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The Way To The Goal Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanTorah, “Numbers,” 22:22 – 22:27: God’s wrath flared because he was going, and an angel of the Lord stationed himself on the road to thwart him, and he was riding on his she-donkey, and his two servants were with him. The she-donkey saw the angel of the Lord stationed on the road with his sword drawn in his hand; so the she-donkey turned aside from the road and went into a field. Balaam beat the she-donkey to get it back onto the road. The angel of the Lord stood in a path of the vineyards, with a fence on this side and a fence on that side. The she-donkey saw the angel of the Lord, and she was pressed against the wall. She pressed Balaam’s leg against the wall, and he beat her again. The angel of the Lord continued going ahead, and he stood in a narrow place, where there was no room to turn right or left. The she-donkey saw the angel of the Lord, and it crouched down under Balaam. Balaam’s anger flared, and he beat the she-donkey with a stick.

We see that the space for a person to exist becomes narrower. First it is a field, then a road, and after that an even narrower place through which it is not possible to pass.

This is an indication of Dinim (judgments) and of the difficulty of maintaining the laws. First the person uses the ego without any limitation in all situations in life; then he gradually discovers how the ego brings him closer to a realization, moving him against his will towards realizing the goal of creation.

It is possible to say that in the beginning, the ego pulls a person forward and seduces him with egoistic benefit, assuring him that everything will be his and for his sake. This is what Balaam wanted, and so he continued walking with his donkey, and then begins the realization stage, the restriction of the ego.

The restriction of the ego happens gradually, by levels: Shoresh, Aleph, Bet, Gimel, Dalet, in which these levels become narrower. The more that the ego comes closer to realization, the more compressed the conditions become, and ultimately the ego surrenders under the desire of the person and becomes the basis on which the person must carry out all of his actions. That is, he begins to work with the ego in its opposite direction.

The ego is ready to be used with an intention for the sake of bestowal, and not in the form that it originally wanted to work, for its own good. So the action of restriction is to show a person the direction in which he must go.

Question: Must a person understand this temporally?

Answer: Even if he doesn’t hear and doesn’t understand, ultimately the continuous increase in suffering will cause him to hear and will give him a clear and precise direction. We see how humanity has developed and has become wiser as a result of everything that has happened throughout all of history, whether voluntarily or not, even though it happens very slowly and very unpleasantly.

Question: If Balaam had listened to the voice of the Creator, then it would not have been the way of suffering for him?

Answer: No, he would still have gone through all this suffering, otherwise it would have been impossible to advance! Baal HaSulam wrote that there is an ideal correct way and an ideal incorrect way, but the true way is between them, and it is called Derech Eretz (the way of the land).
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/12/15

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ISIS Is Only Afraid Of Israel

laitman_626From the News (Jewish News): “Reporter Jurgen Todenhofer, who spent 10 days behind enemy lines with Islamic State (ISIS), reveals the terror group’s self-confessed weakness.

“Israel is the one country in the world Islamic State fears, according to the only Western journalist allowed entry into territory controlled by the terror group.

“The claim from German reporter Jürgen Todenhöfer, a former member of the German Parliament, came after he spent 10 extraordinary days behind enemy lines in Iraq and Syria, accompanied by his son Frederic. He returned saying the group behind the Paris attacks was ‘preparing the largest religious cleansing in history’ and with a ‘pessimistic’ view on what can be done to combat it.

“But the author of ‘My 10 Days in the “Islamic State”‘ told Jewish News: ‘The only country ISIS fears is Israel. They told me they know the Israeli army is too strong for them.’

“IS branded the co-ordinated attacks on the French capital that claimed 132 lives as ‘the first of the storm’.

“Todenhofer claimed it is part of ISIS’ tactics to lure in Western boots on the ground and capture US and British soldiers. ‘They think they can defeat US and UK ground troops, who they say they have no experience in city guerrilla or terrorist strategies. But they know the Israelis are very tough as far as fighting against guerrillas and terrorists,’ he said.

“‘They are not scared of the British and the Americans, they are scared of the Israelis and told me the Israeli army is the real danger. We can’t defeat them with our current strategy. These people [the IDF] can fight a guerrilla war. …’”

My Comment: Their trip to Israel will be their (ISIS) last journey.

