a different reality.

The goal is to get back into one single body, stuck together like pieces of plasticine. And in this form, we begin to feel a new, unified reality that appears real. It is dominated by one upper force that controls this reality and supports it. And there is no great multitude of forces as each fragment feels it. To come to this connection is the goal of our work and development.

We existed as one common body that broke into a great many fragments as a result of the Big Bang. And if we strive to return to this state of unity, then we begin to feel a single, increasingly unified force, as well as to gain understanding, attainment. The whole history of mankind and modern reality with its problems and wars is intended only to bring us to the realization of the need to unite. Nature pushes us to this.

And the more we all get closer to each other and feel more and more clearly our duty to connect, we begin to understand the inner force that controls us, brings us closer, fills us, and eventually leading to the attainment of true reality.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/11/23, Zohar for All “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” “The Donkey Driver”

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How Can We Soar into the Future?

537Question: Maybe we cannot create a time machine because our protein world is illusory and exists only in our imagination?

Answer: It exists in you in such a way that you are now sitting in front of the camera and talking to me. And there are ten billion people around you, and so on, and so on. In principle, this is all, of course, your world.

This is what appears to you. I also exist in this world of yours. And I also imagine myself existing in some kind of my own world.

Kabbalists write that in the future all people will unite into one single humankind and become like one organism in their feelings. In this state, time will vanish.

If no one feels like a single person but only as the totality of all mankind, then no one from the future will come to you because there will be no such state when we represent individual people. All of us together will become one person called Adam.

And then, as it is written in Kabbalah, material reality will disappear from our senses because we will not feel disconnected from each other, but we will begin to exist in one common spiritual body.

Therefore, we do not need to create a time machine to soar into the future because it exists in a completely different degree.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states” 12/25/22

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Manifestation of Universal Egoism

747.01After going through the period of “the exploration of the Land of Israel,” the group of Abraham achieved a state where, from the desire manifested between them, they were able to create one common desire for mutual bestowal and love, in which they revealed the upper force—the Creator.

In other words, they rose to His degree and came to an ideal state. But as soon as they reached it, even greater egoism began to manifest itself, because they took with them from Babylon all the huge egoism that was above them and related not even to them, but to the quality of bestowal and love.

So, the universal egoism of the next, even higher degree began to manifest itself, which is inherent in all of humanity, the whole mass, not just this small group, although they were growing and strengthening in power all the time.

According to Rambam, 5,000 people left Babylon, and when they reached the degree of the land of Israel, there were 3,000,000 of them. That was 2,700 years ago.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. History of the Jewish People” 5/4/14

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Big Unification Instead of Big Bang

936Initially, there was only one desire—it was the desire of the Creator to delight His creations. But the Creator broke this desire into tiny pieces, and they scattered, distancing themselves from each other according to the difference of their qualities, which was revealed during the breakage.

Thus, scientists assert that our universe was formed as a result of the Big Bang. In the beginning, it was just one point that exploded, and its particles began to scatter in all directions in search for balance.

The universe is still expanding, moving away from the central point where the connection once existed. We are still in the process of dispersing. But scientists say that this expansion must end, and the universe will begin to collapse back, meaning, we will begin to get closer and connect.

Somewhere in this process, a state of equilibrium will be reached depending on how we influence these huge cosmic forces and star clusters with our thoughts so that that they begin to get closer back to the center of the Big Bang.

We will see that we can influence all these billions of stars and bring them closer to each other to such an extent that perhaps they will unite again into one nucleus containing all the desire created by the Creator.

There are parallels in this between astrophysics and the science of Kabbalah. The fact is that every day and every moment we influence what is happening in the sky and what will happen to us with our thoughts.

When parts of the universe that seemed empty to us became accessible for observation by space telescopes, billions of stars suddenly opened up there. In place of an empty, dark space, it was as if another universe suddenly opened up to us.

This shows how infinite the world we are in is: both the spiritual world and the material world are endless. And we need to learn how to approach each other with desires and hearts, and then we might be able to see a response in the sky too.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/14/22, “Each Day They Will Be As New in Your Eyes”

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The Power of Unity and the Powerlessness of Separation

264.01All our work consists in correcting the spiritual vessel, which is called the soul of the first man Adam HaRishon. The Creator created this common desire, and then shattered it into many pieces. And now in each of us there is a tiny particle of that common soul.

We are called human, that is, “sons of Adam,” because we come out of the desire, which is called Adam HaRishon. Our task is to unite our disconnected, distant, separated desires back into one desire through our efforts.

Of course a lot of work is required here because all these particles have separated and moved away from each other due to the differences in their forms. And how is it possible to glue together completely different desires? We begin to examine according to what qualities it is possible to combine one desire with another until we get a single whole in which everything is connected together.

And the more desires this common desire absorbs, the more it feels and reveals the upper force that created it.

Therefore all our actions should be aimed at connection. This determines the whole attitude to life, to the Creator, to the friends, and to oneself and one’s state. With each of my actions, thoughts, and desires, I strive to push the connection forward in order to further bring together and unite different desires and turn them into one single common desire for mutual bestowal.

