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Tuning To The Range Of The Revelation Of The Creator

934My egoism looks for flaws in my friends, but if I want to advance spiritually, I must, on the contrary, see their merits and envy their success. After all, I do not have enough desire to achieve the goal, and where else can I get it?

I once was Adam HaRishon, one common soul, one great desire. But then this desire broke into many pieces, and I was left with only a tiny piece of the entire huge vessel of the system of the common soul. Now I have to move from this meager piece to the huge desire that I had when I was included in the entire system.

This can only be achieved through envy. Envy is a very important tool that increases our desires and opportunities. And without growing the desire, it is impossible to move toward the goal. The Creator needs a certain volume in order to be revealed, called “full measure”(Seah). He cannot be revealed in a vessel capable of receiving only a few grams of filling.

Let’s say that the spiritual experience begins with receiving ten kilograms of filling. When I find the need to receive such fulfillment, I begin to feel my desire empty and then fulfilled. And if my lack is less than that, I do not feel anything.

All our sensory organs are arranged in the same way, working only in a certain range. Devices detect that there are many different waves around us: sound, light, but we do not see or hear them. We begin to perceive the signal, starting from a certain level and up to a certain level, that is, in a limited range.

It works in the same way in the spiritual world. If we want to begin to experience spirituality, we must increase our desire to enjoy in addition to what we received in the shattering. At the expense of what can I turn one gram of desire that I have into ten grams? Only by taking over the desires of others can I be impressed by their qualities and needs.

So we get together in groups, learn together, discuss, and thus get involved in each other’s desires. And the one who does not mix with the desires of others has no chance of revealing the Creator. The Creator reveals himself between us in my desire to receive that is increased by connecting with my friends. Therefore, without envy, which allows us to expand the Kli, we will not be able to reveal the Creator.

The fact is that before the sin of the Tree of Knowledge and the breaking of Adam HaRishon, we were all connected and included in each other in an ideal way. But as a result of the shattering, each one has separated from the others, and now he lacks what is in others.

Before the shattering, everyone had the same common desire, and now only his personal point remains while all other qualities are lost for him. And without attaching them to himself, he will not be able to reveal the Creator in them. Therefore, the revelation of the Creator depends on how much I have become involved in the qualities of a friend.

It is about this that it is said that “You lack nothing but to go out to a field that the Lord has blessed, and collect all those flaccid organs that have drooped from your soul, and join them into a single body.” This is our job. In this field, blessed by the Creator, we find all our broken desires and want to gather them together, to join them.

And all this because of envy. I am now in my egoism and I envy my friends, what they have. Because of this I approach them, engage in their desires, and restore the whole vessel of Adam HaRishon. In this way, I correct the shattering and approach the goal of life, the goal of creation.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/15/21, “Envy”

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Collecting The Pieces Of The Common Soul

117Question: It is written in The Book of Zohar: “How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together, as well. ” This means being friends: that at the hour when they sit together, they do not separate from one another.

At first, they seem to be people at war with each other, wanting to kill each other, then again they return to brotherly love. The Creator says about them: “How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together, as well!” But, moreover, the Creator Himself is attentive to their speeches, and He has delight, and He rejoices for them.

How can it be that people who are ready to kill each other, nevertheless, come together and brotherly love arises between them?

Answer: This is really amazing, because we come from one single soul. This system was created as one common desire, one single organism. And then it was deliberately broken into small pieces.

This is similar to how a Lego mosaic is constructed: first, a picture is made, and then a special stamp cuts it into pieces so that children can learn to assemble a picture from its components.

Our common soul is created in a similar way. Since it is broken into the smallest pieces, we must find such a connection between each other, such juxtaposition that all our souls again gather into one big picture, into one single soul.

This one soul is called Adam, from the word “Adomeh—similar” to the Creator. To the extent that we get closer to each other to put together a big picture, we become Adam, human.

That is, the human in us is not our animal body and not our original natural animal inclinations, but it is the measure of our similarity to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #3

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Life Has Not Gone Anywhere

962.8Question: The vaccine has come in various forms and there are studies showing that it works.

