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In The Common Network Of Connections

264.01In the wisdom of Kabbalah, we study and then reveal that all of creation, everything that exists in our world and in the world of forces around us, which we call spiritual world, is just one common network of connections.

This common, mutual, supportive, mutually complementing network of connections is called the soul. We talk only about it: how to reveal it between us, how to increase it, how to enter it with our mind and feelings, and how to control it. All this is the attainment of the soul.

In revealing this connection, we begin to discover the force of bestowal and love called the Creator. This, in principle, is all that the wisdom of Kabbalah is engaged in, and in general all that a person can do: during his life in this world to attain the Creator, to attain the soul, i.e., the network of forces in which we all exist, and through which we are completely interconnected.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/17/18

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Breathe The Light Of Life Into Each Other

507.03For the people of our world, the rule “love your neighbor as yourself” is so disgusting, boring, already tried, and does not attract anyone.

In reality, love your neighbor implies a state where we unite together like small dots, small elements of the universe, into one single mosaic, into one single picture, gathered into one system, and we start working with each other in it like cells in a common body.

And then, from a dead organism that we are today in separation, we turn into a living organism.

If you cut off pieces from the body and divide it into elements, it dies. Therefore, you must collect them. To the extent that you try to do this, the Creator breathes into you the light of life, the spirit of life.

It turns out that we need to yearn for each other, for a universal mutual connection. We will thus restore our common body, our common soul, by connecting with each other.

Question: How do we yearn for this?

Answer: On one hand, we are driven by evil, emptiness, disappointment in this existence, fear of what will happen tomorrow, and disappointment with the kind of world we leave to our children.

On the other hand, from this emptiness inside, an aspiration for something appears. A person begins to feel: “I have been pulled toward something! There is a vector in me that works that looks for something.”

This was not the case before. This is happening right now, in our generation. Together with emptiness, with general depression, there is also a quest, an aspiration for something. A person begins to realize that all this is not as it is and that there is something, somewhere, waiting especially for me.

Our current state has been specially adjusted for us so that we can get out of it and move on. Therefore, our generation is a transition.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #13

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Understand The Whole Plan Of The Creator

237Question: Why was it necessary to shatter the common soul?

Answer: In order to understand what the Creator means.

Let us say you take a beautiful statue or something magnificent, an amazing work of nature, and break it into small pieces. You break the perfection, which is like the Creator. This is how Adam was created.

The Creator Himself takes and breaks His beloved, His only work, into billions of pieces. Why? How? If someone saw it from the side…! We do not understand why He created the world so evil, so dreadful. He created man so terrible, so low. The great, perfect, eternal Creator created something completely opposite to Himself, and yet enjoys that we are suffering here?!

How can this be? I would not wish this state we exist which in on any enemy: this flawed, petty, humiliated, state constantly in pursuit of somehow trying to fulfill ourselves. This is a terrible condition! If we are talking about the eternal and perfect Creator, the power that can do anything, He suddenly created such a thing?!

This is because we see ourselves in this broken state and do not understand that it is best. If we begin to gradually assemble ourselves from it, we will collect ourselves into the similarity of the Creator. Moreover, from this work, we will understand who the Creator is.

We will begin to understand the whole plan of the Creator: why He decided to reduce Himself to the level most opposite from the initial perfection and give us the opportunity to gradually create this perfection from ourselves?

People who want to rise to the level of the Creator wonder about the meaning of life, about the meaning of suffering: “What are they for? What is the meaning of our life? What is it about and what is its purpose?”

When these urgent questions arise in them and life is no longer smiling at them, they must find an answer to it. They feel that everything else has no flavor and all that is left to do is to plunge into drugs, alcohol, or whatever just to forget about this monotony. So, such people are shown from above that there is a method of achieving perfection, which is called the science of Kabbalah.

This method has been hidden for many thousands of years. The Book of Zohar, written two thousand years ago, says that it will be revealed in two thousand years, when we mature to realize that our world and our existence are flawed, we can do nothing with ourselves, and we face total despair.

