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Add To The Integral

laitman_962.8Every particular exists only in order to point to the whole. Therefore, there is no need to delve into details, there is nothing significant in them. Every individual is required only in order to connect with the whole or to get out of it and thus teach us to perceive the common whole.

Through our actions, we discover the network of connections between us. Connecting them together, these actions are revealed as a system called Adam, the common soul. Adam HaRishon is a structure of connections between all of us. It is as if I look at a map and see a portrayal of roads connecting the cities. The same connection exists between all of us; it is not only three-dimensional but rather has an infinite number of dimensions.

This network of connections is called man, Adam. The more connections the individual points that are detached from each other can establish between them, the more roads they can pave, the more they build the common connecting system, which is called Adam. Therefore, they are also considered people, because Adam is the result of their efforts.1

The Creator deliberately broke the integral picture of the world and made it discrete so that we, by ourselves, through individual, discrete actions, would reach a common, complete form. We are incapable of such a generalization, but each of our individual actions, despite its limitations, brings us closer to the complete picture.

It is like calculating an integral, where the margin of error is added to the sum of rectangles. This addition completes those unaccounted angles, which we were unable to cover with our discrete shattering. This is called: “The Creator will finish this work for me.”

We add one small rectangle after another to the best of our ability. But how can all these rectangles be made into a smooth curve, how can we measure the entire area if we do not have the possibility of reaching the real integral picture through our “square” thinking? We can only increase the number of rectangles. Therefore, there is an addition to the integral that the Creator adds for us. He helps us perform all the actions, but then He still has to complete this work for us, adding what is missing, which we ourselves are unable to take into account.2

If the Creator is revealed within the desire of the ten, then how can we increase this desire, the area of the revelation of the Creator? The desire of the ten can be increased only through connection with each other. This entire area is divided into pixels that we cannot change, make larger or smaller. We can only increase the number of these pixels and thereby make the picture clearer. This is how it works, like a computer that detects only zero or one. Yet, through the large number of zeros and ones, all the operations are performed.3

After the convention in Moldova, the structure of the entire World Kli has changed. Because of the strong connection we reached there, we have jumped to the next degree. Now we need to build a new Kli. Now during every communication, we must take into account that we are connecting with the common Kli, with a certain area of the common soul.

For example, I connect with the Moscow group and understand that this is a part of the common soul. The sensation of this common Kli exists within me all the time. From now on, any connection in the ten is already a connection with the entire world Kli, as with the single whole. I feel that by connecting with friends in Europe, I influence my connection with friends in South America.

We are constantly adding pixels to the general picture and receiving new inner sensations. Due to the birth of these new sensations in us, the picture is constantly expanding. Every pixel is a connection within the world Kli due to which the form of the larger vessel called a man, Adam, begins to appear more and more.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/18/19, “Correction of the Shattering” (Preparation to the Europe Convention)

1 Minute 3:20
2 Minute 21:22
3 Minute 36:30
4 Minute 56:40

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Enter The Sensation Of The Common Soul


This means that every person from Israel is guaranteed to finally attain all the wonderful attainments that the Creator had contemplated in the Thought of Creation to delight every creature. And one who has not been awarded in this life will be granted in the next life, etc., until one is awarded completing His Thought, which He had planned for him.

And while one has not attained perfection, the Lights that are destined to reach him are considered Surrounding Lights. That means that they stand ready for him, but are waiting for him to purify his vessels of reception, at which time these Lights will clothe the able vessels. (Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot”).

A person should try to develop the quality of bestowal, the quality of connection between the shattered parts of the common creation, of the common soul, to connect them together, and to participate in this as much as possible. This is the implementation of the condition of “love your neighbor as yourself.”

To the extent that he approaches or even implements the condition of “love your neighbor,” the inner energy shines upon him, the so-called love, the connection between the broken parts.

It attracts these parts to each other and helps them form one single whole, one soul, already on a new level because egoism has entered between them with its minus and the plus became higher than the minus; that is, it grew due to minus.

Therefore, a person receives a huge new soul, the quality of bestowal, the quality of attainment called the upper world.

Question: While in the biological body, a person, as if, enters the sensation of this common soul. Will one continue to live in it once the body dies?

Answer: One has nothing to do with the other. Our animal body is necessary in order to begin to enter this soul, to feel it and to begin building it.

Question: Does it mean that through our bodies, we, as if, establish the first contact with other people, and then this all happens on the sensory level?

Answer: Yes, and completely outside of the bodies.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/11/18

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Restoring Original Connection

laitman_275Question: Is it possible to cultivate a desire for spirituality without going through a state of emptying and filling?

Answer: No, it is impossible. The fact is that once we were all one—one soul (Adam). Then this soul was broken into many small parts—billions of points of private souls. However, since there was contact between them, there was a connection; these contacts stopped working.