There are skeptics who are afraid, but there are those who want to get vaccinated so that all this will end. That is, people now have an opportunity and the thought: “Well, when this year ends, everything will return to normal.”

I find myself thinking that we are going to start meeting physically. Everything will return to normal, and people will again begin to fly to their friends and relatives, to travel, to live. Life will continue. Already this blockage will end.

This thought is in people’s minds that everything will return to normal, and life will begin again. What do you think?

Answer: Life has not gone anywhere. So, if it comes back, I do not know what we mean by life. This is first. Second, you cannot bring back what was. So this whole pandemic, this whole virus, will accompany us. I think we should realize what it has given us.

Comment: I generally follow the press; few people have drawn conclusions about why the virus came and what it came for.

My Response: No. They want to go back to what was, how it was.

Comment: Yes, this is the natural state of a person who is already tired of all this.

My Response: As if it were good.

Question: So what do we need to realize now in order to live a new life, but good?

Answer: We must look to the future as a new day that must be a consequence of the past day. We do not consider this past day! We do not want to get any information from it.

Question: Do you need to pull information from the past?

Answer: Sure. Only we do not want to. We want to jump back. That is all. As we we flew, we fly, as we walked, we walk. There were all sorts of shows on television, there were theaters, movies. We went to restaurants, everywhere. The streets were full of people, they went to any cafe, to any place.

Question: What information should be extracted from the past?

Answer: That if we want to return to rapprochement, then rapprochement must be internal in order to neutralize this virus. This is difficult to explain to people. But the problem is in us. The virus is in us. If I want to neutralize it, I need to fill my attitude toward others with feelings of connection, rapprochement, love. Then I will neutralize the negative effects of the virus.

Question: Are you saying that this connection, this love was not in our past life?

Answer: Of course not.

Question: Whatever a person imagines was there, What should he do with it?

Answer: He just felt free. The virus came to us and showed that you have no right to approach another, say closer than two meters.

You cannot get any closer to the other one! People should understand that the virus actually came from the spiritual level, that is, from the level of feelings, from the level of correction of the human being, and then it descends to the biological, animal level.

Question: So, is it asking us to reach this level?

Answer: Inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature! Human nature is higher than animals. That is, it is an emotional relationship between human beings. If we fix that, then there is nothing to fix at all the lower levels, everything will be right and good.

Question: So, should we correct our internal relations with each other?

Answer: Only that. It is necessary to reveal to a person what this means. He says: “I did not like others?! I was hugging them! I sat with them, drank!”

Comment: Of course. They were my friends, my family.

My Response: How can I explain to him that it was all an egoistic, rigid, purely psychological hateful relations?

Comment: This is very difficult to explain. The person kept the warmth toward his close people…

My Response: He did not think about it. Now we have to go to another level.

Question: So, must a person understand that he has lived using others all the time? Actually, his love was to use them, one way or another.

Answer: Yes.

Comment: It is not easy!

My Response: Then we will begin to explain to mothers what it means to love their children.

Comment: But the mother is 1000% sure that she loves her child!

My Response: She loves him, of course. But this is the animal level of love. Leave this state and only give the child a more inner content—eternal, perfect! With your awareness of where it comes from!

From your inner animal body, from your urge as an animal to an animal you want to hug him, you want to lick him, like a cow licking her newborn calf, and so on.

Here another thing is also necessary—why do I do this, for what, why does nature arouse such feelings in me? I cannot just blindly follow my instinctive impulses of nature, which urges me like this, forces me. I must understand why I must do this, agree with it, and confirm with my consent that I am doing it consciously. For what?

In order to fully know and justify the Creator’s program in these actions. So that in this love between us, between all people, we will unite in a system called Adam, and in the end, we would find the same connection of love toward the Creator.

Adam is a single soul. Then we will feel how He “licks” us, as a cow does to her calf, and we perceive it as a calf perceiving a cow, a mother.

This is what everything was created for. When this highest love is manifested on all levels down to the lowest level, then this is the revelation of the Creator to the creatures.

We are not going anywhere. This must all be revealed.

Question: Do we reveal that we are one in the hands of the Creator?