That is when this Book will find a person and say: “Are you sure you are throwing up your hands in frustration? Then I Will show you the way.”
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #3

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Fjords Of The Soul

933Pursuing the Shechina means pursuing the state our common soul was in before the shattering of Adam HaRishon. We were all united as one soul, filled with the upper light, the presence of the Creator.

But we could not hold on to our connection because a personal desire appeared in each of us, the connection disintegrated, and the light, the presence of the Creator departed from us. This means that the Shechina departed.

We are left with only a tiny glow, with a faint spark of life, the minimum measure of upper light given to us to sustain life so that we can return to the perfect state we were in. But you can return there only through your own efforts, thanks to your own request, prayer, and efforts to unite.

Any steps toward connection, even physical ones, are important because they bring us closer to inner connection. As a result, we will return to the previous state and the presence of the Creator, called Shechina, will fill us. All the gaps and cracks between us will be filled with the presence of the Creator.

Therefore, every time we feel distant from each other, we must imagine how the Creator can fill these gaps. We do not need to come together in such a way as to eliminate all the cracks between us, but we need the Creator to fill all these empty gaps like water fills the gorge between the mountains and forms fjords.

So, to the extent of our annulment, the rejection of egoism, the upper light will fill the whole space between our peaks and connect us together. Then we will feel that we are truly one. But we are not connected to each other directly, only through the Creator who is between us. We strive to reach this state as one man with one heart.

We do not need to go back to the old state, to the same one heart. This must be the heart in which the Creator fills all the voids, the whole space between us.

We will feel this separation more and more. More and more differences and disagreements of all kinds will be revealed between us. We do not cancel them, but want to fill them with the Shechina, the Creator. Therefore, all our work consists of pursuing the Shechina, the presence of the Creator who binds us.

We are not able to unite as one man with one heart, but the Creator can enter between us and unite us. Without the presence of the Creator and the connection between us, we feel ourselves in exile. We come out of exile if the Creator is revealed between us and we connect with each other through Him.

The Creator is revealed only as a connection between us; it is impossible to connect unless the Creator fills all the gaps between us and connects us. If we are so different and distant from each other, then only the upper force can connect us, equalize us, and establish the contact between us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/21, “Chasing the Shechina

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What Will You Choose: Life Or Death?

75.01We are all fragments from the shattering of the common soul. Do not look at the bodies; look at the desires that are inside. Inside each of us is a part of the desire of Adam HaRishon, of the single complete vessel. In order to restore this vessel, we need to connect our desires: mine, yours, his, of all of us, of all of humanity.

Do we want this? Of course not. However, it is important to understand that without this, we will not get out of trouble. The pandemic will not end, humanity will face very big problems that will not leave us until we understand that we need to correct the connection between us.

Problems will strike in such a direction that we will understand that only our good connection can correct everything. But we will not want this connection, and then the war of Gog and Magog will break out between our egoism, which does not want any connection, and the fact is that we must connect or we will have nothing good, no success in anything, not even in simply surviving.

Then people will realize what an abyss of egoism they are in because I would rather die than connect with the other. I hate this man so much that I cannot take the life-saving medicine from him. He gives me medicine, but he is my enemy. So I turn my back to him without taking the cure and I die.

Yet, I have a choice: to overcome my hatred and approach him with love and the recognition that he wants to help me, I take his medicine and get well. When we are connected, we can go together with him to a third person, then to the fourth, and thus convince everyone to receive this potion of life.

However, this will be extremely difficult to do. The pride that rises in every person kills him and he cannot cope with it. Only after falling to the ground, as Rabbi Hiya pleaded in The Book of Zohar: “Dust, dust, how obstinate you are,” and annulling yourself to a complete zero, can you gradually get out of trouble. There is no other way. We need corrections!

All this is opposite to our nature, and therefore, it is impossible to do it alone but only by working in the ten. Then each of us is under the influence of the friends, and this allows us to rise above personal calculations and establish a common attitude.

It will be easy to make this choice if you constantly come back to it and not remember it only once a week. If I keep thinking that I should do it no matter how disgusting and hateful it is, I get used to this idea, to these conversations. Habit becomes a second nature; it all depends on how we try to bring ourselves back to the right thought.

