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Comprehending The Hidden Part Of Nature

222Question: How can we work with people in order to bring them closer to an integral state?

Answer: Through conversations with them and between themselves about the meaning of life: “Why do we have such questions? Why, during the many thousands of egoistic developments of mankind, have we come to such a state when we have no idea where to develop further?”

Although the new generation is still striving for money by inertia, in principle, it is already beginning to show its fatigue and unwillingness to develop in the same form.

We see that egoism is no longer the driving force behind our development. We are ready to bury ourselves in our apartments with our phones and have no connection with anyone. The egoistic force of our development leads us to something completely opposite to it. Where did it come from? Why? Etc.

In general, there is a whole technique when, with the help of such clarifications, people begin to understand that the next level of development is supra-egoistic. It is aimed at ensuring that in unity we begin to comprehend the hidden nature—not inanimate, vegetative, and animate, but spiritual.

In principle, despite the fact that we are so developed, we are animals because we use the same egoism as all the previous levels—still, vegetative, and animate—only in a more exaggerated form. We must go to the next, collective level, Adam, to which the whole of humanity is gradually moving.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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Take Your Place In The General System

275We represent one unified system and are parts of one unified structure called  the “soul” or “Adam” or “Kli” (vessel). It doesn’t matter what you call it, now we must reconnect into this structure.

In other words, there is a single structure, but we do not occupy our places in it, we are not fulfilling our mission. Instead of being a normal part of the general organism and investing myself in maintaining its overall work, I think only of myself and, like a cancerous tumor, I try to absorb everything into myself and devour the rest. We are all like that.

It turns out that the huge universe exists according to its own law of ideal bestowal and love, the ideal interaction of the entire closed system. And we in this system, as its parts, its organs, which should ideally fit each other, harmonize, cooperate with each other, and become absolutely integral, fail to fulfill this; therefore, our life looks so miserable.

Today we feel that we are really in an integral world, we are going through a global crisis. That is, we are beginning to feel that we are in the world system, which is global, integral, interconnected, and we are opposite to it, opposite to the general law of bestowal and love. Therefore, we must change ourselves under this law.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Universal Law”

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What Is A Person’s Purpose?

167Question: What is the purpose of a person?

Answer: Kabbalah links a global purpose of a person with his personal one. It says that we are, especially now at such a stage of development in which a person must learn his purpose.

This question arises in a person consciously or subconsciously. Therefore, people either rush to some decision or try to calm themselves somehow because it is not easy, and perhaps even impossible, to answer the question about the meaning of life. People get depressed, start taking drugs, etc.

Kabbalah reveals the meaning of life, the purpose of a person. Perhaps the purpose and meaning are different things, but a person must reveal them, how turn them to one’s advantage, make them your own, and begin to implement them.

The meaning of life is to reach the next level of development. The next level is the sensation of being in complete contact with the program of nature where we all become integrally connected into one single system called Adam.

Of course, this connection looks absolutely fantastic today. Because by combining our desires, not leveling them, not reducing them to one size fits all, but simply correctly connecting not only them, but also all our opportunities and all our thoughts, we form one single integral system.

By creating such a system, we begin to feel the revelation of a general upper force of nature called the Creator in our connection.

This is not something materialized, not God, not something people imagine, but what is revealed precisely in our connection and not outside of us. We cannot talk about this force outside of us. It is within us, in our connection, and we feel it as something common, based, on the one hand, on our egoism, mutual rejection of each other, and, on the other hand, on our connection above this rejection. Both hatred and love are revealed here. It is on these two levels that we reveal the Creator.

Kabbalah is engaged in the revelation of the Creator, the upper governing force, His program, which develops us and brings us to complete equivalence with Him. This is our purpose.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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The Ten Is The Common Soul

934Question: How are the five spiritual senses revealed in the ten?

Answer: A spiritual Partzuf includes: Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut. Zeir Anpin is made of six parts: Hesed, Gevura, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod. So there is Ketter – 1, Hochma – 1, Bina – 1, Zeir Anpin – 6, and Malchut – 1. All together 10 Sefirot.

Each friend in the ten feels all five spiritual senses because the ten is one whole, like a single spiritual body or soul.

So you all have one soul. The fact is that in this world we all have one soul and this structure is called “soul,” or Adam.

In this spiritual body you reveal five senses called Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Apin and Malchut.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/7/19

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Humanity Is One Single Soul

933Question: What is the entrance to the land of Israel within us?

Answer: Man is the common creation, Adam. We are all part of his soul. This is a collective spiritual image, which in itself does not consist of separate beings as we humans usually see ourselves.

It represents the totality of all our properties, especially spiritual ones. In principle, everything that is in each of us constitutes, so to speak, a spiritual figure called “Adam.”

Naturally, from generation to generation, all parts of this figure, or rather its individual properties, gradually undergo their corrections in the similarity to the Creator.

And when this similarity is fully completed, then the state of complete correction will come and the Creator will appear and fill the image of Adam, our common soul, which will gather in this state, starting from our world, from the earthly level, to the highest one, including all worlds.

This soul will stand in all worlds, but not in the corporeal sense. It will include the filling of all worlds, meaning it will come to the state of complete correction (Gmar Tikkun).

We are currently starting to enter the last part of this state. Therefore, our generation is called the last generation, which corrects the shattering of the common soul that occurred before us and that underlies our existence as individuals.

