The Life Of The Soul

laitman_603Question: What happens if a Kabbalist acquires a soul and begins to work on the correction of his desires, but his corporeal body dies at a certain point?

Answer: Everything happens for a reason; everything happens according to the system in which nothing is accidental. Everything happens at a certain moment according to the general predetermined plan that includes all the souls, all the bodies, all of time, the whole system of correction according to which the body of a certain person dies.

Question: Does he continue his correction from where it stopped or does he have to start everything from the beginning?

Answer: His correction is already included in the general system and therefore continues, not from the moment he stopped; he doesn’t start everything from the beginning, but from the next level, which is certainly higher than the previous level. The system continues its motion and he is included in it.

Question: But the soul still needs a corporeal body, or is it possible to correct yourself without the corporeal world?

Answer: There are cases in which the soul needs to be intentionally dressed in a body both for its sake but mostly for the sake of others. These people come into our world not because they need it but because others need them. On the whole, the soul rises from one level to the next in the next world not in the corporeal body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/01/15

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