Even if this thought is unpleasant and undesirable to me, there is no choice I try again and again. Then suddenly I notice that by constantly returning to the state that I did not want to hear about, I begin to perceive it in the opposite way. How can this be? I used to hate him terribly, I completely rejected him, and now I do not.

The enemy becomes a part of my life. I hated him, I pushed him away, I did not want to see or hear him, he just infuriated me. And suddenly, he becomes an integral part of the picture. He is still against me, but without him, the picture will be incomplete.

Then I discover that I really need this part. This is how we learn to work with both hatred and love, with opposite forces, and we see that there is a place for everything.

This is opposite to the ways in our world where every country tries to defeat and destroy its neighbor. They do not understand that they will never succeed because our development is not going in this direction but rather in ensuring that everyone has a place.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/21, “Chasing the Shechina” 

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Formation Of Consciousness

530Question: When I break away from my “I” and integrate with the group, is “we” kind of my new self-identity, or does an expanded “I” still remain?

Answer: “We” is “I,” only at the next degree. When you rise to the next degree, this “we,” becoming “I,” turns into an even greater “we.” This is how it is all the time.

Question: This means that Kabbalah is the science of expansion. In this case, is it possible to identify the stages of planning and creation of consciousness itself in the main textbook, say, in the Study of the Ten Sefirot? Could you please name them?

Answer: First of all, we study how the environment was created, how from this environment the inner structure was segregated from which consciousness emerged.

The environment is the five so-called worlds, the five filters. In the center of this environment there is a manifestation of consciousness, which is born by itself. We call it Adam. This consciousness absorbs the entire environment, connects with it through the quality of bestowal naturally, instinctively. This is called “Adam before his shattering.”

Then there is the shattering of the structure of Adam. At the same time, all the qualities of the upper nature, the qualities of bestowal, in the opposite, egoistic form, enter into every particle of the general desire, which was shattered into many pieces. This is the basis for the development of egoistic desire and its transformation into the opposite, into the altruistic one.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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“I”—The Original Point In The System Of Adam

264.01Comment: We are unable to perceive whole phenomena; therefore, we do not understand what the universe, life, consciousness, or reason are. We try with our mind to break them down into some acceptable pieces and study each one separately. Thus it is difficult for science to explain a lot of things.

My Response: Science cannot have anything to do with consciousness. It uses consciousness as a given, but it cannot explore it. To do this, you need to be on a level higher than consciousness. We always use the top-down method. And how can we rise above our consciousness while in it?

Consciousness is the ability of a person to connect to the higher information layer.

Question: You said that “I” is what I feel in the semblance of an information field. That is, it seems to coincide with the definition of consciousness. What is the difference between them? What is the “I” that has consciousness? Is it a collection of my thoughts, a feeling, a sensation?

Answer: No. “I” is some kind of basis that does not disappear anywhere even with death. It goes through all the metamorphoses of our life and death cycles.

“I” is our original point in the system called Adam. Each of us has such a point, which represents our initial data, our coordinates. And we can’t get away from them, that’s how we were created.

Every person in our world has a place in the system of Adam, which exists so that we can change ourselves so that each point can connect to this higher system, to the field in which it is located, and fully comprehend it.

Question: How can we explain to a person who does not know that there is a system of Adam and in it one’s point, what is this “I”?

Answer: “I” is a part of the Creator from above.

Question: So it cannot be explained without the Creator?

Answer: The Creator is an upper force, the same field. We don’t attribute this power to some grandfather sitting somewhere. We’re talking about nature. The Creator and nature are one and the same. This is the highest consciousness, the highest thought.
From KabTV’s “Meeting with Kabbalah” 03/29/19

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Adhesion With Infinity

712.03Question: Is there a difference between the concepts of “I” and “my consciousness”?

Answer: It depends on you: with what you identify.

Do you identify yourself with a part of the higher consciousness or just with how you feel in your mortal body? Do you identify yourself as existing in some kind of “organism,” for example, in a group? It all depends on your definition of yourself.

How else? Who will give you such a universal definition? Even if Kabbalah speaks about it, it still means nothing. The main thing is how you define yourself.