We must internally unite with each other as one man with one heart, as many billions of souls into one soul, into one spiritual structure.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/19/21

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Feel Like A Single Structure

929Question: Are the fragments of the common soul that has been shattered placed in almost every one of us?

Answer: Yes, there is only one common soul, one common desire, that the Creator created. There’s nothing else but Him. Everything that we perceive as existing around us and in us happens only in this desire.

As we grow closer together, the common desire will manifest itself more and more until we begin to feel like one person with one heart, one thought, and one intention.

And then we will really come to feel like one structure that is completely dependent on each other, perfectly understands and coordinates itself with others.

Question: Where is the place for the Torah here?

Answer: We see in our lives that when a person is born, he does not need any Torah, guidance, instructions, nothing. He lives like a small animal. This is how we develop our young children.

And then the child manifests more and more as an independent, individual person, and we have to treat him accordingly, as it is said: “Bring up the boy in his ways.” In the same way, gradually, the correction of the initially broken common soul manifests itself.

Now we are at the very last stage when all the previous four stages have already been more or less passed and are ready for the final correction. In general, it all depends on the last stage.

At this stage, we must properly understand ourselves, our origin, our history, our purpose, and realize all this.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/19/21

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From Ten To One

944I am very happy with the beginning of the congress From Ten to One because this is really the only thing left for us: to rise to the first spiritual degree. All spiritual degrees are based on the fact that from ten we come to one, and again from ten to one at a higher degree. This is the ascent from degree to degree.

Spiritual ascent is based on connection between people, which is the correction and reconstruction of the broken spiritual vessel, the correct connection in our common soul, Adam HaRishon. The Creator created this soul and then broke it; He gave it to us to restore it so that it would become one again: from ten to one or from many tens to one until we return to one whole.

Let us hope that we will be awarded with achieving such a high development when we begin to feel this unity between us, which is called “One.” And in it, we will feel the Creator, the single force that created the whole basis for us as a Kli, giving our desire the same qualities as its filling, the Creator.

According to our preparation, we are very close to such a revelation, and we have no other goal, only this. After all, we see how much the whole world will need it if not today, then tomorrow. And we will need to show them the way.

We are the pioneers of the process of correction, so let’s go one step further. I hope that this step will already be a practical revelation of the Creator within our connection, according to the equivalence of our properties. As the Creator is a giver, so we in our mutual relationship to each other will achieve a complete bestowal within which, according to the law of equivalence of form, the Creator will be able to reveal Himself.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/4/21, “My Spirituality Is Revealed Outside of Me,” Lesson 1

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Becoming One System

594Question: What does “the level of connection between us” mean if we are all one system anyway?

Answer: Where do you see that we are one system?

Question: If I don’t see it, does it mean that we are not one system?

Answer: Of course not. The Creator sees us as one system. And our attitude toward Him stems from each of us as individual egoists. This is a problem because in the state we are now, we are not connected to the upper system of providence.

The upper providence relates to all of humanity as one system, as one whole.

There is only one soul, which is all of us together.

This is how the Creator wants to relate to us. But because we do not position ourselves in this way, we are constantly opposite from Him.

Question: In principle, should our view coincide with the Creator’s view?

Answer: Yes. Then everything will be just fine!
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/17/19

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In The Common Network Of Connections

264.01In the wisdom of Kabbalah, we study and then reveal that all of creation, everything that exists in our world and in the world of forces around us, which we call spiritual world, is just one common network of connections.

This common, mutual, supportive, mutually complementing network of connections is called the soul. We talk only about it: how to reveal it between us, how to increase it, how to enter it with our mind and feelings, and how to control it. All this is the attainment of the soul.

In revealing this connection, we begin to discover the force of bestowal and love called the Creator. This, in principle, is all that the wisdom of Kabbalah is engaged in, and in general all that a person can do: during his life in this world to attain the Creator, to attain the soul, i.e., the network of forces in which we all exist, and through which we are completely interconnected.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/17/18

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Breathe The Light Of Life Into Each Other

507.03For the people of our world, the rule “love your neighbor as yourself” is so disgusting, boring, already tried, and does not attract anyone.

In reality, love your neighbor implies a state where we unite together like small dots, small elements of the universe, into one single mosaic, into one single picture, gathered into one system, and we start working with each other in it like cells in a common body.

And then, from a dead organism that we are today in separation, we turn into a living organism.

If you cut off pieces from the body and divide it into elements, it dies. Therefore, you must collect them. To the extent that you try to do this, the Creator breathes into you the light of life, the spirit of life.

It turns out that we need to yearn for each other, for a universal mutual connection. We will thus restore our common body, our common soul, by connecting with each other.

Question: How do we yearn for this?

Answer: On one hand, we are driven by evil, emptiness, disappointment in this existence, fear of what will happen tomorrow, and disappointment with the kind of world we leave to our children.

On the other hand, from this emptiness inside, an aspiration for something appears. A person begins to feel: “I have been pulled toward something! There is a vector in me that works that looks for something.”

This was not the case before. This is happening right now, in our generation. Together with emptiness, with general depression, there is also a quest, an aspiration for something. A person begins to realize that all this is not as it is and that there is something, somewhere, waiting especially for me.

Our current state has been specially adjusted for us so that we can get out of it and move on. Therefore, our generation is a transition.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #13

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