Why Extremism Attracts People

laitman_220Question: Why does extremism attract people from different races and religions so much?

Answer: Today, just to be “against” gives a person the feeling that he is changing the world. The world demands change, revolution in the way of thinking and life from egoistic to general equality and unity.

Meanwhile people cannot imagine such a thing, although unconsciously they understand that they cannot agree with what is happening. But they don’t understand how to change the world and what exactly to do for this. Actually man cannot imagine the next step in the development of the world because it is completely opposite to the current state.

Therefore, the next state doesn’t appear to us instinctively as any action that has consistently appeared in the states in the development process of human society, for example, revolutions. It is a state that is given to special people to disclose: Adam, Abraham, and their followers. This knowledge cannot appear in any form in people as a result of their natural egoistic development, as the stages of development were born until now.

Now the next stage of the development of humanity is altruistic, opposite to all the previous ones. Therefore, the next state of development of humanity can be revealed to humanity only with the help of a ready example of a group of people called the “nation of Israel” that originally possess special qualities that enable them to attain this new state and later to transmit it to all mankind.

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