Answer: Yes. We must be even higher, even to the point that we must reach an equal state with Him, realize His attitude toward us, rise to the level of understanding and feeling the source of His attitude toward us, that is, to grow ourselves to such a level.

Question: Do we even have to get to the purpose?

Answer: Of course, otherwise what will we do? Like a baby in its mother’s arms? He feels good, and his mother feels good. We need to grow. In our spiritual relationship with the Creator there is also an inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human level.

Question: What is the purpose of creation, the last point?

Answer: To rise to this state, to the highest, when we feel from where His love arises in the Creator and descends on us.

We will get there. It is precisely programmed. We are just trying to do it quickly and for everyone.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/14/20

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The Evolution Of The World Is Our Inner Development

928There is a very important clarification to the modern, materialistic perception of reality according to which the world is the result of evolution, the gradual development of matter from the atom. This is how modern man thinks based on the scientific achievements of the 20th century.

But The Study of the Ten Sefirot explains that all of reality was created by one thought, which continues to operate. “In essence, this thought is the cause, and the action, and the expected reward, and the essence of all effort.”

That is, everything was created in an instant by the desire of the Creator who is perfect, does not divide into parts, and does not create anything incomplete. There is no gradual evolution along the chain of cause and effect with respect to the Creator.

Evolution is revealed only in relation to us as a manifestation of His perception, His picture, His reality, which is all absolutely perfect and never needed to be formed, established, and progress from an intermediate state to a final one. All this happens only in relation to creation.

The correct attitude to reality should be such that everything has already been created and there is not a single incomplete detail from the beginning of creation to the final correction. Everything exists as one perfect reality, which is the Creator Himself. He only wanted the creatures to reveal Him in an independent process of comprehension.

To the extent of their abilities and desires, creations will pass this path of spiritual, internal development. But in the end, we reveal the already existing reality, as it is said: “And you shall eat old store long kept” Therefore, we should change our purely materialistic perception of reality according to which the world is in the process of free development and imagine it as the system of Adam HaRishon—the only thing that exists. Everything is included in this system of the common soul. And its breaking, concealment, and gradual disclosure occur only in relation to the person who attains it.

But in fact, outside of man, there is only infinite light that exists in absolute perfection, not subject to any changes.

The whole difference is in my perception of reality: do I feel only myself as a part of the world, and this is an illusory picture I have invented, or do I feel the whole system of creation, that is, the existence of a higher power, the Creator, which includes everything—EVERYTHING—meaning the Creator or the system of the common soul of Adam. When we perceive the Creator and attain His revelation, we are called man, Adam, that is, like (Edomeh) the upper force.

People (sons of Adam) are those parts of creation that want to reveal the perfect form, the general system in which the Creator is revealed.

If we do not perceive ourselves as part of the general system of Adam, then we have no connection with the spiritual world, with the Creator. Therefore, the correct development begins with constantly existing in the general system as an integral, closed sphere beside which nothing exists.

This perception of reality determines the whole difference between the material and the spiritual. Do we believe that reality is developing or that an already existing reality is revealed. This is a very big difference because in the first case, we perceive reality as imperfect and evolving gradually evolving.

And in the second case, reality is gradually revealed to us, and we call this the process of evolution. But this evolution is the disclosure of a genuine, unchanging, existing reality, created instantly at the request of the Creator, as it is said: “One thought was created and created the entire universe, which is the cause, and action, and expected reward, and the essence of all efforts,” that is, it includes absolutely everything.

This reality already exists and only manifests itself to us in the measure of our efforts to reveal it, that is, in the measure of the similarity of our properties. The difference between the egoistic and the true perception of the world is precisely how we experience this reality. If I want to determine my own spiritual development, then I must say that everything depends on me, on my correct efforts. Therefore, evolution is my internal development.

And in essence, I do not develop but only unlock the forces within myself, the tools for revealing the already existing reality. This is the difference between individualistic, deceitful, selfish perception, and the general, true, spiritual one.

If we perceive reality as complete and perfect, then it turns out that it depends only on our efforts to unite in order to match this perfection. And then we will reveal the reality in which we exist and see a new world.