In fact, you are the highest consciousness. Moreover, you are not just a part of this consciousness because by revealing it, through it, you achieve merging with the whole consciousness, call it the Creator. This is your highest attainment, merging with it, but proceeding from an individual point, which is your “I.”

Question: And what is the individuality?

Answer: In the fact that in this case you represent what is called “Adam.” On the one hand, you comprehend the peak of possible revelation, which is no longer in nature at all. On the other hand, only you comprehend this, proceeding from your individual point.

Question: It turns out that “I” is something that includes absolutely everything, and at the same time something very individual, which no one else has?

Answer: Your individuality does not disappear anywhere. This is your primordial data from the general system.

But due to the fact that you connect with the entire system on the property of bestowal, you want to enter it, you seem to acquire the whole system. It becomes yours in individual receipt relative to your point. And it turns out that your very point, narrow, rough individuality, in fact a point, adheres with the entire system, which is infinity.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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Assembling A System Of Separate Desires

929Question: Why is it so difficult in our world to kindle a desire in people to attain and discover the upper light, the Creator?

Answer: A system exists in which an immense number of desires are concentrated. In the initial state, all of its parts were connected and the system was in an absolutely balanced state of eternity and wholeness.

After that, a breakage occurred, meaning that the connection between the parts in the system disappeared. Those broken parts that do not make it possible for the system to connect are called, “egoism.”

Why is this good? It is because the creature became distant from the Creator and therefore independence appeared in it. A system that was completely similar to the Creator became contrary to Him.

After the breakage, the system continued its egoistic development to our world. We have reached a situation in which the egoistic forces have become in complete control over the entire system. But the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light), the Creator, still continues to operate on it.

He is beginning to shape the system, taking out and isolating the outermost circle first, then the next circle and so on, from a small egoism to a bigger and bigger egoism to the biggest egoism.

Under the influence of the light, the system first began to recover on the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature. But when it reached the human level, a problem appeared since here a conscious understanding was required, which is where we are found, and it is up to us to assemble and manage it ourselves. In this way our mission is concluded.

Starting with our time, the system has stopped developing; it completed its development in the previous form on the still, vegetative, and animate levels, and we have reached the human level. A conscious attitude, an understanding of what we are doing is required here. So, we are living in a time which is not simple.

We must restore and reconstruct among us all of the various parts, gather and assemble the entire system into a single whole.

To do this, we must unite and participate in its assembly. How can we do this? Humanity is constantly trying to assemble itself because nature and society are pushing it toward this, but nothing has been successful. This is because to do that, we must arouse the higher power so that it will influence us.

The wisdom of Kabbalah has been given to us for that purpose. It explains how to attract the same force that will shape us. We just need to ask correctly. Before we ask, we must formulate the question, the need. It is precisely for this purpose that we are studying. Where are we, what must we ask, how do we ask? Which is to say, how do we develop a desire that is ready to correct. The entire wisdom of Kabbalah is preparing us just for this.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/10/19

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To A Single Field Of Consciousness

928Question: How is the information field related to the concept of the soul of the first person or Adam HaRishon? Moreover, phenomena such as consciousness are purely spiritual phenomena. Is it possible to trace some kind of connection in this?

Answer: The soul is an information field. Consciousness is also a field. They resonate and affect the still, vegetative, and animate nature. Not being isolated from it, they affect the material world, and it, in turn, affects this information field. So everything is in dynamic interaction.

But when we come to the level of influence on the spiritual field, the field of the mind, the field of information records, then we do not need to work with matter because it is a very rough, very weak instrument of influence on the field of information.

With the help of Kabbalah, we rise to the level of this field and are included in it, like resonators, peculiar antennae that excite this field. This is our strength.

All this must be aroused in order for this field to act on all its elements and bring them to one single whole, to become a huge single field of consciousness. The science of Kabbalah pushes us to ensure that our influence through our desires on the information fields would create such conditions when these fields and these desires would be combined together into one single field.

This will be what Einstein dreamed of, although he was hardly thinking about a unified theory of a unified field.
This will be the soul of the first person.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/22/19

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