What is the difference between a dead person and a living one? The fact that in a living person there is a constant connection, the renewal of connections, but in the dead this no longer happens. Therefore, our condition is called “spiritually dead.”

What do we need to do? Connect. It is in the process of connection that we will acquire more and more of our general state, our common soul.

We must completely restore our original connection, which existed before the so-called “sin,” before the breaking of the common soul.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/20/19

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Absolute Love Or How To Find A Soulmate

laitman_294.2Question: From the point of view of science, isn’t the love a person feels for another simply a chemical process occurring in his body?

Answer: Of course, these are all chemical processes.

Question: What is love in terms of Kabbalah?

Answer: It is love at another level. But ultimately it is realized in us in the same physical and chemical processes. Only in Kabbalah it is studied from its upper source, from where it appears in us.

In fact, everything is determined by what is called “soul affinity,” that is, how much our souls, our spiritual components, are in a close state to each other in the common system of all souls in the world. Accordingly, we become attracted to and find each other.

It seems like it is a coincidence, that there are some circumstances. It is nothing of the kind. There are no coincidences in the world. Only the upper root brings us into some kind of movement toward each other. It obliges us to pay attention to each other and get close. At what level and in what sense to get close depends on the quality of our spiritual roots.

Question: How does this spiritual convergence occur?

Answer: A person in our world does not know this. We, as they say, “sniff” each other, study each other. It seems to us that we are suitable or not. It seems to us that circumstances lead to this, and everyone says: “You are so alike, similar,” and so on. This is all the world of dolls, the world of a game. But in fact, spiritual forces, spiritual roots, determine everything.

Question: How does one search for a spiritual partner?

Answer: People will not be able to. People do not understand. We study this in the science of Kabbalah and understand how it works. But in our world, we still cannot realize it.

Question: Is love a relationship of souls?

Answer: Love is the attraction of kindred souls. But this is spiritual, ideal love.

Question: What is a soulmate?

Answer: Soulmates are those who are in very close combination in the spiritual world.

There is a common soul. In it, there are many, billions of private souls that coexist with each other in all sorts of combinations. Their combinations determine the convergence, separation, and movement, including physical, in general, all this Brownian movement between us in our world.

Question: Does the name “my other half” imply a soulmate?

Answer: This is the perfect case.

Question: What is lovesickness?

Answer: Lovesickness in our world is purely egoistic suffering because I need fulfillment and I cannot find it. “Where is my second half that will fill me?” It’s just like: “Where is my dinner that I want to eat that I’m supposed to have?” It is absolutely the same. It is also the same with sex and with all the other fillings.

Question: What should be the principle of relationships of love in terms of Kabbalah?

Answer: This is a mutual understanding, the pursuit of a common goal, in which we unite together as one. But only in a common goal.

Question: Can this goal be anything?

Answer: No, only the spiritual goal! A spiritual goal is the union of our souls. As the great English poet Chaucer wrote: “Reach the merging of our souls in the tangle of our bodies.” He laughed at this—what we want.

Question: What is the lovesickness (“suffering out of love”) in Kabbalistic terms?

Answer: It is when I want to find my soulmate, including all the other souls in the world, in order to reach a state of spiritual connection between us, when I give everything, and through them I give it to the Creator. This is called true love. Eternal.

Question: Can there be a separation between soulmates, a break in communication? Why does it occur?

Answer: I did not observe such effects in our world. We are still in a state where our world is broken, and it only just begins its approach to the spiritual, corrected world.

We will definitely enter it. The question is when? We will reach a state where we will simultaneously perform actions in our world on the basis of spiritual actions. Then, we will fall in love with the soul and unite “soul to soul” as they say. Then everything will coexist in this way. I cannot imagine that separation is possible at this state.

Question: Then separation will not exist?

Answer: No. This is eternal love!
From the TV program “News with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman”, 2/28/18

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Cognition Of The General System

laitman_275Question: In the common soul of Adam each one has his own role and part. Suppose I am destined to reach a small degree of attainment of the Creator. What does it mean?

Answer: It does not matter whether you have a large or a small attainment because you are a cell of a single integral organism.

Therefore, you feel the entire organism from your cell, to such an extent that all of its activities, all of its work, and all of its plans are comprehended by you according to the extent in which you enter this system.

In such a case, you attain the entire system. You have no feeling left that you did not achieve something. You feel completely filled with knowledge.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/7/18

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The Spiritual Work Of Each Person

laitman_938.02We are the result of the shattering of the soul, that is, of the system of Adam, which is supposed to achieve similarity to the Creator.

The essence of the shattering is that each part, feeling itself separated from others, begins to understand that this is what its individual corrupted state is about and realizes the need for striving to unite with others in order to study its opposition to others and to connect together over the contradictions that divide them.