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How Did Religions Originate From Kabbalah?

laitman_281_02Question: If in the beginning there was only Kabbalah, then how did religions appear from it?

Answer: This happened exactly because they abandoned the continuous work of uniting (within a group, within a nation) and allowed egoism to appear in relationships between people. This caused the outer seal—Judaism to originate from Kabbalah. Judaism regulates the outer actions that a person performs with his body (this is why it is called the “External Torah” – “Hitzhoniut aTorah”), whereas, Kabbalah refers only to inner actions (therefore, it is called the “Inner part of Torah” – “Pnimit aTorah”).

This means that Kabbalah shows how through uniting in the group a person can achieve an elevation above his egoism and in this mutual annulment of egoism he can reveal the Creator. The difference between Kabbalah and religion is not only in the action (whether it is mechanical or in intention) but also in the result (he hopes to receive a reward after death or he hopes to reveal the Creator in this life).

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Balaam’s Donkey

Laitman_514_04Torah, “Numbers,” 22:20 – 22:22: God came to Balaam at night and said to him, “If these men have come to call for you, arise and go with them, but the word I speak to you—that you shall do.” In the morning Balaam arose, saddled his she-donkey and went with the Moabite dignitaries. God’s wrath flared because he was going, and an angel of the Lord stationed himself on the road to thwart him, and he was riding on his she-donkey, and his two servants were with him.

“Hamor” (donkey) is from the word “Homer” (substance), this is the substance of all of nature and the donkey particularly symbolizes the female part called Nukva; these are all the deficiencies, all the desires, and all that is included in our egoistic nature.

Balaam uses his entire ego here and therefore the most strict conditions, the Dinim (judgments), worked against him, for when a person begins to use the ego, he apparently “walks on the razor’s edge.”

God came to Balaam at night, and said to him: “If these men have come to call for you, arise and go with them, but the word I speak to you—that you shall do.’” (“Numbers,” 22:20), which is to say, the Creator apparently said to Baalam: You will use your donkey, your ego, but you will bless the work of the ego through My blessings. And everything that I say to you, meaning all the altruistic intentions, will be involved in this.

We see it in all cases. How, for example, and Haman: first, he is given the opportunity to participate in the selfish actions to build a gallows, prepare yourself a horse and robes, and then suddenly everything changes!

But Balaam always wanted to receive for himself.  We see it in the case of Haman: first he is given the opportunity to participate with egoistic characteristics, building a noose, preparing a horse and the clothes of a king for himself, and after that everything suddenly changes.

That is, when using the ego it seems to a person that he is now going to get something for himself and begin to receive benefit. That is how all of humanity thinks, but actually nobody benefits from this, because according to the program of creation, it is only possible to use egoism to advance towards altruism.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/12/15

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Psychologists Won’t Help

laitman_273_02Comment: It is known that thanks to psychologists who advise people to investigate their lives, they indeed find themselves and become happier; psychologists get clear results.

Answer: It could be that there are individuals who are happy, but I personally don’t see this, and I also don’t see it in any of the statistics.

In contrast to this, through investigation and study of the program of creation,  the plan of the development of the world, it is possible to say with absolute confidence that we have already passed through all the stages, the previous stages were better than the present stage, and they are certainly better than those that will be tomorrow. It will not be better. Nature is hastening us to advance so that we will clarify what we are living for and what we truly need, so psychologists will not help here.

Psychology from the days of Freud until our day has existed for about 100 years, and in the last 20 years it is practically in decline, so I haven’t yet seen psychologists who can lead a person to happiness. Perhaps psychiatrists can do this because they have pharmacological means.

The apparent result of the search for the meaning of life is expressed in the immersion of humanity into drugs. According to an unpublished statistical study, a large part of humanity already consumes marijuana. I am not expressing any opinion as to whether this is good or bad. In principle, it relaxes a person and diverts his attention from a search for the meaning of life. The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t agree with this. But all the others agree and encourage it.

If 10 to 15 years ago all opposed the consumption of soft drugs, today these drugs have been legalized on a political level because it is beneficial for the leaders because drugs anesthetize people and divert them from a search for the essence of existence.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/25/15

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