We did not build this new world, but through developing our desires and properties, we reveal what exists between us, around us, and inside of us. It all depends on how much our desire from personal and individualistic becomes more and more general, social. This allows us to find ourselves within one large social system where everything is interconnected and is in unity.

If in the connection between us we create new sensory organs for the perception of reality, then it turns from hidden to revealed.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/23/20, “I Dwell Among My People”

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The Law Of Love In The System Of Adam HaRishon

557We don’t know what love is. I love food, I love children, I love women, I love everything I can get pleasure from, fulfillment for my egoism.

And in spirituality, love means something completely different: the ability to fulfill the other, to feel his desires and enjoy the fact that you fulfill his desires. Therefore, the direction of love and its fulfillment is completely opposite of corporeal love.

The love of friends means connecting the parts of the common soul of Adam HaRishon who feel rejection between each other. In seeking to connect, they reveal their distance and separation and must correct their hatred into love. It is to the extent that hatred and misunderstanding are revealed between all the parts that they can connect and fill each other.

Therefore, love is the fulfillment and connection of opposites that are initially hated by each other.

We must restore our connection into the single system of Adam HaRishon according to which all nature is built. All its individual and global laws and principles stem from this system. And if we strive to connect these parts together despite their contradiction, then we will correct ourselves and all of reality.

As we draw closer to each other, we will gradually begin to feel that we are filling each other up and that we are in a perfect world. There is a mutual flow between the opposite parts: from minus to plus and from plus to minus. Therefore, we feel ourselves in an eternal world where there is a constant flow of life.

One does not want to destroy and kill the other, but on the contrary: we cross a certain boundary (Machsom) and then we feel that the negative and positive forces complement each other and produce an eternal flow that we also belong to. It gives a sense of eternal life.

Everything depends only on the measure of our connection, when we overcome the barrier before which we felt our oppositeness, and begin to fill each other. The sense of mutual fulfillment gives us a sense of eternity where there is no death.

You just need to learn how to better connect with your friends for mutual fulfillment so that you don’t see any flaws in anyone but only an invitation to correction and unity.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/22/20, “The Law of Love in the System of Adam HaRishon”

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Middle Line—The Path Of Man

508.2Hatred, rejection, disagreement, and misunderstanding are in essence the opposite form of the Creator, the opposite form of unity. From that, we gradually come to the attainment of the Creator.

The more we develop from generation to generation, the more we feel ourselves as individualists separated from others. Yet, if we cover all crimes with love, we will be able to connect above all differences.

The difference between rejection and connection, between hatred and love, gives the intensity of the revelation of the Creator. This difference remains as the depth of desire on top of which the connection arises: restriction, screen, and reflected light. Then between the minus and the plus, we feel the power of the revelation of the Creator who, like glue, connects all the opposites together.

This is why the Creator broke the common soul of Adam HaRishon, entered with all His force between its broken pieces, and stayed there in His opposite form so that we could reveal Him from His opposite to understand love from hatred, unity and connection from rejection and misunderstanding, until we come to complete adhesion.

Therefore, connecting the parts of Adam HaRishon into one system or revealing the Creator who is gluing us together is one and the same.

The work is simple: between me and my friends is the Creator in the opposite form, which , through my efforts, request, and prayer, I transform from the force of rejection into the force of connection, adhesion, so that the darkness will shine as light. In the place of endless hatred, the black abyss between us, the strongest light will appear, the connection and love of a great strength precisely because of the revealed darkness.

We understand that reality consists of good and evil, that one cannot be without the other and both are equally important because it is in the connection between them that the Creator is revealed. It is very difficult to keep hatred when love comes. We do not want to think about hatred, we are drawn to love with all our heart. It is a much harder job to hold on to hatred and not throw yourself into the ocean of love.

However, we must consist of both of them, and only then do we stand opposite the Creator. The Creator is a single force of absolute good. We, however, include two forces and build a middle line between them with the help of the Creator, who is there with us.

