All The Creation Is Me

laitman_929With the correct connection of all the parts of the single soul, they must be joined together and incorporated into one single whole so that common knowledge, common opinion, common faith, and common “food”: bestowal and reception from each other, will circulate in it, so this single system of the hearts (desires) and intentions (mind) will work correctly, and everyone will feel the entire system.

When we together are connected to this system, each through all connects to everyone and each one feels that he is not just a small part of the system, but is the system itself – Adam. In other words, everything included in this system and everything that is created is me.

I feel that the Creator created me personally because when I connect to each piece of the soul, I feed it and receive from it. It turns out that my inclusion in bestowal and reception is absolutely unique and individual because I am the one who does it. And this is the same from your side and from his side.

Everyone feels like one whole. There is a single Creator that has a complete open contact with the single creation – each of the six hundred thousand pieces that make up the soul.

Feeling full contact with the Creator is the spiritual degree of a human. In our world it is similar to how a woman demands that a man belong to her fully, leaving nothing for him: no life, no work, no thoughts, and no mind. She instinctively wants to absorb him.

In principle, the same desire is revealed in a person with respect to the Creator; after all, a person is considered a female (receiving) part relative to Him. This is how it works; we must reach this state. It is manifested only on a spiritual degree and won’t work on any other levels.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book,” 6/7/16

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