All private desires are broken and do not want to connect. The Creator did this on purpose to give us the opportunity to feel the difference between a broken desire and a whole one. And due to this we begin to attain the Creator as the advantage of light from darkness.

The Creator divided the common desire into billions of opposite parts, and then He helps us, at our request, put them together and make up for each other. When we combine all the pros and cons together, we feel how powerful a united desire is compared to the weakness and insignificance of a shattered one.

On this difference of potentials—between plus and minus, between connection and division—we will feel the full power and depth of creation, we will attain the intention and work of the Creator, and ourselves.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/14/22, “Each Day They Will Be As New in Your Eyes”

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Learning to Exist According to the Laws of Connection

935Humanity is in such period in history when we are revealing even more clearly that our development was wrong. After all, it was dictated by evil egoistic forces, and therefore was constantly accompanied by wars, conflicts, problems, and fears. Eventually we need to join the force of good.

We have no idea how different such a life is from our current existence. This is the entire essence of the wisdom of Kabbalah; it speaks about the collection of forces available in nature, how we can reveal them, bring them closer to us, come closer to each other through them, and begin to assemble the system as it existed before the shattering of the system of the common soul Adam HaRishon.

In this system, everyone was connected together and understood each other as if they belonged to one body, one mind, and with common desire and intention as one single whole. This is the way the organs in a healthy body exist,  each organ knows what it must do to maintain the life of all other organs.

Therefore, Kabbalists advise us to work in a group in order to gradually feel how mutual support helps us uncover a system called Adam, that is, similar (Domeh) to the Creator, the force of bestowal. We will really feel together as one force with one mind and one feeling in love and unity.

For this purpose we organize Kabbalistic groups through which we try to learn how to exist according to the laws of connection and climb to the second floor of reality.

Then we will reveal the universe in its true form and find out that the universe is much broader and more interconnected than we thought. We get to know the forces of nature by seeing how they permeate this world from end to end. It means, to attain the Creator, the upper force, by rising to His level.
From the Convention in Turkey 2022, “A Prayer Lishma,” Lesson 3

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Final Development on the Ground Floor

214There are two opposite forces in nature and everything depends on how we use them. There is the good force and evil, the force of connection and the force of rejection.

These forces are present at all degrees of nature: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. We need to learn how to control these forces instead of letting them control us.

Kabbalists tell us about this, and they are the ones who have already revealed the upper degree of reality, the second floor of our existence. Humanity is already completing the first stage of its development under the control of an evil egoistic force. And then, according to the historical process and the forces controlling us, we have to go up to the second floor.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches how to climb from the first floor to the second. Kabbalists performed this ascent hundreds of years ago. But then there were only a few of them in each generation, such people who took on themselves the work of changing the relationship between people. Thus they revealed the second force of nature, the force of unity, and wrote us books about it.

We are obliged to move to existence on the second floor, to the realization of the good force between us in the global connection of everyone together. In this way we return to the state that was before the shattering of the system of Adam HaRishon, the first man that was shattered into many parts. There is a part of this Adam in each of us, and we need to connect all these parts back together, which is called becoming like one man with one heart.

It means to return to the existence of the system as Adam, like (Domeh) the Creator. And then we will continue to exist on the second floor of reality, on the degree of connection.

This transition can be made in a good way through the power of unity by awakening it between us. Or we will have to move forward under the influence of an evil force if we do not realize our connection in time with the help of correct, progressive development, from a smaller connection to an increasingly stronger one.

If we do not awaken the good forces of nature for our connection, then they immediately begin to act in an inverse, negative form. And then evil forces are revealed between us, which generates conflicts, wars, as well as internal and external problems in the relationship between us and for everyone individually.

Therefore, a hundred years ago, the wisdom of Kabbalah began to open up to everyone. Kabbalists explain what needs to be done to reveal our next degree, the second floor, in the fastest and best way. Baal HaSulam was the first Kabbalist who widely revealed this technique to everyone; he wrote many books about it, according to which we study.
From the Convention in Turkey 2022, “The Conditions for Connection in the Group,” Lesson 1

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A Single Universal Mind

294.3Question: Are all eight billion inhabitants of our planet part of a single mind? What will they be next?

Answer: They will represent a single mind then. But now, when they are broken, there is not any mind.

As they unite, a common collective mind will arise that is based on connection, on mutual leveling before each other, on mutual union, where each one lowers himself in order to unite with the other and is included in the other and the others are included in him. As a result of such mutual inclusion, this mind will appear among people.

When everyone wants to unite with each other, suddenly a light emerges among them, and the upper force appears, a state called “adhesion with the Creator.” Thus, He appears among them.

Question: What is the difference between small personal minds of people and this single mind?

Answer: Personal minds are egoistic, and they serve only themselves. It is a mind of a small animal body that takes care of itself and tries to ultimately extract from the surrounding world everything it can in order to grab and energetically and corporeally fill itself.

The universal mind is when you connect to the entire universe, when you are part of it, part of the common brain, and you participate in everything together with it. Our current mind is not a mind because it exists in a small cell only to maintain its existence.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Collective Mind” 9/7/13

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