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A New President, A New World, New Values

laitman_202_0Question: As a Kabbalist, how does the current situation in the world seem to you? You constantly talk about big changes that await us. What are these changes?

Answer: The world is truly in a very unique situation; it is clear that a revolution is approaching. Understandably, this has no connection to Trump, he is just like a puppet on a string chosen for this role. The system is going to get a powerful and very important “upgrade.” In principle, it is possible to say that the world is in a process of a transition toward new values. It is happening gradually, people do not understand it yet. From the power of money, which is the main pillar of capitalism, the world is moving toward more “spiritual” values. This is also linked to the ideological influence that is affecting the spread of Islam in the world. The Muslims are not fighting for money but for their ideology.

I hope that we will see great changes in the world and this entire process will bury the liberalism that is so fashionable in the world today. After all, it has no real basis or possibility of being sustained; its existence is completely artificial. It has brought us to a situation in which people can no longer tolerate it. On the one hand, some of them have immense, unjustifiable wealth that has not been achieved through real labor but through stock market scams. And on the other hand, there are people who don’t have anything with which to live.

Understandably, it is impossible to restore industrial production in America. All of the developed countries have transferred manufacturing to China and other places where labor is cheap. It has already become impossible to bring it back, and there is no need for that. American workers cannot be paid the same salary that the workers in China receive. Therefore, it is simply necessary to switch to a new, spiritual, human industry. We don’t need to manufacture things, but people! After all, there is no shortage of food or clothing. There is enough to supply everything that is necessary to every person in the world. There is a surplus of consumer goods in the world so there is no problem in providing them to everyone. Also, these products cost almost nothing.

We must realize that the only thing the world needs to succeed is a higher power, the strength of connection, which will make us similar in nature. Therefore, those people who, through their union, will be able to help humanity become like nature, will be most in demand. This will be the new future of the profession, where people have to learn.

It takes years to learn this, and it should be done by all—millions and billions of people around the world. For those who can train people to unite, it’s a new job. It should involve all the media, because it is a whole system.

People will study, and this training and study will be considered work—spiritual labor, the work of the Creator, for which we get everything we need. About 90% of the world’s population will not find work in producing. The remaining 10% of the mechanical work will need to be distributed around the world somehow.

Trump is embodying this change if he will be allowed to carry it out. But it is already a distinctive indicator since he wants to take the power away from the banking and financial system and return it to industry. But industry will not be as he believes, that it will again begin to produce cars in America and resume heavy and light industry. That will not succeed. Rather, a new industry will be born: the production of humanity.

This will be the new trend in the world. Likewise, this is a trend that has been determined by the situation that is being created in Europe; the European Union will collapse. Everyone is crying that Europe is betraying the integral connection, but the European Union has never been a union, and certainly not integral. It was an alliance of banks to take as much money as possible and control everyone.

So if this union falls apart, it will only be for the better. We don’t need to associate this breakup with the crumbling of Europe. There was no union in Europe; therefore, there is nothing to be sorry about. After the EU falls apart, and there is no doubt that it will, it will be possible to talk about true union. After all, it is clear that the urgent need for union is ripening. At some point it will be possible to talk about union and connection in Europe in another form. But that will require integral education.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Current Situation In The World” 11/18/16

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Why Extremism Attracts People

laitman_220Question: Why does extremism attract people from different races and religions so much?

Answer: Today, just to be “against” gives a person the feeling that he is changing the world. The world demands change, revolution in the way of thinking and life from egoistic to general equality and unity.

Meanwhile people cannot imagine such a thing, although unconsciously they understand that they cannot agree with what is happening. But they don’t understand how to change the world and what exactly to do for this. Actually man cannot imagine the next step in the development of the world because it is completely opposite to the current state.

Therefore, the next state doesn’t appear to us instinctively as any action that has consistently appeared in the states in the development process of human society, for example, revolutions. It is a state that is given to special people to disclose: Adam, Abraham, and their followers. This knowledge cannot appear in any form in people as a result of their natural egoistic development, as the stages of development were born until now.

Now the next stage of the development of humanity is altruistic, opposite to all the previous ones. Therefore, the next state of development of humanity can be revealed to humanity only with the help of a ready example of a group of people called the “nation of Israel” that originally possess special qualities that enable them to attain this new state and later to transmit it to all mankind.

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What’s In A Name?

laitman_628_4Question: Is my name (the collection of letters) the seal of my life? Does a person’s name have significance?

Answer: A name doesn’t bear any particular characteristics. It doesn’t matter what a person is named. When a person is born, he or she is arbitrarily given a name and that is what he or she lives with.

Question: So a name doesn’t reflect a person’s fate or influence one in some way?

Answer: If a person changes his desires, so he changes his vessels. This vessel is already indicated by a different set of letters and this is one’s name at the moment.

Suppose he carries out some particular spiritual effort tomorrow and completely different forces appear in him with a different combination of Hassadim and Hochma. So again a new name appears for him. Therefore a person is new every day. He seems to be reborn with a new name, meaning with a new level.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/17/16

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“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May Be A Human Version Of ‘Hibernation’”

Laitman_037In the News (The Washington Post): “The research, published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, focuses on the devastating condition known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, more popularly known as chronic fatigue syndrome. CFS is one of the biggest mysteries of modern medicine and is characterized by severe fatigue and related issues such as headaches and memory problems. According to conservative estimates, 2.5 million people in the United States suffer from it, but no cause has ever been pinpointed. …

“They found that 80 percent of the metabolites were lower in those with CFS. They also found what they described as ‘abnormalities’ in 20 of the metabolic pathways.

“All this suggests that the metabolism of people with CFS is markedly slowed down. …

“When faced with adversity, cells go into defensive mode, he explained. ‘In most cases, this strategy is effective and normal metabolism is restored after a few days or weeks of illness, and recovery is complete after a few weeks or months.’ But with CFS, it’s possible the body got ‘stuck’ in that state.

“He said that although he does not believe that CFS is actually hibernation and although humans do not, in fact, hibernate, he said the ‘metabolic signature’ is similar to that of animals in hibernation.”

My Comment: We pay a price for disregarding the laws of nature, the goal of which is to bring unity between us and a restructuring of human society. Only in this way will we achieve tranquility, balance, and relaxation.

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 153

Laitman_632_1Question: Even after the Machsom (barrier), will a person have physical suffering, or will he only feel a lack of spiritual Light instead?

Answer: All kinds of physical suffering will accompany us until we attain the goal of creation, the completion of correction, otherwise we will not attain this goal.

Question: How do we include people who are closest and dearest to us within us? What is worthwhile for us to do, what should we think about?

Answer: The dearest and closest people to us are those who are with us together in a single soul because through them we can bestow to the Creator, attaining equivalence of form and adhesion with Him.

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The New Money: A Spiritual Masach (Screen)

laitman_608_01Question: Will humanity use a substitute for money in the future?

Answer: The new money that humanity will use in the future will only be a spiritual Masach (Screen). The amount of money that you have will be according to the quality and the quantity of your Masach.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.06.16

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Lesson on the Topic: “Beito — Achishena,” Part 2

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