Why Do Kids Become Terrorists?

laitman_627_2Question: How do you explain the fact that two Arab girls ages 14 and 16 suddenly turn into terrorists and kill people?

Answer: This is due to the influence of the ISIS ideology, the Islamic State, that can attract great masses of people. This is what the Russian revolutionaries did not manage to do in 1917. They failed to attract the whole nation, only a few small circles.

The problem is that the power of the radical Islamists is in their unity and connection. They want to build a big state that is based on one single goal, on one ideal, in which all the citizens feel united, sharing the goal to conquer the whole world together.

This revolutionary idea has always attracted young people, students, and youth and so we have to fear and to be very careful of their connecting into a group. I don’t see any force in the world today that can counter this ideology and offer a meaningful alternative.

There is no meaningful ideology left in our world that can be a more attractive alternative. Terrorist attacks and ostentatious public murders further ignite the interest of those who are attracted to extremism. We will soon see millions join the Islamic state.

Question: How can we counter that?

Answer: There is only one ideology that can counter ISIS and that is the wisdom of Kabbalah. Kabbalah speaks about the connection and unity between people. If Kabbalists succeed in explaining the intensive connection and unity the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about, we will discover a wonderful world from which we will ascend to a new level of existence and draw all of humanity, which is now suffering and has reached a dead end, to this level. This is the only way we will undoubtedly be able to defeat ISIS.

The only way to fight this war is ideologically. No military operations or bombing will help here, but will actually reinforce and increase the effect of our enemies even more.

This is the reason that Muslim terrorists like to perform extravagant acts of terror, as every such act of terror leads to thousands of additional followers and supporters. It is actually the fear that they have spread all over Europe and the hatred they spread around the world that attracts thousands of additional followers and supporters.

This is the reason that no army will ever be able to defeat or to scare them. It is impossible to fight ISIS with hate but only by love, which we have to establish among us. The Islamic radicals publicize the love, unity, connection between them. They speak about ideals of loyalty to one another and people find this attractive. If we confront them with our ideals and our loyalty, we will succeed and defeat them.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/29/15

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