We have to get used to the fact that every person always includes two opinions, two forces, two opposite desires. In the correct creation, two forms of nature must be combined, and in the middle between them, we want to establish the Creator so that “He who makes peace above will make peace upon us and upon all Israel.” By understanding the difference between good and evil, light and darkness, we reveal the upper force upon the contrast of opposite states. If we try to reveal good and evil, hatred and love, separation and connection, rejection and attraction between friends, we will reveal the Creator between us and build a middle line.

Hatred and love support each other like oil and a wick, which together light up a candle. There must always be resistance (a wick), an inability to connect, and, at the same time, oil and light. This is how we build the correct attitude to reality.

Therefore, all the attempts of the world to come to good will only lead to even greater revelation of evil until we realize that we need a different method for our existence. We cannot destroy each other by eliminating all opposites, as egoism would like. On the contrary, it is by using all the opposites that we can construct the middle line. This will now become evident everywhere in the world, especially in the most developed countries.

Opposites remain, but all transgressions are covered with love. If we do not follow this path, we will not be able to create and maintain a family, raise children, or achieve peace between parties within the country and between countries. We will become a destructive force in nature. Inanimate matter, plants, and animals can exist because they are controlled by nature and instinctively act correctly. Humans, however, can only exist if they find the middle line.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/7/20, “Middle Line”

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We Could Reach A Beautiful Life

557Thanks to the revelations made by Kabbalists over thousands of years, the science of Kabbalah explains to us what the purpose of creation is, where evolution is leading us, and according to what laws.

The Creator created us as one soul and then shattered it, which resulted in many different desires that feel each other as strangers. Because of this division, everyone feels independent, separate, different from others, and instinctively repels them and they him.

So, the world developed more and more: inanimate nature, plants, animals, and humans. Humanity has developed due to the fact that these desires have been growing all the time, displaying more and more independence, disunity, and conflicting interests. At all levels of nature there is a force of attraction and a force of rejection.

In the inanimate, vegetative, and animate world, the force of attraction acts in an instinctive way to help all exist as nature dictates and not by free choice. And among people too, the force of attraction acts as a natural attraction to sex and family. This is how humanity existed for generations.

In fact, there is no such attraction between people. The Creator, the common force that broke the common desire into many parts, wants them to grow and reveal how far apart and opposite they are. And at the same time, we discover our connection, dependence, and benefits of our unity.

But although we could achieve a wonderful life through the connection and cooperation of people, countries, and nations, we spend huge amounts of energy, money, and resources on war, as we seek to ruin and destroy each other. It is painful to watch humanity fight desperately for its separation instead of benefitting from connection.

It is a pity that people do not understand that this is all a game the Creator is playing with us. It is necessary to preserve the power of evil without destroying it, to build a plus over this minus, to cover all sins with love. And then we will exist in a system that contains the whole force of evil and all the force of good. The good force will cover all evil and overcome it, and in this form, we can receive all the good from this system.

This was the purpose of the shattering: to reveal the hidden, inner, good forces in us as the advantage of light over darkness. If we don’t reveal the darkness, we will not reveal the light and all its qualities. Therefore, we must pass through all the bad states, as in “And there was evening and there was morning, one day.” Night and day always alternate so that all sins are covered by love. Therefore, the sin is always revealed first and only then the unity.

Our work is to put together a system that includes two opposing forces. And they should not close on each other as in a short circuit, like a short-circuit of positive and negative in a power grid. It is necessary to put  a load between them, a resistor, resistance. Then the plus and minus will not cancel each other. but will connect and give a positive result upon this resistance, useful work.

Our task is to stand between the plus and the minus, between the egoistic nature created by the Creator, the evil inclination, and the upper light, which we attract through our efforts, the good inclination. We exist between good and evil, doing our work.

And then the system of Adam HaRishon, created by the Creator in the form of a mini-model that exists only due to its strength, will be filled with our force, our load. Plus and minus, the power of evil and the power of good, can work in this system as two poles that do not cancel each other but create a potential difference that allows us to reveal our work in the system of the common soul of Adam.

The darkness will shine as light: these two forces will be able to ignite all the light of infinity within this system that was previously broken. If we put the full measure of our strength into it to connect our desires back together, we get one common desire in which the whole light is revealed.