This is the spiritual work of every person who carries a piece of the broken soul (desire) inside.

Combining these desires together, we begin to attain the force that has created this desire, mind, and properties, that is, the Creator. This is not only our work, but also the meaning of our existence, the reason for our being in this world. Therefore, everything is solved only by universal connection.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/9/18

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What Is The Essence Of The Method Of Kabbalah?

laitman_264.01Question: What is the essence of the method of Kabbalah? Is it to instill a gene of spiritual altruism in as many people as possible?

Answer: The essence of the method is to unite the desires of all people into one common desire and for everyone to start feeling as one whole with others. Then a person will lose the feeling that he exists alone, separated from the others.

We cannot imagine how much our individualities, when merged, form one common individuality called “Adam,” which means “human” in Hebrew. This is what has been created.

Currently, each one of us perceives only small, partial fragments of this system. However, we should reach a state when we will perceive the entire system of Adam as a single whole and ourselves as existing together.

Imagine the transformation we need to go through in our feelings and understanding to feel ourselves merged with everyone, without any difference between us, in one common desire, in one common thought! And where is my personality, my past? I dissolve inside the others.

It is impossible to describe, but this is what we should eventually come to. We will see how our physical world gradually becomes ephemeral, imaginary, illusory.

We must actively transform ourselves from the current state to the new one. This new state is very real. It can be compared to how one cell, by starting to feel the whole organism, which consists of billions of cells, feels itself not in itself, but in all cells at once. Such a transformation takes place here; there are no analogs in our world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/24/18

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To Pull Everyone Along

laitman_750.03Question: Why do you, a Kabbalist, do so many actions in the imaginary reality when you could transfer the scope of actions into the true spiritual reality?

Answer: It is in order to pull you along with me as part of my essence.

Question: Does it mean that you are responsible for people?

Answer: They all are my parts! Therefore, I am tied to them. And so is each of us. There is mutual inclusion of everybody into everything. Therefore, each of us pulls others and together we draw near to the world of eternity, of infinity.

By helping others, you eventually help yourself because all others are your spiritual part. All this is one Adam.

Question: Do I bestow to myself and not to another person?

Answer: Yes, but it seems to you that you bestow to others. The fact is that the state called Adam was broken into many parts, so that each part relative to others could move from its egoism to altruism and thus acquire the quality of the Creator, the quality of bestowal and love.

If this system did not break, how could it acquire the quality of the Creator? How would it act? Yet since we are broken and there is egoism between us, mutual rejection, we can overcome it and connect with others. Then the force of overcoming will become the force of our connection and similarity with the Creator. We need to reach this state.

This is the idea of the Creator: as a result of the shattering, the created being would become egoistic and all the force of light, the force of the Creator, the force of His love, would enter between us and turn into egoism, into hatred. We now need to revert it back into connection and love, and then we will become similar to the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 6/10/18

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To Achieve The Goal, Talent Is Not Needed

laitman_282.01Rabash, “Love of friends (2)”: Now, we must understand what these three above-mentioned things qualify us for. Faith, confidence included, gives us a preliminary belief in the goal, which is to do good to His creations. We must also believe with certainty that we can promise ourselves that we, too, can reach that goal. In other words, the purpose of creation is not necessarily for a select group. Rather, the purpose of creation belongs to all creations without exception. It is not necessarily the strong and skillful, or the brave people who can overcome. Rather, it belongs to all the creatures.

We are all parts of the general system of Adam, and therefore, each of us, to the extent that he is in this system, is obliged to achieve connection, bestowal, and support for the entire system, and with this he fulfills his mission.

Each individual will be obliged to realize himself to some extent as the Creator. No one can escape from this.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 3/22/18

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Whose Life Is More Important?

laitman_546.03Question: Why do we consider the lives of some people to be more important than the lives of others?

Answer: It is because we fail to see the whole picture, the general mechanism, the common system of our globalization. We belong to a single system, we are all, in fact, one body.

Each one of us is like a cell in a single body that has to care about the well-being of the whole organism. If we see that humanity, in its final analysis, is one person with certain organs and body parts, then we will surely understand that each person matters.

Even if one cell in the body becomes cancerous… And this, in essence, is the specific quality of egoism: it starts engulfing others. At this point, we all resemble cancer cells. This now becomes revealed to us: we all exist in the universal human system, which is ill with general cancer.

If we reveal this, then we will certainly understand that everyone has to be healthy, that is, renounce their egoism, renounce using, engulfing others, and switch to bestowing to them.

Having discovered this, we will see that life consists only in advancing everyone in their development, in their contribution to society. If we encourage society to give everyone values that are directed only at this, we will, of course, be obliging people to be useful to human society. Then everyone will be equal. Also, then the life of one cannot be more important than the life of someone else.
The Round Table of Independent Opinions. Berlin, 9/9/06

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