We must look at this system as a mechanical network that does not depend on our feelings. In other words, we can go from absolute minus to absolute plus, from rejection to connection, from hatred to love. And it is good that changes are happening to us all the time, from one extreme to the other. The main thing is to constantly remember that we exist in the system of the single soul of Adam, and this is all nature, which must be brought to correct connection.

And then we will not depend much on our emotions, but will follow reason, that is, we will engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah, the wisdom of connection. Let different feelings appear in us from plus to minus, the main thing is to aim forward over all these experiences to complete unity, which is called love.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/20, “Work with Faith Above Reason”

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The Entire World Is Like One Big Circle

275Kabbalah is the science of the connection of everything that exists in creation, which is divided into four levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking, both in the corporeal and in the spiritual world.

There are four phases that emerge from the upper root: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, which we must return back to the root. This is man’s calling, this is the work we came to this world for.

The most correct connection is in circles. A circle is a form that came from the Creator, and to the extent of our abilities, we are included in this perfect form and create a straight line. As a result of all our actions, we must come to a circle.

The most central circle is us, the people of this world. And around it, we need to build outer circles and gather the entire universe into one big circle where all souls unite and are filled with the Creator.

We know that usually those who are close in their properties connect; they have the same profession, similar character and attachments. There are all kinds of interests that unite people, different nations, countries, international unions, and families. All these unions, however, are constantly changing and cannot exist forever.

Why are we unable to keep a good connection? It is because we do not know the secret of connection. Connection comes from the upper force of bestowal, which belongs to the Creator. We can connect only if we feel that there is a personal benefit in it at the expense of the other, but that is not connection—it is exploitation. Connection is possible only when the force of bestowal, the force of the Creator, enters between us and connects us.

Since we do not know the secret of connection, we try to become similar to each other by looking for similarities in characters and qualities. We think that similar properties will help us get closer, and each time we see that this does not help. After all, we must remain with the properties and qualities with which we were born and grew up.

We do not need to become similar to each other. The Creator will connect us, and each of us should develop his own individuality, his own properties that he received from the shattering of the common soul of Adam HaRishon. A person learns, gets to know the world, but in fact, he is inflating himself. All he needs is to make sure that the Creator connects him with others. This is what we do in Kabbalistic groups.

Baal HaSulam explains in the articles “The Giving of the Torah” and “The Arvut” what kind of connection we need to reach. No one should put pressure on another and transfer their properties to him, but the main thing is that the force of unity, that is, the Creator is revealed between us.

There is no need to become like others by adopting their tastes. The connection must be absolutely opposite to what we see in our world between people, in the family, in the nation. We will never be able to achieve a consistent connection at any level or in any form if we continue this way.

Our time requires us to become closer and more connected, but this is achieved only by us bringing the upper force closer; it is the only force of bestowal and unity between everyone. We want to connect in the tens, in the group, and connect the entire world and all the worlds into one and roll up the entire spiritual ladder into the world of infinity like a carpet.

However, all this is possible only if we do not break anyone, do not pressure, and do not obligate them to change their nature. On the contrary, the natural individual qualities of everyone are a great possession, and we cannot interfere and break them. Quite the opposite, it is necessary to protect every person in the world so that he preserves all his natural qualities. All we need to do is to make sure that the Creator connects us all to attract the force of bestowal.

Then we will see how different we are and how different our internal qualities are. And at the same time, it is a miracle that the Creator comes and by His nature, by the force of bestowal, connects everyone into one harmonious whole in which every particle is necessary. Nothing was created in vain and as a defect. The corruption is only in the fact that we do not invite the Creator, do not ask Him to fill the gaps between us and connect all our opposites.

Therefore, we should not get angry with others, with ourselves, and with the Creator for creating us to be so different. We should not try to change or correct anyone. All our efforts should be directed precisely to reveal our differences, to be happy that these “wicked” have been revealed, and we can ask the Creator to come and correct them, that is, to connect them.

Then we will be grateful to the Creator for His work, for connecting us and making us complete. He has created this world so that we would become His partners in this work, that is, reveal our differences and the need for the force of bestowal and ask the Creator to come and fill all the gaps, connect the opposites, and allow us to feel the perfect unity of all the pluses and minuses as one spiritual structure (Partzuf) consisting of ten Sefirot.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a method of returning the shattered Shechina to perfection, restoring the single soul of Adam HaRishon. “Love will cover all crimes.” We do not cancel our differences but rather increase our love through them and reveal the advantage of the light from the darkness.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/2/20, “Middle Line”

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Inner Wisdom

934Spiritual work goes above reason; this means not according to our egoistic mind and feelings. But then, how?

Sefira Daat (knowledge) in the spiritual structure is a special combination of feelings and reason. Feelings come from Bina and reason from Hochma, and how is it possible to work even higher than that? How can we even grasp the very edge of this principle in order to move forward with it in spiritual life?

If we want to approach new tools of perception, we must work not on our feelings and mind but only on getting closer to our friends. If I want to understand and attain something by taking one step forward in spirituality, I am not looking for how to do it in my mind or feelings. I will not be able to learn this from a book or learn it with my senses but only in a way of coming closer to my friends.

This is the only practical action that we can perform to correct the system of Adam HaRishon. Spiritual connection with my friends in the ten will open new Kelim in me and gradually shift me from reason to above reason: from the material Kelim of this world, the earthly mind and feelings, to the spiritual Kelim. And they are revealed only by overcoming obstacles, indifference, and internal separation from the friends, from the ten.

The more I open my heart and seek connection, the more I understand the saying: “It is not the wise who learn.” Attainment depends not on knowledge but on the Kelim that start to connect more and more. After the shattering, we are all divided, but to the extent that we want to unite and get closer, we produce corrected Kelim within which we feel new spiritual concepts.

So I train myself to move through spiritual changes and not to seek more corporeal reason and psychological sensations. I demand only connection with my friends, and by correcting the Kli of Adam HaRishon, I begin to understand what an integral spiritual system is, what was in Adam HaRishon before the shattering, and where we are heading now.

We discover the upper force, the Creator, and the wisdom of Kabbalah within ourselves and do not gain book knowledge. This is why Kabbalah is called inner wisdom.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah lesson 12/1/20, “Work with Faith Above Reason”

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By Raising Ourselves, We Raise The World

934After the lesson, we go out into the wide world, and the whole world, all of humanity, the whole Kli of Adam HaRishon, enters between us, the ten friends. The world begins to flow inside the ten, between the friends with whom I have connected, and brings its thoughts and desires to us.

We must feel the desires of the world; otherwise, we will not be able to achieve general correction. We must understand that this is not politics, not economics, but that the huge desire of the common soul of Adam HaRishon enters between us and influences us so that we return to unity over these obstacles. Despite the added egoism, we connect again with even greater strength.

The impressions from the big world should not push us apart. We absorb from the world only those impressions with which we can then work to correct.

If we do not break the connection with each other, then the whole big world, which influences us during the day, will properly connect to us, and we will be able to correct it. And by correcting the world within ourselves, we cause its changes outside because a connection has already emerged between the internal and the external.

If the world cannot divide us and tear us apart from each other in the ten during the day, then we transmit our union to it and thereby correct the world. It gradually turns into a part of our spiritual Partzuf, its ending (Sof). We cannot yet actively work with it, but it is already becoming a useful part of the Partzuf.

So day by day, we absorb new desires from the world and transmit the power of unity to it. All humanity belongs to one Kli, one soul. By trying to unite in the ten, we thereby build the inner part of the spiritual vessel and the head (Toch and Rosh). And all other people who have not yet come to unity are the end of the Partzuf (Sof). Therefore, we must unite these desires.

We live in the time of general correction, and we must think about the whole world. Therefore, we are among people, in contrast to the Kabbalists of the past who lived in a cave as hermits, in small settlements. Kabbalists have always strived for solitude because there was still no requirement to work to correct the world.

But we live in a different time and whether we like it or not, we get impressions from the whole world. During the day, we absorb its desires and must process them. And when we then unite in the ten, we must take into account that our unification also includes the desires received from the world. And when we go back to the wide world, we influence it with corrected desires, and the world changes and moves toward the realization of correction and unification.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/1/20, “Work with Faith Above Reason”

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